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I really enjoy going to black hawk college the teachers are very knowledgeable compassionate and caring they work hard for you and expect for you to work just as hard for your self I would definitely recommend anyone to enroll in this community college
I like the fact that it is very cheap. It’s one of the cheapest college around the quad cities area if not the cheapest college.
My experience at Black Hawk has come down to a couple factors: 1. You have to know which professors to take, or else the whole experience will be awful. Since this is a community college, the professors are very willing to work with students on assignments and keep to their office hours pretty well, in my experience. I felt that Black Hawk was a good first step in my college experience.
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They keep improving the campus to include more and more classes and classrooms without raising the tuition which helps college be an option. Most professors want you to succeed as well
Black Hawk is a very good community college, with its best feature being that the teachers are great. Black Hawk has great graduation rate, on average a Black Hawk student is more likely to finish a four year degree, than a student who jumps into a four year school. They also finish with higher gpa's. This is due to the fact that the teachers are great and very helpful.
I loved everything about Black Hawk. It was not only place for learning but it was a place where you could learn to better yourself and become more confident in your field of study. At Black Hawk faculty isn't just faculty they become your family and the relationships you create last a lifetime.
Just to clarify I go to the East Campus. The teachers and students are very friendly which makes it a very welcoming atmosphere. However, the East Campus is known for their equine program and agricultural programs. The science fields are decent. If your major isn't in one of those fields there really isn't much for you.
I went to Black Hawk College because I got a 2-year scholarship to go there, and I am so glad I did. I had such an amazing experience at this college; if it were a 4-year university, I would definitely stay there. Something I really liked were the professors; every professor I had was the best. They really help you succeed; the advisors are great as well. It is affordable, and it was very close to my house. The campus is very clean and friendly; you really feel like home while you are there. I just wish there were more electives to pick from.
Very average staff. Material can be easy to understand. Has some great professors and not so great professors. Staff may seem energetic to help, but sometimes not every help. Price is very good. Remodeled the library and soon the foyer which I am excited about.
After going to a small high school, BHC made the transition to college so easy! The smaller campus and class sizes wasn't overwhelming and the staff was there to help you with any questions. As a former student, and current teacher, I recommend BHC to all of my high school students unsure of where to attend college.
The faculty at this facility is enthusiastic and encouraging. The curriculum, depending on the course in which one is enrolled, is challenging but achievable, leaving the student well prepared to continue in taking higher level courses.
My time in the art department was fantastic. I loved the teachers, they really cared about their students. Unfortunately, the board didn't care that they were cutting some fantastic teachers and that their students would follow. BHC had an amazing art program, the best in the area. Better than the two 4 year colleges in the are. And now they don't, they're not worth going to anymore. I recommend all graduating high school students to head straight to university or to another community college in the area.
I transferred here from private university..a big change from what I am used to. My other school did not offer a nursing program like Blackhawk does
While Black Hawk is a good stepping stone, keep in mind it is not the college experience one might be looking for. There are many resources available to help students, but networking and making friends is difficult due to the nature of the school.
I liked that my professors were really understanding and actually tried to help when you needed it.
I would like to see change in the counseling department. You have to make an appointment and the scheduling timing doesn’t work very well.
Black Hawk is a very friendly school with qualified teachers that love there jobs and love to see their students succeed.
I have loved my time at Black Hawk. They provide so many excellent resources for new students, first-gen and transfer students. I have been so blessed with all of the resources around me. They have made my job incredibly easy by not having to stress over college apps and such.
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Black Hawk College is such an amazing school. A very good transition school that eases you in the college life. The teachers care about your future and they go out of their way to make sure you understand what you are learning. If I can give this school more than 5 stars I would.
I am currently attending Black Hawk College as the first step in my journey of becoming a secondary education teacher. So far, I have had an amazing experience! I am visually impaired and have found that Black Hawk has an amazing disability services center. They are always ready to help and make setting up class accommodations very simple. I am also a part of Black Hawk's transfer program and it is incredible. My Trio adviser makes sure that the classes I take benefit both my degree and transfer over to the university I am hoping to attend. Overall it has been a great experiece starting at Black Hawk. The staff is so helpful and friendly.
BHC is very good two year school to get a lot of your general courses done. Tuition is reasonable. They make transferring to a four year very easy.
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