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Blinn is a very interesting college i enjoyed learned and plan to go back and finish. Blinn is so amazing it has a good place forvyou to learn and have a good experience. Blinn has been the best college i have ever been to as a starter of a freshman and i plan to graduate and proceed from there. Blinn is a good choice with good people that are happy to help you go further into your education.
I've only visited Blinn and I am please to say for an community college it would be a great option.
I really enjoyed the class size. You can really tell that the professors care about their students and it's so much easier to get one on one time with professors in smaller class sizes. The only down side is the parking. Parking is really bad.
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I was an A&M student who took some Blinn classes during the summer. I took them all online and they were very easy as long as you followed the syllabus and kept up with your assignments. Most of the time I had great communication with my professors but someones emails would take a while to get a responded to. Otherwise I would recommend Blinn for anyone looking to take some classes or going to get their associates degree. Also, the classes at blinn are very reasonably priced.
My experience here at Blinn was very unique, due to the fact that I am from a big city. I love the cozy, comfortable feeling I got but I wouldn't mind better food.
What I like about Blinn college is the classrooms sizes and how you can get a personal relationship about your school.
I am currently a student at Blinn College and I can honestly say that it has been a great experience. I see some of my high school class mates once in a while, which is great. I really like that the staff is extremely nice and helpful. If you have any questions about anything, they will answer them as best as they can. Also, it's easy to get around. The thing I would change is the parking pass price because it's kind of hard to find a parking spot. Sometimes you have to park far away on the side of the road. Honestly, you are paying for a parking pass that you don't really need.
The housing situations at blinn in brenham need improvement. It was hard for me to get on campus housing and so now I am stuck at an off campus housing dealing with high rates for low quality dorms as well as all of the blinn party people.
When I went for preview day it was nice ....they should takes us to see more dorms it is huge for a junior college
Blinn College is a nice college student wise. Everyone is very supportive and they always have events happening that everyone can attend. The teachers are okay, but they are sometimes less supportive.
Blinn is a great resource, especially for early college high school students. Blinn does an exceptional job at giving a real college experience that prepares students going on to 4-year universities. I wish the campus was a little less crazy, but the teachers are capable and the academics are fruitful.
Blinn College is a great thriving educational institution however it lacks more resources for students. It would greatly strengthen the institution if it were more resourceful.
I really don't know much about this college but my friend said its an amzing college to go to. I was thinking about doing the same to get a good education.
I take online courses with them. I have had some good teachers and some terrible ones. What really getd me is how Blinn gouges you with extra fees and materials that they do not talk about before registering. Overall i would go to a different school if it wasnt my last credit.
I have attended a different college before transferring to Blinn College, and let me just say this has been the best college experience I could ask for! The classes are just the right size, the professors are eager to help, and the students are very friendly. Before Blinn College, I did not like school. After Blinn College, I LOVE SCHOOL!
I appreciate the diversity and wide variety of courses Blinn has to offer as well as well educated professors willing to work with you to better yourself.
A very small town with not much to do. The education is great and so are the professors, but the school is very strict and allows for little to no fun with peers.
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Great college, not enough course options. Good experience, really motivates you to transfer somewhere.
I like the size of the campus. It's pretty small and easy to navigate. However, the library could use some cleaning.
I took one class at Bliin (dergarten) and it was Macro economics but I discontinued any other classes due to the stupidity and small mindedness of the professors and classmates. I literally had to have the -professor speak in higher ma-thematic terms to make sense to me!!!! It is really sad!!!
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