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BMCC is a college that offers online education. They are really great in trying to offer those services for people who also work full time. If it wasn’t for how friendly and available my advisor was, who knows how I would’ve have done. They really do care about their students. Perfect small college to be in.
Blue Mountain Community College has a very helpful staff crew that will do all that they can to help students achieve their education goals. The school to life balance is very manageable as the workload is not to heavy, yet still effectively educates students.
Blue Mountain Community College is incredibly focused on the success of their students. They also are welcoming of non-traditional students and do their best to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to education through programs like tRIO.
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Everyone is really nice. Most everyone there is from the same school that I was in so it was very easy to make friends. Everyone is really supportive and I have not had a bad experience yet.
It was amazing at first because it was a million times better than high school. Most of my instructors were amazing, especially when it came to mathematics. The campus is horrible.
I wouldn't want to go to any other school. There are so many options you have for choosing a major and your education is pretty cheap. I think the professors are nice and knowledgeable too. I'm planning on becoming a nurse through this school and they even offer a program connected to OHSU so I can get my bachelor's degree in nursing here instead of leaving my town. Very wonderful school.
Blue Mountain Community College is a good two year school, they have good professors who are always helpful. What I think Blue Mountain Community College needs to change is being more helpful to students who are out of state with advice and other financial stuff.
I love how small the campus is, everyone knows each other so its a very friendly college. The teachers are very helpful and will take their time to make sure you understand the material. They want you to pass your classes so if you are struggling all you have to do is ask and they will gladly help!
Great atmosphere and caring teachers. A lot of classes offered in an array of different degree paths. Very Affordable
Very courteous staff, quick to find answers to any of the questions you may have. As an old fart in the room the instructors were very good at making me feel welcomed and that I belonged. would recommend this university to anyone especially if your into 4H/FFA
I love the atmosphere that surrounds BMCC, they care about their students and really want to see us succeed and I really like that about a college. We are safe to learn and become who we want to be through the teaching and support of those at BMCC.
It is an amazing experience. The teachers and coaches are really caring and helping. They are really involved in helping you pass your classes and putting academics first. The students make it very welcoming and have a lot of spirit.
What I like about BMCC is that there is a plethora of support provided by everybody; faculty, staff, and students alike. Everywhere you turn you are finding support for any and every problem a student might encounter, whether it be on or off campus and I highly value that at BMCC.

If I did change anything with BMCC, it would be its Pendleton location. The Pendleton campus is on a pretty steep hill and in the winter time, it is absolutely atrocious to drive or walk up. The hill leading up to BMCC is the cause of so many campus closures and just about everybody hates it. That would definitely be what I would change.
I love Blue Mountain Community College! I have completed my Associate's Degree here and am currently enrolled in the nursing program. I have had several great teachers who have all been very encouraging and helpful.
Everyone has been extremely supportive and helpful so far. They have helped me to try and succeed in future life skills along with giving me an opportunity to receive free credit through a program over the summer.
Blue Mountain CC was very helpful for me in getting my AA. There wasn't a lot of diversity in the college or the town itself, and the sports teams were all pretty bad. I made a lot of friends while attending, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it to anyone else.
Blue Mountain Community College is a great college. It has an awesome learning environment, and professors that know a lot about the subject. The only thing they might need to work on is having more tutors.
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Kind staff and helpful. Comfortable learning environments. Affordable. They should change some classes from seasonal open to to multiple terms or add seasonal classes to multiple locations.
I have never had any issues with scheduling or finding time for classes.
I have never been overly excited about online courses and with very little success.
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