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The classes I'm enrolled in are very good. The professors know each student, which is a huge plus. You can always get help when needed with anything.
It's a very affordable college that has some very good aspects that make it enjoyable for the students. However, some professors are hard to deal with, and they may be your only option for taking a required course.
Bluefield State is a great college. Although small in size, it has 13 nationally accredited programs of study. The professors, for the most part, are outstanding. I am currently a senior at Bluefield State and will be attending graduate school at Virginia Tech next year. Bluefield State has prepared me for this opportunity, and I have had a great deal of help from my professors with advising on this subject.
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Bluefield State has a beautiful campus but awful dorms and neighborhood. HBCU doesn't fit this campus anymore due to the falling rate of black enrollment.
The available "open door policy" support and hands on academic setting set Bluefield State College (BSC) apart from any other campus. The staff are not only focused to aid in your success; but it's almost as though they are willing to go out of their way (generally speaking and including all departments from President's Office to Maintenance) to see that your needs are being exceeding. The campus is safe and relatively busy for the peaceful rural setting and despite popular belief from the relatively inactive student body there is PLENTY to do. As a Sophomore I am this year's 2016-17 HBCU All-Star Ambassador for the White House Initiative, a full time security officer (Mercer Mall), active member of 8 social clubs/student organizations, and a prospective honors graduate with aspirations to attend Med/Law/Grad school of my choosing. I attribute everything to the staff's support and guidance.
Most of the professors genuinely care about their students, however there are several who barely show up to class or treat students like children. I am exceedingly active on campus and participate in almost every event on campus. There is a lot of options if you want to participate or have time to join. There is talk about having dorms by 2018, but I believe it will be longer. Also, there is basically no security on campus. There are very few cameras watching the parking lots and they are of poor quality. Additionally the campus is a ghost town after classes if there is no scheduled event. As a parent, commuter, and non-traditional student, I would love to see some form of child care facility near the college or on the campus.
The school is very involved in helping the student who show an interest locate an internship. I personally do not have one due to my field but my best friend was placed on the department of highways and loves every second of the experience.
The professors are wonder at helping a student in need and the classes are filled with a diverse group so discussion about anything is encouraged. The diversity then opens up an option for multiple classes that are differently diverse just like the students.
The way the campus is set up there is a alarm every so many feet and if you feel threatened then you hit the button. Once the button has been push the campus security is notified and if they do no respond with one minute the local authorities located one mile away will be on the way.
The Greeks that are on campus are only academic honor greeks.
There recently was a pool and weight room renovation that has brought in a lot of students to become more active.
Bluefield State is a commuter campus with a historically black background. Though the first semester was intense I was able to blossom out. Once the second semester began I felt more confident in myself and made much higher grades. Starting my second year I am going in with a confident attitude that I have learned from my professors. I will achieve great success at Bluefield State, the tuition is a great cost and the best economic decision for my position
My experience at Bluefield State College has been better that I could've ever expected. If they had a graduate program, I know I would apply because I like the school so much I would make myself enjoy that field.
My college is very welcoming, the only thing is there aren't any dorms on campus and it takes away from the college experience.
Work to get into the programs is average. Work once you get into said programs is slightly stressful. Work load in an English degree is extremely stressful.
The students and professors are focused on getting good grades.
All I had to do was request my major change and it was done.
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The professors are personable and the students are friendly.
It's a nice school I just wish there was more to do here. It's so boring.
There are no recruiters that I can think of. There is a department to help students find a job but I'm not sure how effective it is.
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