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Blinn College gives a cheap but good education. It is close to Texas A&M University, so there are plenty of things for students to do and people to meet.
I took Dual Credit courses with Blinn my Junior and Senior year of high school. I liked the opportunity I got with this college to be able to get 24 college credits out of the way. The professors were pretty good for the most part, however, every teacher has room for improvement. Overall, I loved getting my basic classes out of the way at this college. They worked with me and prepared me for my future classes at another university. I now know what to expect once I graduate from high school.
I love Blinn College as it fits me the best. Classes are smaller, so professors have the chance to interact and get to know all the students more. Campus is smaller than University, so you can move around easier and not get lost. The people there are helpful with your needs and willing to help in any way they can. I would love for them to offer bachelor degrees.
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For a community college, I liked the campus and there are not too many people around so parking was not ever a problem.
I go to the Bryan campus. This is my first semester. So far, my experience has been extremely pleasant. The classes are going well, and the teachers are very good at teaching. The parking lot gets extremely congested with both cars and pedestrians, however, and it can feel a little unsafe and inconvenient. It has taken me as long as twenty minutes to get out of the parking lot before. I don't think they can do much about this, though. The campus, is in a convenient place, however, and is easy to get to.
I loved Blinn! Everything was made clear for registration, I never worried about misleading information. Class sizes and teachers made the transition into college wonderful.
Where do I began!!! The professors are fantastic. Even though I go to one of the smallest branches of Blinn, there is still so much that the school offers. Not to mention, that every day the professors are there with a friendly smile and the staff at the front desk is willing to help you with anything you need including setting up a financial aid account. They have been really helpful this past year and I can’t wait to start up again this upcoming year :)!
I haven’t been at Blinn long but I already know I love it! It offers great educational programs as well as surrounding students in an outstanding learning environment! It’s located in a great area too! There isn’t much I would change and the things I would are minor. I’m a bit stingy here and there on things so it’s moreso something that only bother me. Overall I do enjoy my time at Blinn, though however short it’s been!
When I first came to Blinn College, I thought I wasn't going to have a good experience. I was wrong, during , my first year in Blinn, I made a lot of new friends, and joined two clubs like the Gaming Society and the Art Club, both of which I recently became the new president. The classes are very interesting and mind blowing! If you're looking for a junior college for a nice start, Blinn College is for you.
Great place for an inexpensive education but the community is nonexistent campus wide. The campus should consider the experience for the students.
I have enjoyed my time at Blinn College. The professors are very nice and always willing to help. The classes are well taught and a good size.
Great school, I enjoyed the classes and the people on campus. Classes where as expected, challenging as well as rewarding. Teacher where good, did their jobs but took a lot of days off. Some teachers did not take the job serious enough in my opinion and did not hold everyone to the same standards on the grading scale. The campus could have been taken care of better as well. The food plan was over priced based on the type of food that was provided to the students. Help with classes was always available to anyone who needed it. Not too much going on as far as school spirit or extra curricular activities outside of the sports teams.
The teacher added very are and available when needed. The staff and classmates are allvery each to get along with and all show respect for one another.
Blinn is a good school to start off before you transfer to a 4-year college. The professors are very nice and willing to help you if you are in need of any clarification of any subject. Blinn’s dorms are good for a studying and living environment. Student life is amazing and really helps you to be social and to get to know people around the campus better. The administration employees are very nice and willing to help you if you have any questions about Financial Aid or adding or dropping classes. Blinn has been a good place to start my life because I have learned so much and have met so many good friends that have encouraged me to be the best I could be. I have learned a lot a Blinn College and will miss it when I transfer.
My experience at Blinn was interesting to say the least. The school provided food made me miss my moms home cooked meal. The gym was very well stocked and clean. The athletics were very fun to participate in and support. I would defiantly recommend Blinn College to any of my friends.
Many teachers work well in helping their students maintain their grades. Students are welcoming and the environment is very diverse. There are many clubs and activities to interact and dive into.
Blinn is very fun and different and I suggest people who don’t know what they want to do with their lives to attend. Although their are not many places to live and living both on and off campus is high. The teachers are very helpful and are will to assist you anytime you would like.
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I really enjoy being a Blinn Student. The college grounds are inviting and clean, the professors are wonderful and the classes are excellent.
I love how this college is full of diversity. It provides some what opportunities. Though, I am not fond how they do not advertise a lot of clubs.
Blinn is a good stepping stone to a 4 year university. The teachers are helpful and nice and the small class sizes help you improve academically. I think the parking for Blinn is extremely overpriced but the tuition is reasonable and the campus is and nice and safe.
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