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I have had no problem with my online parts of the Dental Assistant Program. I enjoy being able to get me work done in a timely fashion via the internet.
The Dental field is forever growing. It is great to have a College close to home that will allow one day a week to do my Clinicals at several different Dental Offices.
The Professors, and the Internship offered for my Dental Assistant Program.
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The Dental Assistant program is Great! I have one day a week of Clinicals , and learn so much. The best is yet to come!!

Blackhawk Technical College is the Best! The Professors are great! The College is Safe. As a Single Mom it is Very important to be close to home and my daughter's School too. Thank you Blackhawk Technical College for taking me to a new level in my life!!
I love Blackhawk Tech. College! I am a single Mom and probably the oldest Student in my Dental class. I love the feeling of acceptance that I get from the Professors and fellow students!! I highly recommend this School!
The Staff at BTC are very welcoming and upbeat. This school is a warm and inviting environment to learn in.
I really like the classes and that you get to pick your own times, teachers are very nice and helpful.
I love attending Blackhawk Tech, I have learned a lot of future skills from the great teachers I had a chance to learn from.
I'm very a very shy person, and my professor took me out of my comfort zone, but in a good way. Everyone is really understanding about something that might be going on in your life, and they make it a point to get your education.
From what I have seen the networking is great!
The Campus resources are wonderful. Everything is easy to find and access.
The academic flexibility is wonderful. You can set your own agenda to make sure it works for you and to make sure you are not over working yourself.
Tuition is reasonably priced and Financial Aid is easy to fill out.
I have not yet started but I have toured the campus and have done a new student orientation and I love it so far. The staff makes you feel like you have been there for years.
Some of the student body might seem a little stuck up but they are not. They just study hard and work hard to make good grades. Life happens and sometimes there is nothing you can do about it.
The academics offered at BlackHawk College are wonderful. The registration process was easy and effective. They always have tutors available for any subject. They have an amazing list of classes you can take and if you are falling behind or miss some days they have someone call you and make sure you are ok.
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I have not yet started at school but from what I have toured of the College it is wonderful. We have to register on the web and it shows you how many people can be in a class and how many are currently in the class. I feel that this a WONDERFUL way to show how big or small your class size will be. The campus is beautiful and big enough to move around. When you walk into the main building they have a wonderful area where students can sit with a group or by themselves and study.
The school has many programs to choose from and are continually adding new programs that require less schooling so adults can get in the working field sooner.
The convenience of location is a huge plus for me with this school as well as the reputation of how prepared the students are after graduation.
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