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Bloomfield College gives me the opportunity to continue my education on a higher level the staff at Bloomfield College was very good to me my first year in college learned so many things not just about college, but life too. The professors are Bloomfield College take me that college is not just about getting a college degree but to survive in life how to be successful in the future.
This is a good college but staff can be useless when asking for help they will not tell you how to get to your destination rather they will tell you to just go ask someone else. The teachers are ok I've had 3 wonderful teachers that help me and want to see me get my degree while 1 does not help rather does not like when I ask for help
I like that Bloomfield College is big on diversity. There's a lot of different cultures here. I like the suites, they're very suitable.
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I like how small the classes because it gives more opportunity for students to have one on one with professors. I also like how they offer a lot of support and tutoring throughout the semester. I wish the school had more activities/events for more students to join and interact. The overall campus needs to be updated for the high cost tuition students are paying for.
While the small size of the campus is good for anyone who is nervous on the idea of large state colleges, there are much better colleges, for a much lower tuition cost, than Bloomfield College. The campus food is absolutely atrocious, and the available times of the dining hall on campus is horrible. There is no existing party scene on campus, in part, due to the small size of the campus itself, as well as the small amount of students who actually live on campus. The dorms, aside from the new Franklin residence, are prison like. Mold and damaged furniture is common in both freshman dorms. In terms of academics, and the professors who teach at Bloomfield, it's spotty at best. Some professors will be the best you could ever ask to have, while others will be completely moronic and incapable of doing their job properly, and thus limiting the students ability to learn. That being said, Bloomfield does offer more courses for majors and programs that most other colleges wouldn't offer.
My whole experience at Bloomfield has been the nest of my life at the moment because I have had the best moments of my life in Bloomfield and I wish for everyone else to have the same experience as I have.
They literally canceled my major out of no where. The school is ran like a business instead of trying to care for students. It’s only students looking out for one another and some teachers but the higher ups like the Dean are trash. They just like the money but not the students. So much potential is wasted because of the ratchness and greed. Worst school ever unless you have no chance anywhere else.
Bloomfield College is very populated and mixed with a variety of students that surround the students with support. Although the professors can be difficult at times and uncooperative when it comes to the students.
I enjoy the environment. It’s a small school. Everyone is a family there. Quiet and peaceful. The learning atmosphere is welcoming. Professors provide adequate support and ensure students grasp the learning content effectively. The classrooms are small and learning is one on one with the professor. As a result students will have adequate time to interact with their professors.
From the time that I entered Bloomfield College, I loved it! I love that although it may seem like a huge campus, it is actually a small student ratio. It makes you feel like you are with family and strangers. I would love to see the financial aid office make some changes with they way they communicate with their students.
Overall, Bloomfield College has been one of the best decisions I ever made. Even though it's extremely expensive, the connections and people there are extremely amazing. The teachers are extremely nice and dedicated to help the students in any way. Bloomfield College always make sure you return again and that's is breathtaking.
The teachers are willing to work together with you in order to help you. Downside is does not feel like a private school the campus is pretty open and anybody could walk around on it.
It's a small college with a lot of personality. I wish they would accommodate commuters better by giving better parking spaces specifically for commuters considering majority of their students are commuters. Campus food should be available to commuters. Campus should develop a larger professor staff for efficient and flexible class schedules.
Professors Try their hardest to teach students, but have to deal with a lack of budget, yet the tuition is high. The Financial Aid Office is so disorganized that it's hard not to believe they bully you for your money. The Food is absolutely terrible, I gained 11lbs just by eating it for 3 months. However, there are a lot of potential and opportunity for this school.
Professors are usually really good, the curriculums are generally good too if you come in with an Associates. If you don't expect unnecessary courses. Their internship program is a bit spotty though and it is a requirement. Also if you're NOT coming in as a transfer student and getting their transfer scholarship it will get pretty expensive. If you are, it's about average cost. I should note, they do not allow you to keep any extra financial aid as a policy and will make you return anything you get. Plus they raise tuition if you're 24 or older.

I'm a commuter so I don't have to deal with this but if you decide to dorm there you need to buy their food, which I understand is pretty terrible.
I would like to see bigger cafeteria with better quality food and lounging area for commuter students since its an expensive school. The school is small which is great because professors get to know each student and are always willing to stay for help. I would also like the school to help students with getting more scholarships and aids. The feedback I have with registration office is that I wish they were consistent with the same feedback and not have students take extra classes that are not counted for. Overall experience is great and happy I chose this school. The professors are willing to guide you for success.
I only attended one year before transferring, and from the very first day I could tell it was a mistake. The professors barely taught, choosing instead to assign pointless homework and then never bring them up again.
When they weren’t failing their classes, students weren’t even showing up. Don’t expect to make friends here unless you enjoy being drunk or high 24/7.
One class in particular didn’t match the course description at all so I was left banging my head against the wall three hours a week.
The staff never answered the phone, and even when they did, they never answered questions properly either. They accidentally withdrew me mid-semester because of a misinterpreted email, the consequences of which have me playing catch up even still today. You could replace anyone of the staff with a brick and nothing would change, as they all had the experience and personality of one. Actually, the brick might be more useful, because you could use it to put yourself out of your misery.
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Bloomfield college is a great college. The advisors, professors, students are very kind and helpful. They will never fail to assist you in anyway. I love how the diversity is about the college and how everyone was very open and not afariad to helping someone. Bloomfield help me to open up to people, and made me independent.
I have attended Bloomfield college, for the moment. I would like more attention paid to the academics than the expenses. I hate the way commuter students are treated as if they don't belong.
The college is very well organized and clean, the community in campus is very friendly and respectful. I look forward being one with the students around me for a bright future ahead of us.
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