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Black River Technical College is by far one the best colleges I have attended. The faculty staff and instructors do their best to always help you out of you need them to. This my second and a hlf year with them and I will continue to keep going. No instructor wants you to fail and will give you every opportunity not to.
Yes, I have taken a few courses online and the instructors use ample time to explain things to you if you don not understand. I took some hard classes online and managed passing all my online class with an A. You can get in tough with them anytime you need too. And they are always there to answer them. I loved all my instructors, on line and on campus!
It’s a great school & very close to home. It was challenging to work from home & finish my classes online due to the coronavirus, but I did it!
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It was challenging this semester due to the coronavirus, but my experience overall was good. I was used to learning through in-class instruction & taking online tests, so the last couple months not having that classroom instruction have been challenging to say the least. I would recommend this school to anyone needing to take their basics or learn a trade.
O stars if I could on everything it touches. This college is pure trash and institutions as such are exactly whats wrong with America to being with. Two faced faculty members especially Kellie Hartridge and Vice President Bane totally deteriorate this college's overall performance. Why in the world these two moronic idiot jack handle of a fools haven't been fired is beyond me. Avoid at all costs!
I love BRTC. The faculty there is so nice and helpful. The programs offered are amazing. I highly recommend BRTC even though it is a 2 year college it is one of the best colleges around.
The staff at BRTC are so nice, they make sure that you have all the information that you need. Since it is a community college it is very affordable. You will still be able to get the same education that you would be getting at a four year college.
I love how the professors at Black River take the time to help students one on one if they don’t understand something. They all care about the success of their students.
The college is very personable. They know you by name and are always willing to help. If there was one thing I would want to change it would be the degrees. I wish they offered more, but it is a technical college.
I haven't attended the college yet but I have been there many times. I enjoy the people and staff. They are all very respectful.
My favorite thing about Black River Technical College is that the campus is really safe. They have campus police and other great qualities so that you can feel safe on campus. Something that I would definitely like to see change is being able to get the whole Associate's of Arts Degree online. There are many classes available to take online but as of right now, you cannot complete your whole degree online.
One thing that I really like about Black River Technical College is that they have an array of options for online classes so that I can go to school on my own time. One thing that I wish would change is making the whole Associate of Arts Degree online. There are certain classes that you have to have to graduate that cannot be taken online.
Very friendly staff members who answer all my questions when I have them! Great environment and programs!
I’ll be re-starting my education this summer at Black River. All of my interactions with the staff have been wonderful! They’ve all been super encouraging & helpful & have answered all my questions! I’m super excited to start furthering my education here.
I absolutely love this college. Everyone is so nice and they all want to help and make sure you succeed. I have had a great experience.
Everything about Black River Technical College is exemplary. I would not change anything about this College.
Absolutely love this small college. It has 2 campuses and would recommend it to anyone who’s fresh outta high school trying to get their basics first before going on to a university. Tuition is very affordable!
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So far this has been the best place I have been to be taught anything. The teachers are so nice and understanding and helpful. If you don't know something, they will let you know. There is no cafeteria but there is vending machines.
Very good experience so far with the RN program. Instructors are very hands on and eager to help with questions. Very friendly environment. I would recommend the program.
I like how the campus police will help if there is a problem like locking your keys in the car, and they will do it for free. Students can use the police building to exercise because they have a gym and a basketball court. The students learning about cars will do anything to your car for free if you just buy the parts for them to put in your car.
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