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It is a good Christian environment with excellent academics. The teachers encourage the students and will spend time helping the students to understand the material better and help them succeed in the class. The teachers invest time in our lives and they care more about seeing us personally grow than the grades.
Bob Jones University is Unique and you won't find a Christian university that knows how to enjoy and live a Christian life.
If you are a Christian and you want a quality education coupled with good opportunities for spiritual growth, this is the place to go.
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man, idk what you guys are talking about. the party scene here is incredible, and the girls in them baggy jeans look fly af. im more of a calf guy anyways. im typing this from the inside of a bathroom stall with my satellite phone at 12:06AM so i dont get expelled, but thats a small price to pay.
I have had an amazing experience getting my education through Bob Jones. The professors are awesome. They love what they do and it is shown in the way they teach and interact with the students.
I loved the atmosphere and academic standard that I found at Bob Jones. The professors want their students to learn and to grow not only academically but also spiritually. There are multiple social interaction and academic advancement opportunities offered on campus, and the beautiful city of Greenville is open to all students. I have truly enjoyed being a Bob Jones student.
The academics are very challenging. There are more rules than the average university, but they are all grounded on Christian principles. The stricter rules have been well worth submitting to because of the high academics and Christian atmosphere. The four times a week chapel services help unite the student body in a unique way that isn’t seen on other college campuses.
I really like the university so far, the dress code is a bit strict and there are a lot of required meetings but overall the professors and fellow students are all great.
I Loved this college, I had some of my best and worst memories there, but I have seen God work to change me so much throughout the years here.
I love Bob Jones University. It has a healthy growing atmosphere. The faculty are ready to help and are understanding. This Christian School thrives in knowing more about the Lord. What brought me to Bob Jones University is their loving Christ-like attitude. The faculty teach in such a way as to make sure that the students are understanding the material and how to implement the material into each students’ field while upholding the worldview of the Bible.
I love Bob Jones. Excellent education, excelent environment but i would love to see a change in the way they view music.
Bob Jones was a great school all around. They really care about their students, physically and spiritually. They have caring staff, and a great student body who are all there for each other. They are highly recommended.
I enjoy Bob Jones University because the faculty is very caring and the academics are very rigorous. The overall atmosphere is great and the student body feels like a close-knit family.
Every aspect of this college was very professional and enjoyable. every aspect of this University was upheld properly from the academics to the recreation.
Bob Jones University is one of the best at providing a well rounded education based on the liberal arts.
Bob Jones University is one of the most professional universities I have ever visited or heard of. Their staff and faculty are genuinely interested in helping out students excel in academics as well as life. They have a small but beautiful campus, and their facilities are top-notch for the most part. I would probably only change the company they use for their Dining Common.
I am an incoming freshman and I am very excited to start college at Bob Jones. My admissions counselor was fantastic and so far everyone else I've spoken to has been very nice! The Greenville area is great and theres plenty of things to do in your free time off campus.
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At BJU there is always something to get involved in, whether it is music, theater, athletics, community outreaches, or society activities. There is a close knit atmosphere that encourages you to do your best and grow in all areas of life. The faculty and staff are also always there to help you with class work or just to encourage you and give advise on different matters.
My experience overall was excellent. I believe most of that had to do with the quality of the Christian faculty and staff. The quality in academic rigour improved while I was there and I believe is still improving. Then the quality and character of the faculty and staff was overall very admirable. Of course there are always exceptions to that in any organization, and there were exceptions at BJU, but only exceptions.
I've been in the vicinity of Bob Jones for a good deal of my life, and it has made nothing but a positive impact on my life and that of many others. Its incredible teachers are working every day to help their students push their limits to academic achievement, and the college pushes past the ignorant namecalling that many people give the University ("racist,""pious," etc.) This college has the best academic and fine arts program of any other college, and I am proud of it as the school I have lived around for years.