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Bob Jones was a great school all around. They really care about their students, physically and spiritually. They have caring staff, and a great student body who are all there for each other. They are highly recommended.
I enjoy Bob Jones University because the faculty is very caring and the academics are very rigorous. The overall atmosphere is great and the student body feels like a close-knit family.
Every aspect of this college was very professional and enjoyable. every aspect of this University was upheld properly from the academics to the recreation.
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Bob Jones University is one of the best at providing a well rounded education based on the liberal arts.
Bob Jones University is one of the most professional universities I have ever visited or heard of. Their staff and faculty are genuinely interested in helping out students excel in academics as well as life. They have a small but beautiful campus, and their facilities are top-notch for the most part. I would probably only change the company they use for their Dining Common.
I am an incoming freshman and I am very excited to start college at Bob Jones. My admissions counselor was fantastic and so far everyone else I've spoken to has been very nice! The Greenville area is great and theres plenty of things to do in your free time off campus.
At BJU there is always something to get involved in, whether it is music, theater, athletics, community outreaches, or society activities. There is a close knit atmosphere that encourages you to do your best and grow in all areas of life. The faculty and staff are also always there to help you with class work or just to encourage you and give advise on different matters.
My experience overall was excellent. I believe most of that had to do with the quality of the Christian faculty and staff. The quality in academic rigour improved while I was there and I believe is still improving. Then the quality and character of the faculty and staff was overall very admirable. Of course there are always exceptions to that in any organization, and there were exceptions at BJU, but only exceptions.
I've been in the vicinity of Bob Jones for a good deal of my life, and it has made nothing but a positive impact on my life and that of many others. Its incredible teachers are working every day to help their students push their limits to academic achievement, and the college pushes past the ignorant namecalling that many people give the University ("racist,""pious," etc.) This college has the best academic and fine arts program of any other college, and I am proud of it as the school I have lived around for years.
I enjoy attending Bob Jones University. The academics are rigorous and professors truly care about each individual.
The people are all very kind. The professors generally care about your well-being, academically, socially, and spiritually. You can make friends relatively easily. Like I said most of the students are genuine and the professors definitely are. The campus is beautiful. The food is better than most campus dining halls, and there is a Chick-fil-A on campus, which is always a plus. There aren't too many drunk parties and such, but there are plenty of wholesome opportunities to have a lot of fun.
I had a great experience here. It's extremely safe, people are serious about academics, and you can grow a lot in your faith while you're here. The accounting program in particular is great.
Bob Jones provides a wide range of majors and opportunities for students to serve the community. Bob Jones helps their students grow mentally and spiritually.
I have had a great experience at Bob Jones University. In general the professors genuinely want to see you succeed in your college career and seek to help you grow academically and spiritually. Bob Jones has a great location in the heart of rapidly growing Greenville, SC.
The atmosphere is professional. Good faculty and staff. Helpful and personal environment. Helpful if looking for a solid biblical foundation. They are currently working on accrediation. They have strict rules but if looking for a christian education not nearly as strict as other bible colleges. Have a wide variety of liberal art choices to choose from.They also use secular textbooks that are widely used at other secular colleges so you get a good range of information and practical application
Amazing teachers that go above and beyond to prepare you for the workplace and for life! I'm enjoying attending here and growing in my faith while having tons of experience doing what I'm studying by using my talents on campus and in the community.
Loved it there, but its not perfect. Academics are super hard but they will push you. Downtown Greenville is great! Great classmates. Nice campus
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As an alumnus of BJU, I am thankful for the education I received while a student. I'm also thankful for the incredible care and passion that each one of my professors put into teaching. Our faculty is second to none. They prepared me well for life.
Overall, Bob Jones University is a great school! I have absolutely enjoyed my time here as a student. I am very excited about some of the recent changes and campus renovations that have gone on since I came as a freshman. The current president has a great vision for the university, and the student body as a whole has a very christ-like and family oriented atmosphere. The campus is gated and very safe, and the grounds are kept in pristine condition. It is really a lovely campus. The quality of education is second to none, and the professors genuinely care about the success of each and every student they teach. 5 out of 5 stars. I hope you will consider coming to BJU!
Bob Jones University is a great place. It's a great place to learn and to grow your faith in Christ Jesus. It's also amazing with it's education. Te teachers aren't just teachers. They are friends for life.