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I have only attended Bob Jones University for one year, but I have loved every moment of it. The professors are truly invested in each students' life. They keep the class interesting.
Bob Jones University is a place where both an individual's intellect and character will be tested. The courses offered are excellent, as are the professors. The living situation is where the character testing comes in due to the random assignment of roommates.
This University is amazing! Not only are the academics challenging, but you really learn the information. The professors are fantastic and want you to succeed. They are always ready and more than willing to help you. This college offers a unique atmosphere that promotes taking your faith seriously and encourages spiritual growth. The staff and students are genuine about their faith and are passionate about leading others to the Lord and being a light to this world.
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Bob Jones is the best Christian University in the country; the students are friendly, the campus is smaller but cozy and well cared for, and the surrounding area is just beautiful. I strongly recommend this college.
Bob Jones University has a very professional atmosphere. The students dress for success and wear smiles on their faces. The staff and the students create a very friendly work ethic and inviting spirit. The classwork is not easy but the professors have a open door policy and enjoy helping their students succeed.
Over the years I have been on the Bob Jones campus many times, and will be attending as a freshman this fall. Their fine arts program is spectacular, and I am particularly interested and impressed with their nursing program.
Bob Jones is an amazing Christian College with a desire to push their students toward becoming the best students and Christians they can be. The teachers push the students to excel academically. The teachers really do care about the students.
The work load is rather large; however, the excellent degree of education is worth the work. It is large enough at 3,000 students to have more than enough friends. Yet it is small enough to have camaraderie. The invaluable name that our graduates have given Bob Jones University also gives those who follow an advantage. I am very thankful for the safe, enjoyable, and valuable education that I am receiving at Bob Jones University.
I am loving my time here at Bob Jones University. The teachers here are amazing. They will go the extra mile to make sure you have what you need so that you can excel in their class. I would like to see some of the rules and regulations change and they are. I would highly recommend BJU to anyone looking for a Christian liberal art's degree.
I loved Bob Jones University and can't wait to enroll in the fall! The academics are excellent, the professors are so helpful, and the campus is beautiful. Their fine arts programs are beyond compare.
Bob Jones University has been an excellent choice for me. I enjoy most of my classes and the professors are more than happy to help whenever I have questions. They are down-to-earth and offer great advice! I have done well at classes that were even a little out of my comfort zone. My roommates have always been courteous and kind. There is plenty of room in the dorm buildings and it is clean and comfortable. It feels like a tight-knit atmosphere and I always feel safe! The dining commons is a great place not only to eat, but also socialize. It is a warm and welcoming atmosphere that easily feels like home even though I am miles and miles away from my home. I know that I am growing both academically and spiritually and being prepared for life in the real world.
Bob Jones is a University dedicated to helping students grow. Everyone you come in contact with is looking for ways to encourage you to grow in your academic skills as well as your spiritual walk with God. The fun, friendly atmosphere, along with the Godly mentorship from every faculty member makes everyone who steps foot on campus feel welcome and at home.
Bob Jones University is a very demanding but enjoyable college to attend. The academics are very rigorous, but the teachers are always willing to meet with students outside of class and develop relationships with the students. The only complaint that I have is the lack of activities that are available on campus. The school is working towards solutions to this but are still acquiring the funds.
Bob Jones University is a great place where students and faculty work together to grow, learn, and advance in the journey of life. The academics are challenging, but the professors are supportive and full of knowledge. I have enjoyed getting to learn and grow throughout the past couple years. The opportunities I have had with Bob Jones range from interacting with well-known educators, participating in Titanic: the Musical, volunteering in the community, and more. The student body is great and the atmosphere of the university is exciting. I am quite thankful for where I am.
I went to college-up-close at Bob jones University. It was a wonderful experience. The teachers all care about the students and want them to succeed. The classes prepare you for life and allow you to learn in a fun environment.
Bob Jones University is a great place with good, godly people who care about their students. Their programs are top-notch and the campus is beautiful. God does things there!
I have visited campus twice in preparation to attend there in the fall of 2019. I like the lay out of the campus and the friendliness of the staff and students. I have taken two online courses and appreciated what I learned from the professors. I am looking forward to being on campus and experiencing campus life!
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Great education, but not a lot activities to do on campus. Therefore, the campus always seems dead, especially on the weekends.
Substandard, out-of-date dorm rooms. Small and cramped, and four girls to a room. Bathrooms with 4-5 stalls and 4-5 showers are shared by more than 40 girls.
Promotes a culture of fear, spying and betrayal. Prayer groups are gossip sessions, and friendships are for keeping each other accountable. Once a year, students are ranked by each other (in prayer groups).
Students are guilted into attending counselling sessions, told that the deans will tell their parents about their "sins" or that they will be expelled if they don't cooperate. Deans/prayer captains hold meetings to talk about "wayward" peers, and are watched and monitored constantly.
Most of their "professors" obtain their "degree" from BJU.
If you commit to studying you can get good grades. BJU does not treat you like an adult and it is very easy to get demerits for senseless things. Teachers are pretty good and you definitely get a good education.
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