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absolutely amazing School! really love the Christian atmosphere! professors care about students! The community makes learning so much easier knowing that you have all the support you need!
Biola University has impacted my life as a whole. Having the community atmosphere along with the presence of the Lord truly inspires a sense of fellowship. God has a plan for each one of us and with his guidance I have been lead to Biola University. This school is truly amazing and has become my second home.
Biola is a liberal arts school that is founded on sound Biblical teaching. It provides a great atmosphere for students to think and learn from a Biblical perspective. I would recommend this institution to anyone who is looking for this kind of atmosphere in an academic setting.
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Biola is a great place to go to school, to learn more about myself and God, and to discovery people similar and different to me.
Biola University is a great school for those who really crave a Christian, conservative environment. The student body is very friendly; however, the student life is lacking. Professors are very kind and really care about the students. If you desire to succeed, you will. The biggest question one should ask when considering this school is how important a friendly, Christian environment is. If that is the most important thing to you, then Biola is a great fit for you!
The courses are challenging. They raise questions about incorporating one's faith into everyday life. Every time I think my questions have been answered, a new one is raised and the learning process begins all over again. It reminds me of why I am invested in my education.
Surrounded by the kindest, most welcoming, and most faithful students, Biola University is the change of atmosphere our world needs. When you walk through the gates of the beautiful grounds of this University in the home of the brightest state, sunny California, you have stepped into a united environment. The people that live and work in this college are people who are both intellectual and extremely talented. Their lives have been prioritized to spreading the love of God and sharing their gifts to those around them. The only flaw visible is that this colleges does not receive the recognition it deserves.
Biola is a great school for those looking to rigorously study the Bible as well as their intended field of study. Be ready to grow in your faith as well as your academics as you are challenged by caring faculty to expand your thinking. Expect chapel and Bible class requirements. People are typically kind however it can take some time to make deeper relationships.
My favorite part of Biola University is the people that you come across, whether classmates, professors, or faculty/staff. Since I've started attending Biola, I've made at least three friends that I believe I will have for the rest of my life.
I love everything about Biola because it provided me with so many resources to grow in ways I didn't even know I could.
My favorite aspect of Biola University is the inclusive community. The students on campus are extremely welcoming, aiming to make you feel at home. The professors are personal. They desire to not only teach you, but to build a relationship with you. I love that students and professors are like minded in their faith, allowing a deeper connection that goes beyond the books. There are a variety of events that take place on campus, including concerts, Bible conferences, and club rushes. With over fifty clubs to offer, there is a spot for everyone to get involved.
Biola is a Biblically sound, private Christian University. The people are extremely friendly and are usually God- fearing. Pretty much every professor is conservative and wants to get to know you on a personal level outside of the classroom. The campus environment is warm and welcoming, and it is very easy to make friends. Located in Southern California, Biola is close to many famous destinations like the beach, LA, and Disneyland! Dorm life is a major part of the campus community, but I am sure commuters are just as satisfied. I love Biola. The professors have taught me a lot about thinking Biblically about everything, the people are beautiful, the weather is great, and my friends are incredible. You should definitely check it out!
I found that it was very hard to make friends. Most of the students there live within a two hour radius of the campus and majority would go home every weekend. There was nothing to do on campus. There were sports games but the games were never advertised and the university is not spirited at all. It's a very academic school instead of allowing opportunities for student life. There were a couple of those opportunities but not many. The professors were very personable and nice and the dorms are average.
I just finished my first semseter here at Biola, and I love it. I have made so many great friends and the school hosts many fun events for the students. The professors are great and genuinely care about their students and encourage their students to meet with them in office hours. The classes are challenging, but are beneficial. The campus itself is beautiful and there are so many different areas to spend with friends or to spend some time getting homework done. It's in a safe neighborhood and there is so much to do around the area since it is in LA. A bonus is that Disneyland is about 15 minutes away.
There are many things that I love about Biola University. It has been my first year at this university. For instance, the professors are wonderful. They expect a lot of effort from students, but they teach in an entertaining way which motivates students to do their best. Each of my colleagues are stressed from all the work given to them, but are motivated because each professor kindly answers questions during class sessions. Also, the campus at Biola University is beautiful. The campus is filled with fountains running water and the there are are many religious monuments. There is one thing that I think should be improved. The campus is peaceful during sunny days, but it is ugly during raining seasons. Since the campus is wide-open, it is impossible to stay dry. Although it is hard to cover the entire area, I think that some partitions should be put up in specific areas so students could relax and not worry about getting wet.
If you're a Christian, Biola is a great place. It's not strictly a Christian school, but Biola wants to mix the higher education with Christianity. A great environment.
I am having an amazing time at Biola.
The people are friendly and great to be around in and out of class. The food is great and I love my quiet dorm. Biola was a great choice for me!
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In more ways than I can count, I can confidently say that Biola University has changed my life. In my four years here I have learned about myself, my interests, my faith, my relationships and my career. At a place like Biola, I am continually challenged and encouraged to pursue my passions and this school has provided countless resources to do so. Between weekly chapels to encourage my faith, and passionate educators to develop my academics, I will be leaving this school as an equipped Christian to make an impact in the world of nursing.
Super great school to grow and learn more about God. Student, staff, and faculty are extremely nice and will help you with anything you need.
Good experience, good academics and Christian Atmosphere. Excellent courses for the Apologetics degrees.
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