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Most of the professors are great, some are awful, and some are excellent. The course work is manageable and most every professor is willing to work with you if you communicate with them. The campus life is good and everything in town is easily accessible to students.
It is a nice start off college for someone who does not want to jump right into a major university. You get a chance to slow down and get an understanding of college and the experience before having to go super crazy.
The professors at the Bryan campus are amazing! They are such good teachers and offer so much help to their students. They work really hard to make sure no one gets left behind and everyone succeeds! It is also really nice being so close to Texas A&M. You get to go to all the events there and go to A&M parties and tailgates all while taking classes at Blinn.
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Advising is terrible. They put me in random classes not associated with my major and the professors here suck so much. A lot of the curriculum, especially in online classes, does not match with the quizzes or tests. Some profs just give you answers on reviews for tests and such because it's difficult to know what's important to know and what's not. Education is terrible and boring. I loved school all my life, but after a month at Blinn, I thought about dropping almost everyday I was there. Whoever manages complaints doesn't do their job at all. So many of my friends say that people smoke weed and are rowdy in their dorms very often and have reported their dormmates many times, but almost nothing happens. There is also no student life worth mentioning. Events happen, but no one goes. Blinn is really lifeless and not worth the money unless you need to go here.
It's a good place to start when attending college for the first time. Classes are small and personable. There's good professors here just a small handle full that's not the best. The campus is always clean and sometimes they have activities in the court yards. The parking is crazy during the beginning of the semesters but it gets better as time goes on. It's a great school and it's one of the top schools to help you transfer to Texas A&M or whichever school you're looking at.
Blinn College is a great place to either start working on your core curriculum for your Bachelor's Degree, getting an Associates through one of their programs, or attending one of their technical schools. The small classroom sizes offer a better chance for you to make a connection with the professors.
I'm really excited to start my journey at Blinn. They had a very quick acceptance! I am excited to start my path to becoming a Business major at Blinn College.
I have found that Blinn College provides a decently good early college experience. As a 2 year college, it does its job of setting students up for further education well.
The instructors really seem to care, particularly in the business school. There are many opportunities for students to seek assistance, and the student leadership association is heavily involved. Blinn is one of the top transfer schools in the South, and works hard to keep their status. There are transfer fairs and workshops often that are well advertised and promoted.
So far, my first semester is stressful, but it has been a good experience. The only unfortunate thing about this semester is that I'm taking 5 courses and working as a full time student.
Nice Sized campus. The Housing is really good. A lot of space and everyone in the area is nice and helpful. A small town around the campus so it’s really easy to find your favorite places
I love there choir and I would love to be apart of it as well. I got to listen to the perform at my school and it was very interesting.
Before, I started school, I was super nervous. Since, my first day the staff members have been so helpful. They have helped with getting involved with different activities and great tutoring options. I love the class size, it will help my transition to a bigger university. Also, I love how the professors know your name. It makes you feel special because at most universities they do not know who you are.
I love the involvement of the staff and students here by attending extra curriculars and being around. There is so much help offered writing wise. I would recommend a bit of a change of the food.
Blinn is an affordable school Great place to study after high school graduation. I studied at Blinn in 1982-83 and went bank to see how much they had changed for good. The campus had been upgraded and now students and staffs enjoy of better education and commodities. I new that the Library will be remodeled soon and will look very modern to serve student better. It was so nice to revisit Blinn College after all those years.
My experience with Blinn College has been great. I have had no trouble and when I have questions about anything they are answered right away very easily. My professors are nice people and they are very helpful through the process of transitioning into freshman year.
I've not yet made it on campus for my freshman year yet but I am very excited to be starting off my college experience at blinn college.
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I have had no issues with this college as registration has always been a breeze and meeting with advisors to talk about my future has really helped me throughout my college years.
I like Brenham because It’s Small and Everyone I met was really good people and the housing at brenham is already but mill creek is nice it’s one of the newest dorms we got and blinn is all about work but you wanna get away blinn will always new people to the school
Blinn College is a very good school for students who aren't really sure if college is for. them. It is a two year school students will leave with their associates. Plan a small school and kind of eases students into the college life because it's not overwhelming and it has all of the elements of a normal school but just on a smaller scale. For students who just want a taste of what school is like without spending too much money.
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