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I begin my Freshman year at BCTC this summer 2017, and although I do not have much experience with this school yet, the experiences I've had so far have been very educational and helpful.
The school is very accommodating and I am very pleased so far.
Being my first year i think this is a really good school. very well organized and makes this place feel like home. This school isn't as big as other schools but this place makes you feel more welcomed any other schools. the classes are smaller but that just makes it even better. Any student would rather have a smaller class where they can really be involved and learn better than to be an a class with 50+ students. Its difficult to really be focused in a classroom if there is so many students where you feel you cant communicate with the professor.
I currently attend bluegrass community technical college and I am very pleased with my experience so far. This school has been very welcoming very helpful and great teachers. But my favorite part of the school has to be how affordable it is and the small class sizes.
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When I first started classes it was great. I did my courses online but thanks to the Blackboard I was able to stay in touch with my professors and peers anytime needed. I really enjoyed my semester as far as my courses went. However I no longer go to this school due to the simple fact that my advisor was not willing to work with me on advising for my next semester classes. So one main things I would like for them to change is to be more understanding towards the students.
I love that there are several campuses and several different class times! It is able to fit around my schedule perfectly!
They tell you the truth, about EVERYTHING. The do not sugar coat anything or hide anything, especially when it comes to money. With tuition there are no hidden costs, what they tell you at the beginning is what you are expected to pay. Unlike my old university where I had to take out 10,000 in loans due to hidden costs.
My credits were very easy to transfer
The online course were very easy to use and I learned a lot.
They have a great career center that helps people switch careers
The class size is small and they have many course offered.
The stuff help students get jobs/internships
The workload is good and the teachers are helpful.
The stuff and professors are always there to help you with any problems you have.
Everything has been easy with the school. I have not had many problems.
I did not enjoy online classes as much as I thought I would because you are required to read and listen to the lectures by yourself and that is the challenging part of it.
It was really easy to transfer credits. It was completed all online which made it much better.
The professors are pretty good. I had a few that I really enjoyed and a few that I did not care for that much but that is pretty much at every school.
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The school is very helpful with everything relating to careers and job prospects.
Overall the school is great for taking basic classes and transferring to a bigger school.
Bluegrass Community and Technique College is a good place to start if you are not ready to go to a university. It is also great for saving money. I would recommend it because I was also able to finish in a year an half.
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