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Absolutely love this small college. It has 2 campuses and would recommend it to anyone who’s fresh outta high school trying to get their basics first before going on to a university. Tuition is very affordable!
So far this has been the best place I have been to be taught anything. The teachers are so nice and understanding and helpful. If you don't know something, they will let you know. There is no cafeteria but there is vending machines.
Very good experience so far with the RN program. Instructors are very hands on and eager to help with questions. Very friendly environment. I would recommend the program.
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I like how the campus police will help if there is a problem like locking your keys in the car, and they will do it for free. Students can use the police building to exercise because they have a gym and a basketball court. The students learning about cars will do anything to your car for free if you just buy the parts for them to put in your car.
I like how small the classes are, because every student has a chance of getting their question (s) answered by the professor within the time frame of the class. What I don't like about BRTC is some of the advisors they assign are not very reliable, some advisors don't even check their email when you're supposed to set up a meeting at the end of each semester to get the hold lifted off your grades so you can view them, and so you can check your grades of the semester. It doesn't help if they don't check their emails, or if their the first out of the classroom everytime class is dismissed.
My favorite part of going to this college has been the quality of education for the price. It is only a two-year school, but the classes still offer the same quality material that a larger university would and with the added charm of small class sizes and a more personalized experience. I was even able to take classes concurrently through high school and get an entire semester out of the way. You can get anywhere on campus in a three-minute walk, but you wouldn't need to make it that long because there are parking lots surrounding each building. It's a very comfortable place to spend the first two years of your college education, and most of the instructors seem to really love their jobs. Even in my world civilization class at 8am, Dr. Power is cracking jokes and making the material fun.
I was able to work with my advisor and create a schedule that worked around my job and family life.
Having experience with the technological side of the school I would say it is very good.
When taking online courses the professors were readily available and willing to help with anything I needed.
I haven't had these experiences yet but as far as I can tell my advisor has been very helpful in explaining the process.
The workload I have had has been fair but challenging.
I have taken classes through this college before but never been a traditional student. The teachers were wonderfully helpful in anything I needed.
They offer a wide selection of days and times that make it easy to fit around your life schedule.
Online courses at BRTC are great. I had to switch to all online class one semester due to a family emergency even though I swore I would not take classes online. It turned out very well, and was very educational. I actually enjoyed it enough to take other classes online afterwords.
BRTC offers a wide variety of classes. The class sizes are pretty small which is positive for people who need one on one help. The professors are very thorough and enlightening.
Although it is only a 2 year institute, they offer a wide variety of certificates and associates degrees that can help you start your college journey!
I am going into nursing and I think they provide many assets! They just built a new health and science complex that is amazingly advanced. Along with that, the graduation rate from the program is very high and has been for a continuous number of years.
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I am very happy with my choice to attend college here! I love how warm and friendly the staff are! They make you feel like they care rather than just trying to get your tuition money. The small campus and moderate amount of students makes it easy to find where you need to go and gives the instructors more one on one time.
I would rate it as okay mainly because it is a two-year college. The tuition is affordable and the classes are small, making it easier to get a higher education without the struggle of dealing with huge classes.
This school is the best I've ever been to.
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