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Great school. I've learned a lot my two years at bcc. It's a great environment and my advisor was the absolute best.
I have attended three semesters at Bladen Community College. Every employee that I have encountered, from Admissions, Library staff, to all my Instructors have been amazing. Everyone is so willing to help, and they do it with a smile. The best customer service, making learning enjoyable.
BCC is the most student centered educational institution I have ever attended. Every staff member that I have encountered went above and beyond to make sure that I was successful on my educational journey. We are a small college, which has its pros and cons. On one hand, we are able to have a close relationship with our instructors. However, since we are a smaller college, we do not necessarily get a great deal of funding to allow us to be as technologically advanced at other schools. Overall, it is a great school that I would recommend to anyone!
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The staff was great. I successfully completed one course already Medication Administrative Aide.I loved the professor and learned alot
My experience at Bladen Community College has been nothing but great. Bladen offers great courses, the instructors are very helpful and caring and your advisors lead you onto the right path for your career. Bladen is a really great school overall and I would recommend anyone to go there.
Bladen Community College overall is a average place to start at. The teachers and faculty I have dealt with have been very helpful and very engaged with their students. There could be more activities and groups on campus, but it is a rural community college so there is not much in general. Overall, it is a good place to start your education at.
I love this school! The teachers and staff are very nice and friendly. There were a lot of colleges in my area that I could choose from, but I heard so many great things about Bladen Community College. Now that I attend here, I know that I made the best decision! You won't be disappointed in BCC.
There have been no hassles or frustrations experienced on campus, however If a student needed assistance in any area, faculty was helpful to resolve any matter.
Our online course are unique from the classroom setting, and just as polished . The instructors are very instrumental in creating the cyber classroom, which allows the students to interact with and learn from each other with great participation and guidance for the instructors. The workload is balanced with seated classes, the registration process is very efficient. The professor's are very helpful and professional in student relations. The seated and online classes involve peer-to-peer interaction.
Because BCC is an 2 year institution, or guidance and counselors are directing our students to 4 year institutions to complete further education. Alumni, community, and faculty have been instrumental at assisting students with scholarships to continue education as desired. Our school is very involved with the local community; therefore the community businesses look forward to employment and hiring of students.
The quality of courses taken are excellent, and so were my professors. All of the courses required were available on campus or online. Most of my classes were seated, hybrid , or totally online; this is what made it very easy to reach my educational goal.
Our schools career center/services on campus, have placed students in jobs according to major and skills. We have an excellent team in the career center who are diligent to assure student success and make students aware of other programs available.
I'm an ADN student. The nursing department is a very unique department in Allied Health, because we major in saving lives. The nursing faculty has an professional and family-like relationship with their students. We have an close intimate

working relationship, especially due to the long hours we spend together. The workload in any nursing program is heavy and persistent, but expected in order to practice safe nursing. Our program does have an internship aspect in the senior year of the nursing program, which opens up many opportunities for upcoming graduates to have job placement before graduation contingent upon nursing licensure.
My overall experience at my school, has been excellent due to the small intimate setting, the staff and faculty really goes out of the way to assure their students success.
It has been challenging for the most part but worth it.
Online courses aren't that bad.
I don't know about the post-grad services.
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The professors are amazing and are willing to help you understand your problems.
The employers are great and outstanding at my school.
At my school they don't really have a lot of programs for my career choice.
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