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Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing Reviews

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I wanted to be in this program for so long! I wanted to be able to go straight through and get my BSN. I think the staff is knowledgeable, there are some that are either overly anxious or downright not very nice, but that can be anywhere. Peers are great, everyone typically works together and helps with learning!
To start, everyone was asked to sign the agreement for enrollment, which stated it was a 2-year program. On orientation, they tell you it's a THREE-YEAR program. Surprise surprise! This place is a business just like any other company. They want your money.

I know someone who "failed" classes with an 86 overall, but their weighted exam grade was 79.9+ and so the school made them retake the class. The school enjoys to use the word "truncated" scoring on all of their documents, almost as if they just learned a new word and enjoy using it every where.

Retaking a class isn't as simple as it sounds. The school makes you ONLY retake that ONE class for the next semester, so you lose 6mos of your life retaking that one class. The grading system is extremely harsh. They take your money.

A few professors would rather "pray for you" than actually help you understand material during office hours. Treating students this way doesn't sound very Christian to me.

Save years of your life!
Seriously one of the best choices that I've ever made. The teachers are amazing and so supportive. They prepare you for after graduation and they are so supportive.
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I absolutely love Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing. The faculty are very helpful and passionate about what they teach. They are always willing to help their students succeed. There are a few faculty members that have become like family to me. This school offers free student tutoring. It has helped my succeed there.
My favorite thing about Bon Secours is the fact that they actually want you to succeed and you can tell .
Students can print for free, use the computers at their leisure, and the networks normally always work.
There are plenty of places to study, read, use the computer, and a breakroom for lunch.
Mrs. Peterson is extremely friendly and helpful. She sets aside time to meet with students to review the resumes in a one-on-one fashion.
The faculty and staff are awesome and always helpful. The students are also very helpful to the classes below them.
The courses are challenging and require a lot of outside school time to fulfill course assignments.
They stepped up in their student help centers. Jobs are typically offered with the Bon Secours Memorial hospitals after graduation.
The school is very helpful with answering questions and getting back with you. It is a Catholic based college, therefore, dress code required and you have to a little more conscious of actions as opposed to other colleges/universities. They were not going to transfer some of my credits, but after bringing in my syllabuses they accepted most of my transfer credits.
The financial aid process has been quite frustrating, and I am still working to get the money that I need. I am not sure I will be able to attend school because I cannot find the right funding. The education I am receiving is quality, paying for it is just something that I am struggling with.
This institution believes in preparing the students for the NCLEAX exam from day one, so it can seem a little scary to brand new students. There are a lot of reading assignments, but the professors go over the important parts we need to focus on.
Not for the Faint of Heart – Nursing school is a very challenging educational program merely for it's competitive atmosphere, but the instructors at BSMCON try to encourage the students into not giving up. Though many of us may feel overwhelmed at times, our instructors are always there to lend a helping hand which makes the whole ordeal that much more enjoyable.
Excellent School Choice – I believe this school has been one of the best choices I have made to date. It is an excellent school with excellent values and beliefs that reflect how health care should be viewed. The curriculum and atmosphere are incredibly dedicated, and I am fortunate to be in such a focused environment.
Financial Aid at Bon Secours is reasonable. They do have meetings set up to help council students, but there are not enough staff compared to the amount of students there are, in my opinion. Also, the staffers are kind of challenging.
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Bon Secours 2012 – The student body is full of hard working students. Many work at least part time in addition to going to school full time. The level of committment is also rather noticeable. Many have worked really hard to get here and are making the most of this opportunity.
The diversity is lacking in terms of male students. As nursing is a conceived gender specific role, this is not altogether surprising. However, this is probably the area that might not appeal to some.
A Lot of Paperwork – There is a lot of extra paperwork and things to fill out and do for the financial aid process which is an extra stress. You do get money though.
Tough Curriculm – The school has a tought curriculm and it requires you to be focused and motivated. My school has a higher grading scale than a regular universities which requires you to push yourself and strive harder. This is challenging and rewarding all in one.
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