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I like all the fun activities they have going on after school hours. The only thing I would change is better food on the buffet.
I had switched schools from the University of South Dakota to Black Hills State University. I was very frustrated with the first school and after talking to one of the advisers at Black Hills State I made the switch. They helped me with all of my needs making the switch easy and effective. The staff is friendly and easy going. They make themselves very approachable.
my experience up to this point has been awesome. love the smaller classes and love the university center can save money and live at home and still get a degree.
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Black Hills State was such a warm and welcoming school where I felt at home right away. I felt that the professors cared for not only my education but also my wellbeing which led to great relationships with them in and out of the classroom. The education prepared me for position I have had since graduation in my degree. My educators were willing to work with me and help ease the transition from college life to real life as well.
Great school! So many options to learn from. Make as many friends and meet new people.
Great place to live and start a new chapter.
Weather conditions are perfect.
BHSU is one of the prettiest campuses in South Dakota. It is in the top 10% of business schools and is AACSB accredited. It's one of the US tree and bee campus.
Black Hills State University is a great school. It is small enough that professors know who you are, but big enough to feel different from high school. The professors are great teachers, and they really care about your education! Tuition is low, especially in-state. As with most colleges, I wish dorm and meal plan prices were lower, but overall, the school gets 4 stars.
I would say that Black Hills State is very good academically. They have high success rates with their students and prepare them well for whatever degree one is pursuing. They do have some disorganization at the paperwork level and it can sometimes take a while to get an issue worked out, that is just a technical matter, but they do try their hardest to get someone what they need. I enjoy this university a great deal. The campus is small and community oriented. There are opportunities galore to be involved and make friends and just benefit oneself and others through volunteering and community service. Overall, a very good school.
Black Hills State is a near-perfect crossover of a medium-scale university surrounded not only by a small and friendly community, but also a vast and adventurous landscape for those who love the outdoors. You can find a large scale of opportunity both on campus and within the community of Spearfish itself. The professors are very friendly and caring of their students' education. I love this school, as it is rich with new experiences and new opportunities.
They have been very helpful with all my transfer needs. I like the fact that they don't consider a transfer student as a "new to college" type of student like generally other colleges do.
Great Scenery, Great professors, challenging courses, but overall great university. I transferred from a community college to attend Black Hills State University. I came from California to South Dakota to play football, and really enjoy the area.
I go to their second campus in rapid city so i can not attest to a large portion how good various aspects on main campus is. the professors i have had are all very passionate about their material but teach it in a way that is not unnecessarily complex.
Black Hills St University is located in one of the most beautiful areas in America. Not only is the location of the campus amazing, the school itself is awesome. Black Hills has a very prestigious accreditation for it's business program. Personally, this is what attracted me to this school, however Black Hills offers much more. If you chose this school, not only would you be in one of the best areas, but you would be attending a very amazing school.
A good variety of classes and degrees, and good quality education. The teaching, photography, and business degree programs especially excel. The food is good, there is quite a bit of diversity of students, and very friendly, knowledgeable staff.
A beautiful campus, set right in the Black Hills of South Dakota. All the professors I have encountered with my major have been wonderful and caring people. The cafeteria is usually good and the campus is ALWAYS clean.
Classes are small, so you have more time with professors. Everyone is very open and friendly. And education is valued.
I take courses online with Black Hills State and I have been since I was 16. I think that it is great in comparison to some of the other schools I have attended in South Dakota. The teachers actively communicate with their students and the students have all appeared to be quite friendly. Any problems that I confronted were easily solved when I talked to either a teacher or another staff member of the school. They work hard to make sure you have a good experience and a quality education.
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Stop lying bout the diversity! It is straight white people here.
But the scenery is very nice, just has to really get over that there is not diversity!! It is very boring out here need more college clubs. Met some life long friends.
Nothing, when I went to visit it was a place I felt comfortable, and could see me applying and going to college.
Overall, I like going to school here. Except that some of the advisers are terrible and no help whatsoever. You would be better off on your own then ask them for help. Same goes with some teachers, 90% of the professors I've had were amazing but the rest were awful and didn't try to help answer your questions.
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