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I visited the University once and I didn't like it very much. I felt that the campus was very small. The campus does have an all you can eat styled dining room, which is pretty sweet. The dorms are kinda whatever. The nursing program is suppose to be amazing. I have a classmate who is going there to participate in the program. I really don't think she'll be able to do it though.
my experience in Bloomsburg university was great I made a lot of friends and the school offered a lot of clubs for people to be themselves and meet people with similar interest as them. I would not change anything about Bloomsburg university.
Since transferring to Bloomsburg University, my quality of life has immensely increased. BU is not only the fun, social environment many to know it to be, but it is also academically rigorous. I have become more involved and grown more as an individual during my time at this university. You can truly "be you at BU"!
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BU's faculty is excellent, and the campus is beautiful in warm weather. However, the administrative staff is totally incompetent and couldn't care less.

The surrounding area is fairly quiet, but does have a thriving local theatre ensemble and some charming art galleries, bars, and cafes.
My experience at Bloomsburg University is amazing I love the campus and I love the diversity at the school. I still attend BU and I'm excited to say that I do. The campus is a beautiful and the academics are great. The teacher's at Bloom really care for their students at our school I would like to say that we have the "No Child Left Behind Policy". The teacher's will work with you and help you get the grades you need as long as you put in work also. I consider Bloomsburg like my second home. I never really want to go home because I love Bloom, everyone is friendly, we are like a big happy family. The parties are fun off and on campus and even when there's not a party there's always something to do at Bloom. I can not wait to spend the rest of my 3 years at Bloom I know they will be the best.
Gonna be blunt, the programs they offer here are limited compared to other schools, so best to check their website before you choose.

I can tell you right now that the best teachers are in the education department. Many of the other professors either care little for their occupation or expect students in introductory courses to memorize entire textbooks for spaced out exams.

I have had 3-5 solid professors here but many of them are either terrible or mediocre at best, many of them I recommend should go back to school and learn how to teach.

Other than that the campus is small and with a lot of hills, your glutes will get a workout. The weather isn't the best most days usually one extreme or another. AS for the food, your best at making it yourself if your health conscious, if not then there's 3 coffee shops on lower campus, a Subway, a overly expensive cafe ($3 for a cheese cup, $4 for an egg salad sandwich expensive).
A safety school that most people can get into. Most of the students here are more interested in partying than going to class. The town is nothing special and the sports are subpar- a lot of people here don't even go to the football games. The people here are usually nice but it's not the best college experience.
I am a sophomore at Bloomsburg University. When I first applied to Bloomsburg, I only looked at the cost of the tuition because I did not know what I wanted as a major. Since I was a first generation college student, I was available to join a program that helped me adjust to college life. I was also undecided so I was given an advisor who helped me decide on a major. I finally choose my major which is digital forensics and it is considered one of the best schools in the world for digital forensics.
I love Bloomsburg and I think the campus is wonderful. Bloomsburg has a great college of Education and I would definitely recommend the Education program to anyone who wants to be a future teacher. I think my biggest problem with the campus is the vegetarian options are lacking in the different dining halls.
Bloomsburg university is an extremely student-friendly campus. There are so many opportunities for improvement and tutoring. No matter what your interests are, there is a community or a club for you to find other people who are interested in the same things. There are also a lot of community building events, an abundance of volunteer opportunities, and (possibly my favorite) pet therapy days where you can just sit and play with a dog, how cool is that!?
I visited Bloomsburg at the beginning of my senior year. When I visited I had no intention of going straight into a four year University, but Bloomsburg changed my mind. The campus is so beautiful and it is in such a pretty area. I grew up in Pennsylvania and would love to stay here for college. Bloomsburg is the perfect distance from home and keeps me in my beautiful home state. Everyone I met while I was on tour was extremely friendly. My tour guide was super helpful and gave me every piece of information I asked for. I also fell in love with their education program. Being that I want to be a teacher, this factor was really important but their academic programs did not disappoint me. The only things I wish were different was the student population and their pet policy. I like meeting different people from other cultures and ethnic backgrounds so I wish their students were more diverse. I also have a rabbit and would love to have her on campus with me but pets are not allowed.
Great experience. Professors are great and my advisor goes all out to help me. My class sizes have been a decent size and I have met with my professors on a one on one basis
Bloomsburg University is a fairly large PA state school nestled in the small town of Bloomsburg, PA. While the town is small, the university and town itself offer many activities for students. The food isn't like mom's cooking, but it's not all that bad. Professors will challenge you into becoming your best self through hard work to prepare you for whatever is after college. The university encourages volunteer and community work by hosting a campaign during the month of April known as the "Big Event." The most overwhelming characteristic about Bloom is the pride the student body and faculty have for the university.
What I likes about Blooosmburg was that the people were friendly and the school resources. When I visted to get a feel of the school to see if that was a option of schools that I would like to attend they were very convincing. The tour guide lady was very factual and answered most of my questions. As well learning what Bloomsburg has to offer and what they can do for me as an incoming freshman at a college/university.
Bloomsburg University is a quaint school that sits at the top of an even more quaint town. It has a beautiful campus. Bloomsburg is known for it's partying, and if that is what you're into, you'll find it here. However, there are things to do if it is not your thing. Visit Fog & Flame right in town to enjoy some coffee and quiet study space away from campus. On the weekends, friends can go to the movie theater or the bowling alley located no further than 10 minutes away from campus.

The professors are great, here. Helpful and attentive. Once you get into the classes for your major, you really start to make some lifelong connections.

Now, onto the important stuff. The food is what you would expect from college food. There are some winners and some losers but all in all, there is something for everyone. The university police is a little more focused on giving out parking tickets than anything else but I have never felt unsafe on campus. All the workers are very nice.
Academically, the school was fairly challenging. I enjoyed my professors and the rigor of their classes. The class sizes were not too large, so as to be lost in the midst of the shuffle, yet not too small so as to make for uncomfortable small discussion classes.
Bloomsburg is great. Although the hills can be a killer, it's not that bad. Food is fine, but people with allergies sometimes complain. Most teachers are nice and understanding. I never had any problems with any profs.
Review Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Excellent academics, great value for the money. Under rated and under appreciated by the local community. They have a great relationship with the surrounding high schools and do a lot for the community.
Since I started at Bloomsburg University, I have loved every moment of it. When I first arrived on campus, faculty as well as other students made my move-in process a breeze! I didn't feel like I was "in this alone." During orientation and the months followed, I knew that there were other students who experienced similar struggles as my own. It was easy to make friends here as everyone is welcoming of the one another. I love being a husky here at Bloomsburg University and I can't wait to see what's in store for my following years.
Bloomsburg University has a beautiful campus that allows for maximum learning for all students. Bloomsburg has provided me with many experiences within my major that will help me later on when I enter my field. The professors that are on campus are always willing to work with the students so they are able to achieve their best.
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