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I’ve been going to Blinn College the Bryan campus for almost 4 years now. It has small classes and great professors who are always there to help.
Went to Blinn in Bryan, TX for 2 years before transferring. Overall the school is very good. The classes are hard and well taught. Being so close to Texas A&M many of my professors taught at both schools, so the quality of teaching is good. The campus is clean, but there is not much else. Probably the only negative to Blinn is the parking lot is horrendous.
Blinn College is great for people who enjoy small classrooms, but with the typical dorming environment. However, the issue that I had was the diversity. A good handful of students come from poverty and I was frequently picked on for being from a "wealthy part" of Texas as they called it which was untrue. If you even dress remotely nice, you are singled out by others and shunned.
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I liked working at the campus rec. The dorms could have been better. Needs more food options and longer lunch hours.
It makes me feel at home even though i'm a freshman , its nothing compared to high school you have people of all different ages races in your class.
I'm very interested in the college campus reconstruction and as well with the tech school. Not to mention the great college professors something like university instructors helping along the way. Verses being at a institution with no structure and drive to do better. Attending blinn college has and will proceed to give me great things in return.
I enjoy the attitude of all my surrounding peers attending blinn. I encourage all future college students to check it out and see what they have because it is great!
Blinn College is an excellent institution. It isn't just about hard work, or just having fun. It's a place where you learn to live and balance both, a place to meet new people, learn about different cultures, and discuss matters with professors that truly have a passion for what they do. Spend a week here and see what you will learn!
The Small class room size creates a perfect learning environment. The high transfer rate to a 4 years university serves as a flavor that steers admission seekers to enroll at Blinn.
Blinn College is a very cultural and exciting place to learn and also meet new people. Blinn also has a very strict academic rule that must be followed to the letter. I have enjoyed attending Blinn for the past two semesters and would really love to continue attending this institution if it were not for my financial situation.
For my first year at Blinn College it was great a new friends study new things that I never did before the things that would change about Blinn is the library hours it should be open all week Blinn College is an excellent School for your basics and those who do not want to go to a full four year college there's less stress going to a two-year being at Blinn College is a great way to find Independence let alone gathering information about where to go in life
I've had a great experience so far with Blinn College. I feel like the teachers are very dedicated to working with their students and making sure they learn as much as possible. Blinn also has many great programs for students who are looking for more of a vocational education.
Wonderful admissions office as well as advising. I am a full-time online student and they helped me over the phone to get organized and ready for the spring 2018 semester.
So far I have had a good experience here and have come across some tough professors that are just trying to help you. As far as the campus goes, there is a lot of traffic, not enough parking for the amount of students, and parking passes are expensive for community college students already struggling to pay for tuition. Overall Blinn does a very good job of preparing you for any four year college and they do not just give easy A's.
The strong suits for the college include their history and English departments with knowledgeable teachers with adequate experience and ability to teach. The mathematics and physics departments are either a hit or miss. Many of the teachers are brilliant yet do not understand what it means to teach and get the point across.
Blinn is a very small campus and everyone treats you like family. The office staff are always very willing to help, no matter how small the job.
I haven't been there but I know there will be a lot of diversity. In the past, I've heard the academics is very good
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Easy to get there. A lot of restaurants and shops near. Not too many people. Easy to find. not a lot of traffic.
When I was a Dual credit student online at first it was very hard for me to find everything on ecampus . With me living about 20 minutes away from most of my family members have attended Blinn College so got to see a lot of the campus whenever i was a young girl. Now that im a Senior in high school I plan on attending Blinn and starting my nursing journey .
I am a cheerleader at Blinn College and I absoulutley love it. The program is amazing here and I am so blessed to be a part of something so special. The cheer program doesn’t compare to the school. I love this college and would recommend anyone to come and pursue their education here.
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