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Boise Bible College has a great campus! The community here is very welcoming and there is always something to do. There are many events happening on campus. There is a lot to learn here and a lot of friends to be made.
I am a current student at Boise Bible College and i love the school and surrounding community. The academics are great and the people are awsome.
I have been a part-time, non-traditional student seeking to finish a Bachelors of Science degree in the BBC Bible Program. Through this program I was able to have my previous college credits transferred from my other college work. I have found my time at BBC well-worth it in rounding out solid Biblical education. There are many good emphases, from preaching, to helps professions, to missions, music ministry and education. All the course-work from each professor complements and builds upon previous courses in a very constructive and productive way. The professors, while accessible and approachable, also seek to challenge and stretch each student in their abilities and present the most viable options for future opportunities. As a deacon within my church family, in my current job, and in my personal life, I have found this education extremely helpful and useful. Boise Bible College also provides an additional educational option for the city of Boise and the Treasure Valley.
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My overall experience at Boise Bible College has been wonderful. The classes are relevant, the professors and staff genuinely care for the students, and the ministry training I have received has been extermely beneficial in the ministry field. While this school may not necessarily be for everyone, if you are interested in being trained, equipped, and challenged for ministry, this is the place for you!
This was an easy process. I live on campus and my job works around my school schedule. The school tries to schedule my courses on the least amount of days so I can work as much as possible.
Although I have not personally taken any online courses, the online tools the school uses are user friendly and easy to navigate
I checked into this prior to transferring to this school and I have not had to use the services yet but I know that when I do, they are available.
The professors are committed to each student. I feel like they know each of us by name and that although they are friendly with us, they are also hard on us so we learn the material. The classes are small so we each get personalized time with the professors.
I am interested in becoming a missionary and the womens studies courses prepare me for how to passionately and compassionately help women in other parts of the world. I have not experienced the internship prospects portion of my schooling yet but I know that the school helps prepare us for jobs outside of school
I never would have learned all I am learning from just sunday school classes
Boise Bible College is committed to teaching their students indepth biblical principles and facts so they can go out and inturn teach others about Christ
They are really good about making it so your class is mostly in the morning and early afternoon. This makes it really easy for students to go to school during the day and then work at night.
I am so thankful I chose to go to BBC. I could not ask for a better college experience!
Some of the kindest, encouraging and down to earth people you will ever meet.
The professors and administration work very hard to ensure that graduates and current students have a good chance at getting an internship or job!
Sometimes the amount of busy work can be frustrating as well as the depth of assignments. But they are preparing us for careers where this is normal.
Our students are all one of a kind and the school's atmosphere really encourages everyone to just be yourself and be proud of your passions.
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Our financial aid woman is heaven sent. She's always so helpful and so knowledgeable. She's very passionate about helping students get through school as debt free as they can!
They are very on top of making sure graduates are getting out in their fields and keeping good relationships with employers to make sure their grads have a good reputation.
My freshman and sophomore year my major underwent a major overhaul to the program. It's a lot more intensive and hands on than it was a few years ago!
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