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Great experience. Professors are great and my advisor goes all out to help me. My class sizes have been a decent size and I have met with my professors on a one on one basis
Bloomsburg University is a fairly large PA state school nestled in the small town of Bloomsburg, PA. While the town is small, the university and town itself offer many activities for students. The food isn't like mom's cooking, but it's not all that bad. Professors will challenge you into becoming your best self through hard work to prepare you for whatever is after college. The university encourages volunteer and community work by hosting a campaign during the month of April known as the "Big Event." The most overwhelming characteristic about Bloom is the pride the student body and faculty have for the university.
What I likes about Blooosmburg was that the people were friendly and the school resources. When I visted to get a feel of the school to see if that was a option of schools that I would like to attend they were very convincing. The tour guide lady was very factual and answered most of my questions. As well learning what Bloomsburg has to offer and what they can do for me as an incoming freshman at a college/university.
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Bloomsburg University is a quaint school that sits at the top of an even more quaint town. It has a beautiful campus. Bloomsburg is known for it's partying, and if that is what you're into, you'll find it here. However, there are things to do if it is not your thing. Visit Fog & Flame right in town to enjoy some coffee and quiet study space away from campus. On the weekends, friends can go to the movie theater or the bowling alley located no further than 10 minutes away from campus.

The professors are great, here. Helpful and attentive. Once you get into the classes for your major, you really start to make some lifelong connections.

Now, onto the important stuff. The food is what you would expect from college food. There are some winners and some losers but all in all, there is something for everyone. The university police is a little more focused on giving out parking tickets than anything else but I have never felt unsafe on campus. All the workers are very nice.
Academically, the school was fairly challenging. I enjoyed my professors and the rigor of their classes. The class sizes were not too large, so as to be lost in the midst of the shuffle, yet not too small so as to make for uncomfortable small discussion classes.
Bloomsburg is great. Although the hills can be a killer, it's not that bad. Food is fine, but people with allergies sometimes complain. Most teachers are nice and understanding. I never had any problems with any profs.
Excellent academics, great value for the money. Under rated and under appreciated by the local community. They have a great relationship with the surrounding high schools and do a lot for the community.
Since I started at Bloomsburg University, I have loved every moment of it. When I first arrived on campus, faculty as well as other students made my move-in process a breeze! I didn't feel like I was "in this alone." During orientation and the months followed, I knew that there were other students who experienced similar struggles as my own. It was easy to make friends here as everyone is welcoming of the one another. I love being a husky here at Bloomsburg University and I can't wait to see what's in store for my following years.
Bloomsburg University has a beautiful campus that allows for maximum learning for all students. Bloomsburg has provided me with many experiences within my major that will help me later on when I enter my field. The professors that are on campus are always willing to work with the students so they are able to achieve their best.
Any college experience is based on the individual. From an academic standpoint, I have formed solid relationships with my peers and my professors. My professors have been flexible with their office hours to accommodate any student's needs.
Socially, the size of Bloomsbury's campus is small enough that you may recognize your friends on campus, but large enough to see new faces. The campus is decent at coordinating fun events for students throughout the year.
If I could change one thing about thing Bloomsburg, I would prefer to see the campus incorporate healthier food options. In the same sense, I would like the university and downtown restaurants to coordinate to accept Husky Gold that students have on their ID cards.
Overall, I am satisfied with Bloomsburg. The professors take their work and the students' work seriously. The campus is all in one location and easy to navigate, making friends is not difficult, and getting involved in encouraged. It's a great place to BU.
Best decision of my life! I'm so glad I get to spend the next 2 years here at Bloomsburg. My first year was nothing short of amazing and I definitely couldn't picture myself anywhere else! Bloomsburg offers so many majors and minors to the students, and the classes that come with are taught by excellent professors! The campus is beautiful and the Quad is surrounded by most academic buildings. The dorms are so nice and well kept. Bloomsburg offers many clubs and organizations for students with interest in just about anything. This school is where I met most of my friends I have now and I wouldn't want it any other way!
I love Bloomsburg University. I knew this was the school for me as soon as I stepped foot on the campus. The people were all friendly and it displayed such a positive and welcoming atmosphere which immediately made it feel like home. This school provides challenging classes, hard-working and dedicated professors, and a determined and focused student body. Bloomsburg University is a great place to BU!
I love the campus life at Bloomsburg University!! No matter where you are on campus, there are beautiful mountains and scenery. Also, with my major Exercise Science specifically, the classes and professors are so helpful and enthusiastic! Each course is designed to help to succeed in your education. Besides classwork, there are so many extra curricular activities to be apart of. I am apart of the Exercise Science Club which is so much fun. Also, Greek Life is a great way to make friends and Bloomsburg has so many wonderful sororities and fraternities to be apart of.
I love BU its a great university that is constantly changing to accommodate its students. I'd like to see more gender equality for the transgender community.
Bloomsburg is the right fit for me. With the tuition being lower than most colleges, I can chase my dreams and not fall to deep into debt. I would like for my college to have better food.
I am a senior at Bloomburg University, a speech/ audiolology major. Overall it has Beene a great experience.
I visited this school and it was amazing inside and out. The campus was beautiful and I had amazing tour guides as well. I personally love Bloomsburg and see myself attending this school by next fall, and with that being said it is easy to see that the school was a perfect fit for me. I loved the dorms, the social life, the atmosphere and everything down to the walls on the inside of the college. Bloomsburg is already one of the cheaper schools around, but I'd love to see it go down less so that students like me would be able to go for sure without having to worry about loans, or worry about putting myself or my parents in debt. However, Bloomsburg compared to other schools is much cheaper being only 30K while others are 50-60K.
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Atmosphere and academics combination are excellent. Caring staff and opportunities to speak to instructors and advisers.
I was nervous to come to Bloomsburg because it is known for having a great party scene but it equally has a great academic scene, especially the sciences!
Bloomsburg University is continuously growing which is one of the best aspects of BU. Students who attend BU will continue to see new majors being added, such as the Supply Chain Management Major. BU understands that the world is changing and their choices in academia should reflect this change. BU ranks high in satisfaction among its students regarding academic achievement and personal growth. Professors foster development and sparked my interest in the world of counseling, which is what I proceeded to study in graduate school. An incoming freshman should be aware that the town is in fact very small and very traditional; this is something I wish I would have known coming to the school because I was not pleasantly surprised. There are no extravagant stores or restaurants rather quaint, family run stores and shops. Once a student spends a full year in Bloomsburg, they will realize they have become a part of this small town family and will embrace it.
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