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Future employers will LOVE to hear about your work college experience. It definitely gives you an edge over other candidates.
The classes are small and I get a lot of individual help and one-on-one. I get to meet with my counselor regularly. I can also get in touch with my professors pretty easily and they are really receptive. The dorms are older - the whole campus is older but really pretty. There are a lot of student activities. The students really all stick together and we play campus golf and a lot of other things. The town is very small but the local bowling alley hosts nights for college students that are free and so does the local movie theater. I personally play baseball and my coach is awesome. The other sports feel the same way about their coaches from what I can tell. The one time student activity fee gets us in to all of the events - soccer, basketball, baseball - free. Overall, it has been great for me!
They try to help you be prepared when you graduate.
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The school is ok but has some minor problems.
Security is easy to talk to.
It could be a little cleaner.
We don't really have much of a Greek life.
There is a lot of focus on the athletic teams.
I like the small town feel of the College.
I enjoy my school because it has the Work Program, allowing students to work on campus. The students' work pays towards their tuition. This program gives students work experience.
The athletics is okay. Many students are involved.
We have security, but they are students. I think the college should hire out for security to make it more reliable
Never have had a major problem with a professor. They are all usually pretty friendly
Rooms are small, furniture is okay, noise level is alright, but the buildings need updated- bad.
We have the work program, which is good. But the school needs to invest money into itself. We need new/more dorms and the campus just needs updated
I've never experienced any of this, so I don't really have an input
They gaurentee you a job at least 6 months after graduation, but no gaurentee it will be where you want it to be
Review Blackburn College
I've only met a few prof. who I believe actually care about their students education.
All my friends live in my dorm, so that's the upside
It sucks because we don't have them
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