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I had to take online classes due to Covid-19. It took getting adjusted to the experience. But the professor made it an easy transition.
My overall experience with Blue Mountain College has been great. I was looking for a small, family, christian based campus and Blue Mountain is just that.
I am very thankful to be at BMC. God has provided everything I need for my college experience at BMC. The professors are very knowledgeable and adamant about sharing their knowledge with their students. It is not difficult to make friends—everyone pretty much knows each other. It’s been a pretty great experience.
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Blue Mountain is a great place to further your education. Small enrollment allows the student to not get lost in the shuffle. Professors are able to form relationships with you and assist you hands on in your learning. I would recommend this college to any prospective students or student-athletes. The only change that I would like to see at Blue Mountain is for more students to enroll and experience it for themselves without writing it off after viewing the very small campus assuming it is of no value to them. Knowledge is power, and I can testify Blue Mountain will definitely offer you the opportunity to further the horizons on your intellect.
Blue Mountain is a really small college and I feel in love with it. It's a christian enviroment, and they know their starts my heart. They are not just numbers everyone is friendly, and as soon as you approach the campus they are so welcoming. It's a family enviroment.
Like the small campus and knowing almost everyone on campus.
Only had 1 professor that didn't seem to care that most of the class was failing.
I like everything about Blue Mountain. The academics are excellent and so is the life on campus. I am an athlete and every sport supports each other.
The best thing about BMC is the community. The professors are invested not only in the students' education, but they care for their students' overall well-being. While there are a lot of areas that could use improvement, my experience has been very good. BMC is a very unique place where students are challenged to grow in wisdom and knowledge, but more importantly to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord.
So many changes have been made at BMC since I started in 2014. One thing that hasn't changed is the compassion of the staff. Each professor at Blue Mountain cares about how you do in school and where you're going. I'm a business major and the motto of my advisor (the head of the department) is to chase the knowledge not the grade. He always wants to know that I'm actually learning things instead of memorizing for a test. They've added so many athletic programs. It small and it's an acquired taste but I love it and wouldn't trade schools.
parties dont exactly happen at school. There are occasional bonfires that happen that are off campus and few hear about them unless you are an athlete. Most of the students who attend school are there for academics or sports therefore they are too busy to worry about parties.
Parties don't exactly happen at school. There are occasional bonfires that happen are off campus and few hear about them unless you are an athlete. Most of the students who attend school are there for acedemics or sports therfore they are too busy to worry about parties
Because it is such a small school professors are present to help any student if they need addistance understanding a concept being taught. Study guides are given in almost any class that needs one, if you study that you can get a pretty easy A
We have a diversity of students that attend our college. Many foreign students that come for the sports and business program. Different religious or political views do not affect how a student is treated
You do not hear of any drug issues at school. Athletes use because it will affect if they get to play and other students are too busy with academics and extra curricurals to have time for drug abuse
I feel totally safe while on campus. We have security driving around 24/7 and they are there to help whenever you need them to. The main security guard, Ricky, comes to check on any of us hanging out at the SUB late, and drives us back to our dorms after midnight so we don't have to go alone. Everyone has the campus security number, and it never goes unanswered.
If you major in any kind of teaching degree at school you have a great chance of getting a job. We are known for our teaching degrees. Every professor does their absolute best to help you acquire internships and jobs when the time comes. The alumni is very active on campus, creating improvement projects and helping with fundraising. I have not had to use the career center as of yet, but have met the woman in charge and she is a wonderful, Godly woman.
My campus is small therefore so are the classes. I love the small class size. I have attended a community college during high school and I had a hard time learning in the large class sizes. Each of the professors are eager to help any of their students who are struggling. Their office doors are always open to us if we need anything. The professors each teach differently but with each professor I have found myself eager to learn more about the subject being taught.
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Although the campus and it's facilities are old, the college tries to keep everything up to date. Fixing anything that breaks, and fundraising to make any expensive repairs efficiently. The aged building give the campus character. The dorm rooms were clean when I moved in which is not a popular luxury I have found. The room and board cost is fair and affordable. One thing I like is that you can pick who your roommate and suitemates will be. We are a small college so we do not have big arcade rooms, but we have lots of pool tables and ping pong tables to play at.
School spirit is very important at my school. Every student attends every possible home game and even some away games. The college has been improving their athletic facilities and are doing a great job so far, still some work to do though.
This is my freshman year in college. I have been homeschooled my whole life, and the idea of going to a big state university scared me. When I found Blue Mountain I fell in love with the homey feel, the wonderful professors, and the beautiful campus. I have only been there for one semester and I can't imagine leaving.
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