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Blue Ridge Community College - Virginia Reviews

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Blue Ridge Community College has good online programs. The professors are able to help you out at all times and are there for you to succeed.
I believe that Blue Ridge Community College is an excellent place to start your college career. The college is beautiful and place to feel at home.
Teachers will always find a way to help you through email or video chat! They have all the tools you need and explain everything you need to well. They post videos to help you through learning how to work their website.
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Everyone is very helpful. I feel comfortable on the campus! The teachers are all very nice. The advisors do well with helping you get your classes straight. They are always helpful and welcoming. You feel as if they want to help you in every way possible.
Lots of online programs, but some students in chemistry and aviation will still have to go in for testing and labs. Teachers seem nice and helpful.
Campus could use some upgrades but people are friendly. Teachers want their students to do well and advisors seem to really know what they're talking about and try to get back to you quickly.
This is a pretty good community college. They have a nice and helpful staff. The campus is quiet and peaceful with a nice library. The professors have been mostly kind and helpful. If you are considering community college you should try this school out if you live in the area. It isn't the most exciting but it is your typical community college.
It is a good two-year college with many opportunities for the students. It provides are variety of classes for many different majors and has decent instructors for each class. Blue Ridge tries to focus on helping students make progress towards their long-term goals and makes sure to provide help and support in order for those goals to be met.
The academic advisors were extremely helpful, the campus was just the right size and pretty, and the professors really seemed to care for the student's further education endeavors. The resources available to us were great, and it was nice to have the option of a rec center. I do wish there had been more food options available, however it wasn't the end of the world because I went home after each day of classes. The library staff was helpful, and the amount of computers for use on campus was great. For the most part, I enjoyed my time at Blue Ridge and I would recommend it for anyone trying to save a little money.
Good community college, currently enrolled in the veterinary technician program. It's a very good program and great experience overall. The campus is very nice and has welcoming qualities all around. It will well prepare me for the career of being a veterinary technician in just two short years.
I am just starting my journey with Blue Ridge and all I can say is that my experience has been nothing but smooth. Blue Ridge Community College cares about each and everyone of their students. I couldn't be more thankful for being accepted to an amazing school.
There are a lot of opportunities and majors offered in and around the school. It is a good option for anyone looking to save some money on an Associates Degree and transfer to you 4 year school. The administration doesn't put a lot of effort into making sure students that are struggling get the attention they deserve, but many of the Teachers make up for that in their caring and attention. Many of them create their own groups in order to fill the needs they see in their students. You get out of this school what you put in.
The classes are great. The professors are very helpful and friendly. Unfortunately, their system has a lot of flaws. Trying to work with them regarding FAFSA, Scholarships, payments, gaining access to all of my accounts and career changes have been a struggle of mine while attending BRCC from the very beginning.
I like that you can go there to get your general classes out of the way before transferring to another college. I don’t think how they don’t have certain programs that I am interested in going into.
I really enjoyed my time here at BRCC, it's been fantastic to get to know all the professors and get my education without having to pay an arm and a leg.
I like how it’s calm and the staff is kind and willing to work with the students. Some professors really do their best to go out of their way to make sure the material is taught well and that every students leaves mastering the material with skills improved in writing and reading. It is small and not a lot of good quiet places to study as sometimes I’ve encountered large loud groups making it difficult to study. However, transportation is great even though it takes a while to get there sometimes more than others.
BRCC is a beautiful campus with friendly and helpful faculty and staff. It is a good school to get you started on higher education that can lead to amazing, rich and fulfilling careers.
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I am a senior in High School in Germany on a military base, and I have applied for admission into Blue Ridge Community College for the fall semester. They have been very helpful. have been granted permission to do early admission because of the amazing advisers there. I think this is an amazing school as far as what I have experienced, I think everyone should consider Blue Ridge Community College.
Blue Ridge Community College is a wonderful campus. They continually grow, adding more and more areas of study to their campus. They are always there to help when you need it, and have wonderful staff.
Blue Ridge is a great community college. The staff is very helpful and welcoming. This is a great college to start at and transfer or even complete your degree. Small hometown feel with great degree, certificate and non credit courses. I would recommend Blue Ridge to anyone looking for a great community college.
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