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For their online portion they use nexus, which is user friendly and easy to navigate. If only my professor would actually use it.
This college is highly unorganized at all levels. The electrical program is especially bad. The instructor is unorganized and feels like he does not even want to be there. Almost half way through the semester and the only thing he has shown us how to do is how to wire a 4 way switch and that because I specifically asked him too. All he does is look over our review questions for the chapters we read from the book and he does not even tell us what we did wrong. We have to go and ask in person. This is by far the worst experience I have ever had at any educational program
Ive enjoyed being a student at Bishop. Most of the teachers are available for help anytime. Although it is an Hbcu, the student demographic are changing. A lot of kids go there for a cheaper education before heading to a 4 year institution.
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Online is definitely more challenging. The teachers are helpful, but assignments are tough. I was taking 5 summer online classes and you better believe thst i didnt have a outside life. I studied from 10-8 everyday to maintain my deans list status.
I was in the Nursing program and if you pass you will have no trouble with NCLEX, mostly because you have just taken place in an independent study program. Staff has changed since being there, but based on my experience most did not care and would not work with you; I not stating that in terms of changing grades, ex. but more in terms of something like, letting you into a typical lecture just a few minutes later (do to you working). There were no online hybrid courses, like the ones in northern Alabama nursing programs. Hopefully with the current COVID-19 response they will look into it.
Despite being one of the more well known community colleges, Bishop really doesn't have too many online classes and if you are a Nursing student, no online classes (terrible for someone who wishes to return for RN bridge). Hopefully, Bishop will take some direction from some of the Northern Alabama Community College Programs who actually do offer hybrid courses. Also if you work full time be prepared to drop hours, or quit because Bishop State tends to not want to work with your schedule in any way.
It’s not a bad place, it’s a bit older but the people are so nice. I haven’t actually had a bad experience.
I have been in ESL class from 2016 until 2018. I come back and the best teacher Cooper quit. New teachers do not know about ESL. No degree in ESL. Ms. Brenda is busy gossiping with Ms. Davis down the hallway and throws us worksheets. I came back from my country, why the old teacher he leave? I also heard the director say he did not know about ESL, just GEDs. So, why is there ESL with no true leader? EsL, no website on Bishop page. Brenda don't call when it is bad weather and I come with others and class is closed. I come from Irvington. This is terrible. Brenda dating Spears or what? Keep the good teachers, remove the bad ones! Students tired of coming to Bishop far away to taught by people who do not care.
The instructors are rude and very messy. They also show favouritism and pass their friends and family.Very unprofessional and unorganized.
They are really good in helping the students get what the need and very understanding when you have s problem
Affordable rates! I would like to see more of the instructors to be more helpful and willing to work with their students.
The instructors at Bishop State are very good at helping students understand concepts and making the classes enjoyable.
Bishop State is a great school but the workers in the main office can be unprofessional and unorganized. The registration process is unorganized and some of the teachers do not help at all.
I love the atmosphere I know for fact you can learn so much because of class sizes and what I’m learning is nursing and I’m loving it. I highly recommend this as a start if u don’t want to jump into a university first.
Bishop sate is really a great place to start, they have a lot to offer students... from resources, a great learning center where you can go get help for classes you may need tutoring in, and also really great instructor's that actually care to help students learn and succeed. It's not just a community college,but the opportunity for you is so much bigger! Anyone who is looking for an college where you van benefit from so many great resources and learn skills to help you become successful, Bishop State is the place for you.
Some of the teachers never actually teach the course material, or anything at all. The "special" advisors do not actually help or communicate with the students. All-in-all Bishop State doesn't give out the information the students need to know and spring the truth on them last minute. I am in under PTA but I plan on just finishing my basics here and then leaving.
Bishop has a very welcoming atmosphere. You are surround by people who are hard working and striving for greatness. The teachers understand most circumstances and work as hard as possible to try and help. The only thing i have to say about Bishop State is that they should update their campus buildings.
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The range of times they have for each class makes it easy for any type of student. The teachers there will do their absolute best to make sure you are taught all test information and comprehend it.
When I first started to attend I thought I would not want to be involved in any clubs or organization. Now I am the Officer of Fellowship in Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. The staff encourage you to branch out and seek out opportunities. There are a large variety of clubs, classes, and opportunity. We have a learning lab devoted to the students were we can study, write papers, and seek tutoring. We have student and teaching staff as learning assistance. The staff truly want the best for us present and future. Which is why our college motto is " A Great Place to Start."
I liked how all of the classes were small and the professors know you on a first name basis. Fun and interactive classes.
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