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Blue Ridge Community & Technical College Reviews

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I wouldn't change anything about Blue Ridge, except that I wish they had dorm rooms. I love the student life. The professors are easy to talk to and get along with.
I can work the weekends, and study between classes
Helps me fill in gaps between classes
Review Blue Ridge Community & Technical College
It's alright, but not sure what to think
Classes are small, and teachers are very friendly
Campus is laid out simply and it easy to find class
Facilities are spread out a little, but accessible
At great school to get started on your career
I have to say the technology was definitely user friendly and the tech support was incredible
The staff is so helpful with questions on transferring and make sure you have the right accredited classes to transfer with !
The classes were small if you enjoy small classes, the class was easy to understand without many interruptions or people talking too much! once you get into groups its fun.
the application process was so smooth and easy! Admissions was great with helping with any questions I had !
this college will not disaappoint you especially if you came back from a career to re-learn new things or were out of school for a few years. The staff and professors are ready to help and work with you. The school is very flexible to scheduling and its great!
I recommend BRCTC because not only is the community college affordable, there are great people ready to help you achieve what you need. If you were to plan transferring to a 4 year school, they would make sure you are schedule to take the classes the accumulate to the college so that you won't have the hassle to re-take those classes again. Not only to mention there are some fun clubs that they have for a community college! ex: if you're in FFA or were in high school they still have it available for one to join.
Very easy to balance Full time classes and a job!
I take as many online classes that I can.
It is very easy to transfer credits!
Review Blue Ridge Community & Technical College
I would recommend to a friend.
Being in one of the best nursing programs in the area, I feel I will be prepared when entering the working world.
Staff is always available and willing to help!
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