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I have really enjoyed my time here on campus and attending classes at the school. I am receiving a great education and Bloomsburg is a great place to grow and develop.
Overall, I had a pleasant experience at Bloomsburg University. My academic experience was exceptional and my professors helped me open doors that I would not have opened otherwise. The professors prepare their students very well. After reflecting on my experience at Bloomsburg, I would like to see better communication within the Colleges (i.e. the College of Science and Technology) and within the Departments (e.g. the Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology). Improved communication would reduce the uncommon miscommunications between faculty members and students.

The student body is very active and welcoming, and reflects unity and strength. The enthusiastic student mindset allows for a fun, healthy, and diverse student life, along with an exciting party scene. Bloomsburg University students, faculty, and staff take pride in their school and allow it to be reflected in their actions.
I like that bloomsburg has a wide variety of courses as well as professors. There are a lot of distractions here but if you put in your focus and dedication, it can get done. It is easy to fall into bad habits, and freshman year is definitely hard, but it is just as easy to turn around and get into better habits. The rec center/gym is included in tuition and it is one of the best that I have used.
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The Bloomsburg University campus is amazing and beautiful. Its very diverse with all the types of people and the atmosphere is amazing. I wouldn't change a thing. I absolutely love the sports here, I am a swimmer and I love it. They kinda didn't help with my finical aid. I am currently trying to fix that, college is expensive and I wish I worked harder in High school.
Beautiful campus with a little downtown. You're in the beautiful mountains but its definitely cold. They seem to have a very helpful administration as I have called a numerous amount of times when needing help with filling things out.
Bloomsburg Univesity isn’t a bad university. You have good professors, good atmosphere and campus life. But it lacks diversity and programs that promote diversity. They’re more occupied with bringing students in that it gets cramped with parking and dorms. Living off campus is definitely the way to go, financially and provides freedom that certain CA/RAs take away.
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is a great school. Since the University is small, it is easy to create relationships with your professors and other students. There are a lot of different clubs and activities catered to an individual's personal interest. The community assistants in the dorms and the apartments are also great! They are there to help you in any way possible and truly care about their residents and their safety. The education received at Bloomsburg University is amazing! It is also a lot cheaper than a private school where you are receiving the same information. I would encourage everyone to apply to Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Bloomsburg University has treated me very well so far. I am currently a junior here and transferred from another institution. I took the campus tour and fell in love. It is full of nature and great views. There is a lot of things to do here, academically, and socially.
Bloomsburg University is a very generous and quiet school. It serves all academic purposes. This school also tends to the needs for necessary help within major fields.
Bloomsburg is a beautiful campus! Everyone on Bloomsburg campus is nice. Classes are generally easy, and a lot of the professors are great. It is a great experience up in the mountains.
Bloomsburg has a beautiful campus. It is not in the city, it is more in the country. There is so much grass and the campus is big. They have many dining places to eat!!
Two things I dont like about Bloomsburg is how everyone goes home on the weekend. There is not a lot to do around campus and th little town close by so everyone goes home or to a different school. The second thing I dont like is how they price the food in one of the eating place called husky. At Bloomsburg university, we have flex and good. Flex is money that is used for drinks and food. Good is the same thing but can be used for a lot more than that. The meal swipes consist of $5.30 At husky you can get a sandwich that is for $3.50 and a bag of chips for a $1, equalling up to $4.50. When I go to pay the sandwich would considered as a meal swipe even though it's only $3.50 and the bag of chips would come out from the flex balance. This has been taking more money out of people's pockets making them run out of flex so now you have to put more money on your gold to get more with your lunch.
I think the University does a good job with academics and helping students achieve their goals. However, there is absolutely NOTHING to do in and around campus. While the University might advertise that there is things to do here, they are not accounting for the interests of college-age students. The sports here are also subpar and cannot be advertised as "something to do" unless family is involved.
I love Bloomsburg University! The environmental professors are amazing and really do everything in their power to see their students succeed!
Bloomsburg is a fantastic University. I am a student-athlete. Bloomsburg truly emphasizes academics. The atmosphere on campus is open, and intellectual. Bloomsburg does not limit your ability to expand on your education. They provide once in a lifetime opportunities for you to embark to further your educational experiences. I would highly recommend this university anytime!
Since the first day I came to Bloomsburg University I loved it. I felt in love with the campus and I immediately felt at home. The people of Bloomsburg are so nice, and friendly. I have meet great people while being a student at Bloosmburg and I have made some pretty great friends.
Imagine arriving to a beautiful campus, where all the students around have flashing smiles. The campus has all buildings close in proximity, where the dorms are only a five minute walk to your next class. The food service was excellent and their academic departments excel in every way possible.
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What I enjoy about BU is that they have excellent education and every professor I’ve had so far has been really nice and informative. BU has a great atmosphere with a lovely campus and lots a friendly students.
I am so happy that I picked Bloomsburg. I have made many new friends and everyone here is really nice and are more than happy to help if you need any. What I would like to see changed is that the elevators in some of the buildings break down and you are stuck walking up nine flights of stairs to get to your dorm. Also the elevators are just old and I think it is time that they get them replaced.
Bloomsburg University is such a beautiful campus and has a wide variety of races. There are many places nearby to hangout with friends during free time such as bowling, skating, movies, etc. freshman year is almost everyone’s best year here because everything is new such as meeting new life time friends and experiencing your first year as a college student. However, it’s important to remain focus on academics more than activities and fun because falling behind on grades is a bad feeling because once GPA is effected badly it’s hard to bring up.
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