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I had an amazing Four years at Bloomsburg. I feel like the academics truly prepared me for not just my field of study but also for life in general. The only negative I have about this university is its location. While Bloomsburg Pennsylvania is a beautiful town it is in the middle of nowhere with not much to do around it. But if you do not mind being out in the country it truly is a great place to spend 4 years of college.
I am a college freshman at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. I enjoy my classes and have great professors.
There are plenty of amazing opportunities for everyone attending the university. The education and athletics programs are phenomenal along with a beautiful campus. Bloomsburg made a great first impression because of the people and location surrounding it.
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The campus is very nice and people are welcoming. The Art department faculty are also into their jobs and want to see the students succeed.
Bloomsberg is a lovely place and it’s campus is beautiful. Not only is it peaceful it’s a friendly environment. Basketball courts are nice and there fields are amazing. I would love to attend this school
So far I have been here a few weeks and I feel very comfortable and welcome.. Every one has been so helpful and I feel at home here.
Not the greatest university, but manageable and easy to work around. Most major involved professors are great! Needs less sports and boasting and more care and consideration given to students.
This is currently my second year at Bloomsburg and I love this school. While being at this institute I can say that you will actually learn things that will help you in life. There is always something going on and so many clubs and activities for students to do. But this is a party school, students find parties to go to almost everyweek. Some just have to find the balance between work and play which becomes a challenge for some.
Bloomsburg University has a beautiful campus with great professors. The apartment housing is excellent, while dorms are average. The return on investment is high, however there are a number of pointless and expensive fees to be aware of. There are great people to meet here and plenty of things to keep you busy on/off campus.
my experience at blooms been fantastic. the campus is very beautiful and diverse. I get to meet people from all over the world. the professor are top notch. everyone loves to learn and share.
I had trouble making friends my first semester and strongly dislike living in a dorm with someone, however, I had a lot of fun. Im not in the Greek life but I have friends that are and love it. The Greek life isn't as bad as everyone is making it seem. I'm going into my sophomore year and I can't picture myself at any other school. Staff is super helpful, the campus is one of the safest campuses I've ever been to, and the school throws some fun activities that are good alternatives to partying (if that's not your thing). It is pretty diverse, definitely much more than it was when my sister was there 6 years ago. Some of the buildings are old but they're working on fixing them up. Being a freshman without a car does suck, but there's more to do than what people are saying. Campus is close enough to walk into town and grab food, visit small shops. It is a cute town. There is a shuttle that takes you to/from Walmart and other places for other trips. The fair is pretty fun.
My personal experience in bloomsburg is actually pretty great. I'm not too far from home but far enough I still miss it. Bloom always has different activities so it's never boring. Professors are great and people are pretty nice as well. What I would like to see change would be the housing buildings some are really old and need some fixing, other than that it's a great school and I'm glad i chosed it.
There is a lot to do on campus. The professors are very knowledgeable and helpful. There are less fees than the other state schools, but there are a lot of administrative changes in the works.
I like Bloomsburg University because it offers diversity in numerous ways; the people, classes, environment. Bloomsburg is also very military friendly and help me to succeed. The only drawback in my opinion is that it is located a very rural area.
As an incoming freshman I was overtaken by the university. Everyone was so friendly and I immediately fit in. The campus is beautiful and definitely recommend to anyone looking
Bloomsburg is a perfect state school in a small town in the mountains. The professors work closely with the students and the student life is awesome!
My experience at Bloomsburg was not al that great. I struggled to make friends, there was not much to do but drink and party and the location made it difficult to do anything, especially as a freshman with no car. Academically, I had wonderful professors who made learning fun and interesting. Bloomsburg definitely wasn't the right fit for me but I have many friends who would never leave if they had the choice!
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I have really enjoyed my time at Bloomsburg University. My program is very challenging but the professors are always willing to give help to those who ask. The campus is beautiful and is a really great place to make new friends and play games on the "quad".
This is my freshman year in college and Bloomsburg is giving me life with this college experience. When I first came on campus I felt welcomed by the people that worked her. The police officers are wonderful and they do their jobs well. The teachers are well taught and they really care about us students her. Everyone reached out to one another and the environment is wonderful.
Knowledgeable instructors that are available beyond class times. Small school atmosphere. Always something to do. Would like to see more sessions of courses added.
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