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Blue Cliff College - Gulfport Reviews

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So far, I have had an excellent experience with this institution. They have been so helpful with the entrance process. It has been very easy and they are helpful in asking question to help guide you in the right direction. They are very welcoming.
The DOE of blue cliff College is the worst !! The school is not professional! Most of the teachers are horrible in the medical assistant program. They do not communicate with their students! I do not suggest ANYONE to attend blue Cliff College in Gulfport,Ms
My experience at my school has been horrible. All throughout high school i enjoyed going to school, i enjoy learning new things. I enjoy changes thats why i choose cosmetology as my career. Going to blue cliff was one of the worst decisions i ever made.
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I'm in a carrer program for Cosmetology and i feel like i have not learned enough to go out and actually become a hair dresser. My teachers are lazy and have no enthusiam about teaching the students. To them it seems like we are just a number on there pay check. They are always "busy" with other things. Whenever the should be focusing on us. This is why i am changing my major.
Blue Cliff college is considered to be a traditional career college, nothing else. They have no activites for the students or exciting things going on. You just go to class every day or every night and do your work and nothing else. The teachers are lazy. They can barely keep any teachers around. I have been there since may 2011 and they have been through more teachers than i can remember. I have seen teachers come and go more than I have the students. If i would have known how bad blue cliff was going to be i would have never enrolled there.
We have one computer lab at my school. The lab contains three computers and two tables. The printer is not in the computer lab it is behind the front desk. The students must pay for what they print out and they are not allowed to print more than three pages a day. How are students suppose to print out reports or power points? I know paper is a issue sometimes, but students do need to print more than three papers a day. The wireless internet speed is excellent BUT you are not allowed to have your computer in the class rooms.
The services at my school are very helpful. They have different job openings posted around the entire school for all the different programs. Whenever your graduation date comes around they do everything they can to inform you of the jobs in your area. They have helped many of my college classmates get jobs in the field that they enjoy. I am very pleased with how well the services are at my school.
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