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Boise State is starting to get the recognition and starting to grow, but it still feels like a small school. Plus it's got a Blue football field, what else do I have to say!
Boise State University makes all students feel welcome. They have great programs and ways to get involved.
I have loved being part of this campus, and this school. Nothing but good things to say about the teachers, the campus itself, the accessibility to different transportation systems, food and restaurants, and the ease of obtaining necessary things such as transcripts, id's and all the like.
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Much better than my last university. Great place to focus on your major and a wonderful environment full of supportive people.
I’ll is hard if you have to jump through red tape. They have a lot. Most people are willing to help though.
I am still a student here at Boise State University and I still love it here!'ll always have some professors that go through the motions, but then! You meet the professors that will go out of their way, make room in their schedule, totally and completely honest, and motivates you even if you think you're at your lowest. I have made some many great and meaningful connections. I love it here and so did my mom and two older sisters. Now it's mine and younger sister's turn to finish our time here. And I'm super excited.
It's a very diverse community where the people are friendly and the staff/faculty are very helpful, plus super informative and amazing resources on campus. Every one here is so nice and helpful, and they really do care about your education. It can be a bit overwhelming at at times because it's such a big university and there are so many majors to choose from, but it's all worth it to experience the bronco life!
My experience in Boise State University has been good so far. the professors are great, there are so many learning experiences.
Boise State is a sorry excuse of a university. To piss on the face of a veteran and discriminate is absolutely atrocious. When you have a degree from these people and try to get a job and the companies you go to laugh in your face and say they will never hire someone from that university you know there is a problem. To steal money from your students to fund a stupid sports team after screwing over the other teams shows the lack of character BSU has, and to lose documents and lie about it until the time is up to do anything then admit it is absolutely pathetic. If you value your money and your time DO NOT ATTEND BSU
I grew up in the area, I attended Boise State University in 2009 through a pilot program with Borah Senior High School. I loved that the two schools had come together to help students better transition from high school to college. It has been several years since I have visited the campus but I am excited to participate in the Spring 2019 semester. it will have been 10 years since I have furthered my education and I can't think of a better university to attend than Boise State.
It is a great culture. I only wish that the class sizes were a bit smaller. Also, there are some very rude professors.
I transfered from a small college and it was a little bit nerve racking but everyone was so welcoming and i had an amazing staff to teach me. Im really happy i decided to transfer to Boise State.
Boise State is an awesome institution. The facilities are immaculate, the faculty are ready to help students, and the selection of majors/minors and programs is immense. Perhaps the best part about BSU, is participating in BSU football games on the famous blue turf. Students get free admission, but tickets go FAST. Very good and FUN school.
Boise State is reputable and a great university to attend. If you are indecisive on what you want to major in, they have numerous majors available to pick from. Class sizes are reasonable and the Professors are knowledgeable.
I love attending BSU. It’s in a beautiful part of downtown Boise right next to the river. I feel like the school has worked hard to update and improve its campus, although there are still some buildings that could use some tlc. The faculty are all very friendly and helpful and the professors all seem passionate in their area of expertise, which makes the learning process enjoyable. Overall, Boise State is a wonderful university worth checking out.
I would like to see less focus on football and more focus on smaller studies/departments. The football locker room is comparable to a professional sports team while the theater department doesn't even have a colored printer to make decent play programs or brochures.
Boise state has some really good teachers! The campus is not only beautiful, but also extremely safe! This college doesn't have too many students, making it easy to get individual help from teachers/aids. Fraternities and sororities aren't a very big deal here which can make activities a little boring at times.
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Boise State University has a very large and beautiful campus right in the heart of Boise. The location is perfect for both in school and out of school recreation. There is a variety of delicious food on and off campus. The school strives to make you feel welcomed and successful. It has a large selection of academic choices and clubs. The only downside is the cost of attendance, particularly if you live just outside of the western border where there are no other 4 year colleges to attend. The out of state tuition is ridiculously expensive for a degree that unfortunately isn't worth the price.
BSU is a great school that offers a variety of opportunities to grow, learn and connect with other students.
Boise State University is great at fostering a passionate community in which people help one another. I think the campus could put more effort into planning events throughout the year, but there are a few spectacular events scattered throughout each semester. The food is mediocre; the company hired for dining services, Aramark, is hard to work with and they tend to take advantage of students with arbitrary stipulations and charges. Professors are hit or miss and the same goes for the classes. Overall, It's an enjoyable experience.
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