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Blue Ridge Community College - Virginia Reviews

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There are a lot of opportunities and majors offered in and around the school. It is a good option for anyone looking to save some money on an Associates Degree and transfer to you 4 year school. The administration doesn't put a lot of effort into making sure students that are struggling get the attention they deserve, but many of the Teachers make up for that in their caring and attention. Many of them create their own groups in order to fill the needs they see in their students. You get out of this school what you put in.
The classes are great. The professors are very helpful and friendly. Unfortunately, their system has a lot of flaws. Trying to work with them regarding FAFSA, Scholarships, payments, gaining access to all of my accounts and career changes have been a struggle of mine while attending BRCC from the very beginning.
I like that you can go there to get your general classes out of the way before transferring to another college. I don’t think how they don’t have certain programs that I am interested in going into.
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I really enjoyed my time here at BRCC, it's been fantastic to get to know all the professors and get my education without having to pay an arm and a leg.
I like how it’s calm and the staff is kind and willing to work with the students. Some professors really do their best to go out of their way to make sure the material is taught well and that every students leaves mastering the material with skills improved in writing and reading. It is small and not a lot of good quiet places to study as sometimes I’ve encountered large loud groups making it difficult to study. However, transportation is great even though it takes a while to get there sometimes more than others.
BRCC is a beautiful campus with friendly and helpful faculty and staff. It is a good school to get you started on higher education that can lead to amazing, rich and fulfilling careers.
I am a senior in High School in Germany on a military base, and I have applied for admission into Blue Ridge Community College for the fall semester. They have been very helpful. have been granted permission to do early admission because of the amazing advisers there. I think this is an amazing school as far as what I have experienced, I think everyone should consider Blue Ridge Community College.
Blue Ridge Community College is a wonderful campus. They continually grow, adding more and more areas of study to their campus. They are always there to help when you need it, and have wonderful staff.
Blue Ridge is a great community college. The staff is very helpful and welcoming. This is a great college to start at and transfer or even complete your degree. Small hometown feel with great degree, certificate and non credit courses. I would recommend Blue Ridge to anyone looking for a great community college.
Blue Ridge Community College is a great place to go. It is very flexible and has the ability to take classes at campus or online. It has worked in well with me and my family and I have been able to pursue my dreams.
I like how small it is and how friendly the people are. The professors also really want you to succeed.
Overall the college is great. I would like to see in provememt in the attitude of the finical aid department as well as the acedemic aid department.
Often felt like an overpriced second highschool. Payed $500 a class to have apathetic professors who often felt uninformed and ill prepared to answer questions. During my "College level math" courses I was learning about percentages. During my ITE courses I was learning how to change font sizes on Microsoft Word.
Blue Ridge Community College has met my needs. I am taking classes that will transfer to Virginia Tech. The professors are helpful as well as the staff.
The campus is beautiful, and the administration is really nice and willing to help with any questions you have!
As a student of Blue Ridge Community College (BRCC), I am glad I chose to attend. BRCC is a perfect school to attend to get a general college education before transferring to a four-year institute. The services offered at BRCC are amazing! Everyone who works there is always available to help when I needed it. The professors are there when needed and are always helpful. The student life at BRCC is great! The school is diverse which allows you to interact with all kinds of people. I am proud to be a student at Blue Ridge Community College.
I went here for a year and did not feel challenged. It was hard to be interested when all we did was review remedial education. I got so bored I ended up stopping going together. I really wanted to like it with it being 1 mile from my home but the professors were dismissive and the financial aid advisors were uncaring as well. Would not recommend this school!
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The people are helpful and care about you. There also plenty of opportunities to volunteer. The campus in nice and easy to navigate.
BRCC has once a week, night classes to make it possible for me to work full time and take classes. Classes are not super hard to pass as long as you show up and do your work. Almost all of my professors have been nice and easy to work with.
The College is fantastic, but the location and parking could be improved upon. The campus does not offer housing, as it is a community college. The professors all teach at local universities as well, and offer alot to learn from.
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