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So far it has been awesome very quick to respond and super helpful. The staff is very efficient and very knowledgeable and willing to help!
So far Bluffton has been so very helpful, the staff the football coaches have shown a huge interest in my academic career. Everyone has been so positive and willing to help and made sure all questions have been answered!
Bluffton University is one of the worst schools you can possibly think of. No party life, no diversity, no fun. The only thing that people go for is sports and they’re not very good at that. Especially the football, they are hot garbage. Please rethink going to this money hungry school. All they care about is getting their money. By the way you all see the salary they make once you graduate that’s because there’s no opportunities I can make more at McDonald’s than going to Bluffton. Please please please please please DONT EVER GO TO BLUFFTON.This is a sunken place and needs be done away with. They’re not even mennonites they’re moneynites. Their religion is taking all of your money. Run the other way and make a better decision like ONU.Thank you for reading.
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The professors are amazing, they get 5 stars. The higher ups are the problem. There have been many faculty and staff changes that are hurtful to the school.
In the beginning, I was only looking towards Bluffton because of my soccer career. I didn't like the idea of it being a small campus and google basically stated that there was no diversity. As an African student attending the most diverse school in Columbus, Ohio , I didn't like the sound of that. I finally attended a tour of the school to meet my teammates, see the campus, and get to know my coach. I have to say that the tour changed my entire perspective of the school. There is a lot of diversity from what I saw. My teammates were very kind and that was a huge factor to why I committed to the team. The campus is gorgeous. When you are on it, it doesn't feel small. The nature within the campus makes you feel more comfortable in the environment. Most students on campus were friendly towards one another and the entire vibe of the place was so positive.
Don’t get the full party experience but get the education we need. The education is good here but if you want to go to school yo party then you don’t want choose this school but If u want to learn and get a good education then Bluffton University is the place to be!
I love the 4 university values of community, service, respect, and discovery. The school is very focused on student support and opportunites
Cost of living is far too high for what you receive in return. The student population is very clique-y; if you're not on a sports team, you're basically a different breed. The cafeteria is good, I love the salad bar. Academics are far above average; professors really care, small class sizes, one-on-one help always available if needed.
Only being a sophomore I don't know it all but I know by now that Bluffton was the right decision for me. If you are looking for a small tight knit school where you can feel like a part of a family, this is the perfect place. I have never met a subpar professor on this campus. They really work with you to make sure you are understanding the content and getting the most for your money.
Bluffton has small class sizes and extra help and tutoring whenever you might need it. Bluffton is a private school and it big on safety and education.
I went to Bluffton looking to connect with peers in a Christian environment. Classes were good but there was no real emphasis on connecting to peer groups or with the campus. For a christian school, there was a tremendous amount of partying on campus, students destroying campus property and no corrective action.
I liked how people were nice to each other and there were some activities to do on campus. When I stayed over night on campus there weren't any issues or problems on campus. Everything was fine when I stayed.
Lovely small town with an engaging university. Best part is the cultural exchange requirement where you have to travel somewhere out of state or overseas to interact with those different from you.
Bluffton, OH is a very small town but has a lot of heart. There isn't much to do within the actual town but surrounding areas are lively. You will always feel safe when walking from class to class or your car late at night. Although the food isn't really a selling point, it is no reason to count this out while making a college decision.
Just finished my first semester. Great people, small but feels like family not a number. Takes time to find a routine but once you find it and realize the purpose it is good. Food is decent. Professors are very personable and proud to be at Bluffton.
I love how close of a relationship you can form with your professors. Something that I'd like to see changed is to have more things to do around campus to make friends.
Bluffton is an amazing school and I am excited to see how it grows and expands in the future. The introduction of the new science building should really be a big help for those in pre-med or other scientific fields of study. The study abroad programs are also a great opportunity for everyone to experience different cultures or even just what it is like to travel. Bluffton has a beautiful campus with many historical buildings, but is not behind in terms of academics or technology. It also has great programs for students to earn money toward their tuition. They also offer a multitude of clubs and other activities for students to participate in.
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It feels like home at Bluffton! I am part of a big family! The football staff here stays in constant contact and makes me feel like I am already part of the team. I feel like the Academics and Faculty are in tune with what I am looking for and I know they care!
I loved my Bluffton experience! My time at Bluffton helped me become a more well-rounded individual while turning my passions into a purpose.
When I visited Bluffton University I absolutely loved the campus. It was clean, beautiful, and the students and staff were very welcoming. Their admissions advisor Kaitlin Kerr was amazing. She helped me decide on a major that matched my interests and she also told me everything that Bluffton had to offer me. There classrooms were very neat and their classes are small which is what I loved the most. They have tutors available all day if you need them and the professors are always willing to help their students.
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