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My overall experience here at BSU is pretty good. The teachers and fellow students aren't bad. I think my only issue is that you have to go through hoops to get something done with the financial aid office, student services, or the registrars office. It can be so frustrating to say the least.
I love Boise State because it's a small University campus which makes room for a close community with all students and some staff members.
Coming from much larger universities, I am impressed with the caliber of faculty and quality of education I am receiving. They don't offer every possible major, but they do a great job with the degrees they do offer.
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my experience at Boise State University was one that was full of new experiences. I played on the club volleyball team which took 17th at nationals. it was a very safe campus with a great atmosphere. The people are very friendly and the teachers are very helpful and take the time to get to know you. The housing is very social and very helpful on making friends. Academics are challenging but nothing a little hard work cant get over.
Great atmosphere and awesome staff! Boise State really does a great job of making every student apart of the bronco family and making their transition to college comfortable and easy!
Boise State University is a good school alone from not receiving enough funds from the government. There are some good professors, but you really have to keep an eye out for them.

There are a lot of excess fees and costs that go along with any school, but that fact that there are so many is why I only gave 3 stars. BSU has a lot to improve on and making campus more accessible to full-times students should be the main goal. Ex: inexpensive parking, less costly food around campus, and a reduce of third-party costs, such as iclickers/ reef.
I like the atmosphere and the bike-friendly nature of the college. Most of the professors care about teaching and their students. I have had a few teachers in the past who should not have been teaching due to their lack of knowledge.
Boise State is very inviting, and has opportunities for all interests. Living on campus is convenient and a great way to meet new people, however, do so with caution as the quality of the meal plan isn't worth what you pay for.
Love the school spirit and whole environment of the school. Has amazing programs and everybody on campus is so nice. Such a safe school and I hope to attend there fall of 2018!!
They nickel and dime you every way they can. $400 for parking. $100 for online class fees. $400 a book. You're paying $10000 a year at least for a mediocre education.
The professors there at Boise State are so kind and are willing to help you in any way that they can. They help the students want to achieve their goals and help them realize it too. They help the students have a sense of purpose.
I love Boise State, it is so easy to feel like you're at home. The campus is perfectly placed next to down town and it's beautiful.
Counselors and admissions were highly engaging and encouraging lining me up on a bright academic course plan. The new honors college sold me with small class size and advance opportunities for internships and career placement.
Very diverse, beautiful city, beautiful people. A school with many options to choose from! A place where you have fun while learning! there is a little for everyone
Great atmosphere and a beautiful campus. However, the maximum credits students are allowed to take is 15 per semester before incurring a $200 overload fee for each additional credit.
Professors in the Kinesiology department are always willing to work with you and meet for office hours when you are struggling.
I love Boise State, I have finished my first year and couldn't be happier. The school is beautiful in the winter and summer. The river runs right next to the dorms. Downtown is beautiful and you couldn't ask for nicer people to go to school with.
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Boise state university is a place where you can find yourself and learn many new things. The academics programs are amazing and there are so many choices of majors and minors that everyone fits in somewhere. The campus is beautiful and the students are so involved in many campus activities and clubs. The professors are great at helping students succeed and they have many great programs to help students succeed not just in getting their degree but in life as well.
I had an excellent experience at Boise State in just my first year there. The programs and extracurricular clubs are great! The community and campus are beautiful. The professors are wonderful and so helpful. This is a wonderful university.
Boise State University has been an amazing experience for me within the past two years. I love the overall environment of the campus because it's always clean and very well taken care of. They offer a lot of amazing activities for all students to enjoy and the professors are very nice and helpful.
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