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I really like that I can walk from one end of campus to the other in 10-15 minutes. I also like how easy it is to bike on campus.
Such a great school with so many things to get involved in! Definitely felt like i belonged here and everyone is so friendly
They offer great opportunities to expand your experiences which is exactly what a college should do. Academically, they offer great support whether you need help or just looking to study your materials. The professors were engaging and open to talk about the course material if you had questions. Dorm life was fun and the housing administration always had activities or events planned to engage the communities. Downtown Boise isn't very far from campus, offering a wonderful walk through a beautiful park on your way, and there are many different things to do around the city.
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Loved my time at boise state very much. A easy to navigate campus that is both compact yet offers a wide variety of resources. Great student involvement in clubs, sorority and fraternity life, associated students of boise state, and more. Tons of great events to get involved in as well as opportunities to start or join organizations that can provide tons of open doors. fairly poor variety of scholarships to apply for and advising has had its difficulties but overall I am very pleased
I love Boise State's campus, student culture, and engineering program. The campus is the perfect size: not too big, not too small. There are lots of options for housing and food. The one aspect of campus I wish could be improved is parking. The student culture is great, there are groups and clubs for everyone, and I love the unity that everyone feels on a football game day. The engineering program at BSU has been good and has given me some great opportunities.
Boise State is a wonderful college. I have made lasting memories and I am excited to make new ones in the coming years.
The professors are great to work with and the online school is great! I enjoy the flexibility of attending online because it works well with a home and work life.
This University is wonderful for any learning type. The professors are willing to help any students who need it. On the other side, if you're a kind of student that doesn't want their professor's to be on them constantly, it's amazing. Most professors try to teach material using visual, audio, ect. to help students of different learning styles.
I love Boise State. There are a lot of great people there and it is a pleasure to live there. The classes are nice and teachers are good. There are great food options and a lot of activities to do. The school is also very connected.
I would recommend Boise State because it has a big city feel and a small town feel. The city of Boise is so much fun to explore and there is always something to do. Some professors, like at any university, will not be to your liking. I have also met some extraordinary professors that I look forward to working with in the future.
I love the atmosphere and the area. The professors are great and everyone is really connected! So many great opportunities are given to you as well.
The school is good. There are a lot of things to do on campus and off campus. Boise State is an integral part of the city of Boise! I enjoy my professors and the classes can be difficult, but if done correctly, one can get good grades.
Boise State is a decent college overall. Most of the teachers are good and the student body is relatively diverse for its location. From my first year there however I can say there doesn’t feel to be much of a community there outside of athletics. The student-faculty ratio is too high and more than 80% of students commute, there aren’t many things to do on campus besides go to class. Though the in-state tuition is cheap (around 8,000), in my opinion there isn’t enough value to make the cost worth it. I plan to transfer junior year to a university with a better program for my major (computer science), mainly because I don’t feel like there are enough opportunities provided on campus to satisfy my particular interests. If you plan to use BSU to finish general ed classes and transfer later on, I would suggest instead attending a community college as the expenses will be a lot less.
I've had great instructors and terrible ones. The school pushes participation in clubs and extracurricular activities and yet instructors don't care when participating in other things.
Boise State University is one of the best places to have an education. The education and programs are top notch as well as student life. People are friendly, professors are educated and helpful. The life outside of the college is next to none, outdoor activities galore and wonderfully bike friendly. With miles and miles of greenbelt going right through campus, rivers, skate parks, snowboarding the mountains, hiking and quite the foodie town with plenty of breweries. You will feel like a local right away and getting the best education in the best city, you may never leave and that is why Boise is growing so much, a hidden "gem" in the gem state.
I have been attending Boise State for the past 5 years or so pursuing an education in Elementary Education. Since I have been attending, my experience has been about average. However, I have had some difficulty with the College of Education department. It is a very strict and almost hostile environment at times. Communication isn't good between professors and students. It was extremely difficult for me enter into the Teacher Education Program, which held me back a semester, because of the lack of preparation and experience that previous professors had given me. However, I only have one more year to go, and since I have gotten to where I want to be in my college level, I am happy with my decision of the school I chose.
The experience here at Boise State University is a positive one strongly influenced by the people here. From the Staff that works to the people that reside in this city, it is a positive environment which greatly impacts this university. The Majors offered here are great and this institution also has many different scholarship options for those who plan on attending or applying who are out of state students. With all these options and recources there will almost always be an option to ensure your success in something that you enjoy.
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I would 0/10 recommend going there for music school. It is terrible, there are so many other public colleges that provide a much better experience.
I have enjoyed attending Boise State University. All of the teachers have been friendly and helpful. Housing is a little pricey, but that is my only complaint.
The college visit was informative and fun, despite the cold winter weather. The campus and the city is new, clean, and full of interesting things to do.
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