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The instructors and administration at the Clear view campus are unprofessional and do not provide the information nor the instruction that individuals are using financial aid and loans to pay for. It is unfortunate that instructors are not held accountable for not preparing the students for the programs they choosing. Students are treated unfair and instructors have favorites that are cheating the requirements of hours earned while others have to make up hours even when ill. If I would have done more research I would have definitely chose another institute. I took a semester off from a top 4 year university so that I can have certification in something I love while obtaining my four year degree and this was a horrible experience and waste of my time. I taught myself and asked questions outside of blue cliff to prepare for the state board. Just a huge disappointment.
I enjoy the different teaching styles that I am receiving. I love the advice teachers are giving each class.
They have everything right there , it's awesome .
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Older computers, approx 4 computers offered for our use.
I do not recommend this school. This company takes in too many students and promises all of them that there will be a job waiting at the end of the course. Please do your homework before sinking your money into this school. I wish that I had done my homework. It would have saved me a lot of money and time. BEWARE!
Not able to transfer credits, other than that, no problems.
There were no resources, just a very small place to each lunch, and a small room labeled "library". There was no quiet place to go to for studying.
The teachers at the school seemed uninterested in teaching. Very little time was spent on teaching, and most of the time students talked or simply walked out of the classroom. Tardiness as well as cheating was rampant.
I attended the dialysis program. There was truly no workload, rarely was homework given, and little information given to study for tests. The lab was small, dark,and cramped with the 25 students in my class. there was only 2 dialysis machines to practice on, and usually one of the machines was broken. There was not enough externship facilities to accommodate all of the students, so we had to work in shifts. Job opportunities were few.
Students were typically young, single parents, and mostly female. It was not ethnically diverse. There was a guard in the building due to the frequency of fights breaking out.
I did not receive any post-graduate services.
I took out a government loan of $15,000 to attend a 9-10 month dialysis technology program in Metairie, La. The quality of education at this "school" was very poor. By the time I found out what this "school" was about, it was too late to get a refund. Blue Cliff College = hefty tuition + poor education!
This company calls itself a "college", but it is merely a scam to make money off of our government. At first the promises of a good education with employment to follow is exciting. But, then you hit the classroom, and regret sets in. The dialysis technician course had an ill-equipped staff and a poorly taught program (that is, of course when teaching was actually done), The teachers were not able to control unruly students, and fights broke out often. Cheating was the norm, and test answers were given to us just before we took the tests, assuring that all would pass. For our externship hours, there was not enough dialysis centers willing to take all of the students. Then it became evident that there was not going to be any job opportunities for all of the students that this "college" took in. All that I received from this experience was a heft debt ($15,000 to be exact) and regret for wasting a year of my life on empty promises. I hope that this review helps others turn the other way!
I'm studying Massage Therapy and everything is as I expected for the most part. I believe because of the time line for completion the weekly testing for some classes really help you to keep a handle on where you are and where you need to focus in your study time.
The instructors and staff at Blue Cliff College and so very helpful, if you are having a problem with anything just talk to your instructor or the directors and they will do everything in their power to assist you. The instructors and aids make themselves available to students and they really care about helping you understand the material and assist with one on one time to help you get it, if you want it. We also have access to a web site that prepares you for the state test which is necessary in getting licensed by the state.
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