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I love the experience and support from the nursing faculty in the DNP program. The instructors are clear with their expectations and provide guided reviews and constructive feedback. The instructors question the students to allow for student creativity and deep learning experiences. They are approachable and knowledgeable.
Boise State University is an awesome university. The teachers and faculty are all very involved with students and the campus is beautiful. There are many opportunities to become involved. There is something for everyone here at BSU!!!
Boise State is the most welcoming and genuine university. Every staff member and professor is happy and willing to help you and make your experience at Boise State the best it can be and truly values your success in college. The city of Boise is filled with the kindest people you will ever meet and there is so many fun things to do. You are sure to find some way to get involved and find where you belong at Boise State. The education and programs are incredible. Boise State University is a place where you can enjoy the ultimate college experience, a welcoming and involved community, and countless opportunities to grow and succeed.
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I really enjoy the campus environment. It's basically in the city of Boise, making it easy to have access to multiple places.
Boise State has a very unique way of making everyone who attend feel welcomed. They have various programs/organizations that anyone can be a part of. Also, due to the fact that the city of Boise is not too populated, it does not feel crowded and there are various activities to do outdoors. Yet, there are also other activities to do such as trying a plethora of restaurants from all over the world. The only thing that would make Boise State better, would be to be more diverse in their students.
Boise State University - a great place to learn new knowledge and to create new social connections. It is located in Boise - one of the safest cities in the United States, and where the cultural diversity is respected. Boise State is the home of students from different states and countries, and it also has some interesting and exciting activities and programs for students. There are so many options covering different majors, minors, and courses; along with this, the student support at Boise State is really awesome!
This school has a great atmosphere and a ton of school spirit. Sports and academics are both very important there.
Boise state was an excellent school to transfer into. The professors were very engaged. I found my school advisor to be very helpful in finding the best path for me.
Loved the environment and the academics. If you love the out doors and getting to experience all 4 seasons. This is the college for you. The only thing I wish they had more of is sports!
Boise State and the surrounding city is a very safe environment. The community is very friendly and supportive of the college, however I would not describe it as a "college town" because there are a lot of aspects that the city does not capitalize on financially.
I love going to Boise State, they have helped me enroll and answered all my questions. I love how I feel completely comfortable with the school and I know that if I need assistance or help they are a call or email away.
My experience at Boise State has been very positive. The campus is beautiful, located right along the Boise River. The greenbelt provides a safe, scenic route to and from class if you're needing a little break in the day. The faculty have been, for the most part, great to work with. Students are friendly and work hard. There are a variety of organizations to be involved in and many opportunities to learn, grow, and develop as a student and individual.
I have been there twice to visit the campus and liked what I saw. The place was nice, and it was located right in my home town.
My life has been changed by Boise State and all of the wonderful people that attend this school! It's hard for me to picture if I wouldn't have come here and I wouldn't change this experience for the world!
Very knowledgeable in the different programs offered. Advisers were readily available to help guide me in a direction that would suit me needs.,
Loved it! Graduated with a degree in communications and a certificate in Public Relations! Communications professors were awesome - they seemed to care and when needed, were very helpful.
Has a great atmosphere but the parking situation for dorms is awful. They care a bit too much about sports versus the actual students. A lot of tests are held at the testing center which is an inconvenience because you have to use your free time to take tests.
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The first semester was a rough transition considering I was in a new state and had to make new friends, however, everybody is very welcoming! The campus is very clean and I have yet to meet a faculty member who has been rude.
I love this school! I came from a big city and I still feel very connected to a city but still get the full college experience. My professors are intelligent and passionate and there are a lot of student activities and opportunities to keep you busy when you are not in class or studying.
Not only is this universe located in beautiful Idaho, with access to hiking, skiing, along with other tremendous outdoor activities, but it is in walking distance of downtown Boise. With something for everyone to do, the location of this school is tremendous.
Living on campus has been nothing but good experiences for me this year. My roommates, floormates, and RA's are very friendly and helpful if I find myself in need of anything. I have found the campus to have everything I need to be comfortable in easy access to me.
My professors I have had thus far have been so helpful and such an inspiration to me. They make the classes enjoyable, while still being professional and teaching the material well.
Overall, my experience with Boise State has been very positive and I would highly recommend anyone who wants a good college experience to attend here.
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