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If you like a small school with barely anything to do than this school is for you. its also very overpriced in my opinion. for 41,000 you should be getting more than what they offer.
I would like to see a change or an improvement to the academic system. I believe classrooms should be appealing to students with different learning techniques. Also it would be great to see an expansion of the campus and become a more diverse community.
I have met amazing people that have been the most help while attending Bloomfield. I have advisors that care about my future and are very determined to help me graduate with my Bachelor's degree. I tend to have a lot of questions and they always have the answers to help me understand and just give me a sense of relief if I am ever overwhelmed and/or worried about an issue overall. They want to make sure I have my future on the right track and will offer the most help possible.
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At first, I was a bit nervous coming all the way to Bloomfield from Camden. However, being at this college made me know that i was meant ro be out here. I was taught how to smoothly make my way through my freshman year and ended my first semester with a 4.0 GPA! I'd say my experience so far at Bloomfield college is excellent, I love it!
Bloomfield College has been great to me towards my application process and the overnight trip was so great that I am thinking about going there for the fall 2018.
I am currently a senior Nursing student at Bloomfield College. I love the professors here because they really put in a ton of effort to make sure you are leaning and getting something out of the classes. The financial aid packages could be a lot better especially being that this is a private college and they are not held to the same standards as public colleges. The food is okay and the scenery around the college is beautiful and always peaceful. They always have a lot of events going on around campus so you’re never really bored. Overall, I would recommend this college to somebody else.
Great College. Beautiful Campus. Close to all major transportation hubs like NJ Transit and seven different buses on the main street. Tons of places to eat and is very historic area. Beautiful homes and tree lined blocks.
Bloomfield College is my dream school! My professors are very caring and friendly. Also they are really smart. Everyone in Bloomfield College feels like a family!
small classes, quiet and peaceful environment, staff is kind and friendly. Campus is small and inviting.
My Freshman year was a little stressful but overall exciting. I got to meet new people and make really good friends. The academic part was challenging at first, trying to get into the grove of things but after a while you will get use to it.
The overall experience at Bloomfield is what you make it to be. Depending on your major you may or may not like the school. If you are trying to be nurse, business, or creative arts & technology major you should consider coming here because the programs are one of the best here. The campus is small so you will eventually know a majority of the students here which can be good or bad. There are a few sports but not as many as bigger campuses. But, as I said depending on who you hang with, talk to, or associate with the years through the college should be fun.
So far I am liking my experience at Bloomfield. The staff do a lot to make you feel like more than just a number here! Benefit of a small school! Lots of resources to help students get acclimated to college life! I believe your experience is what you make it!
The professors are phenomenal however tuition goes up every year which prevents a lot of the students from graduating and obtaining the degree that they are pursuing. Financial aid could be more helpful, or the school could be more helpful by keeping a fixed tuition plan according to the amount present when first starting rather than raising the price every semester.
Looking at all of the survey questions I would have to say that the campus is more efficient than your average community college so I do live what I have experience so far. The school is now trying to give into the modern age by dodging new facilities so I'm content with staying here for the rending years. The general education courses left much to the imagination as they don't really tell the students just how important this course is and then the students are stick in a class that cost 3,000 dollars that not only were they forced to take but also was not as mandatory as it was believed be. Meaning take a class that no one else you know that's on the same grade as you have to take and you are not down thee thousand dollars. That happened twice already, so just know the game plan before allowing one of the secondary counselors to form your schedule. Focus on what your primary costly in you major has to say. That's my prior exp experience that I had to learn the hard way from.
I can only day it great because of what I've done to make it great for myself. Not many students know that the school offers a whole website based sorely of of gaining experience in your field. It is just like indeed however all you would have to do as an application is import your resume and send in our to the jobs they match you with. No need to open a new tab or full in the go Lanka with you information or even post a picture of who you are because it all goes through the school. Not many students know or take advantage of that. Which can be good or bad depending if you have the right fitting for yourself once you leave college. Although since Bloomfield college offers it, it should be noticed by the students. The website also offers internships and work studies that will be available to the students until it is taken. I use it and i will continue to do so since it had already provided me with two work study jobs relating to my field.
There have been new updates where only students with ids can enter building and at night they will need to get passed the security guards posted n all of the lobbies so it is safe.
As a college student, gaining the full v college life experience is key to having a good college life for the remaining years. however that is the only good thing aside from having to commute that a resident student can gain. For freshman to dorm is possible the worst idea in Bloomfield college. So many things are wrong with the dorms that I chose it as a topic for a persuasive essay. The nicer dorms are only for the upper classmen.
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I don't have much to say on Greek life but I have gone to since of the events they have held. It bored me, I only rally think their hid for networking and parties because they have yet to prove otherwise. it didn't interest me in the slightest because of the lie variety the college offers and the fact that they don't offer dorms. You only pay that much money for a jacket and a seat on their bus for when they go to other schools.I don't see the point of a small college having a Greek life.
I positive we have many different sports at my college however I've only heard talk of the soccer and basketball club. I have seen groups of students coming back from the soccer field, but the next day the only ones who are still talking about the event are the students who have played in it. I an in NY own works most of the time without on different projects so I can't say.
The art department is what pushed me to saying that the overall students were kind and the professor cared about their surge age their passion. Other professors I've encountered outside of the art department should signs that they didn't care whether or not students failed on succeeded. I would only reapply to Bloomfield college because of the connections that i have made with other like-minded successful animators. Also, the jobs I've earned on campus were very helpful and related to my field of study.
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