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Our experience with this school was not a good one. Speaking specifically of the East campus, they have a lot of work to do in the area of diversity and inclusion. There is a great deal of low-key racism that occurs within the student body as well as higher up in administration. When my child brought concerns about this to the Dean his best advice was to “ just keep your head down and stay quiet and it’ll pass”. Hardly the kind of advice my child expected to hear given the day and age we live in. Additionally, the quality of education was just as bad. Understanding that this is a community college, our expectations were not very high going in, but after being there it became apparent that half the ‘instructors’ leading the class were unqualified to do so. It all came out in the wash when a good portion of my child’s credits did not transfer, even though we were assured the classes were tailored to meet the requirement of my child’s school of choice.
My Black Hawk College experience was overall very good. The facilities, students, professors and services offered were of good quality.
MY online experience with Black Hawk College was very good. The online professors were very good. Thank You!
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The teachers would show how much they cared about their students unlike most of the advisors there. I loved the school though. The teachers were always willing to help out students with anything and provided many useful resources. Most are really understanding. I loved the food on campus specially subway! :)
There is a lot of work you must do online and there is a significant amount of homework but it is all not so hard to complete bc schoology is easy to understand and really useful. Teachers help students a lot with resources
Overall, Black Hawk College is a nice community college to attend. It is easy to get around campus, and easy to find helpful resources.
Black Hawk is a pretty good school for educational and athletic purposes! Our women's basketball team won our Conference Championships and were Regional Championship runner ups.
As soon as I entered this college there were many nice people around. It is really diverse and there were very nice and helpful staff as well. This college provides me with the best classes I need to succeed in my future career as well.
I like Black Hawk because of the cheap tuition and great professors. I am getting a good education and not paying the crazy expenses that come along with a 4 year-institution. The campus is simple and easy to navigate. This school offers a lot of help on things and have great advisors and counselors.
A pretty great school! Professors are really show you that they care about the success of their students and make you feel comfortable in the classroom. There is a new building that is updated and it's amazing. The setup of the seating of the classroom is very new and fresh! Out of the four buildings, two of them should really be updated as well (the overall image of the school would go up) I wish there were more activities that the school would offer but other than that, it's a pretty good choice for someone that wants to go to a community college and focus more on grades than being social.
Black Hawk college is a fairly small campus but it is also very nice. The smaller rooms allow the students to get better interaction with their professors. The school also provides all students with the ability to use their pool and their very nice weight room, for free.
I really have enjoyed my stay at Black Hawk college. It is an amazing price with great teachers. The professors truly care about how you do in their classes. The school has lots of opportunities for people to meet each other and do activists together.
The professors are great. They're intelligent, understanding, kind and want to see you succeed. There are many student life opportunities. It's a very welcoming place.
I like the college so far i think its very protected and its got a lot of academic choices here. The proffesors that i have are really nice and are easy to talk to, they seem like they are always ready to help there students learn in class and after class. I'm looking forward to a great year this year and I hope i make friends and people who i can study with for the course that i am taking this year.
Many of the professors at Black Hawk College seem to truly enjoy their jobs and are interested in seeing their students become successful, however the classes often lack difficulty, which is nice for some, but frustrating to those looking to actually learn something new.
There are a lot of good programs at black hawk and they cost less than a university. Love the remodeling they have been doing.
Many people have an aversion to community colleges but if fact, Black Hawk is one of the best. The staff are knowledgable about events and topics around campus and are always willing to help out; not to mention they have endless patience for first year college students. They also offer a wide variety of programs for such a small school and very good student-teacher relationships.
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Great environment with great professors. If you need help, professors are always willing to help you during their office hours, or during class if there is time.
Overall I had a great experience at Black Hawk College. I did take an ART 101 class that was suppose to be the basic beginnings of Art and I felt it was a little more advanced than it should have been, which was challenging, due to me not having a lot of experience with Art classes prior, added supplies for this class that were needed were also very pricey.
I like the the smaller classes. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. One thing I would like to see change is more internships to be available for all or most of the degrees available.
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