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Just finished my first semester. Great people, small but feels like family not a number. Takes time to find a routine but once you find it and realize the purpose it is good. Food is decent. Professors are very personable and proud to be at Bluffton.
I love how close of a relationship you can form with your professors. Something that I'd like to see changed is to have more things to do around campus to make friends.
Bluffton is an amazing school and I am excited to see how it grows and expands in the future. The introduction of the new science building should really be a big help for those in pre-med or other scientific fields of study. The study abroad programs are also a great opportunity for everyone to experience different cultures or even just what it is like to travel. Bluffton has a beautiful campus with many historical buildings, but is not behind in terms of academics or technology. It also has great programs for students to earn money toward their tuition. They also offer a multitude of clubs and other activities for students to participate in.
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It feels like home at Bluffton! I am part of a big family! The football staff here stays in constant contact and makes me feel like I am already part of the team. I feel like the Academics and Faculty are in tune with what I am looking for and I know they care!
I loved my Bluffton experience! My time at Bluffton helped me become a more well-rounded individual while turning my passions into a purpose.
When I visited Bluffton University I absolutely loved the campus. It was clean, beautiful, and the students and staff were very welcoming. Their admissions advisor Kaitlin Kerr was amazing. She helped me decide on a major that matched my interests and she also told me everything that Bluffton had to offer me. There classrooms were very neat and their classes are small which is what I loved the most. They have tutors available all day if you need them and the professors are always willing to help their students.
The sense of community is amazing. It is like my home away from home. The academics are also very good. There are lots of opportunities here.
Bluffton has a lot of great opportunities for your education and overall growth as a young emerging adult. Unfortunately there are some issues with lack of communication all around campus.
Bluffton is amazing. They make you feel at home as soon as you step on campus. I knew before evening stepping foot on campus that this was the place for me.
Bluffton has 4 core values, one of them being community which was my biggest takeaway. The smaller school feel creates a significant community of teachers and students.
Super kind, they treated me like I was family there. Amazing staff, they really care about the students. Very helpful.
Bluffton University is an excellent institution in the services it provides to its students and the atmosphere. It will not let you fail in academics; there are many resources and people that you can reach out to and people who will reach out to you when you are struggling and when you succeed. Additionally, we have a saying at Bluffton, and that is "It's all about relationships." This rings true in all aspects of our campus community. Everyone treats everyone like family. From greeting people on the sidewalk to sitting with someone new. We all do our part to make everyone feel like they belong. The only complaint I have about Bluffton is the food. I wish that we had more options. Dining with people in our commons is a big part to building relationships and I think we need more diverse options to help others feel more at home.
This school is not too bad, I would recommend this school to other students struggling in bigger University for it's size, people, and resources. The people at Bluffton here are friendly, obliging and which makes the campus great for it's sides. If you need help with anything all you do is ask. Teacher's are available through out the day.
This is a very inviting campus. Everyone is very friendly and the professors are very helpful and supportive and take an interest in everyone individually.
I have heard a lot of good things about the school getting people jobs and internships. My own sister graduated from here and got a job right after school. She never even had to apply to the job because the school had sent them her resume. They contacted her and asked her if she would work for them.
I haven't heard of any sexual assaults happening on campus. The school talks about it a lot and take steps to prevent it from happening.
The dorms are really great and a lot of them are getting new updates and renovations. The only thing that could be better is if all of the dorms had air conditioning. Most of them have it but there are a couple of buildings that don't. It isn't too bad but the first couple of weeks are really hot in the rooms.
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The professors at my school are what make it so amazing. They are incredibly friendly and approachable. I never feel nervous to meet with them to discuss difficult homework and they are very passionate about their work. Another cool thing about them is that they invite class divisions to their homes for cookouts. The science division always has a cookout every year at the mathematics advisors house. Another cool thing about my school is how small the class sizes are. You really get a chance to get to know everyone around you. You become friends with many people of all ages and majors and it keeps your life interesting to become friends with people who come from different backgrounds. I definitely recommend students to attend Bluffton University because it is a small, quiet city where you can meet so many different people and have new, fun experiences.
I hated the community and the lack of diversity and opportunities.
Many employers don't focus on Bluffton because of its size.
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