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I love this school! If you are looking into a career in medical billing and coding, CMA, or dental assistant, definitely look into it. It is a smaller school, but the teachers really care about helping you learn the material. They have tons of resources to help you succeed. The teachers know the material and I am very confident in my education.
I went for an interview and had Max as my advisor. He was very laid back and easy to talk to, he explained everything very thoroughly and even took me to the massage therapy campus. He answered all of my questions and even laughed and joked around. However I was taken to a financial aid advisor who just threw numbers at me and didn’t even really explain things. Overall I was very happy with everything, I spent about three hours but that was only because I needed help with the financial aid information. Everyone I talked to was very nice and patient.
The teachers are great the office and office staff are still learning. My first experience of Bluecliff was not a good one.... I was held in the office for nearly 4 hours
But my second encounter was a bit better.....the rookie was much more time efficient!
My main problem is they do not have scholarships they help find!
This is the most expensive Massage school in the area.... they should be better
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The curriculum and classes are on a general 2 part time basis schedule. The people taking the 9 month course show up in the mornings for 6 hours. Where as the students taking the 15 month course show up at night for about 4 hours.
The process was lenient and I was eligible for government loans. There is not anything to it that I am really aware of, I scored 19 on the Financial aid test although I thought I was kicked off a minute before I was finished, but the person I spoke to in order to fill out my fafsa told me that I would have to go to the Highschool to pick up my emancipation records which I did not know why it would not be under my social security along with anything else in of my record. Tips are to work hard toward scholarships and/ or make good grades.
Disability or Core highschool graduate, Lack of general Insitutional Knowledge, Willingness to cooperate. Initiative in what is going on with the teaching setting, Concerned with personal opinion but more concerned with teacher notes.
It was very informative but uncomfortable setting for me.
Class registration was easy and quick. I started classes 2 days after registration, The curriculums were hard on getting on track and things were fairly unorderly but working towards on the right track. The special study options were with the ambassodors and mentorship program for students who did very well on their school work and have good attendance of whom I felt were a little hard to work with but were available once a week at the school to help all the students if they wanted help with their work..
The program includes Anatomy & Physiology I & II, Medical techniques and procedures I & II, Phlebotomy & Lab Procedures I & II, First Aid/ CPR, Professional Development for the MA, Medical Terminology, Intro to Clinical Procedures, Intro to Healthcare Workplace, Pharmacology for the MA, Computer Fundamentals, Medical Coding & Insurance, and Medical Office Procedures. I felt as though it opened a large opportunity to learn a lot of things about what Physicians have under their routines in the medical field. Having all these courses available and the MA Certification qualification opens doors for a large variety of externship opportunity.
The campus is a fairly small square building with 8 classrooms. The classrooms are linked by a hall which is also a part of the Administrators offices. The library is next to room 4 and is the smallest room in the building other than the administrators offices. There is not an athletic center, an there are occasionally campus activities whether it is a potluck or fundraiser program. There is a Courtyard in the middle of the building also square where there is a general feeling nature based environment, There is a big tree in the middle and 4 smaller trees and bushes in the corners which is probably the student center.
I felt the teaching resource was a little unorganized for the time I was there. The administrators didn't seem to always have an idea of what was going on. The teaching over all from the teachers was at about a 75-80% initiative level. Students were let off an several mistakes. But I would say that we were taught from the books and sometimes got to do on hand experiences as well as an on-going flow on homework. I don't know what is being insinuated with the Career center, alumni network, or job prospects aspect of "Topics Include", but the externship program is a little confusing and resources are about on the same level with okay where as teachers don't really know a whole lot about the sites we are at and we did not get to choose fields of work we may be interested in studying on.
I really didn't know what to expect from the online class, since it would of been my first time in one, but in over all i had some pros and cons. pros because it gave me enough time to complete my assigments and cons because it was hard to reach the teacher and understand excatly what the teacher wanted from me.
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