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Blue Ridge Community College - North Carolina Reviews

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The faculty is very welcoming and helpful. I have spoken with many people on the administrative side of things as well and had nothing but a positive experience.
I'm not a fan of online learning as I prefer to be in seated classes. That being said, I didn't have many issues with the way Blue Ridge handles online classes.
Teachers are helpful if you have any concerns or problems. They will respond quickly and with helpful information.
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Overall, My experience has been great! The teachers and classmates are very helpful. Also, the whole staff is friendly and wants you to pursue in your career.
I've really enjoyed my time at Blue Ridge Community College. The community is supportive, the faculty encouraging and fabulous, and the courses fantastic.
At this point, I've only taken online courses through BRCC and I've enjoyed them all. The online learning platform is user-friendly.
I have had a fairly good experience at BRCC. Academic wise, the teachers are helpful and the course work is not too bad. Of course, like any college, there is a few teachers who make there classes more confusing than necessary. The campus is improving, the administration is working hard to construct more efficient buildings. The student life is lacking as most students just show up to do there class in leave. However, most are nice and helpful if you try to have a conversation. Despite the negatives, Blue Ridge is a good college with many opportunities.
I enjoyed my time at BRCC. The teachers and staff are very friendly and helpful. Coming from homeschooling my entire life to BRCC was scary. I was nervous when I first started, but the small class sizes helped a lot. By going to BRCC and living at home, I have saved a ton of money. I am now leaving for a university in TN to finish my nursing degree. I know the science classes I have taken with Dr Hayes will help me to be successful in my field of Study. The teachers at BRCC are tough. Patrick Rogers, English teacher, strict but thorough teaching helped me to write much better than before. I can now write ten page research papers at the last minute and actually do very well. The chemistry classes at BRCC are as tough as doctorate level, and they shouldn’t be. I opted to withdraw Chemistry 151 class and retake at AB Tech. I wish they had more options for the science classes, esp Chemistry. I really enjoyed my psychology classes. If you think community college is easy, it is not.
I have enjoyed my time at Blue Ridge. The atmosphere is relaxed, there are many resources to help students, the teachers are very helpful and willing to explain anything a student is struggling with. Student government is very committed to students and making sure all resources and events are known and available to all students.
The staff is very informational and helpful at almost any hour needed. There are many places on campus to study or take a mental break such as the library or student center. The campus offers a wide variety of events to allow people to come together and get to know each other. The school offers a very cozy environment.
BRCC has given me a good start on the college life. Some of the professors are really great and easy to work with. On the other hand, some professors there don’t care as much as the others and are not helpful at all. Overall this college is a good school to start out with.
everyone at blue ridge community college is extremely helpful and nice they all care about the students and are eager to always help if needed. everyone there is amazing, always a smiling face.
BRCC is a really friendly community college. I love the events and the staff is just lovely. I am in the Simulation and Game Development and I have learned so much for the past year thanks to the teacher. Believe it or not, he thought the class without a book.
Classes are a good value for the money. Easy to get on campus quickly. I like being dual enrolled so I can get my gen ed classes out of the way before I graduate HS.
The "small college" atmosphere is something I've always been drawn to. The classes sizes are small and that allows for more one on one help and attention. The mountainous area is beautiful with a lake sitting in the middle of campus! I've never had any issues with my questions going unanswered and every member of the staff is more than willing to help.
I like the school a lot! It has helped me tremendously. The classes are average. The teachers are very understanding and extremely nice as well! The Student Success Center is what has helped me the most. It is a tutoring center in the school. They help you with about any subject, and it's very calm and relaxing rather than stressful and irritating. Overall, I love this school!
Mostly small class sizes meaning lots of one-on-one time with professors. Tuition price was fair. I would encourage the school to provide academic advisers with more training to help students succeed.
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It's a great college, and the instructors and staff go above and beyond to help students accomplish their educational goals!
Blue Ridge is an excellent college to go to if you are planning to go straight into a career afterwards or transfer your credits to a university. The buildings need renovating, but the teachers have generally been nice and considerate, especially when it comes to the financial needs of the students. Other programs such as the work study program and free tutoring in general subjects has positively impacted my experience in college, making life just a little easier. The staff is friendly and the quality of teaching is very good. Never have I once felt unsafe, the campus police are quite reassuring.
Staff, professors, and advisors are helpful. They help your through everything step-by- step if you are lost or you don't know what to do. Classes are flexible around your schedule. Professors are helpful and understanding of your situation. Advisors are there to help you to sign up for classes. They other online or on campus classes to fit your everyday life. I'm a mom and I also work, so I need a lot of flexibility to revolve around everything else in my life. It's also a great start if you eventually want to transfer to a four-year college. Blue Ridge Community College has many programs available to you.
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