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I'm in the Early College program and I've enjoyed thoroughly all the years I've spent on this campus. I've never had a professor who wouldn't work with me to understand the material and the campus activities are fun. I have most significantly enjoyed my time spent with the Theatre Department here, as Jennifer Treadway is one of the best professors I've had. She cares about her students but is also sure to prepare us for our futures, whether in acting or in another field.
I like the college's proximity to my home, as well as the ability to take either seated or online classes to work towards my degree. The campus is fun, clean, and safe. The greenhouse and the areas of campus that are dedicated to the horticulture department are always open to the students and provide a beneficial learning environment for horticulture technology.
They have been very flexible and very helpful in trying to keep up with both work and school
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I have done a few online courses and they have worked very well.
I have heard many good things. My counselor have been very helpful on getting me to the right path on what I need to do about transferring. However I haven't transferred yet.
I like small classes. I can interact with the other students as well as my teachers. I feel as if I could go up to them or email them if any questions or problems. Most of the time when I have had an issue or a question the teacher was very quick with a response and help me through that issue or gave me a good answer to my questions.
I haven't really experienced this for myself, however I know many student that have chosen a career path and was able to get it at Blue Ridge Community. They have had nothing but good things to say about it.
I had my heart set on being am athletic trainer when I graduated high school. Blue Ridge Community help me figure out I do not want to be in the medical field at all, but to be an athletic director and help schools with their athletic programs.
I was terrified about going to college. Blue Ridge Community help me figure out what I wanted to be and got me on the right track to be that. Also helped me save money in the long run.
My advisor is only a 10-month staff member.
more hybrids than only online
some professors grade extra hard.
I think I can get a job when I graduate making more money than I do now.
Financial aid was not helpful. I've been told the wrong thing by some staff members. And I don't think some people in advising want to be there.
No one is too helpful. Departments don't know what other departments do. I haven't met anyone yet who was actually nice, other than my instructors.
There are numerous times for classes available and I can always find a schedule that works for me.
Online courses are much better than seated classes because you can do the work whenever you want. You don't need a schedule and the workload is easier.
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I do not know of any post-grad services.
The courses are somewhat easy and always small and personal. The teachers are willing to help individuals and the course work is always related.
There are next to zero career opportunities at this school.
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