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Great selection of programs and at much better prices than many of the other colleges in the area. Always offering tutoring for all classes and professors willing to help at all times.
My experience has been good so far, there are a lot of opportunities and options when it comes to finding what classes you’re most interested in and would like to take. Their are a lot of degrees to choose from and free tutoring as well.
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The people are generally pleasant, but I would recommend looking into other schools first. Locations are generally in horrible areas littered with felons and crime. Food choices are practically none-existent. Professors aren't required to have as many credentials as other colleges, and while that doesn't necessarily mean that they don't know the material, it gives room for a lot of professors that just want a paycheck.
I recommend this college to anyone and everyone. It is a great starting place and you can even get a nursing degree! Classes are small, tuition is cheap and the professors are there to actually teach!
I like the fact that BCTC is such a small college that it allows for small class sizes. I do wish the Newtown Campus had a bookstore and/or cafe on campus.
I am going to go to BCTC to get my core classes finished before transferring to a four-year university.
Bluegrass Community and Technical College has made it super easy with a smooth transition to go back to college. I might be a older woman in classes with younger adults, but they have all made me feel welcome and comfortable.
I love the cheaper rates of classes and the size of them. This school has helped me tremendously on my college experiences and they offer great transfer opportunities so I can continue my education to a 4 year diploma.
BCTC is a small community college, I like this college better than a big school where professors don't know your name and don't really care if you pass the class or not.
The people are friendly but the communication and organization of the whole process is not good at all my financial aid had been messed up from the time summer semester started and it's still messed up and it's about to be fall semester. Unfortunately it's nothing I did wrong it's the system
I have just transferred to Bluegrass Community and Technical College for the 2018-19 semester. However, I have received more help from the my advisor in the short time since I began the transfer than I ever received from my previous school. I cannot comment on the classes or professors yet because I have not began my classes yet. If the kind of assistance I have already received will be any indicator, then I expect to have a great year!
The small classes makes your Education more personalized! They are ready to help I have had teachers offer up their personal cell phone numbers and be available to me 24/7 which is above and beyond what they have to do.
The Cooper is the only campus that has real food but it closes midday to late afternoon. There is no party scene which I am thankful for. The only dorms is UK through BCTC. I had no problem of yet with academics thanks to tutoring services. I know both Newtown and Cooper campuses are diverse but I can say about Leestown since I never attain classes there. Athletic program yet again through BCTC but organize by UK
This was the first college I went to after high school and graduated from, and I absolutely loved it. I enjoyed the flexibility of time they have for classes. They also offer online classes for a good amount of the pre-requisite classes. The teachers were also very understanding and helpful when you needed help. the environment was pretty small but safe. I have no complaints about BCTC. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a technical college to begin their college career.
My overall experience with BCTC has been very good, the staff is very friendly. Any questions with admissions they are right there to answer
straightforward and positive learning environment! i love the atmosphere on campus and the great stories i hear from my friends! i can't wait to attend in the fall.
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My experience at BCTC was not always the best, but most fo the issues I had were my own problems that required me to mature. Once I done this and was ready to take school seriously everything was great. They just opened a new campus on Newtown that is gorgeous, and all the professors are top notch. Surprisingly good education from a Community College.
I have been enrolled at bctc since 2016 and I’ve had no trouble scheduling classes or getting one on one time with professors. They make learning very easy at bctc and I would recommend it to anyone looking to save money and get a good education
I've attended Bluegrass Community and Technical College within a year after high school and also as a returning student several years later. As a college freshman I think it was a great place to start with smaller class sizes, cheaper tuition, and a large variety of classes it made the high school to college transition feel easy. Due to smaller class sizes it was easy to receive help from the professors and it was also an easier way to meet different people. As a returning student being a little bit older I was able to appreciate the wide variety of classes that were both offered and transferable. I was able to meet students who were attending college who either needed specific classes to apply to graduate school or a specific academic program which meant I was surrounded by peers who cared about what they were learning. This has helped make my experience more insightful and I was able to gain knowledge not just from my professors, but also my peers.
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