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Birmingham Southern has been integral in molding me into a future leader and academic. It is so much more than an institution, it is a home. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and could not have asked for a better undergraduate experience.
BSC is a wonderful school! Class size is small, professors are easy to talk to and we have a great Greek life.
I really enjoyed my time at Birmingham-Southern. The academics were top notch. The social scene was superb, assuming you're greek. People were preppy, but not too clique-y. The campus is beautiful.
Review Birmingham-Southern College
Lots of resources available, inside and outside.
Classes and professors are cool, housing/ppl not.
Bad area but great camp-po; little crime.
Conditions bad, social scene not great.
Not a huge deal on campus.
Not a lot of varsity, more lighthearted.
Going here is a bit of a hit or miss experience.
Professor's are amazing at BSC. They are willing to help you learn all the material. They commit themselves to their work and their students. Classes are smaller making it a more engaging learning community.
The student athletes get a lot of support from the community. Athletic facilities are great for both athletes and non-athletes.
All social events evolve around Greek life. The good thing is that the Greeks are accepting of non-Greeks.
Birmingham-Southern College is listed as one of the safest campuses in the U.S. I feel totally comfortable waling around by myself at night time. Security is top-rated.
Birmingham-Southern College's student's career prospects are high. Students at this school are very determined. The school offers a lot of job and internship opportunities to its students.
Greek life can be a big part of BSC.
The facilities are small but up to date.
Review Birmingham-Southern College
Everyone is friendly and always helpful
It's a really awesome school!
This school has top notch professors. I have had multiple conversations with all of my professors.
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