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This school is amazing 100/100 this is almost a year ago and I’m glad to see it all over again and then we have a good time and we will have to see you soon we will be there in about a few days and we can talk about this little bit before I leave from the country
I loved how small the class size was, it helps for a transition from high school to college if you are not ready for a major change!
Bluegrass Community & Technical College is a great school. There are many opportunities for a student.
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For the most part, it has been a great experience. Issues with the Financial Aid department but overall a wonderful choice for furthering one's education,
It is a wonderful community college that offers two-year programs to get you started on your career path and have great transfer opportunities. The campuses are safe and everyone is very helpful.
Amazing instructors who actually care if you do well! I was interested in the nursing program and was able to meet face to face with an adviser. She was able to give me everything that I needed to prepare for and be accepted into the nursing program!
I have enrolled in college there again despite the trouble i had before. The staff you talk to at the student center are very friendly however, they can only do so much and the main people at the college should pick up the slack. Its hard to get a call back from admissions staff, and the financial aid area of staff is difficult to get in touch with as well.
I am loving my online experience. Much better than the first time! I struggled with going to class, but bluegrass community and technical college made it easy for me!
I have had nothing but issue's since I first applied at BCTC. I have had multiple issue's with teachers not following their grading rubric and syllabus. No one is readily available to call to talk to about an issue, you are literally given a 1-800 number to call. I am not impressed and would not recommend this college.
It has excellent professors, most of them graduated from University of Kentucky. Schedule is flexible, offers different payment methods and it has a large international community. Also BCTC encourages diversity.
This place is terrible. Specially the ISS workers are very incompetent. They make you pay extra to do homework, because they adhere homework and class work prepared by corporate organizations like Pearson and McGrawhill.
I am an international student. I sent in my application, including all my documents a month before their deadline. A couple weeks after the deadline I called them, since I had not heard anything and they told me that my documents had not been received. I paid again for my academic documents to be sent. And the same thing happened. When I finally went there in person, they magically had my documents, and gave me an acceptance letter. I called earlier that same day, and I was told they had not received my documents.
Now they have taken over 1 month to issue me an I-20. Its ridiculous.
The school is great it was a lot of classes the benefit me. I enjoy going to English class my professor is really nice and teaches really well.Also my anatomy and physiology teacher has lot of study opportunities because their isn't a tutor. The classes are easy to find and the school has a lot to offer i don't have to go to different campuses because all i need is in one place.
its a really good start for college students, the tuition is cheaper and there are a lot of ways to receive help and get involved with the school.
The school seems great so far. It was fairly easy to sign up. The only complaint I have is that there is not a financial aid counselor or advisor on campus at all times. Also, the financial aid process is very slow. I have been waiting for a month now to be awarded the financial aid that I know I qualify for. They have requested the same information from me 3 times now and I submitted it in a timely manner each time. It is hart to get a response back from the financial aid department.
I like the small class size and the individual attention. There are a lot of opportunities here to help me succeed in school. There are a lot of people who are always ready to help me with my questions
BCTC is an affordable school that can be a good stepping stone to transferring to a University without seriously digging yourself into debt.
Bluegrass community & technical college is a very open college and accepts pretty much anyone. Im a returning freshaman and the scene is still welcoming, academics still seem up to date, diversity is amazing at this college campus, the local area isnt bad, so many shops, stores for your liking. If I could change anything, itll have to be the parking pass issues. Bluegrass community school has to pay the same price as the university for less parking spaces.
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I have really only had one small issue since I've been enrolled at BCTC in 2013. It took some time to get my credits from a previous college put in the system but once they were in everyone was very helpful and always directed me in the appropriate place to get the answers that I needed. The professors are very educated in their curiculum and always willing to help on their off hours.
I love the welcoming feeling I get when I'm here. It is much smaller than a typical university, allowing for a more personalized and close college experience. It truly feels like all of the staff members are there to help the students succeed and progress their education and careers.
Excellent professors that truly care, rather than treat you like a number. Don't be fooled into thinking Community College is a waste of time.
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