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The experience that I have had Boise State University, has been somewhat decent. The reason I say that is because I feel like the professors aren't really there to help you. A lot of my experience has been you should've known how to do this already. So that's been pretty frustrating. The other experiences have been great like meeting new friends and getting opportunities to go and help the community. I'm planning on going to Costa Rica to study abroad. I like that BSU gives an opportunity like this.
Beautiful campus right by the river. The staff is very helpful. And the people on campus are friendly.
Boise State university is a great university due to the friendliness, community-based atmosphere, the numerous resources for active lifestyles, and the exceptional education offered. Boise State is a diverse place where you can meet someone new everyday with so many students attending. The professors at Boise State University love to interact with the students and care if they succeed. They want to get to know each student and want students to enjoy what they are learning. There is always something going on at Boise State that someone can be a part of weather it be activities, volunteering, internships or a football game. Boise State University is in the heart of Boise, so there are a lot of things to do on your free time and students are never bored especially on a Boise State Broncos Football night!
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Boise State University has an amazing staff and a beautiful campus. BSU lies right on the Boise River and is nestled close to lots of outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and boating all in the heart of Idaho's capital city!
Local university located in a hidden gem of a city. Close to tons of outdoor recreation opportunities (e.g., skiing, hiking, backpacking, biking, etc). Campus is tidy and most of the administration is very helpful and thoughtful. The Graduate College is growing and values student input. Very reasonably priced for a graduate degree program!
I have lived relatively near Boise State University my whole life, it has a really pretty campus. The football games are exciting and energetic, people are generally nice and accepting. It is a really friendly environment and it has tremendous support from the city. Classes offered are good, and the class sizes are a good size too.
This school has a ton of outdoor activities, which include skiing or snowboarding in the winter, floating the river in the summer, hiking Table Rock, and many more activities if you are into those. The student recreation center is a nice place to get a workout in, it also includes a climbing wall, and a pool.
I took a tour at Boise State. The campus was very nice and pristine. I wasn't very impressed by the cafeteria, but maybe that's just me. The tour guides were sweet, and the Honors College interested me.
Boise State has an incredible campus and great teachers. The campus is beautiful and has a great athletic scene.
Boise State is Idaho’s largest institution in terms of enrollment. Despite its large size there are plenty of opportunities to make friends around campus. The academics are rigorous, which will help you further your knowledge. If you’re seeking a quality education at a great price look no further than BSU.
BSU is a great mid-size university. The campus is nice and there's lots of opportunities to get involved if you'd like to. I've had some amazing professors. However many students find it more difficult to stay motivated compared to other schools (speaking as a transfer student myself).
Teachers are very understanding of my medical condition and they have lots of classes to chose from. Unfortunately counselors are hit and miss so you have to do a little research on your own regarding jobs and classes. Food on campus is ok, but there are not as many options at Southfork and Boise River Café as I would like. Tons of ways to get involved on campus with clubs and special events every week! Also, the shuttle is free to students and can be taken around campus or into downtown Boise!
Boise State is a great and accommodating school. The school has many different communities and semi diverse culture. Most of the Professors are awesome and always work with you to succeed within their class.
I love all of the opportunities for student involvement on campus. There is a multitude of clubs, organizations, and societies on campus for me to find a place where I feel welcome and supported. There is an abundance of on-campus resources no matter the issue. All of the professors I have had are highly qualified and have worked to ensure the student had an understanding of the material.
I really like Boise State it is every inclusive and they really try and show that they care for their students. In this University there is a lot of resources to help out students. Something that I would like to see change is more equal focus on majors.
Its a nice little town. Plenty of things to do around the town and lots of choices for academics. The prices are pretty cheap and there are plenty of job opportunities around the city of Boise. Its a great place to live a simple life and enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape.
I like the people there! Everyone is so kind and helpful! I love the classroom environment because the professors are always there to help you! There are also classroom learning assistants that are able to help you understand the material after class if needed kind of like a tutoring session.
I love the campus and its beautiful greenery that it has to offer! I also love the campus life and all that it has to offer including their D1 football team. The school spirit that it has to offer to incoming or current students is never ending and it always feels like a second home to me.
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Boise State is an amazing school. I felt so welcomed and at home immediately after I stepped on campus, going into my second year and that feeling has never stopped.
GIMM is a new major that goes completely above and beyond in all aspects. The return on my investment is huge, and the teachers there really care about me and my well-being.
There is a great mix between social and school scenes. The majority of people you see on campus are very inviting and friendly. The professors are always looking to involve students more and engage on a personal level.
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