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Bismarck State College Reviews

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Super great people and teachers. I went there one semester and loved it super great and welcoming people.
Affordable education and awesome facilities at a great price! After one year at Bismarck State, I have been pleased with the experience. Qualified professors and outstanding facilities with state-of-the-art technology for my major.
All of the online classes I have taken so far have been completely amazing! The professors are extremely helpful and provide good content for learning.
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Bismarck has always been my first choice when it comes to college. I didn't attend my first year, but I always knew that I would be welcomed back no matter what. Everyone is extremely friendly and the campus offers a variety of activities to choose from. The only thing I wish that they had was football. I can't wait to start the year with continuing my major in journalism.
I love it they care deeply about your education. I love this college and they are very nice some classes are hardly but really nice too I love it
BSC is an amazing college, and extremely affordable. After receiving a Bachelor's Degree from a different school, I decided to pursue a different career. BSC had open arms and embraced that I am a non traditional student. I love all of my professors and courses and cannot wait for the future.
I am a BSC Dakota Nursing Program student. I am very impressed by how hard these instructors work and how much my love for nursing has grown. BSC is helping me achieve my nursing degree. All the instructors are great communicators and helpful. They help the students achieve their goals every day.
I loved the Music Professors, but I did not like the lack of practice areas. There is also a negative connotation attached to Bismarck State, as it is truly only a two year community college and few students have a good work ethic. There are many good things about the school, they just need to be discovered.
My overall experience at Bismarck State College has been very beneficial. The campus is beautiful, well kept, and the environment is very friendly and welcoming. A variety of classes are available and I succeed in the smaller class sizes. It is nice to be able to make a more personal connection with the other students and with the professors. One thing I really like it how affordable the tuition is. The one thing I would like to see improved is for the library to have longer hours and to be open later at night.
One thing that was done for freshman students was giving time to meet new people. I enjoyed it. There are a few on campus place to hang out with friends. Unfortunately, being mainly a 2 year college there are not many clubs.
Bismarck State College is a friendly college that is smaller, but offers everything you can imagine. You will enjoy smaller class sizes, and very friendly staff. You will get treated with respect and dignity. I highly recommend this college.
Everyone is friendly, and the professors are great. Their teaching style fits to work for every one and are always helping their students. The campus is the perfect size for me and there is always something going on.
I take most of my classes from BSC online, but go on campus often to meet with professors. They are always available and very flexible with my schedule. I feel safety could be higher, but altogether this is a great two year college.
My graphic design classes weren't very flexible. I didn't have the choice to schedule them when I wanted, So I just scheduled my other classes around it. I can't say there was anything frustrating about the flexibility of my classes, The only problem was that I couldn't work during the week. I just work weekends now, It doesn't bother me. I have more time for homework.
Online classes are much different than classes in a classroom. Classes are more fast paced and I can do my assignments when I have time or when my schedule allows. I do feel more comfortable asking the teacher questions because then I don't have to worry about looking like an idiot in front of the entire class. I don't like that it is faster paced because I feel like all I am ever doing is trying to get homework done for this class. I get more homework in my online class than I do in any of my other classes. I feel like I can't really have much of a social life because most of my free time is spent on my computer trying to complete things before they are due. It isn't the end of the world though, I am managing and I am doing just fine. I am finally figuring out how finish my assignments a few days before the due date so i can have at least one day a week where I can breathe a little.
I would definitely need to look into these questions more
My courses aren't horrible. They're not too hard but they're also not too easy. All of my professors are nice and the homework load isn't too bad. We have a variety of courses ranging from career and technical, energy, to art-visual. My graphic design classes don't have too many people in it, maybe around ten. My English class is closer to fifteen, we also sit in desks that are arranged in a giant circle so we get to awkwardly stare at each other.
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BSC is pretty cheap compared to the other schools in North Dakota. The teachers here are really nice and they seem to care about their students. There is free ice cream in Wednesdays and Fridays in the cafeteria, and sometimes there are other special events involving food including: Kuchen for Oktober fest, free brownies, and during the warmer months, someone will grill hot dogs for everyone.

I just wish I would have waited a year before entering school so I could have really thought about what I wanted to study in college.
I'm not real familiar with that yet.
I like the wide variety of options I have to choose from for classes.
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