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I am a cheerleader at Blinn College and I absoulutley love it. The program is amazing here and I am so blessed to be a part of something so special. The cheer program doesn’t compare to the school. I love this college and would recommend anyone to come and pursue their education here.
Blinn is junior college that offers a great steppingstone to bigger and better things. Within the college there is a lot students who aren’t here for the right reasons, a lot of diverse and non-scholastic driven students. Which almost makes it feel like high school all over. For instance, today while walking to class there were 3 females and two male officers. A fight had broken out moments before therefore, the officers separated everyone. I just thought to myself I can’t believe I’m at college and I’m at college and there’s fights happening. It’s a great tool to use to pursue something bigger.
I like that the campus is pretty small however, more options for academics is one thing that could possibly be improved.
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I'm from the Schulenburg campus and its great. Teachers try to know you by your names and help as much as possible. I wish they didn't get rid of our bookstore. It made this complicated and hindered learning.
My experience at Blinn has been great, and it is a good milestone to transfer into a undergraduate program at Texas A&M. It is lacking in sports and housing since it is a junior college, but still has great experiences.
My experience at Blinn has been great so far. The professor, my classes are great. Have lots of homework. Never worked so hard in getting my work turned in on time. I'm really enjoying going to Blinn College in Bryan Tx
I liked the class to student ratio as well as the population. I attended the bean campus and it was not too diverse. I would be the only person of my kind in the classroom which made my experience poor. It was a bit uncomfortable and felt sort of left out. Most of the time I was not apart of study groups, and did everything alone.
The entire experience was great the professors are very helpful the other students are respectful and want to learn it is just an all around great college for anyone. If i had to choose to change something it would be that the college itself offered some sort financial aid for its students.
Registering for classes was pretty easy. Unfortunately, financial aid is horrible to work with, I had to go up there multiple times for them to actually do what needed to get done. Other than that the teachers are great and the campus is nice!
had a hard time finding my way around. alot of great people i have met. its a good college to attend if youre looking to transfer. some teachers arent very nice but there are also some very nice and good teachers there as well.
I really enjoyed the small classes and the fact that they are all in the same campus where you don't have to walk miles just to get to class. The parking is getting better they have added a new parking lot and pay as you go parking. The food choices could be better but their not bad either. The college also provides bus transport to A&M and back. Where you can which buses and ride one back to your apartment place if its on route. The teachers are friendly for the most and always willing to help out if your willing to put the extra time in learning.
They are great people! The enrollment process was a breeze with the help of the employees and professors! I love it!
Blinn has a very nice campus, the staff and students were very accepting and made me feel welcome. they also have my major and the overall experience was amazing, I am considering attending blinn in the future.
I really enjoyed going to Blinn for the years that I did. I feel like I got a quality education because the professors there are all very qualified and are more than willing to help in any way that they can. I formed great relationships with all my professors that helped me succeed while attending Blinn. The atmosphere at Blinn makes you feel comfortable so going on campus was never a problem. Having a great campus and great professors made it really easy to make friends in my classes that I still have today. If someone asked me about a two year school, I would tell them about Blinn all day.
Blinn College is excellent for new college students and those looking to transfer to Texas A&M. They have housing available near the campus and offer transport to those who live off campus like in college station and if you need to speak with anyone from academic services.
I attended Blinn for my transfer credits. The environment is lively and friendly for the most part. I spent most of my time there at the library and most librarians are sweet and very helpful. They would always provide coffee and snacks for finals week each semester. For the first weeks and last weeks of the semester, the school held events to get to know people and even brought puppies. Puppies were mostly around to de-stress from finals though. Most of professors are amazing and very very helpful. They want you to succeed and do what they can to help you achieve that. The only downside is the attendance policy. It can make it feel like you're in high school. But overall, I enjoyed my two years at this college. They're definitely two years I will remember because of the professors I met there.
I attend Blinn's campus in Bryan, Texas. The campus itself is smaller and more centralized that many other colleges which I appreciate. I have never had an instructor who would not help me outside of their classroom. There are so many good instructors at Blinn it is almost unbelievable. The courses themselves are much more in depth and challenging than other 2-year school, which is a great part of the college because, it is better preparing me for a four year school.
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Blinn college in Bryan is clean and now it is more organized. Before it is very confusing to get to classes but they finally labelled buildings. The internet is awful. Half the time I can't even get on it or I will have to constantly log back onto it. The parking is still bad. The food isn't too bad. They used to have food trucks come out and those were amazing.
Blinn is a very interesting college i enjoyed learned and plan to go back and finish. Blinn is so amazing it has a good place forvyou to learn and have a good experience. Blinn has been the best college i have ever been to as a starter of a freshman and i plan to graduate and proceed from there. Blinn is a good choice with good people that are happy to help you go further into your education.
I've only visited Blinn and I am please to say for an community college it would be a great option.
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