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Blessing Rieman College of Nursing Reviews

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I love it here. I read some of the reviews the review from 2018 I couldn't disagree with more. The professors are all FANTASTIC! Each and every one of the instructors/professors I have had any interaction with has treated me with the utmost respect and they all seem to take it to heart and truly care and want to help each student succeed and be the best they can be. BRCN is not just a nursing college, they have added Health Information Management, Respiratory Therapy, and a Masters program in Nursing. They are also actively working on adding a Radiology Tech degree.
This is a corrupt nursing college. Don’t waste your money, student loans, etc. on this nursing college. It’s mostly book, very little hands on and if the professors don’t like you, you’re screwed. If you do attend, because it’s the only nursing school for miles around, keep your mouth shut. Do NOT give the professors any of your personal life, they will use it against you.
There is only one major, which is nursing. It is the best major that a student could go into if they were okay dealing with the human body and all of its functions.
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For the most part, they are okay. The rooms are all equipped with the latest technology and we have nice desks and chairs. Some rooms I wish they were a bit bigger!
Few Boys – There are very few guys at BRCN. The ones that are there are married or are older than the normal college student. The girls are a variety of country and city girls with a few in between.
Small Town Feel – Quincy may be considered a city however it has a small town feel to it. Everyone is kind and open to the college students. There is a mall, Old Navy, Kohls, and a variety of other stores, but no Target. We have several museums downtown which is the site of the Lincoln-Douglas debate.
Very Few Snow Days – Ice and snow are common in the midwest but classes are rarely cancelled. The first snowday in years was during the blizzard of 2011. When the weather is nice everyone hangs out outside playing football/baseball and studying.
Lots of Choices – There are many houses and apartments available for rent within walking distance of campus. If willing to drive a couple blocks there are more options. The houses/apartments are reasonable in price
Because the hospital employees and students share parking sometimes it is hard to find a good parking spot during the day.
Most Students Are Very Easy to Get Along With. All of the students on campus have the same major so we all have a lot in common. Everyone helps everyone else out and the class sizes are under 100 so everyone knows everyone
Great Securtity and Safety. The campus is located at an actual hospital so the safety and security is pretty high rated. There are video cameras located all over campus and parking lots are close to the building. The living space is right in front of the hospital and is well lit and well watched by security. There are door codes to enter and exit the housing.
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