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2,160 reviews
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Boise State University is a diverse university with many areas of study. The opportunities are for student achievement and involvement are immense.
Boise University offers an environment of safe learning and social connections. You are taught amazing courses by experienced teachers which makes you want to attend class. The people walking around Boise state are amazing as well. Everyone here is welcoming and open minded to meeting new people and experiencing new things. The opportunities around campus as amazing as well. This year I can proudly say I joined a sorority and met people I will cherish for a lifetime. I now understand the importance of giving back to the community, wanting to better yourself, and an overall feeling of unconditional love. Without Boise State, I would not have had the opportunities I experience everyday. I will forever be thankful.
Boise State University has been a great college. Beautiful campus, friendly students and staff. So much to do around Boise if you love the outdoors, from snow skiing, to hiking, to fishing. The academics is fantastic with many wonderful majors to pick from. I absolutely love Boise State University.
Boise State University allows students to find themselves. This university provides great resources and plenty of career internships and affiliations. BSU has a healthy dose of great academics that consist of competitive and progressive programs, as well as meaningful and productive extracurricular activities. This school prioritizes the individual and staff want you to succeed. Boise State is also pursuing to become the "Healthiest College" in the nation.
My experience at Boise State so far has been one far beyond anything than I had expected. the amount of resources available to me are endless and the overall environment is exactly what I was looking for in my college experience. There is both academic excellence and and appreciation for social events such as football games and the like. Everyone is so nice here. There are of course some flaws, but I think that the amount of perks this university has to offer way outweigh any flaws anyone could point out. I thought I was going to have a hard time since I left home and all, but with the amount of support and welcome that I have had, I could not imagine being in a better place.
Boise state is great! I live on campus in a Living Learning Community, and the program is really neat. I feel like I have gotten a lot of great opportunities due to living on campus, and I have met a lot of really great people. I love Boise, and campus has become home. Everyone is so nice, and it's just a great overall atmosphere.
I love going to school here because it is a large school, but the class sizes make it feel like a small school. Most all my professors are very helpful and encourage me to reach out if I am struggling. Boise State offers a variety of majors, so you are able to explore different topics to find your passion.
I like the available club organizations at BSU, campus is exceptional, food is great in quality, etc.....
Boise State has been a great experience for me. I have lived in Boise my whole life and for the longest time I thought that I would never stay in state and go to Boise State University. When it came down to it I just could't find a different state that offered a university as good as Boise State. This college offers a home away from home experience, and you can be sure that you will make a ton of new friends with the same interests as you. I think that the university staff and educators all try really hard to provide a good experience. I know that I have been pleasantly surprised by how well my classes have been going this semester. As a freshman, I thought that my college classes would be extremely hard and that my professors wouldn't help me with anything, and that's not true at all. The athletic department provides a community feel, the campus is great, there is always something to do, student life is awesome, and the party scene is fun. You won't regret coming here!
As a student at Boise State University, it is natural to view the school as whole to see what it can do for me in order to make the most out my college experience. My experience at Boise State has been overall enjoyable due to the staff being very helpful and high-spirited as well as the many different events, resources, and activities the school provides. Just as any other school, Boise State does have its flaws but I have not once doubted that I will be able to enjoy my time here as well as become equipped with the necessary information to help me become successful in the near and far future.
I am really loving Boise State this year! The campus is so pretty, the people are so friendly, and professors are knowledgeable. Going here was one of the best decisions of my life!
This school is fantastic! Right as you step off the plane you are placed in the beautiful city of Boise and see the campus immediately. As you first step on campus, you see lively people riding their bikes and running along as it is an extremely fit community. And if you arrive in the fall, you will taste first hand how amazing college sports can be. The entire city shuts down to watch their football team play and everyone is excited for it. Their studies are also superb in that they have nearly every major there is and many great teachers to help guide you on your path to success. Also, everything is relatively small so that it is easy to get around. Yet, it is big enough to give people the spacious, university lifestyle. Anyone who comes on campus will feel welcomed and appreciated into the family. Overall it is a nice paced environment with great people and a city that is growing by the day and waiting for more people to come and enjoy it.
For starters, Boise State has a beautiful campus with many surrounding areas for activities. Boise State offers many clubs and resources. Plus the professors are insightful and want to see you succeed!
Boise State is beautiful to look at, the view is amazing. The area is clean and organized. It was a great location and very friendly people.
I loved the Boise State University campus tour! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. The staff and students were very helpful and everyone always had a smile on their face!
What I really enjoy about BSU is the community. It is placed right near downtown Boise where there are so many things to do on any given day. The people around are always very nice and ready to help
My experience has not been the best. I had a horrible advisor my first go around at BSU but kept giving me bad information about which classes to take and wasted 2 years of school. They would not let me change advisors either. I like that Boise State is changing and growing.
The academics don't seem to be as good as the cost of the school. The people are nice but the professors don't seem to care.
Boise State is a wonderful school with friendly people all over campus. First semester freshman year is critical for incoming students to find a place within the crazy world of higher education and Boise State gives plenty of opportunities and assistance to help freshman find their way both in and out of the classroom. Most professors are ready and willing to help any student in need and there are plenty of programs offered by the university that are easily accessible. I always feel safe on and off of campus and should I ever feel uneasy, campus police is nearby and on call. Overall, Boise State is a wonderful university with strong academics, engaging athletics, and friendly people to be found everywhere.
Academics at Boise State are taken very seriously. Advisement is available whenever the student needs, it so it is very helpful in finding what classes are needed for the desired major. Campus life is a very fun and enjoyable environment.
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