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I love that it was a work program college and that the classrooms were small so you got more one-on-one time with the professor and because it was a work program college your tuition was sliced in half. as well as if you don't have a work history you build one up at the college and you can do multiple jobs there if you wanted to advance your career.
I am having an amazing time at Blackburn. The atmosphere is so tightly knitted and family oriented! Blackburn also has so many opportunities that help their students succeed!
The professors here want you to succeed. Its a small college so you can get to know everyone. Class sizes are small so you can get a 1 on 1 feeling with all the professors. It is also a work college so you can get part of your tuition paid for.
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Blackburn college is a great university, it gives a family feel. People around campus are very helpful and is there to help you succeed. Blackburn is a small campus also and that’s good is you don't do well in big environments and that’s something i enjoy the most about the campus.
I love that Blackburn is a small campus in the middle of a small town, my hometown. The people have always been nice and supportive and I've heard great things about their programs. Looking forward to being there this fall!
I absolutely adore Blackburn College. I started here because it is a small, private, liberal-arts college. And added bonus is the uniqueness of it... it is one of seven work colleges in the country, and we are the only student managed one! I feel such pride and feel so proud to be here. I am a first-year student, and can already say I am a resident assistant and the future president of Student Senate for the 2019-20 school year, and much more. The professors are wonderful, the academics are good because they are challenging, and so much more. I am so proud to be a Blackburn student.
I liked the professors and the student staff, as well as the works program and the athletics. The community around it was very nice and everyone was very helpful
It is an amazing experience. The admissions team is very respectful I think it'll be a good fit for me as well as others.
I like the fact that the professors are readily available to help out students at almost anytime due to the smaller class sizes.
I wish they didn't force the people that live on campus to take a meal plan because I could be saving that money.
It's a small college, but it's nice to know everyone. You also get 4 years of quality work experience that will help you be better qualified to find a job.
I like that the professors get to know their students personally, but school here also seems more like a high school sometimes rather than college.
I love blackburn. The staff are very helpful towards students who need help. They help take some pressure off of the students and I wish to keep going.
I have conducted my own research as a freshman psych major, which is not seen in undergrad especially as a freshman plus I presented it at an international conference in Chicago. That research I am publishing now with my psych professor. To have that on my CV and to continue with new research and publications every year is going to add up at the end of 4 years! As a diverse student, I would like to see more diverse students on campus, the school can't really change that unless those diverse students attend.
Future employers will LOVE to hear about your work college experience. It definitely gives you an edge over other candidates.
The classes are small and I get a lot of individual help and one-on-one. I get to meet with my counselor regularly. I can also get in touch with my professors pretty easily and they are really receptive. The dorms are older - the whole campus is older but really pretty. There are a lot of student activities. The students really all stick together and we play campus golf and a lot of other things. The town is very small but the local bowling alley hosts nights for college students that are free and so does the local movie theater. I personally play baseball and my coach is awesome. The other sports feel the same way about their coaches from what I can tell. The one time student activity fee gets us in to all of the events - soccer, basketball, baseball - free. Overall, it has been great for me!
They try to help you be prepared when you graduate.
The school is ok but has some minor problems.
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Security is easy to talk to.
It could be a little cleaner.
We don't really have much of a Greek life.
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