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All of my classes so far have been online, and they are going very well. I really appreciate the work my professors put into making my online classes enjoyable.
Although this is my first semester, I absolutely love it at Black Hills State University so far. I enjoy my classes and working with the staff was amazing. I am looking forward to continuing my education here.
The campus at BHSU is absolutely gorgeous as well as the surround town of Spearfish. The campus is easy to navigate and easy to feel at home. The dorms are small, but Bordeaux makes up for that with air-conditioning and heating in every room. The only reason I did not like Black Hills State University is some of the faculty was very rude and crossed many personal boundaries that seemed unacceptable to me. Many of my professors were inconsiderate and difficult to work with.
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I did not take any classes online through Black Hills State University, but I did have some professors who utilized the online format as well as in person. Although I prefer in person learning experiences over online, the online portion of the classes were set up in an easy to use format. Minus some minor issues with the programs the experience was average.
Black Hills State University is in a beautiful location (Spearfish, South Dakota). There are many activities to do located not too far from campus. The campus itself is clean, well-kept, and beautiful. The admissions are helpful and kind people that take your best interests to heart. Not to mention their athletic programs are hard-working and dedicated. They offer an excellent pool of majors and degrees to choose from. I have heard nothing but amazing things about their education system.
Black Hills State University is a pretty good school if you are majoring in education, psychology, or business. Those are the majors that it is very successful in. It is not very STEM savvy, but it does offer some courses with great professors. The town of Spearfish is gorgeous and offers many college discounts. There are many small businesses and hiking spots. Great college town with a good college.
I am a dual credit student at the BHSU Campus in Rapid City. I've had good professors and an overall good dual credit experience. The transition from high school to college classes was a little difficult because I didn't get the same resources as a college student would have and I felt a little under-informed. I've also had a difficult time seeing my grades as most of my professors choose not to publicly post them. I love the easy access to this campus and and the opportunities they give students here even though it's not the main campus in Spearfish. Overall I've had a good time here and I think it was a good decision to take classes at the BHSU Campus- Rapid City.
Teachers really focus on giving students the opportunity to view all sides of a topic. They try their hardest to not be extremely bias. Everyone is friendly and the opportunities here are endless.
This is where I was able to take my high school dual credit. It was good. They tried to double charge me though
It is an amazing school and has a great teachers. Everyone there wants to see you succeed and graduate. There are many things to do if you like being out doors.
I absolutely love Black Hills State. The campus is beautiful, the professors are wonderful and helpful, and there's always something fun and exciting to do.
The professors are very helpful and show great interest in your success. The classes are appropriate to your major and interests as well as the levels they accompany. The homework is appropriate to the class and class load and classes are interesting and engaging. Overall, this school is very well suited for serious students who want to succeed and go on to achieve their dream career.
I've been to Black Hillls State a few times for ACT testing, and for extracirricular activities, and the people there are great to work with and they are very one-on-one with each individual, and I love how they are willing to meet with students in the surrounding communities and see how they can improve their college.
I like all the fun activities they have going on after school hours. The only thing I would change is better food on the buffet.
I had switched schools from the University of South Dakota to Black Hills State University. I was very frustrated with the first school and after talking to one of the advisers at Black Hills State I made the switch. They helped me with all of my needs making the switch easy and effective. The staff is friendly and easy going. They make themselves very approachable.
my experience up to this point has been awesome. love the smaller classes and love the university center can save money and live at home and still get a degree.
Black Hills State was such a warm and welcoming school where I felt at home right away. I felt that the professors cared for not only my education but also my wellbeing which led to great relationships with them in and out of the classroom. The education prepared me for position I have had since graduation in my degree. My educators were willing to work with me and help ease the transition from college life to real life as well.
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Great school! So many options to learn from. Make as many friends and meet new people.
Great place to live and start a new chapter.
Weather conditions are perfect.
BHSU is one of the prettiest campuses in South Dakota. It is in the top 10% of business schools and is AACSB accredited. It's one of the US tree and bee campus.
Black Hills State University is a great school. It is small enough that professors know who you are, but big enough to feel different from high school. The professors are great teachers, and they really care about your education! Tuition is low, especially in-state. As with most colleges, I wish dorm and meal plan prices were lower, but overall, the school gets 4 stars.
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