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Bluefield State College is a small efficient college. They help every student on a one to one basis fulfilling all their admission needs. They are very professional and courteous. Academics are wonderful, the professors and courteous and very helpful and they are building a dormitory to accommodate more out of state students. Good safe, clean place to live.
My experience with Bluefield State College is exceptional. Bluefield state is very outgoing school that try its very best to get students to their satisfactory not only in school work but also with bonding with one another. The school also have a lot of activities and cookouts so students can feel welcome and comfortable at the school they’re in. The athletic department is very awesome as well. The coaches makes the athletes feel like they are at home and take care of the athletes like they are their own children
The professors are tremendous. They are extremely helpful, and they are there to help students achieve their goals.
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Overall the College isn't terrible. It has issues here and there. Some of the professors are difficult, some are not very nice and there are some who do not know how to teach the class. The food I have never ate. I have never heard of any parties or been to any at the college. We do not have dorms, but I have heard that they help you find housing. Some people had issues with the college owing money. The college is very diverse and that is nice. The area is alright and they are pretty safe for the most part. Adn there are a few athletic groups, but the ones they have do great. They are making a few changes to the college now that make it look alot better. Overall it is not a bad college, I enjoy it, and if you can handle some of the professors then you will be fine.
Bluefield State College for the most part is an amazing college to attend. Few professors I've encountered don't exactly teach material, just tell you to read the book. Biggest issues lie with the financial aid and business offices. Scholarships, grants, never on time. Students, including myself, have to submit the same information and papers to the offices multiple times and have to constantly follow up with them to ensure it's getting processed. Other than these issues, I highly recommend this college.
The only thing I like about Bluefield State is their accessibility to tools to help students and their variety of groups and programs. But other than that, I personally do not like the school at all. Their handling of financial properties are terrible, and some of the curriculum from what I've done so far isn't always great and feels like there's not much help sometimes from teachers with the exception of library help. It just isn't the place to be.
A few of the things I like about Bluefield State College is the student to teacher ratio. On average it is 15:1 so class size is very similar to a high school class setting. Also, I like the professors there. They are very helpful, and they try to aid everyone in achieving their degrees or higher education. Lastly, I like the community feeling you have there. The college is not big at all so it feels like tight knit community. Everyone knows each other and the college is not hard to get around.
My freshman year was a success at Bluefield State College. I enjoyed that it is a small school and anytime you need help there is always someone willing to help you.
Most instructors don't seem to care whether students succeed or not.
One in particular seems to enjoy making students cry during clinicals, demeaning them on the hospital floor!

Exam questions frquently seem to have ambiguous answers, and NOT NCLEX style like they claim. For instance, questions asking about nurse teaching a group about health improvement might have as the CORRECT answer to a multiple choice question is smoking cessation when the question does NOT state that ALL were smokers. Other answers could include eating more fruits and vegetables etc, so the answer depends on knowing what the instructor MEANT, rather than phrasing the question so students can figure out the best answer.
I have experienced an overall positive experience with Bluefield State College. They have been a great help with providing me all of the information I need.
Bluefield State College offers many diverse classes, exceptional instructors, and a an opportunity to achieve your dreams! The campus is not overwhelming large, and the environment"feels" like home. I'm so glad I decided to choose BSC to complete my higher education.
Bluefield State College is a wonderful place to get your degree. The tuition is more affordable than many other colleges and there are many things to do around campus. There are also many great places to study and plebty of activities you can join. The professors are great too and try to help you whenever they can. Everyone wants to help each other succeed at Bluefield State College. I highly recommend to anyone interested in getting an education , no matter what age you are.
The classes I'm enrolled in are very good. The professors know each student, which is a huge plus. You can always get help when needed with anything.
It's a very affordable college that has some very good aspects that make it enjoyable for the students. However, some professors are hard to deal with, and they may be your only option for taking a required course.
Bluefield State is a great college. Although small in size, it has 13 nationally accredited programs of study. The professors, for the most part, are outstanding. I am currently a senior at Bluefield State and will be attending graduate school at Virginia Tech next year. Bluefield State has prepared me for this opportunity, and I have had a great deal of help from my professors with advising on this subject.
Bluefield State has a beautiful campus but awful dorms and neighborhood. HBCU doesn't fit this campus anymore due to the falling rate of black enrollment.
The available "open door policy" support and hands on academic setting set Bluefield State College (BSC) apart from any other campus. The staff are not only focused to aid in your success; but it's almost as though they are willing to go out of their way (generally speaking and including all departments from President's Office to Maintenance) to see that your needs are being exceeding. The campus is safe and relatively busy for the peaceful rural setting and despite popular belief from the relatively inactive student body there is PLENTY to do. As a Sophomore I am this year's 2016-17 HBCU All-Star Ambassador for the White House Initiative, a full time security officer (Mercer Mall), active member of 8 social clubs/student organizations, and a prospective honors graduate with aspirations to attend Med/Law/Grad school of my choosing. I attribute everything to the staff's support and guidance.
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Most of the professors genuinely care about their students, however there are several who barely show up to class or treat students like children. I am exceedingly active on campus and participate in almost every event on campus. There is a lot of options if you want to participate or have time to join. There is talk about having dorms by 2018, but I believe it will be longer. Also, there is basically no security on campus. There are very few cameras watching the parking lots and they are of poor quality. Additionally the campus is a ghost town after classes if there is no scheduled event. As a parent, commuter, and non-traditional student, I would love to see some form of child care facility near the college or on the campus.
The school is very involved in helping the student who show an interest locate an internship. I personally do not have one due to my field but my best friend was placed on the department of highways and loves every second of the experience.
The professors are wonder at helping a student in need and the classes are filled with a diverse group so discussion about anything is encouraged. The diversity then opens up an option for multiple classes that are differently diverse just like the students.
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