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Great college. Easy to communicate with professors and other staff. Campus is nice, easy to navigate around. Would recommend to others.
There are a lot of factors that make BRCC a good option for someone. First, this college allows students to take college courses and earn credits at a cheaper price. BRCC also offers a variety of courses on campus and at other locations. One of my favorite things about BRCC was the chance to take online courses. Online courses allowed me to receive college credits and still maintain a full time job.
This is a great welcoming environment for those looking to get their life back on track, or to even discover a new one.
Review Blue Ridge Community College - Virginia
Overall, my experience at Blue Ridge has been okay. It is very much like high school, however, and I think that is why I do not wish to go to school on campus. so I love that they offer online degrees.
Over-all, I've been very pleased with my experience and education at BRCC. Blue Ridge has offered me a way to get two years of education ( and my first degree!) under my belt without any student debt. As someone who wants to go to grad school and has to pay for the whole thing myself, this means a lot. Also, I was home schooled all through high school, so attending BRCC was a much easier adjustment than it would have been going straight into a 4-year. I’ve been able to achieve my goals at BRCC in ways I never imagined, and for this I am very thankful.
I like that the classes are small and close by each other. The school is on top of weather conditions and cancellations/delays. The food isn't that great, it's like an exxon stop. But it's not bad. The campus is pretty especially when it's nice out.
My experience at Blue Ridge has be quite rewarding. The college does very well to cater to its students whether they are transferring to a four year school, learning a trade or technical skill, or simply just taking classes to explore and learn more. I particularly like the peer tutoring. It was very helpful for me and gave me an edge on some of the classes I struggled a bit more with. My only complaint would be with their math department. They always seem to have too few teachers, and the teachers they do have were not the most helpful if you were to come to them with concerns.
I've had great classes so far! My teachers are amazing and I've learned more than I thought I would!
The professors are committed to their student's success and always offer help.
There is a great career center at our school that helps students get jobs.
Online courses are great because you are able to get an outline of all the work that is due when the semester begins. This is helpful because students are able to work weeks ahead.
The college is very diverse and all of the students are friendly.
The financial aid process was very simple. Once I completed all the necessary forms, I received my loan electronically a week before classes began. The financial aid office made the process of applying and receiving financial aid simple.
I love my community college. It is a perfect transitional college to get students ready to attend a four year university. Many different resources for academic success are located at the school. Overall, the campus is well maintained and the classes are very advanced in curriculum.
It's going like I expected some professors teach and are helpful and some are the opposite but the resources are not as good like the advisors.
The programs offered are great but the details of the programs and meeting with knowledgable people is the problem. So far most of my professors work with you and actually care and teach but some do not. It is very hard to fit the classes you need and want in with the schedules available.
I have not actually taken online class but my classes have had online modules. I am not sure if I like it or not. Some parts are nice and some parts are hassle. It's easier to do review your work and see it but with Internet problems and others issues it is a struggle.
Review Blue Ridge Community College - Virginia
Most of the staff is accommodating to your needs of work and family. It just depends on the class and professor.
I do not interact with the student body much since it is a community college but there is a wide variety of styles and personalities.
I'm not very impressed with a lot of the resources especially the advisors. I'm going to Blue Ridge and my goal is to go to Virginia Tech as transfer student and attend the veterinary program there. Not only have I met with several advisors and spoken to several advisors but I am getting different answers to the same questions and it is very frustrating. I do not know what to do or what classes to focus on to accomplish this goal.
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