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My experience with Bluefield college has been very beneficial and educational. I have been taking online classes with Bluefield for several years and they have continued to do a wonderful job teaching even thought Covid-19 has made a big impact on everything and everyone.
I really love how small it is and how you get to know the professors and how everyone is like family.
Bluefield College is a small private college that is great to builder stronger relationships with people; however, not the greatest to from the academic and athletics standpoint of view.
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Bluefield College is a very small school, but it gives a nice homely feeling. Everyone knows everyone and the people you'll meet really make the college.
I think Bluefield College has been growing over the years; however, there are some aspects they need to advance in. Recently there has been changes regarding the clothing policy that majority of the students disagrees with. The administrators aren't listening to the students and taking their thoughts into consideration. Overall, I believe Bluefield is a good school but they have some things that need to be changed.
With Bluefield College they are very professional and helpful. I can't rate the dorms and party scene because I have taken all my classes online.
Bluefield College is a great school. You will receive a quality education, play for great sports teams, and get the real college experience.
I definitely recommend Bluefield college to everyone that I meet. The staff is so helpful and they truly care and want to see you succeed . The sports teams are amazing. We are all there to have fun and to learn and to make something of ourselves. The staff is always there whenever you need them and always friendly .
I’m going to be a freshman this year but from going to orientation I think this college would be a great fit for me . They are verging engaged with students and there to help !
Bluefield College is an amazing school that will offer many opportunities to the students attending there. I like how well the professor's teach in the classroom, the student activities that are always going on, and the professional help with tutoring when I am in need of academic help with a subject that I am struggling with.
The thing that I like most about Bluefield College is that the faculty/staff always treats me and others with respect and kindness. Also, I love the atmosphere location of Bluefield College, being surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains is amazing. As of right now I do not think I would change anything about Bluefield College so far.
the entire staff was great they were very welcoming and the environment was nice, the college is a beautiful place to go to school I'm going to love my new home away from home, its surrounded by mountains, and if you stand in front of the school you can here your voice echo, I thought that was really neat.
I am currently getting ready to continue my education with Bluefield and thus far everyone has been wonderful - the staff are exceptional!
Bluefield College is a great 4 year school if your not looking to become just a number, they have a lot of one on one opportunities through out the school year. The campus is amazing and they sports are great.
The faculty and staff are excellent!!! The student body leaves some to be desired though. Dorms are older and could use some upgrades. Overall a good college in a small town with beautiful scenery.
Its a great university and a place where I recommend that everyone and anyone should apply to. Teachers are the best the best.
Bluefield has an amazing campus centered on God, with an amazing view. The teachers, advisors, and even the president are all so helpful and so welcoming.
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I was dual enrolled at Bluefield College online for three years. I was able to graduate with my Associate's Degree at the age of 17. The value of the classes was superb, and for the most part, I liked all my classes and professors. The faculty was always quick to answer questions and rectify problems, and the professors were gracious, understanding, and willing to help in any way they could. I enjoyed my time at Bluefield Online and would certainly recommend it to others.
Bluefield College is a very good in terms of getting a chance to play sports. There are many sports teams here for people to join. Also they have very good academic departments that you can work to specialize your degree in.
The professors establish a platform through which students can approach them(the professors) when they (the students ) are in need. A better communication flow is enhanced.
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