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The teacher has had for my first semester of college were amazing. Although Psychology is not my best it was an amazing experience. Many different ways to succeed in college life.
Bloomsburg University has given me everything that I need to be successful. The professors are extremely helpful and are always willing to give you extra help outside of class. The campus is beautiful, and everything is super easy to walk to! The town of Bloomsburg has so much to offer and is also a quick walk off of campus. The students here genuinely love their school, and it is easy to see. People don't come here because it's affordable or close to home, they come here because of its beauty, amazing educational programs, and because it simply feels like home.
I love Bloom U, it’s a great environment there’s a lot of people so there’s a friend group for everyone and the best way to make friends is joining clubs. I joined LC for business and I made friends so quickly. I love that program!! One thing they could change for sure though is there parking it’s not the best since I’m a commuter I have to drive up to campus and take the bus down to campus so it sucks! But other than that it’s a pretty great school.
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Couldn't imagine myself anywhere else. Plenty of helpful and wonderful professors in every department I have come across, they care about you and your future just as much as you do.
Bloomsburg university has an amazing campus. It is super pretty. Most of the academic building are all in one area so going from class to class is not that bad. The food is good and common's cookies are bomb. Their are so many hills and stairs, but it is definitely worth it. The parking is a little expensive. The dorms are in good condition and do not look bad. The class sizes are small. The Professors really get into what they are teaching. And want to see the students succeed.
I love Bloomsburg because I was able to create a strong sense of community extremely quickly, whether it be through classes or clubs, or anything really. It honestly feels like a second home, and I am so happy I decided to become a Husky!
I only have had a tour and orientation but the campus is beautiful and everyone was very helpful and kind.
Bloomsburg University... where do I even begin. There isn't any other place I would want to spend the next four years getting my education. The relationships I've built with people is incredible, and I haven't stepped on campus as a full time student yet. The professors and the admissions facility have been so helpful and supportive through this whole process. Bloom is like a really large security blanket if you will. The OWLS ( Orientation Workshop Leaders), they are the ones that make campus life and the transition so much easier. They are very wise and they always have answers to our incoming freshman questions. They always have very positive and bubbly attitude and they are more than welcome to do anything to help. Just to atmosphere and people at BU makes everything so much better. That's why I am proud to call myself a husky.
BU is amazing. I was super nervous about going away for school but Bloom has such a great atmosphere that within a few weeks I felt comfortable. Everyone is super nice and the staff are fantastic! The campus is compact but not cluttered and the grounds are gorgeous!
I love Bloomsburg University. I learn a lot from my professors, the food is great, and the atmosphere is great. I would for sure recommend this college to anyone.
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is a proud institution that excels at providing a comfortable, close-knit atmosphere, diligent professors, and cookies in the Scranton Commons so good even Gordon Ramsey couldn’t disapprove. Within its hallowed halls, BloomU offers a wealth of outlets and events so that the students may feel at home while also branching out to discover their passions; The Office of Multicultural Affairs, The Women’s Center, Quest Outdoor Adventure, The BloomU Recreation Center, and more all coincide to provide a full college experience. The only addition that could be made to Bloomsburg University is to increase the amount of CCTV coverage for Upper Campus; while Bloomsburg does not often have sexual assaults and swiftly alerts all students when it does, increased coverage could help to decrease danger and perhaps aid law enforcement.
Honestly, deciding to go to Bloomsburg was one of the best decisions I've ever made. There are so many opportunities to get involved on campus. The people are super nice and helpful. It's a great academic environment to be in. If you want to succeed and put in the work to do so, then you'll thrive here.
The classes aren’t bad, the campus is beautiful. More food options would be nice. Dorms are nice for the most part. Sports and clubs are plentiful.
I love everything about bloomsburg but I think there should definitely be more buses for the students to get around in.
Bloomsburg University has allowed me to find who I am. I have met some of my best friends here, and there are so many clubs and activities that I can be apart of. The Education Department has many opportunities for me so I can open new doors. They are preparing me for my own classroom, and giving me a plethora of resources to use.
The academics a Bloomsburg University are incredible. I feel I am receiving an excellently education. However I would like to see more quite places to study on campus. The library and lounges can become over saturated often. Aside from that the experience is wonders thus far!
I was a transfer student coming into Bloomsburg University. I had no idea what to expect, especially since this was my first time away from home. I was nervous and anxious. To my surprise, Bloomsburg welcomed me with open arms. Not many people think the academics here are too difficult due to the reputation of it being a party school, but Bloomsburg has challenged me greatly academically and I have the help of amazing professors to help get me through it. The people on campus are also some of the kindest people I have ever met. Everyone is here, whether its faculty or students are here to lend a hand and make sure you have a great experience.
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Great school, everyone is nice, and it has a very welcoming environment on campus. It’s easy to focus on your work if you can control your party urges since there’s not a ton to do around campus but the school tries to make it up by having activities planed for the students.
It’s an amazing school. The campus is beautiful. The dining hall has amazing food and different events are always happening. It’s a great place to BU.
I loved my experience at Bloomsburg University. It was the university where both of my parents went, so it was special that I went there as well. I went for my BS in Early Childhood Education, and had a wonderful experience. All of my professors in the Education Department truly cared about their students. They went above and beyond for their students, and created great relationships that lasted after graduation. It was a challenging program, and it is known for being one of the best programs in the state system. I loved Bloomsburg so much that I am going back for my Child Life Specialist Certification at Bloomsburg University. The only thing I wished that was different was that there was more parking spots for commuters.
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