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Out of all the community colleges I could have attended I'm glad I chose Blinn. It's still in a college environment, the campus is nice, you'll always find someone to help you out with anything, and the teachers are great and up to standard. Blinn gives you a great educational experience and they only want success for their students.
Very good professors that interacted with me and taught very well. Is a great option in entering 4 year universities.
Going to Blinn's financial aid office in Bryan, TX was a very confusing process. They had me going back and forth for two months just to get paperwork done. Other than that, their advisors helped me pick great classes for my first semester!
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Good classes and professors at the Bryan campus, with convenient parking and student center. Has been a good college experience.
I love the campus and the atmosphere. Blinn is a very good college and I have friends that will attend Blinn also. I am excited to start my college experience and to meet new friends.
My visit was very interesting and very meaningful. I felt as though the dorms could have been better but they aren't completely uninhabitable. The students are very nice and the student lifestyle doesn't seem like too much of a hassle which is very good and can create a more wholesome experience for the average college student. In conclusion I feel this campus and the community is great
The Professors are easy to talk to and are always in good spirits. I don't live on campus but I know the area is good. The workload is manageable so that is a good thing. I am only a freshman so I can't say about the return on investment. The diversity of the campus is really good, there are people from all walks of life.
I enjoyed that they offer a reasonable amount of online classes for the students who are working full time. Also they are starting to offer Saturday courses, so if you are a person who has decided to go back to school but still have to work they have great options for you.
Blinn College Bryan campus is an exceptional college if you are entirely focused on your academics. If you are looking to expand your horizons in a social aspect through college, it is not the place. If you are trying to achieve a commendable GPA however, do go.
It was a great experience so far, it is a very welcoming place, everyone is nice and helps make you feel welcomed. It is like a home away from home and even though you are only there for two years, they make it the best two years ever while at the same time fulfilling all of your needs and wants to make sure you are good to go when it's time to move on to an university.
I like how the campus over all is small because you get to meet a lot more people. The fact that all the buildings are close it a good thing too.
its an awesome school , really like the leadership that this school takes and I really would reccommend blind college
I think its a very economical decision to attend Blinn College. Spend less money and get the same education (from many of the same teachers) as you would in your first two years at Texas A&M.
I have only been here for one semester and now starting the second semester I think I will like it here. I am becoming an engineer and blinn college is helping me to become what I want to be.
It is a good college, you mainly have to know how to pick your professors to get the best experience from it.
I am a current student at Blinn College (Bryan Campus). I would recommend this college to anyone who wants a good education without breaking the bank. Classes are affordable (and easier than ones at a 4 year).
Taking classes my first semester, I was expecting them to not be easy. Naturally as a student, I am a very hard worker so I put much effort into my classes. Thus, the classes themselves were not difficult, meaning the teachers and the assignments, but rather the subject material was challenging. Taking general psychology, college algebra for science and engineering, stars and galaxies, and English, were certainly a load but the teachers were very understanding and willing to help maximize their students abilities inside and outside the classroom. Working hard for classes certainly helped me grow not only academically but intelectually. This establishment is great for students that want to test the waters first before heading to a four year university.
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Love this area! College is affordable, and the classes are small which makes success in your classes much more attainable. The area is nice and close to College Station that has pretty much anything you could need food, drink, and fun wise.
I like it's small but big. I like the safety I feel walking to my classes. It's not a party seen..which I would like more student gathering.
I really enjoy the courses, and the academic level the profs hold the students accountable. I really enjoy the services the university offers, I do with the library had more conference rooms for students to hold bigger study meetings.
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