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While its provides limited extracurricular entertainment, the university has many fine departments that ensure a quality education.
The faculty are wonderful. I would like the college to cost less though. The faculty want you to pass- you just have to talk to them. Go to their office hours.
I love going to Bob Jones!!! The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. The people and faculty are simply amazing! I met some of my closest friends of my life here at BJU.
The teachers really care about you as a person and will do everything within their power to help you. They are very understanding of work schedules and other life circumstances and will help you when you feel overwhelmed. They will open their offices to you anytime you need to talk, even if the subject is completely unrelated to schoolwork.
The dining common staff is simply angelic. Ms. Kathy, the person who welcomes people and swipes ID cards for lunch, works her hardest to learn every person's name. Once she has it down, she will call you by your name for as long as you attend the school.
Even though college is the hardest thing I have ever done, attending Bob Jones University is worth every second and dollar spent on this school.
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overall a very good school could use improvements in some areas like food, but other than that a very good university.
Bob Jones University is a great place to get an education. Not only are the courses interesting and rigorous, but they have a basis in truth. God's truth and gospel is seen in everything in this school.
Bob Jones University is the best decision I have ever made. Which isn't saying much, but still, you get the point.
The campus is great and my academic councilors were wonderful. What I love about BJU is that they are a God focused school.
Bob Jones is an excellent school. The education here is top-notch, and one of my favorite things about classes are the teachers. I've never had a teacher that didn't care about my success or didn't make sure that I knew that I could come visit them in their office if I ever needed help. Not only that, but the teachers and leaders in the school pray for us daily. The people here are so kind and friendly, I've never made more friends than I have at Bob Jones.
I love the people at Bob Jones. They are incredibly gracious and care about you. I would love to see a couple of rules change. The dress code for one.
Fantastic!!! I love the school. My professors are great they are always willing to help me if I'm struggling. It has great academics and gives us the opportunity to experience fine arts events that I might not otherwise get to.
I love the faculty and staff at BJU. They have a great attitude towards the students. They are always willing to help and they seek a personal connection with you as a student. They don't want to see anyone fail and repeatedly offer their services to you as a student. Another thing that is great about BJU is the campus. It is beautiful and once you know where things are, it is easy to navigate. If I could change anything at BJU, I have no idea what I would choose. So far with my experience I have not had many complaints. The complaints I did have were probably attitude problems. I guess you could say I like the school and need to study it a bit more before I lodge an official complaint.
Bob Jones offers a vigorous set of academic courses as well as many opportunities for growth in your relationship with Christ and fellow Christians.
Bob Jones University does a great job with their quality academics. The staff and faculty at the the university is outstanding. It would be nice if the quality of the food could improve. It is also a little expensive. The campus is very nice and they do a good job of maintaining it. If you want an education, this is a good place to go. If you want to party, this is not a good place to go. The dorms are average. Nothing nice.
I think that academically Bob Jones University excels, but the rules and overall expectations that the school carries out only because their benefactors can be hard to achieve. Their so-called desire to prepare us for the future only gives us a skewed reality of what the actual workplace is really like.
I came to BJU with quite a few reserves, but I was convinced it was the school that was best for me. I am so glad I acted outside of those reserves, because my first year there was absolutely fantastic. I was challenged by the academics, and was stretched far more than I thought I could be, but because of those high standards, I succeeded far more than I thought I was capable of. The atmosphere of the school itself is so encouraging, and the Godly influences that surrounded me was both a joy and a challenge for me to grow even stronger and deeper in my faith.
I grew up at BJU. I was born with a learning disability that their psychology department declarres as fake even though it is in the DSM-5. I never had friends and was treated as an outsider. The psychology department does not teach science. They make things up and claim that PTSD and other mental issues are made up or are “spiritual problems” and you have to get right with God and it will go a ay. There are no locks on dorm rooms. There are sexual assaults. It is not a safe place.
The only way I can summarize my experience here: I never knew how awful people could be until I came to BJU.
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I loved the fact that you could join a smaller group of students called a society. A society gives college a more personalized feel. The classes I visited were engaging, and the teachers were really nice.
I enjoyed just about everything! The food was good, the place was interesting, and the people were very friendly and kind. Although, when I visited the campus with my mom for a conference the sidewalks were very dirty. At sundown, my mom just about plastered her face tripping over a large stick in the way. Overall it was pretty good though.
One of the many things I love about Bob Jones University is the love and care I have experienced from everyone here. Everyone goes out of their way to make me feel at home and make sure I have everything I need. As a student with physical limitations, I have received all the accommodations I need to succeed. And most importantly, their is a wonderful Christian environment that encourages me and helps me grow more and more in my faith on a daily basis.