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941 reviews
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I really don't know much about this college but my friend said its an amzing college to go to. I was thinking about doing the same to get a good education.
I take online courses with them. I have had some good teachers and some terrible ones. What really getd me is how Blinn gouges you with extra fees and materials that they do not talk about before registering. Overall i would go to a different school if it wasnt my last credit.
I have attended a different college before transferring to Blinn College, and let me just say this has been the best college experience I could ask for! The classes are just the right size, the professors are eager to help, and the students are very friendly. Before Blinn College, I did not like school. After Blinn College, I LOVE SCHOOL!
I appreciate the diversity and wide variety of courses Blinn has to offer as well as well educated professors willing to work with you to better yourself.
A very small town with not much to do. The education is great and so are the professors, but the school is very strict and allows for little to no fun with peers.
Great college, not enough course options. Good experience, really motivates you to transfer somewhere.
I like the size of the campus. It's pretty small and easy to navigate. However, the library could use some cleaning.
I took one class at Bliin (dergarten) and it was Macro economics but I discontinued any other classes due to the stupidity and small mindedness of the professors and classmates. I literally had to have the -professor speak in higher ma-thematic terms to make sense to me!!!! It is really sad!!!
Although it is a junior college it still is a college so your expected to work hard. The overall experience is decent, however some of the advisors are not the greatest when you want to determine a path for your future. As one of my professors said it's not Blinndergarten.
Going to Blinn College has been an amazing experience for me. I have made wonderful friends going here and it has provided me with the education I need. The professors and staff here are remarkable. I have not ran into one person who was not kind to me. I highly recommend this college for any student.
Currently go here, its great that they have a lot of resources, but at the same time there is no student connectivity or activities. Everyone is always dropping out, transferring, or moving on. It's just so crowded too. Plan on getting my associates and then moving on to my bachelors.
I was really surprised by the lack of diversity on the Blinn/Brenham campus. There are also very few social activities.
I loved Blinn College. It made you feel at home. Also the whole staff is really a great help to you and they make you feel welcomed.
I love how at Blinn I'm not just a number. The classes are fairly small and all of the professors I have are awesome. It's easy to make friends as its a fairly small campus.
The value of a degree from this school would be fine if it's what you're looking for. However, this school does set you up for success in transferring to get a degree in your dream school too.
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  • 5 months ago
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I love my major options and the classes I have to take are very challenging, yet bearable. I look forward to the challenges I face daily and like to see my progress that I'm making.
A great way to start college. Perfect way to adjust from high school to college, plus the benefit of cheaper tuition. If I could go back in time, I'd still pick the same path.
I really haven't had any problems with any of that stuff.
Online courses are normal nothing complicated but not a huge fan.
career center is awesome and they will put you down the right path.
  • College Sophomore
  • 5 months ago
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