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I'm really enjoying my first semester here. It's during COVID times, so everything is online. But I really like that. It has made learning much easier to do at my own pace. The classes could be better structured, but overall I'm satisficed with my experience.
I'm loving the online environment that Blue Ridge has had to adapt to. I hope that all my classes will be done in this fashion.
I have just recently applied to Blue Ridge Community & Technical. Thus far my experience has been very good. Everyone in admissions and financial aid has been helpful. I'm excited about the journey I am about to start.
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I will be a new student in the fall. My assumption is that I will be taking some courses online due to COVID-19.
BRCTC is an outstanding community and technical college, with top of the line education and training to enter straight into the workforce. The school is one of the best colleges in the entire state. Not only is the education great, but so is the cost of attendance.
For many of my classes at Blue Ridge, it wouldn't require a whole lot of work to get As and Bs. Because I like to learn, I intentionally put in more effort to make the most of my education, but even if I didn't I'd still pass easily. If you are looking for a high-quality education, you probably won't find it here. Finding good professors is hit-or-miss; I've had a couple fantastic ones and some that weren't so great. I enjoy my classes, and I like to spend time studying on campus. As a student, I have access to a lot of resources through Blue Ridge, such as counseling, tutoring, and online research databases. Overall, for me, my education at Blue Ridge was a good stepping stone towards then transferring to a four-year university to really get to study what I love.
I liked that it is a shorter time period to get a degree than a University. I would like to see the amount of unnecessary coursework change.
I always had an amazing experience with this college. The professor are understanding and caring. I never had any issues with the faculty members.
Blue Ridge has taught me some very valuable information through the courses I have taken there. Most of the instructors are personable and employed in the field they are teaching, which helps to get the real world perspective of the learning objectives. Class sizes are small enough that you can get one on one help with the instructors during the class or during their office hours.
I love this school. Teaching staff are well educated. Best bang for your buck! They have 2 campus areas. All the staff work hard to give you a pleasing experience furthering your education.
This college does not have a lot of class times available. However, majority of the teachers are phenomenal. This college has wayyy too many high school students and seems like they care more about that than they do actual college students. Their parking passes are free and have a lot of programs available. However, their curriculum is awful and it didn't feel like i was really learning anything that related to what I was planning on majoring in.
This is my freshman year in college. The campus is pretty big, and there is security onsite to ensure safety. You are offered a lot of helpful resources such as financial aid, tutoring online and on campus. The professors are very friendly and helpful. This is a school I would recommend to others.
Blue Ridge is an affordable school with many career degrees to choose from. Great for those who live near the area.
I like how it is easy to park at the main campus. The tech center parking lot is too crowded and can be difficult to find a parking spot at certain times. I would like more quieter study areas and trash cans to be added.
Great local college, give you the ability to stay close to home and work on the basic college requirements. There is not the feel of stress while being able to study for the future.
Its a great school if you like small classes and more one on one teaching. I've enjoyed my time at The Ridge.
All of the staff are amazingly friendly and always do their best to help you when you need it. The halls are well maintained, and the building itself gives off a great atmosphere. It has a variety of course choices and helps students transfer to another school when needed. It would be nice to have more athletic courses. Also, better chairs at the tech center for waiting. All-in-all it is a fairy great school.
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I love the college. Very easy to get enrolled into classes. Many people make you feel very welcomed.
What I love about Blueridge is the fact that there are so many fast track programs to get you into different fields that you want to pursue. I feel like the teachers are very well educated & care about your well being. If you really put in your effort you can succeed here.
So far I have enjoyed my time at Blue Ridge CTC. The staff is always helpful and courteous. Instructors aim to help you succeed. Navigating the Tech Center campus can be confusing but the food at their café is way better than the food at the Headquarters Campus café. If you cant find want you want in the local area of Martinsburg, you can probably find it in the surrounding areas. Hagerstown, MD; Shepherdstown, WV; and Winchester, VA are all within a 35 minute drive.
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