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straightforward and positive learning environment! i love the atmosphere on campus and the great stories i hear from my friends! i can't wait to attend in the fall.
My experience at BCTC was not always the best, but most fo the issues I had were my own problems that required me to mature. Once I done this and was ready to take school seriously everything was great. They just opened a new campus on Newtown that is gorgeous, and all the professors are top notch. Surprisingly good education from a Community College.
I have been enrolled at bctc since 2016 and I’ve had no trouble scheduling classes or getting one on one time with professors. They make learning very easy at bctc and I would recommend it to anyone looking to save money and get a good education
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I've attended Bluegrass Community and Technical College within a year after high school and also as a returning student several years later. As a college freshman I think it was a great place to start with smaller class sizes, cheaper tuition, and a large variety of classes it made the high school to college transition feel easy. Due to smaller class sizes it was easy to receive help from the professors and it was also an easier way to meet different people. As a returning student being a little bit older I was able to appreciate the wide variety of classes that were both offered and transferable. I was able to meet students who were attending college who either needed specific classes to apply to graduate school or a specific academic program which meant I was surrounded by peers who cared about what they were learning. This has helped make my experience more insightful and I was able to gain knowledge not just from my professors, but also my peers.
I attend the Lexington campus on Newtown, the newest they have. Free parking at this campus. Cooper has a fee to park. I've taken both online & on campus classes. I prefer the in person classes. There could be improvement between admin. depts. But the cost and location are good for me. I plan to do as my brother did and transfer to a 4 yr college after getting my Associates degree.
this is where you experience all tradition and culture from around the world
plus students and lectures are easy going
My professor was not the greatest, but I have recieved help from other students and advisors. I enjoy the atmosphere on campus.
Great programs, instructors and economical tuition. Easy to access and reserved parking. I am a nursing student and appreciate the quality of instruction and clinical experiences I receive. I am also happy that they offer online and summer classes. I do not have anything negative to say about Bluegrass Community and Technical College.
I took summer classes there. I enjoyed the way the professors taught. The only thing I did not like is the fact that I was given a B for something that was slightly beyond my control. But overall I enjoyed taking summer classes there.
Best decision I made was starting out at BCTC and seeking the help I need to start my school journey and then transfer over to a university for my bachelor's.
The professors are very personable and understand next to any typical college student plight, and are very good about working with the students, regardless the circumstances.
It's hard dealing with some of the heads of the departments. The technical programs with selective admissions seem like they would be good if you can get in but otherwise it is nothing more than a stopping ground before moving on to another school.
Every time I have visited Bluegrass Community & Technical college i have felt very respected. The lady at the front desk was very sweet and helpful. When i needed help finding the room for my exam, she walked me where i needed to go instead of just telling me in hopes i wouldn't get lost.
I went to the Newtown campus. I heard constant rumours about the other campuses and how they aren't as nice, but the Newtown campus is pretty amzing and they just built a Mathematics building. Everything is sleek, nicely built, and they even offer free foods for the students that don't have money for lunch. When the holidays roll around, everyone is generous with goodies and all. The professors are good for the main part.
BCTC nursing program is amazing. I am learning so much and I look forward to starting my new career. I am confident that I will be ready to give the best nursing care to all of my patients once I complete this program!
I did not believe how easy BCTC made it for me to be able to get in classes and learn and grow as a student. I've heard a lot of horror stories about people sinking money in to a college degree and never getting anything out from it, but I have my future planned out ahead and BCTC is the tool which is allowing me to progress in my life.
IT's an amazing college to people with no college experience. it's like a breath of fresh air. Every one there becomes your family to help you achieve your goals in life.
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If you are a student that attends the cooper campus then you have a lot of interactions with those that attend UK, Cooper is a really good campus but I prefer Newtown's campus due to it being more diverse & the professors are phenomenal .
Overall my experience at BCTC has been very good. The professors, aside from a few bad eggs, have all been very knowledgable. It took a year or so for me to settle as far as a consistent adviser and other things, but once I had an adviser and was set with her she was always very helpful.
I had been out of school twenty-five years and I do not feel uncomfortable here at Blue Grass Community College at all. I love they go above and beyond to help and make a person feel included no matter what age or race you are. And the Professor's are amazing. If it wasn't for Professor Mary Rouse taking time out for me then I don not know if i would still be in school. Being a single mother of nine year old twins and working full time is hard. Especially when its just the three of us. Thant is why I need to educate myself so my children can have a better life.
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