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I love the different classroom options. The advisors are very nice and will work with you to enroll in classes that accomodate to my schedule. It is very easy to find help and when you start falling behind your advisor reaches out to see how they can help.
I love that they record the classroom section and you can view it at your own convienence. I am a working mom so it's nice not having to be in class at a set time. I can work stress free because I know I can attend class at my leisure.
The school puts the right instructors on these courses. I have had instructors that still have a grade book, legit paper and spiral, who could absolutely not instruct an online course. Fortunately Blackhawk online courses I've taken were offered by technically savvy instructors who were not perpetually frustrated with the computer.
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Great instructors and course selection! The only thing that stops me from giving 5 stars is the school offers many things but can't follow through with some. In my case getting help finding a tutor for physics. Or keeping an accurate schedule of tutors/instructors who will be available in the student success center.
Professors are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. There are many programs available to choose from.
Blackhawk is for people who have no other choice of education or only need to take a handful of classes to further their current occupation. Not uplifting or enriching.
I appreciate most of the teachers and they try their best to see that I succeed, there was one teacher who seemed to not know anything on her subject but all others I have had truly care about their students. The place itself provides a lot of help for students as well which is great
Small class sizes, one on one instruction. Everyone is friendly. Small campus. Wide range of programs.
My experience at Blackhawk was full filling for the most part. The only thing i wish that could have happened it that i would have gotten a job. I enjoyed the time with my classmates and the on hands training that i had within the class room and outside of it. I learned a lot from my professor.
I am going there in the fall and I am very excited! I am going for the Radiology program and have heard lots of amazing reviews about it.
I am a first year student at BTC and I'm loving every minute of it. I love the outdoor dining area they have right in the middle of campus.
for what i have seen its a great way to start your new life. black hawk has a lot of chooses and is a very nice college
I love Blackhawk Technical College because I am surrounded by friendly environment, great people and great staff. All the teachers are so willing to help you and want to see you succeed as much as possible. The student success center is phenomenal with not only being able to allow you to receive help but also allowing a place of study where you are surrounded by a calming atmosphere. I’d love to see more help when the following semester registration so it doesn’t take as long and maybe a couple of sports teams as well.
BTC has been a huge stepping stone for my career! Best instructors and super helpful staff. From IT Support to class specific tutoring, BTC offered everything I needed to succeed in my classes.
I have enjoyed my campus experience so much here at Blackhawk. A lot of personal and family issues have come upon during my time in Blackhawk and all of my professors have been very cooperative with my schooling and helped me understand the best to my knowledge. During my first semester my mom was fighting cancer, which made me drop courses to help her. I joined back in the spring and completed many courses. The only thing that I would like to see a change in would be that we could do practicun 1&2 during spring. Since we can’t it pushes off my graduation for another semester. But over all I have enjoyed Blackhawk very much.
I have had no problem with my online parts of the Dental Assistant Program. I enjoy being able to get me work done in a timely fashion via the internet.
The Dental field is forever growing. It is great to have a College close to home that will allow one day a week to do my Clinicals at several different Dental Offices.
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The Professors, and the Internship offered for my Dental Assistant Program.
The Dental Assistant program is Great! I have one day a week of Clinicals , and learn so much. The best is yet to come!!

Blackhawk Technical College is the Best! The Professors are great! The College is Safe. As a Single Mom it is Very important to be close to home and my daughter's School too. Thank you Blackhawk Technical College for taking me to a new level in my life!!
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