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With COVID hitting us midway through a semester, there were a lot of technical issues with online meetings and assignments. However, the professors were very good about communicating with their students about what needs to be done.
The professors are amazing, especially my criminal justice and psychology professors I had. They teach in a very informative and interesting way that got me engaged with the material. The campus itself is very lively and full of students with true school spirit. This is the kind of environment that I've wanted in a college, and I've got it.
Don't fall for the educational industrial complex. College might have been the way to success in the past but now it is just a business focused upon making as much money as possible. The college president makes 425k a year while our society faces a student debt/school accessibility crisis. The school itself is awesome and I have loved my time here but college isn't what it used to be. Now it is all about having high prestige teachers so as to look more appealing on paper and get more customers (students) but the truth is that high prestige teachers are in high demand and in turn demand high wages. The only way to pay those wages, however, is by jacking up tuition prices and shifting the burden onto the already financially struggling youth who have been brainwashed by the educational industrial complex to believe that the only way to make something out of yourself and enjoy life is to go to college. Do yourself a favor, don't come to college. Explore/discover who you are instead!
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Not much to say, it's online. It depends on whether or not online format resonates with you to ultimately determine the quality/enjoyment of your online experience. I personally am neutral towards them. Some online classes were awesome and some sucked. It depends on the professor/class. Be sure to look up your professors on the rate my professor website while you are choosing your classes to reduce the likelihood of getting a professor you don't resonate with.
Some of my classes are online, but they have learned how to make it effective and streamlined. My professors have online office hours where we can reach out to them.
During Covid, being able to come to campus and experience life and classes in person has been a life saver. While they are still keep us safe by requiring masks and 6 feet distance, there is still a sense of community and activities to keep us busy. The city of Boise, which the campus is part of, is beautiful, clean and vibrant. I feel so blessed to get to be on this campus and part of the Bronco's clan!
Because of corona virus things right now are not easy, but I am enjoying my experience here in the US. Boise State University is a great place to study.
Professors are trying to make online classes interesting and fun, despite everything that is happening this year.
I consider that Boise State University and the students are doing our best to keeping a good attitude.
We are all in this together!
I like the campus and the environment of the school here. Everything is calm, nothing too rowdy. The weather is perfect, the people of this state are all so kind. Just a serene place to be, it is no Hawaii but it is a great place to be for school. BSU campus is great, the people here are great. I've came here for a few volunteer opportunities and I've had a blast every single time.
I am taking a few classes online connected through different universities as dual credits for college. I have heard from fellow friends about their experiences with BSU and online and with all the craziness going on, they are completely fine with it. yes it's tough but college is built with the up most rigor. It's manageable and totally worth it.
I like the level of education provided. It did take a while to get a personal contact with someone, but I believe that they will be able to help me. It is pricey, but compared to other state universities, it isn't that bad. I just hope to be able to find scholarships. BSU is really good about costs though, as they theselves offer a couple of differrent college scholarships to help their students out.
I have taken classes through my HIgh school that were provided by Boise Stae, and they were very well managed and put together classes.
I went to Boise State University while in high school. The campus is beautiful adjacent to the Boise River. The climate of Boise, Idaho is pleasant and the four seasons are reflected. The campus is very clean. The buildings are well laid out and housing seems to be abundant. I like that BSU focuses on good values and integrity. It also is very accepting of different races and beliefs. I feel like diversity is accepted and encouraged. Everyone is very friendly and I feel safe while I am on campus.
During my time taking classes online, I felt that the professors were the key to my success. They always had time for me and were able to answer my questions. In addition to that they kept me informed on the happenings at Boise State. It was a very good experience for me.
It is such a great location, great molecular biology program, I love the student and greek life it's just the great college experience that every one truly deserves to have!
The professors are extremely flexible and willing to help you through the process, they are also lenient on the turning in policy as we all know that technology has it's downfalls but they do a great job and they are here at the end of the day so we all learn and pass!
I love Boise State, but I cannot attend this upcoming semester due to health problems. The school has worked with me one on one to help me get on track to graduate after a short gap year, and has made my admission to the Honor's College a priority! They've always been lovely to work with, and I can't wait to see what my future college plans hold.
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I've taken many courses online, and for all of them, the teachers have been attentive and worked to answer any questions I've had. The information is straight forward, and most classes let you work at your own pace.
Online courses, while new for me, have been easy to adapt to. I'm proud of my continued progress. Educators are readily available and respond quickly to questions or concerns. Using Zoom or Flip-grid for student interaction or group assignments is inspiring and fun.
Valuable academic advisors and flexible degree programs have provided the perfect avenue for me as an adult learner.
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