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Since first enrolling to Bloomsburg University this summer, I have felt very welcomed and I was very excited to become involved. Since enrolling, I have joined one club and I find it very easy talk to my teachers about issues I am having in class. I love Bloomsburg University.
It’s a beautiful campus. I feel completely safe at all times of the day. It’s easy to study. There are so many places to sit and study. Everyone is so nice and polite. You really feel at home there.
Overall, Bloomsburg is a wonderful school. There is much to do on campus and so many outlets that you can reach out to as well as many clubs that you can join to stay active on campus. My only issue with Bloomsburg is mainly a personal issue being as though the school is so far away from where I reside. If you don't have a vehicle or no someone who does you may seem stuck there.
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My experience has been awesome. The school is in a small town on a hill. Only about 10000 students. The Quest outdoor club is really cool with alot of outdoor trips. The digital forensics program is really top notch. I highly recommend it.
BU has many great programs and places to eat. The people you meet will be your life long friends. Some of the places are far to walk to put you will never lose track of where your heading with BU's support. Its a great place to simply BeU!
I love everything about the school (minus the snowy winters with all those hills). 9/10 professors are going to go above and beyond to help the people that want to be helped. You 100% get out of it what you put in. I love the small town and the many hidden treasures that come with it.
Bloomsburg is a very good school to attend and I really enjoy all the activities they try to get you to attend. Everyone is very friendly and the professors just want to see you graduate and help you with everything you need
I’m not going to lie, I came here to party and I ended up transferring second semester sophomore year, because even though there are parties going on, they all suck. They are all boring, lots of standing around and people being too concered of what others think. I transfered to Shippensburg and I like it way better! Parties and people are better. If you go to Bloom now and want out, i highly reccomend leaving.
To be honest, I truly think their deaf and hard of hearing program are very good because I’m hard of hearing. I don’t think that college should change... it seems like a challenge to go to that school for kids who have a hearing loss.
I am going to be a senior this fall, and I love my college. There is always activities to get involved in on campus as well as community service projects throughout the town. Everyone on campus, as well as in town, are all so friendly and seems to be in a good mood. This place is like a second home to me.
The campus is a decent size. It is a relatively close-knit community. The majority of professors are very helpful and understanding.
I went on the college your. From there I decided that Bloomsburg may be the college I go to, to get my Masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology.
The campus is maintained very well and it is a very cozy place to earn your bachelor's or master's degree there. Everyone on campus and in town are extremely friendly and are willing to help as much as they can. The professors there know how to make learning an enjoyable time by cracking jokes or making TV/movie references. It can be intimidating at first if you are new to the college life, but this university allows for a comfortable fit to those who need to ease into a new part of their life.
I liked how I felt like I belonged and that I wasn’t just another number among the many. Also, I liked how there was sort of a homey feel.
It's really hard to explain it but Bloomsburg is the most accepted I've ever felt in an area me and people like myself are not typically welcome and by that frankly speaking I'm referring to people of color. Majority of the people there really do have the biggest hearts and genuinely want their peers to succeed and it's the same for the student teacher relationships as well.
The six months I spent at Bloomsburg was a good experience,except for some minor issues.My main issue with this university was the way they chose to help students with their financial problems,also academic difficulties.
I love the campus, its not too big but not too small. There are so many opportunities to get involved at Bloomsburg University, with hundreds of clubs and organizations, you can absolutely find something to join that interests you. The staff are all very friendly and helpful. Some professors should be a little more involved with the students, but overall I've had a great experience attending Bloomsburg for the past 3 years!
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The administration is very cooperative with the students to answer questions and help fix misunderstanding and any issues you may have. It's a bit difficult to find student worker jobs. The academic departments could use some work.
I enjoy my experience as a Bloomsburg University student. Bloomsburg University has a beautiful campus and everything is just a short walk away. The professors are great and really strive to help the students learn. The town of Bloomsburg is nice, pretty and clean. The class size is a good professor-student ration. You don't feel like just a number in a crowd at Bloomsburg. With a smaller class size, it's easy to pay attention and ask the professor questions. Everyone strives to be an individual and the atmosphere at Bloomsburg really encourages. Overall I have greatly enjoyed my experience at Bloomsburg University and wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
I have really enjoyed my time here on campus and attending classes at the school. I am receiving a great education and Bloomsburg is a great place to grow and develop.
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