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Boise State University is a place where you can find your place to fit in. The school continues to grow, given students even more opportunities than already provided. The Boise State community comes together to make each and every person's experience one to remember.
If you like being forced to do group projects with slackers, this is the place for you. Professors have too many students--don't expect individual attention. New buildings and expensive administrators do not make a great university. Everything from admissions to curriculum to class scheduling is designed to make the university money. I would rather take classes in a basement with smart people who care. If you want to learn, go somewhere else.
Boise State University is a place where peoples from across the world come to share their cultures and experiences, all the while gaining valuable life information. With a beautiful urban environment that is relatively new, students can pursue their careers in a modern age. Actively available professors also allow students to be better in touch with what they're learning and from whom.
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Boise State University offers a very wide variety of classes from yoga classes, to astro-physic classes which is amazing. You can go to this college completely undeclared and take some classes that interest you and not only will you find what you want to study, but you will also have an amazing time getting there.
BSU is a great place to learn and is a small campus that is easy to get around. The atmosphere is very welcoming and they have fun activities for students.
Boise State is a not a very diverse school. Professors are friendly and professional for the most part. Beautiful school with friendly people.
I like how I feel at home here and very welcomed. No one has ever been rude to me everyone is very nice. It is super easy to get into classes and all of the faculty is very nice.
I really like how there is so much help and free tutoring for students struggling with certain subject. There are a wide variety of professors to choose from for each class, so if one professor does not suit your style, there are always more to chose from. There are a wide variety of interesting majors and classes. What I would like to see change is that the money from tuition be used elsewhere. Boise State spends WAY too much money on the football team and charge up the yin yang for anything and everything. With more students enrolling each year, tuition costs still continue to rise.
Small classes, safe community and campus, finish in 4 program. Boise is a fun, inexpensive town with good restaurants and residents that support BSU activities and students.
Pretty good. It's not an Ivy League by any stretch of the imagination, and there are definitely changes that need to be made, but as of now it's a pretty solid school for an undergrad degree.

Pros: I am a mechanical engineering major, and I've been able to get into a lab as a freshman doing computational biomechanics. Great experience, would recommend. Free student tickets to all sporting events. Boise is a cool city with a lot of stuff within walking distance and VERY safe.

Cons: This is still Idaho, and diversity across campus in general isn't the best. Dr. Kustra and the staff have tried to create a welcoming community, but there are always those idiots who refuse to see past their own white-ness and male-ness. Dorms can be crowded, and the Boise River Cafe (BRC, aka the cafeteria) is bad EXCEPT for First Thursday and campus events.
BSU has amazing programs and the professors helps out as much as they can. The campus is so beautiful and right in downtown, but also near mountains and forests.
Boise State University is such an amazing university. Not only do you get a top notch education but there are so many activities to do in the city; whether you want to go on a hike, ski, or go to the mall with friends. All the teachers really go out of their way to help you whenever you need help and there are so many resources at your finger tips.
The campus is so dead. It is not a fun place. I wish there is more things that you can do around campus. Food are so expensive.
Great area, and well known for sports and health sciences but it is not great for liberal arts. The area however is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, so the school will grow as well.
I didn't expect to come here, I am from Boise and wanted to get out of town. Since I have been here, though, I have been overjoyed walking through campus knowing I am at a school with a high quality education and lifestyle while living in a city super accessible by bike and green belt. I am happy to be here.
The community is very college oriented and supports the students. Also, Boise is a great place to live!
I like the ability to take a range of classes and the environment of the students. I don't find the class work challenging as a freshman, but I went to a very rigorous high school. I don't like the overwhelming liberal agenda on campus, though. It's everywhere and the fact that I couldn't get financial help because I'm white and didn't fit their "quota" is deeply upsetting. I have been mocked by professors for my religious beliefs, even when they couldn't back up their information, and been called a series of names because I have conservative views. Also, I don't agree with the "safe spaces" on campus. They imply that the entire campus isn't a "safe space" and therefore do more harm than good and should be removed.
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Great campus and teachers thus far, friendly staff and manageable online presence. What keeps me from 5 stars is that they have a credit cap and for my major (graphic design) there are many semester specific courses so if you miss it one semester it can slow your progress dramatically.
Boise State University is a diverse university with many areas of study. The opportunities are for student achievement and involvement are immense.
Boise University offers an environment of safe learning and social connections. You are taught amazing courses by experienced teachers which makes you want to attend class. The people walking around Boise state are amazing as well. Everyone here is welcoming and open minded to meeting new people and experiencing new things. The opportunities around campus as amazing as well. This year I can proudly say I joined a sorority and met people I will cherish for a lifetime. I now understand the importance of giving back to the community, wanting to better yourself, and an overall feeling of unconditional love. Without Boise State, I would not have had the opportunities I experience everyday. I will forever be thankful.
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