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The majority of my professors here have been honestly amazing. Most of the classes are well organized. I love the campus and dorm life has been way better than I thought it would be. There is a lot of support here for you. There are TAs, LAs, and tutoring services aplenty, all without charge.

The food could be better, and cheaper.
I like Boise State for its interesting classes and phenomenal professors. Our professors are dedicated to their jobs and very knowledgeable in their topics. The only reason I won't give Boise State five stars is because of its lack of diversity.
I love everything about Boise State University. I have wanted to come to boise state since I was 10 years old and its done nothing but live up to my expectations. Boise State has become my home in so many ways. Greek Life at Boise State has become my home away from home. The love greek life has for the community as a whole is really what keeps me going. Boise is the best college town with downtown being so close but so far away at the same time. I feel that there is no other place like Boise State and I am in love with that concept
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Walking onto the Boise State campus I knew I had found my home, I knew it with all five of my senses. My lungs were immediately filled with fresh air. The fall leaves on the trees were finally turn from green to red. That is slight. I heard the sound of laughter and good conversation. That is sound. I felt the cold fresh air on my face. That is touch. I made my way to the dining hall and that is where the two last senses came into play. I instantly was filled with the smell of the french fries and the taste was even better. That is taste and smell. When you really love something all five of your senses are triggered, just like mine were at Boise State.
Great school with great professors and a beautiful campus. Great sense of community as well, especially in regards to the sports teams!
Boise was a great university in a perfect town to help get used to transitioning from living at home to living on your own.
This school bring many opportunities for all students. There are many valuable things that this school has brought to me that I did not initially expect. There are a great group of peers, and they are supportive of everyone.
A good University with a lot of opportunity and choices in degrees for students located right next to beautiful downtown Boise.
They are amazing and very good to work with when applying for college. My college adviser has been very helpful.
Boise State is an okay school. Professors are kind and informed. It needs more development in the arts and better program funding.
People's Republic of Boise. This a Communist state . Parents beware. Students run for your lives. Expelling students for Christian beliefs. Open Marxist professors.
I love Boise State because of the community life on campus. Everyone gets very involved including the teachers. The teachers are all very passionate and always go out of their way to make it known that they will meet with you to help you succeed. Some of the more challenging classes I have taken have teaching assistants that hold study hours that are also very beneficial. The campus is clean and the library is very large. While the school is great there is also many other activities to do in your free time from skiing to camping to hiking. Overall I have had a great experience at Boise State, and it has been cool to watch the campus grow, as well as the greek life.
I like that the faculty at Boise State University really want to see students succeed. Unlike many high schools teachers, my professors are aware that other classes require our time too so they make sure to be reasonable with their assignments.
Boise State is affordable. The instructors are professional and friendly. The community is welcoming and diverse. A great experience for any student.
This school is great. Very clean, organized, and professional. Classes are full of singing and age appropriate learning: alphabet, counting, beginning reading, and really good psychology beginning. I had a great experience here.
I love this school! The professors take their classes seriously and generally provide help outside of the classroom, and usually can be contacted through email. I feel very cared for with most of my professors, they really want to see me succeed. At the same time, though, they hold me accountable for my success.
It has a great culture that makes finding lifelong friends easy. They also have a strong academic program.
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I haven't officially started my college career there yet, but I know they are already great! All of their events are so fun to go to! Their website is easy to use and they are quick to respond when I have questions!
Boise State University is a great place for students searching for a four year degree through a big school with a small school feel. The weather here is incredible, you get to experience all four seasons. The classrooms sizes range from big lectures to smaller classes with 20-30 people. Either way instructors are so willing to help. Overall Boise State is incredible.
Everyone's so kind and helpful. I've gotten great faculty so far. The housing is pretty good other than Chaffee and Towers. They are a mess, and super old. Greek life's not everything here so it's pretty relaxed.
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