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The university strives to instill academic and personal excellence in each and every student. The faculty and staff care for each member of the student body physically, mentally, emotionally, academically, and spiritually. BJU is a great place to go if you want a faith-based education and exposure to the arts.
The professors at Bob Jones are amazing. They are all wonderful Christians who love the students. The professors are always willing to make time to help when needed.
My experience at BJU has made my freshman year amazing. The faculty cares about my education and I can go to them whenever I need something. The housing situation is good and I have made some great friends from my hall.
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I have visited Bob Jones University multiple times in the past year and I was very impressed by it. The academics are challenging, and I know they will help me become well prepared for my future career. The overall atmosphere is something that drew me to Bob Jones, the students I met were level-headed and well educated, yet still capable of having fun and seemed to genuinely love their college. The faculty is very involved and interested in the betterment of their students. The Christian morals make for a safe environment as well as a unity and brotherly love among the people at Bob Jones. I am very much looking forward to attend in the fall of 2020.
Bob Jones University's students and staff are warm and welcoming. The campus is beautiful and the academics are manageable, yet challenging. A point of contention for many people is the rigid set of rules and the quality of the food.
Bob Jones University is an overall excellent school. I wish they had their own bus system, that's all.
Bob Jones is incredible! I can honestly say there’s nowhere else I’d rather be! The professors truly care about all their students and want to see them grow academically and spiritually. The preaching in chapel, life groups in society, and Biblical worldview in every class are stellar. The liberal arts core really sets BJ apart from other schools and gives you a firm foundation and very well-rounded education. Anyone who is serious about his or her faith and doesn’t mind a few rules (they’re not bad, trust me) should definitely come to Bob Jones!! You can’t get this anywhere else!
Bob Jones University has an excellent academic experience that provides students with lifelong skills.
Not bad. Very nice. Godly, and well recognized. Very clean, has nice rules, very nice. I liked everything about it. I felt at home.
Bob Jones University offers many great academic programs and is constantly looking to add more. I have enjoyed my three years as a student and I am looking forward to finishing up my last. The teachers have been encouraging and are constantly willing to help you in any way they can.
I have visited many other colleges prior to deciding to attend BJU. I must say this has been the best decision I have made. You wouldn't believe how much the faculty and staff truly care about us as students. I will admit the curriculum presented to us is harder than other schools but it is helping prepare us for what's ahead. Deffently a school worth a visit.
I love the atmosphere! Great staff, great professors, and great coaches! I would love to see a worship team in the future though!
I’m not currently attending, but I plan to. Every phone call, email, and visit has been flawless. They have a caring staff, and I have heard nothing but raving reviews from the students. The academics are challenging. I’ve been told that some students in the nursing degree have felt that medical school was easy compared to Bob Jones .
If you are looking for a college that is unlike any other, then BJU is the place for you! At BJU the professors actually care about their students and take time to help them and talk with them outside of classes, the students are kind, and it is very easy to make friends. BJU helps students to grow and become responsible and respectful people. BJU is also a very clean school in that there is no smoking, drugs, alcohol, and wild party activity allowed or accepted.
I have only attended Bob Jones University for one year, but I have loved every moment of it. The professors are truly invested in each students' life. They keep the class interesting.
Bob Jones University is a place where both an individual's intellect and character will be tested. The courses offered are excellent, as are the professors. The living situation is where the character testing comes in due to the random assignment of roommates.
This University is amazing! Not only are the academics challenging, but you really learn the information. The professors are fantastic and want you to succeed. They are always ready and more than willing to help you. This college offers a unique atmosphere that promotes taking your faith seriously and encourages spiritual growth. The staff and students are genuine about their faith and are passionate about leading others to the Lord and being a light to this world.
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Bob Jones is the best Christian University in the country; the students are friendly, the campus is smaller but cozy and well cared for, and the surrounding area is just beautiful. I strongly recommend this college.
Bob Jones University has a very professional atmosphere. The students dress for success and wear smiles on their faces. The staff and the students create a very friendly work ethic and inviting spirit. The classwork is not easy but the professors have a open door policy and enjoy helping their students succeed.
Over the years I have been on the Bob Jones campus many times, and will be attending as a freshman this fall. Their fine arts program is spectacular, and I am particularly interested and impressed with their nursing program.
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