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Overall, this college is quite good. I am a studio arts major and I really enjoy that department, such as the classes and professors. Additionally, a majority of the staff I have interacted with have been very kind and supportive.
The dorms and campus upkeep could use some improvement. Additionally, the campus is fairly diverse, the campus could do a better job at making students and staff from all races/ethnicities, religions, genders, and sexual orientations feel more accepted and welcome.
Moreover, the campus is small, which I personally like, as this provides a more intimate feeling, especially when you live in campus housing.
Overall, even though that campus could use some improvements, I have enjoyed my time at Birmingham-Southern so far.
Birmingham-Southern is one of my favorite places on Earth. It has given me more than I could have ever expected and grateful doesn't even begin to cover it. I have met the most supportive of friends and the best of professors. It has the perfect location and the campus cats aren't bad either.
The college is gorgeous. The ratio between students to professors is small so there is more one on one time which is very helpful. I personally liked that the college was close to home so I could commute easily.
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BSC is a great college for everyone to consider. The campus is beautiful and uniquely designed especially being on the top of the hill. The people and professors are very friendly too. Also, the small class sizes give for a hands-on experience which creates a personal relationship with the professors and your classmates.
When I was a freshman, I strongly considered transferring because you can easily feel trapped while on campus. Even though you join a billion clubs to get involved, you still feel as if you are missing out on a full college experience. This especially true for minority students on campus who want to strengthen their culture awareness etc. Now, I cannot speak on all minorities, but I can speak on the African-American experience. Growing up, we aspire to get a great degree with an am
Birmingham Southern has fostered a welcoming and inclusive environment. Despite its smaller size, it still offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to get involved with. Professors get to know their students, encouraging them to engage in one on one interactions. The classes are rather difficult, leading the students to put forth an excellent effort in order to achieve success.
I loved my time at Birmingham-Southern College. I was there from 2014-18, and during my time I learned so much, made great friends, and got to explore a new city that I grew to love.
I absolutely LOVE BSC. I live pretty far away from school so when I was searching for schools I was sure to look for one that felt like home. I knew the second that I walked onto BSC's campus that I had chosen correctly. This school is so great because it is so small. I feel like I am always at home when I can walk anywhere and always recognize someone. Class sizes are so small that your professors actually make an effort to get to know you and will help you with any problem you may have (school or non-school related.) I also love that unlike state schools there is not a huge emphasis on greek life; no one is forced into it and it most certainly is not required to have a social life on campus. One thing I would change at school is the caf. The caf does not have the best food but they do the best with what they get. Overall, BSC is a great place to be. Go Panthers!
I love Birmingham Southern College. I chose to go here my junior year of high school, and I would make the same decision over and over again!
This school has taught me a lot about myself in all aspects of life. I learned what I'm best at when it comes to academics and what I'm not so good at(more than in highscool) and the professors were always available to help me with whatever problem I had. Never a problem too big or small for them, and always with a smile on their face too!
When I went to Birmingham Southern Select Southern on March 4-5, I had the most amazing time of my life. I got to learn what the campus-life was really like and I met the most generous professors, students, and staffs that you could have ever met in your entire life. The president of Birmingham Southern was so sweet and strong-minded which made me want to attend Birmingham Southern because I was really inspired by her.
I love the diversity at Birmingham Souther and I love their teachers and coaching staff. I think Birmingham needs to remodel their school because it is kind of old.
This school is amazing. The student body is one big family, and the faculty are top notch. I could not see myself going anywhere else.
BSC is a life-changing place. You will be pushed academically, supported by all, and taught lessons in and out of the classroom.
The campus is gated and very safe. The cafeteria hours could be better. It closes at certain times during the day and closes too early at night. The cafeteria doesn’t open until 11 on weekends, and they frequently run out of food.
I love BSC and everything about it. This is where I feel at home even though I am 1000 miles away. When I go home I am always ready to get right back.
Birmingham-Southern College is a school notorious for its prestige scholars. They offer small class sizes that better enhance your learning experience, education experiences abroad to deepen your knowledge and help you select the perfect career field, and they are also a Christian based school that believe in strong morals.
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Birmingham-Southern College is a great college. A few of my close friends attend BSC. I love visiting the campus. I attended "Sample 'Southern" and had the oppurtunity to sit in on a class and it was very interesting. I also had the oppurtunity to interact with current students and eat lunch at the "caf." I plan to attend to BSC next fall.
The campus is absolutely beautiful. The whole campus has a security fence around it, so you feel safe the whole time.
I always thought that I wanted to go to a big college, but after visiting Birmingham-Southern College I fell in love. The thing I love most is the small class sizes, the individual attention, and the personal relationships with the professors. They truly care about teaching and knowing that we are learning-not just going through the motions to get the grade/diploma. I have grown personally and academically and I wouldn't change a thing.
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