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Bishop has a very welcoming atmosphere. You are surround by people who are hard working and striving for greatness. The teachers understand most circumstances and work as hard as possible to try and help. The only thing i have to say about Bishop State is that they should update their campus buildings.
The range of times they have for each class makes it easy for any type of student. The teachers there will do their absolute best to make sure you are taught all test information and comprehend it.
When I first started to attend I thought I would not want to be involved in any clubs or organization. Now I am the Officer of Fellowship in Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. The staff encourage you to branch out and seek out opportunities. There are a large variety of clubs, classes, and opportunity. We have a learning lab devoted to the students were we can study, write papers, and seek tutoring. We have student and teaching staff as learning assistance. The staff truly want the best for us present and future. Which is why our college motto is " A Great Place to Start."
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I liked how all of the classes were small and the professors know you on a first name basis. Fun and interactive classes.
I am a sophomore here and I currently am enjoying my college experience here and the professors and advisors are very attentive and great at addressing any problems you have. I would recommend this community college as a great first start to your earning your college degree.
I like the classes can work around your schedule, but you can't get student loan with so if you don't get approved for the whole Pell grant you have to pay out of pocket. Which I feel has set me back for years.
BSCC is a HBC that strive on making sure their students excel in their chosen field and will assist students with advances their education further.
Love this college! Teachers are very interactive and easy to ask questions outside of class. Multiple sites give the college a smaller feel.
Bishop state community college behaves like , well , you'd think a community college would . They are slow moving on important academic paperwork ( such as transcripts , grades , etc.) It has been in Mobile, Al for a very long time and boy is it showing it's age . Although there are things I did not like about the school I can say that all of the staff is very friendly . Everyone speaks and interacts with everyone . They definitely treat you like family over at Bishop State.
I would like to see this school have more degree plans and academic options for the students. In the recent years there as been a decline in degree majors and I would like to see them offer more variety of degree plans.
I believe Bishop State is a great place to start. It's affordable and they're reliable. Some people talk down on community colleges, but this one is different. The way they teach, for example, is wonderful. Even the hardest subjects, such as biology, they put it into a perspective you can easily understand better. I just wish the students got more involved in the activities they provide. Show pride for you school no matter what!
Instructors are super helpful. Classes are small enough that you feel a part of the class. Overall campus is easy to maneuver.
Very simple enrollment, helpful staff always. Flexible scheduling online or multiple campuses. Great for older generations to continue their education.
Bishop State has a great curriculum set up. It is organized and has the potential to out great employees into society. My review is based on the nursing program. When I was attending nursing school at the college, I found that the graduation rate was poor and the moral of the students was not great at all. Many students did not pass the nursing test nor the entire program. Looking back, I can remember a few fellow students that I would love to work with on a nursing unit any day. In order to be successful in the program, you would need to be extremely organized and disciplined and mentally strong to put with the challenges brought on by the staff. It was unnecessarily difficult.
This school is great for returning adult students and students that are on a budget. I would go back if I could ,but it doesn't have a lot of career options. There isn't a lot of school activities here either so I was quite dull here. So many students rarely showed up to classes. I felt like there could of been more involvements there, maybe students would show up. Overall the school is great, all my instructors I've had was awesome. I highly recommend this school to anyone.
I was in the welding department on the carver campus and Mr. Leon Jackson was the worst instructor I've ever seen in my life. He spent more time hanging out at the back fence with the neighborhood homeboys and local weed heads than teaching his class. I was totally unprepared for the world of work and was fired after one week on the job.
Mr. Winbush
It is very convenient so I have time to go to work. During the day I have breaks and during those breaks I am able to do my school work.
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It feels like my classes are online courses because we use the computer a lot to do the work, but I feel that doing the work on the computer is much better and easier.
When you go into a program at Bishop State, it is suppose to help you find a job within the degree that you are in.They make sure to help you with the things you need and help you get to where you need to be.
The teachers I have had in school are great. My math teacher was the best. She made sure her students knew the material and you could tell that she cares about her students because the way she engaged in with her students and the way she teaches. My art teacher was amazing also because she has a great personality and I had a lot of fun in her class especially with the art projects.
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