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This location newely redecorated and friendly environment is inviting to any age. If your looking to start or have a career change the entire staff is willing to help. Very Friendly and Encouraging individuals.
My school was very spiritual and outgoing.
I love having a teacher who i can talk to about anything!
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it has been easy to work school around my work and home life
Friendly staff that made it easy to go through the process
i like having everything mapped out and set up so that i dont have to question what classes i would need for this specific program.
It is a combination of the medical and beauty which gives everyone the option to find something that they like.
I get along with all of my classmates and can turn to them for help when needed at any time! I love them!
I love the classes i am taking and how easy it was to fit into my life!
I like the program because they have two programs in one. They are also short and quick programs.
I have been able to talk about my future career paths with some staff but have not had any time to look at the career center.
The school is small and does not include an athletic center. The programs are mainly long hours for speedy courses and do not have many centers on campus. They do have the necessary libraries and campus activities but not much else.
They have computer labs with state of the art computers. I am not sure how great the printing is on campus for the students because I have not tried them.
I feel that it is fair for the quick program, but still rather expensive.
There are many different types of students within the school. A great variety from different backgrounds.
The classes are big, something that I really like is that you can practice on each other on the phlebotomy program. The program is quick and will allow me to get a higher paying job where I work right now.
The teachers and the staff look very professionals. They have RN programs, dentist programs, beauty programs, and many other programs. They appear to be well-rounded.
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It was a lot flexible than expected. It was very quick to transfer credits and turn in all of my paperwork.
The work is self paced so it is very suitable for my work schedule. It allows me to be flexible and continue my studies without interrupting my work schedule.
I cannot speak a lot on this yet. I know they are talked about in orientation.
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