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I always thought that I wanted to go to a big college, but after visiting Birmingham-Southern College I fell in love. The thing I love most is the small class sizes, the individual attention, and the personal relationships with the professors. They truly care about teaching and knowing that we are learning-not just going through the motions to get the grade/diploma. I have grown personally and academically and I wouldn't change a thing.
I loved the family like experience you get at BSC. The faculty and staff are very welcoming and genuinely want you to succeed.
The students and faculty at BSC are so welcoming. My freshman year I was so upset leaving home, and some random stranger came and sat with me while I was freaking out. The students are very nice. And I am looking forward to our brand new food service that is going to expand the vegterain menu on our campus!
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All of my professors have encouraged thoughtful, challenging discussion and critical thinking---practices I will be thankful for when entering the world beyond the classroom.
Birmingham Southern College is a place that is always trying to improve. There is not as much diversity as I would have hoped for as a student at BSC, but in my four years there I saw a lot of growth and met a lot of accepting people.
BSC has a lot to offer students who want to get involved and make the most of their college experience. There are so many opportunities to become a student leader, get involved in the community, and build relationships with professors and the administration. BSC is far from perfect, but it has really been improving in past years (the new food provider is a huge step in the right direction). Like any other school, what you get out of your experience at BSC reflects what you put in, and the students who do put a lot into their BSC experience have great outcomes.
Birmingham-Southern was not only a family and community itself, but the copious opportunities it provided and support I got was the best I've ever received from any place.
Loves the faculty and Staff; I felt very supported and encouraged to be better. I also loved the community, where I was accepted for who I was and given opportunities for leadership and personal growth.
I really enjoy the small community feel at Birmingham-Southern College. The professors and the many academic resources set students up for success. I am excited for the new food service as well as the renovation of freshmen resident halls.
BSC was where I made my lifelong friends, made valuable professional connections, and became the person that I want to be for the rest of my life. BSC helped me chart the course towards a bright future. The faculty is outstanding and always available for students, the administration is in touch with the community and its needs, and life on campus is a blast—and it's only getting better. Some of the residence halls are being renovated, and the new food service provider is going to make the cafeteria an even better place for students. I'm so excited to see what the future holds for this incredible institution.
BSC has shaped me into who I am and I can't imagine my life without my experience there. I hope to see continual growth in diversity, and hope to see more students turn "right" off of campus. Although dubbed a "bad area", Arkadelphia road isn't all that scary, and students should go serve, get to know, and love the area they are around. I hope that everyone that goes to a 4 yr institution gets what I got out of bsc. Go panthers and forward ever!
BSC is an amazing institution that really promotes the value of the liberal arts. The campus is one big family and the level of education is superb
BSC is not just a college, but it is a community. The professors, staff, and students create a welcoming, challenging atmosphere to help you make the most of your college experience. The professors truly care about each individual student and their success. In addition, the school gives students countless service, leadership, and extracurricular experiences to help them to develop interpersonal and professional skills to supplement their education to ultimately help them succeed post graduation.
Birmingham-Southern is absolutely a college centered around community. It allows students to excel in the classroom and grow outside of it. There are incredible opportunities to get involved with the school the second you step on campus. The whole staff and student population feel like family in no time.
Birmingham Southern has been integral in molding me into a future leader and academic. It is so much more than an institution, it is a home. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and could not have asked for a better undergraduate experience.
BSC is a wonderful school! Class size is small, professors are easy to talk to and we have a great Greek life.
I really enjoyed my time at Birmingham-Southern. The academics were top notch. The social scene was superb, assuming you're greek. People were preppy, but not too clique-y. The campus is beautiful.
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Lots of resources available, inside and outside.
Classes and professors are cool, housing/ppl not.
Bad area but great camp-po; little crime.
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