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The professors establish a platform through which students can approach them(the professors) when they (the students ) are in need. A better communication flow is enhanced.
Decent college. Most of the professors are amazing. They really know their subject field and are great at their job. However, this school is extraordinarily expensive. It is also a Christian school and definitely enforces it (if you're interested).
I absolutely love Bluefield College. The professors know your name, and they make you feel at home. Bluefield College has such a small campus that you know pretty much everyone, and I love that. This is such a wonderful Christian College; going here has made my faith in God grow so much more.
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Bluefield college was my first college. My experience was good at first because i was playing football. I wish i wouldve taken advantage of more on campu activities because there isnt much to do in the area.
The college is spectacular in the size because it is not too big. It is hidden away in the Appalachian mountains with remarkable views. The professors are excellent and most of the college buildings are kept nice. The only downfall of the college is there is not much to do with free time. Besides the classic bowling, shopping movies, and some outdoor activities, the college has nothing to else to offer. Unless you have money to blow it is kind of hard to have a little college fun here.
Feels like home, with the small town area. The professors are great, and try to help out each student to the best of their ability. The food isn't the best, but there is a some good food off campus.
How the school stand behind their students no matter wat and how the coaches and team treat each other on and off the field
As an international student for Bluefield College, the first few months were rough, especially because it is a very secluded area. However, after I found my friends group and started taking my major classes, I was able to enjoy the college experience.
I think that Bluefield College is a vary good school to be apart of it has small classes and the teachers are all ways available when you need them
I think Bluefield was a really good college for my first year. It is small, close to home, and the professors are amazing and supportive. Honestly, besides the professors, I don't have a lot of good to say about BC. The required chapel attendance is difficult for commuters sometimes, the curriculum is limited, and if you are planning to transfer a lot of the core classes are pointless to take. The education and English departments are GREAT. With such wonderful, intelligent professors I wish Bluefield had the means to offer more in-depth courses.
When I was at Bluefield College it started out as a nice place to be. When you go to class the teachers will learn your name and make sure you do your work. the staff care about who you are. the people around you are not who they seem. Bluefield had a lot of drama because its such a small school. if you hate drama don't go here but the academics are good.
At first I liked Bluefield college because it was a small school near home. I have grown to dislike it now due to personal reasons. The school is a good place to go if you're SUPER religious, you have to attend chapel 10 times a semester for credits like it's required. If you're the type of person that likes small colleges and colleges that give you that high school feel than Bluefield is a perfect choice for you.
I enjoyed having Christian teachers. I do question some of the colleges values as truly Christian. The program needs to be restructured to assist the adult learner attempting to manage a family, a home, a career, and college.
It's very small school and it honestly just feels like you're in high school all over again. Everyone is very immature and act like they're still in middle school. If you like a very small school it's okay. They also say they're a Christian school but they don't always act like it.
Bluefield College is decent for athletes, finding internships and learning about different sorts of people through bonds, the only thing that could improve is the outlet for entertainment.
I have not graduated yet, but I heard from some seniors that they have jobs set up upon graduation.
The campus security does their job well; it's pretty simple because nothing bad happens.
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The dorms are small so pack light, you can add anything else later since you will be sharing the room with someone else.
When you spare the time, our Greek life can be a wonderful program.
Bluefield College has the best concentration of athletes compared to any other school in the area.
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