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It is a small college that has your basic programs. It is a clean campus but has older dorm rooms. The bookstore on campus is stocked well and there are a couple places to grab coffee
Stop lying bout the diversity! It is straight white people here.
But the scenery is very nice, just has to really get over that there is not diversity!! It is very boring out here need more college clubs. Met some life long friends.
Nothing, when I went to visit it was a place I felt comfortable, and could see me applying and going to college.
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Overall, I like going to school here. Except that some of the advisers are terrible and no help whatsoever. You would be better off on your own then ask them for help. Same goes with some teachers, 90% of the professors I've had were amazing but the rest were awful and didn't try to help answer your questions.
It is a small college that has your basic programs. It is a clean campus but has older dorm rooms. The bookstore on campus is stocked well and there are a couple places to grab coffee on your way to class.
I transferred to BHSU from SDSU, and it is a WAY better fit for me! The classes are manageable sizes and the professors are amazing! If I ever had a question or concern they were always willing to help me on the spot or offer a better time to work out the problem. The campus nicely laid out and classes and rooms are easy to find.
I love how small this school is. All of my professors know me by name, and it's a private school education for half the cost. The facilities are newly renovated, and there's plenty of places to study on campus. I feel very safe when I'm walking by myself, and the atmosphere of this school is amazing.
Great campus and local scene hiking, fishing camping, and much more that can make campus life great and rarely dull
I like how friendly the staff is. I just registered for summer classes. I can't really tell much more since I am going to be just starting. I will say the campus is pretty for being on it for the first time.
The campus is beautiful. Lots of hiking and fun things to visit close by! Small school environment. Large variety of majors, minors, and classes. Lots of clubs and student activities.
I truelly enjoyed my first semester. They had tons of activities throughout the year that were great ways to get involved and enjoy your school year. The variety of academics this school has is good to help students to figure out where they decide to go.
Bhsu is a small town quiet college for those looking to do the work and not a party life. crime free, outdoor adventures like hiking and biking. Football is big around here, church clubs, and the college is heavy on business, science, and education degrees. Dorms are ok, but you must leave during 3-week Christmas break and a weak long spring break
It really became my home. Everyone is so welcoming and there are so many opportunities if you put yourself out there.
I absolutely value my College and think highly of Black Hills State University. My purpose to my existence is believed to make a difference for this world, and Black Hills State is the stepping stone for me to reach my dreams and Goals. The opportunities that is provided is absolutely amazing.
Within Black Hills State University, I do Believe that there is always room for improvement. Some of the ideas or comments I hear from others are petty improvements. I believe there is potential to make a change on the young minds of students, we need to open our eyes and see the world that surrounds us, we need to be more accepting towards the others that stand near us, we need to rise as a community as a first change to start the changes that we all need to make for the world.
Thank you.
Spearfish is a good community and location. BHSU is a nice size and offers many activities for students.
I am a first year currently doing my second semester. I am very impressed with the teachers here and I love the small classes. most of my classes consist of 30 students. because of the small class sizes teachers know most of their students names. the small classroom experience is like going to private college but for half the price!
I absolutely love this college! Great town, community, and school. Being so far away from home ad this place makes me feel happy!
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I love BHSU, and Spearfish is such a beautiful place to live. My experience here has been good overall. The food in the cafeteria certainly isn't the greatest, but it's not the worst either. The professors are all very friendly and one-on-one. They are always willing to help whenever you need it. The campus isn't very big, which is something that I like. I came from a small high school so attending a small college made it easier to adjust. Everyone here is very friendly and I get really positive vibes from being here!
I am in my second year of college at BHSU and can say that I do overall like the school. The class sizes are small enough to promote conversation and real participation, while not being stiflingly small. I've liked most of my professors and love all the professors in my major. The history department, my major, is small enough that I know each history professor fairly well. My only complaint about the school is that they don't offer in-state tuition to Nebraskan people.
The University is located at the base of the Black Hills. The population of Spearfish embrace the students and are very accepting. If it is the outdoors you enjoy, it offers a bountiful choice with year round offerings. The campus staff in all departments across the board are very friendly and helpful. I would recommend Black Hills State University to all.
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