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The Blackfeet Community College is an affordable college with great instructors. It is student friendly. My favorite location to study is in the library where I have access to the computer and large tables. I love the librarians. They are very helpful. When I am not in class or at the library, I am looking for a meal in the Commons. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, there is free food. It is delicious. When my computer crashes, I cry to the techs in the Science building. The classrooms are not crowded. It is wonderful how the instructors make themselves available after class hours. The courses are challenging, but not so tedious and difficult that you fail. I would recommend the Blackfeet Community College to everyone wanting flavor while receiving an education.
I transferred to Blackfeet Community College in the spring of 2015 and returned this fall in 2016. The professors and facility are very friendly and helpful. The college really reaches out especially to the students and the community as well. I notice so many improvements and adjustments that are very helpful as a student. The college library is great as well, they have several books, computers, study areas and a conference room. My favorite thing about the college is "soup Thursday", every Thursday there's a free feed to college students in the commons of the main building.
Very strong student/ staff connection. Flexible with schedules. Limited degree choice and no student housing.
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They allow a lighter work load so i have been able to applying for interships and part-time positions.
They are very flexible schedule wise, but they a limited in the amount of classes they have for each course.
so far the instructor has been very helpful along with the online practice.
Although encourage to eventually transfer most advisors want me to stay multiple years. Without adequate student housing my intention was to transfer after a few semesters.
Coming back into school after about three years i was nervous, but all my professors move at an well mannered pace for the entire class. The professors have been very helpful and even informed us of scholarship opportunities.
As going into the health science field i have already found multiple emerging interships. work study and part-time work is also available for those who seek it out.
Very positive place to start or even get back into school no matter the age. At the moment they lack student housing though.
I'm still in need of a lot of help.
I'm slowly working my way to getting my education and I'm really far behind and slacking its putting a stressful energy on myself but I'm working best I can to get it taken care and to work at getting my education.
First year I attended was a bit uninteresting but I manage. The more I went and got to know people, the activities, and my own little routine it got easier and lot better. Best way to learn and not be scared or uneducated is to work hard and try your best to get better at what you do.
I am not taking any.
Im not to sure on those, I am a first year student still finding out things about our school
Over all this school is great, you have so much help here. You can even get one on one help.

The teachers are pretty great to, there are only a few I dislike.
I really like this school, gives the students alot of help and so many opportunities to succeed.
Review Blackfeet Community College
The career center is very inviting. The staff help you when you need it. They have very good programs so you can earn money while going to school.
The instructors here are very helpful and understanding. They help you if you get behind and the work here is challenging but fun.
I really enjoy going to school here at Blackfeet Community College. All the staff here is very helpful.
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