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I'm really enjoying my experience at Bismarck State College so far. The professors always strive to provide the best education for their students, and with the smaller class sizes, we get more opportunities to speak with our professors one-on-one. Along with a fantastic educational experience, Bismarck State College offers many clubs and activities for students to participate in. Overall, student life at this college is very fun and rewarding- I am looking forward to the years I will spend here!
My online learning experience with Bismarck State College is going well so far, I've had only a few issues regarding the online materials. We use a program called Blackboard Collaborate- an application in which students can access their courses virtually. Assignments, quizzes, exams, and learning material are listed. It is very easy to navigate, however, there have been a few technical issues regarding the live sessions, like losing connection or not being able to hear/see the professor. Besides that, it seems to be working great!
Because of Covid, I have the option to take all of my classes online and watch a live or recorded lecture. I like this option because I don't live on campus and most days I only have one class a day, so being able to attend my classes from home is saving me money on gas.
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I like how understanding the teachers are, and that there are plenty of opportunities to get help with assignments. Especially with Covid and everything being so different and a learning experience, the teachers are doing a really good job of working with the guidelines and making sure everyone is safe.
Much cheaper than a normal 4 year college so you save a large amount of money. Smaller class sizes are nice too.
Online classes are great and good way to get the general classes out of the way without having to waste your time in classes you took in High school basically.
There are good facilities and the professors are great and communicate well with students. I would recommend this university.
In the situation caused by covid 19 the online experience was as good as it could have been in the short notice circumstances.
I love the small community feel and that you can walk anywhere and see someone you know. Bismarck State College is just incredible with great professors and programs to learn from. It is a great college to start at.
If you call you will get bounced around from person to person. I think they make all teachers do advising and some are horrible at it. I had one teacher tell me, " I didnt sign up for this". I had to switch advisors. Ever since then it's been easier. Make sure you have information of who to contact regarding your education path before starting here.
It offers variety of programs. Facilities are like State of Art especially Science of Energy ,and Academic staff ,and all surroundings are the best.
Great to be in BSC,with so many friends from previously High School .
Bismarck State College is a very affordable college for someone who is looking to start with the basics and get their associate's degree. I was able to complete my degree and work at the same time to get myself through college. I am grateful for being able to have a community college in my town that offers online and on campus classes to pursue my degree.
Had a great experience. Graduated a few years ago and have been working in my dream profession since. They adequately prepared me for chosen career path.
I would give this college a 4 out of 5 stars. I love this campus it is small and built around community. The teachers are very compassionate about teaching and getting students to learn. Also since this college is smaller, class sizes are smaller which give more one on one time, which is super great. The only downside about BSC is that there is not a good athletic atmosphere. There are athletics but very minimal, so this takes away from the college sports experience. But apart from that, this college has so much to offer.
Bismarck State College is a great school for the trades. They have some great networking and connections with Industry related fields.
just attended registration they were so nice and made the experience worry free for a new student. small campus setting
My experience in BSC was one of the best. The people are nice, teachers are wonderful, a bunch of activities for people. I wouldn't change a thing.
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They have helped me from the second I transferred and have helped me ever since. I could not ask for any better teachers and friends by my side to help me along in my future. It advances me in every way possible and it will help me greatly in the future. I love every aspect here and the environment is amazing.
I really enjoyed this school because the class sizes are so small. Your professors are always there to help if you need it. Very personal learning. I do feel like it is kind of easy though.
Bismarck state college is great overall, campus is fairly new compared to other colleges, professors could be good or bad depending on who you choose, some are tough, some are good at teaching, some don't even seem to know what they are teaching. there isnt much when it comes to social life, and the food is OK, a step up from high school food, its a community college after all
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