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Blue Mountain CC was very helpful for me in getting my AA. There wasn't a lot of diversity in the college or the town itself, and the sports teams were all pretty bad. I made a lot of friends while attending, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it to anyone else.
Blue Mountain Community College is a great college. It has an awesome learning environment, and professors that know a lot about the subject. The only thing they might need to work on is having more tutors.
Kind staff and helpful. Comfortable learning environments. Affordable. They should change some classes from seasonal open to to multiple terms or add seasonal classes to multiple locations.
Review Blue Mountain Community College
I have never had any issues with scheduling or finding time for classes.
I have never been overly excited about online courses and with very little success.
There are only a few ways to communicate about furthering your career but many options for a transfer.
I love the professors and most of the courses! They are very intriguing!
We are able to pick areas to intern for in order to determine if our career path is the correct course.
My degree is very general so I am able to see several areas of the school from a unique perspective.
Blue Mountain Community College is a small but very intriguing school! Everyone is kind and wants to see you succeed, no matter your past or your intended future!
Some teachers are hard to get ahold of
There is no interaction if you are online
Wish it was cheaper b
I get more out of school for theilton Freewater branch but all and all the college is good
Wide variety of classes, very flexible.
Can talk with others and work at own pace.
They help you move past an associates and transfer
Review Blue Mountain Community College
Lets you transfer to university and save money.
They help you learn and do the best you can.
Great professors and flexible hours, great place!
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