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Online is honestly not that bad math is definitely something I would not take online you will be confused. Always communicate with the professor.
You learn but communication with the professor can be complicated. You will definitely feel included almost like a family. Getting accommodations can be a long process just be patient.
Online learning has been hard to adjust to especially since starting college but the professors work very hard to make it possible for us to learn everything with little to no difficulties.
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I love the size of the campus as well as the safety of the campus. I love the dining hall as well, they include options for everyone that everyone is guaranteed to love. The residence halls are also very clean and well maintained. The dorms are an average size for 2-3 people. Campus is located in a well populated area.
Very small campus. I’m an athlete so was mostly friends with athletes. School is quite but you have to make it fun to the best of your ability.
It’s a 3.5 really because some class your really Need to be in person to understand the material. Also some Professors are understandable about the situation that’s going on right now so they are tryin to help with others just don’t care as much.
There are plenty of things that I personally enjoy about Bloomfield College. Since I enjoy anything fitness they have a track and a park nearby where I can go running, play basketball, soccer , etc. I also enjoy being close to the city.
Taking my classes online at Bloomfield College was very much of a struggle. The workload was tremendous at one point I was definitely going to fail. But two amazing professor gave me a second chance to redeem myself. Yes, online are hard. You got this !
Bloomfield College has excellent psychology professors. The professors were engaged and challenged us to do our best. I went on to obtain my Masters at Villanova. I would not be where I am today without the great start that I obtained from Bloomfield College.
I only had a few online classes so it's hard for me to give a thorough evaluation, however the classes that I did have were good and engaging.
It was okay. My professors, at least some, were very helpful and understanding of the circumstances so it was a bad experience.
This college is great at miscommunication. I do not believe I would have picked this college if I knew the staff was the way they are. This school is great at playing victim when they do something wrong so its very frustrating. I am currently applying for scholarships because my athletic scholarship increase was declined by the school.
Bloomfield College is such a tight community. Being part of the community is the best, there are so many different people that come from different backgrounds and I love learning about them. Bloomfield College is there to help each of their alumni with anything that they need. So far I am happy I get to be part of Bloomfield College.
During Covid-19 pandemic we had to switch to online classes. It was a big change but my professors will answer any question that any one had and will find a way to help us.
Bloomfield College is full with many diversities, friendly people to meet and to study with. Excellent staff they encourage you and help you out with anything.
I like that it is a small class college, each class number is not too big that it will overwhelm students to ask professors questions. What i would like to see change is more job opportunities.
At first, I was so shy but my friend encouraged me to try out for the cheer team. It was the best decision I've ever made. Bloomfield College really dragged me out of my shell. I think everyone will have a great experience here.
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I Think My Biggest Mistake Was Attending Bloomfield College . I Already Peeped How Unprofessional & Shady Most Staff Members Were Especially The Housing Department. I Came Here Right Out Of The Foster Care System So My Guard Was Already Up & I Didn’t Trust Nobody. The Housing Department Is Probably The Most Messiest Department On Campus. They Sit Around & Discuss Everyone’s Personal Business That Students Entrusted Them With. There Was One Point In Time They Tried To Get Me To Get A Student Locked Up His Senior Year & Even Tried Bribing Me With Jobs & Internships If I Helped With Theirs & The Police’s Investigation. They Didn’t Like The Student & They Knew I Had A Few Issues With This Student So They Tried To Get Me To Get Him Locked Up. There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes. I wouldn’t suggest anyone to come here for four years
I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity for one-on-one interaction with my professors. However, it would be great if we had more resources available for the department of natural sciences and mathematics.
Bloomfield College gives me the opportunity to continue my education on a higher level the staff at Bloomfield College was very good to me my first year in college learned so many things not just about college, but life too. The professors are Bloomfield College take me that college is not just about getting a college degree but to survive in life how to be successful in the future.
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