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Birthingway College of Midwifery Reviews

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I have received an amazing education here. They have a very unique program that is structure with a lot of care and consideration.
The schools policies are confusing, and the faculty doesn't always keep up there end of the bargain in following the complicated grading policy
There seems to be a lot of casual drug use outside of class, and a pot/hippie culture which is pretty alienating.
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There really is none. When you're at school for something folks will be social, but it's entirely up the the individual to make plans outside of school
Portland has a lot of food options, but there are not as many choices in the immediate vicinity of the school. There are tacos on division, burgerville and gas station pizza nearby, and some strip clubs to grab food.
I came to birthingway to receive an excellent midwifery education. I do feel that I am getting a good education, but the program leaves much to be desired. The culture of the school is very white and insular, and focus of the education mirrors those values as well. Some of the required intro classes are a waste of time and money. On the positive side, I have learned a lot, am part of a community dedicated to helping fostering midwives, and I think the trajectory of the curriculum makes a lot of sense.
Birthingway does not want students to compete with grades; instead, they want students to help each other in order to learn the information well. The workload is heavy and extensive; however, if the life of a woman and her unborn child is in my hands, I want to have a broad range of knowledge in order to care for the mother and her child. Before completing the program, all students are required to commit to an apprenticeship with a preceptor midwife.
The school does not have a formal athletic program, however the students are encouraged to take up yoga and meditation practices to support the demanding schedule and stressful internships. The clinical work itself, built into this program is a work out on many levels!
We live in a townhouse apartment. A bit run down an old but quaint and charming for a reasonable $900/month. Great hood and easy access to the college! :)
At Home – The school is actually a beautiful old house that has been converted into a college. It has some unique and wonderful ambiance! Behind the school is another big, beautiful house that the school uses to operate their lactation clinic which supports the community, by providing free care to mother's in need and fosters learning for the budding student midwife.
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