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I began attended Bluegrass Community & technical college last summer and ever since then I have enjoyed being a student. BCTC offers a wide variety of programs for its students, it is a great school. this school is great for any recent high school graduates because it allows its students to receive an associates degree in any program the student desires and then after about two years the school lets the students transfer to a four-year university, I consider BCTC to be one of the good schools out there.
It has been good, but I think that they need to make more activities for new students, but more important they should build a cafeteria in every campus!
BCTC is a very affordable college for those that are looking to get certifications or starting school to later on transfer to bigger universities, they are very helpful when helping you chose which path to take. This college is a very good option for low income households such as myself, they help you better yourself and want to see you succed.
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Most of the teachers I have dealt with are very caring and educated. However, the administration such as the admissions office and financial aid seem to not know what is going on and are very had to get ahold of.
I like how Bluegrass community technical college has a free student parking lot. The tuition is much cheaper than University of kentucky. Everyone is so nice.
There’s nothing I would change about BCTC (Bluegrass Community Technical College) everything there is perfect in my opinion. The small class’ are perfect and and makes it easier to focus cause there’s not a big classroom full of people talking and distracting you. One on one time with the professors to ask questions and get a better understanding of the class is easy for me especially since I always have a lot of questions after class. It’s easy to get around as well, the college campus is small so it’s easier to remember where everything is, where all your classrooms are. The people who work on campus are always so friendly and super helpful, and everyone always knows each other. BCTC does an amazing job to make sure every student new and old is welcomed and appreciated.
Bluegrass community and technical college is a wonderful place for new students to start a college degree. The staff is 100% dedicated to helping each and every student succeed in obtaining whatever goals they have set for themselves. Professor are passionate about their areas of study which in turns inspires students to want to excel.
I like some of the programs they had to offer. Some of the programs really helped students be successful or just if they need help.
I love that bctc has small classrooms and it’s easy to get in contact with your teachers. It’s lile a small intimate setting
BCTC in Danville campus is a great place to start building my career. First the staff in the office are very helpful and try to accomodate the needs of the students. Although there is no housing I can go to school and live at home and still receive the instruction I need to reach my goal of an Associates degree. The teacher I have is very knowledgable and capable of giving me direction in my chosen field. I also like the fact that the instruction is very one on one due to the small classrooms. The only drawback is there is not a financial aid person on site and staying on top of you student account can be frustrating at times. The equipment in the machining shop is very up to date and will help me learn on the cutting edge of the major I have chosen
I really can't say what to change because I am a new student . I was pulled toward this school for it's great remarks from other people who either has been a student or currently there now. Bluegrass Technical has a great atmosphere. They make sure the students feel a sense of home with a opportunity to soar with their education.
I believe that the college should continue on exactly what they are doing now.
I had a pretty good experience with BCTC. However, I feel like my advisor didn't reach out as much as I would have liked. Also, scholarships opportunities were never talked about.
I love the small classrooms which make it that much easier for professors and teachers to interact more. You are able to present any concerns without the pressure of other students waiting for their turn. Also, the staff is friendly and willing to help you, whether it be answering your questions or pointing you in the right direction. It makes the college experience a little less daunting.
Great school if you are looking to save money. I highly recommend they retrain the advisors. Most of them are good but there are a few that aim to kill your gpa
I go to the Lawrenceburg campus so different opinions may vary on their location. Overall L-Burg BCTC is okay. You have some faculty that will offer help and are there everyday. Even some professors will offer help with scheduling or remind you of certain deadlines but it all varies on the teacher. While I have enjoyed BCTC for being close to home, low tuition, and small classes I do wish for the Lawrenceburg campus they offered more classes. Many of the teachers will tell you that they travel from their home campus because they needed someone to fill the position at our campus. If you aren’t a nursing student then you will have to transfer and take the risk of wasting money on BCTC classes once you get your associates degree. BCTC is great for people just starting out and don’t have a ton of money but I definitely think they could improve.
The classrooms are small so the professors can invest more and help students as individuals and most professors are very understanding about situations. I would like to see changes in nothing I am completely happy with the way the school runs!
as a student in the film course i dont really feel like the class directly taught me anything, instead the courses rely more on tossing you in the deep end and hoping you dont sink. despite the spartan nature of it, the approach works rather well as ive still learned quite a bit about my chosen field, that along with the general kindness of the people there makes this an excellent entry into college life
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The professors are amazing in every way possible. Such a wonderful experience! Any issues I've ever encountered I was able to get help on. They made college so much easier to come back to and eased my stress.
I like the small class sizes which make for a more personal experience. The professors seem more invested in the students rather than the paychecks as well, and the overall atmosphere is one of positivity and second chances.
It's a really good technical college. Mainly professor and adviser's are great. Everyone's very nice and helpful.
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