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My online experience with BMCC has been wondering all together. The online classes have been very user friendly, easy to understanding and worked well with my work schedule. The online professors are very understanding and accommodating.
BMCC has allowed me to go back to school in a very easy transition and more affordable than most colleges in this area. The communication, convenience and help getting setup with classes was amazing! I am very thankful to be working with Blue Mountain Community College and all the wonderful staff!
The campus is relatively small and classes sizes are proabably around 35 max. I really like this school because I love having good relationship with my professors and get one on one teaching.
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Most of the classes are fairly easy to follow online through canvas, but there are some classes that can be challenging especially if you have no previous knowledge. I liked online because it is very flexible and can work on it when you want to as long it's within the due day.
It’s a good school with a very supportive staff. Great as a place to start out right out of high school. Building are a little older and some of the teachers aren’t the best, but most of the teachers really care about the students and making sure you have a chance to pass the class. The student government is great and puts on a lot of events for the students, especially during finals week. They even brought puppies the school once. They have athletics teams including volleyball, men’s and woman’s soccer, men’s and woman’s basketball, softball, baseball, and rodeo. It’s nice having sports team, it gives you something to do at the school. They don’t have student housing but the surrounding area has apartments that are very close.
BMCC is a good school for taking prerequisites if you are planning on transferring to another college or university in Oregon.
Blue mountain has many students but has a bad time with being very helpful when it comes to questions about programs or financial aid. as a first generation student going to school at blue mountain, I dont have good experiences with taking their courses.
As a first college student, BMCC has made it very easy to apply. The staff has great knowledge on all course, including assistance with financial aid and the process in obtaining FA. The instructors are caring and go out of their way to help and teach in an understanding level. The campus does not have dorms nor housing onsite, but is in a perfect location in the town allowing it easy to attend courses. They also provide various online courses. Safety here is not an issue as they do have campus security. A TRIO program is available as well in order to assist students with a computer lab and the Success Coaches are ready to assist as well. A DEN is provided to help assist students with food and/or personal. Over all BMCC is a great college to attend before transferring to a University as well as obtaining your associate degree.
I think it is a great experience if you like small towns. I had some great teachers that I loved but I also had some teachers that were not fair or helpful. They have a variety of classes they offer and a great agriculture program if that's what you would like to get into for a career.
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I personalty do not attend BMCC, however I have been very involved with BMCC via 4-H and helping friends who attend the collage. with my experience at BMCC, I would first like to say just how friendly and trust worthy the students and staff are. I have met 4 of the professors at BMCC and all 4 of them we very kind and hard working. I have visited BMCC's campus over a dozen times and the condition and cleanliness of there campus is outstanding. I would recommend BMCC to anyone interested in earning a degree in Ag relate subjects.
Blue mountain is a very pretty campus, and very secure. It's not so far from home, and has the major I will be studying. I am excited to see if I will join their community by next fall.
BMCC has a great faculty of professors, great education, and a loving atmosphere. I feel that I received a viable education from this junior college.
Professors really care about their students and want everyone to excel in their academics. I am expected to graduate with my Associates of Arts Oregon Transfer degree in June and I am very excited. The students here are kind and I have made new friends through the classes I have taken. There are a lot of clubs and activities you can do in the college as well. It is very affordable and it is definitely a return on your investment!
I really appreciate the distance learning program that BMCC offers. As a busy mother who works full-time as well as online school full-time, can be very demanding, and having those online education options is wonderful.
My experience with this college has been amazing. Everywhere I look, there is life. This college always has informational posters hanging up, trying to get everyone involved. This college town is small, which allows students to be more involved. Everyone is always willing to help each other out and improve themselves. I love that the classes aren't very big, this way I get more one on one time with professors when I need extra help. Something the college could improve on is how quick information gets out. If they resorted to other resources, they could get so many more college students involved.
So far blue mountain has been good. Some of the class options are limited. The school seems more geared towards trades than degrees and the option to get a specific degree is kind of limited.
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BMCC is a college that offers online education. They are really great in trying to offer those services for people who also work full time. If it wasn’t for how friendly and available my advisor was, who knows how I would’ve have done. They really do care about their students. Perfect small college to be in.
Blue Mountain Community College has a very helpful staff crew that will do all that they can to help students achieve their education goals. The school to life balance is very manageable as the workload is not to heavy, yet still effectively educates students.
Blue Mountain Community College is incredibly focused on the success of their students. They also are welcoming of non-traditional students and do their best to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to education through programs like tRIO.
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