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Biola Univeristy is one of the top film schools in the country and it really lives up to it's repuatation. I wouldn't want to attend film school anywhere else.
Good University. Everyone on campus is very nice. It is a Godly place that really helps strengthen knowledge about God. Some of the Professors on campus are not the best though, especially in the science department. Since it is such a small school, there are not very many options for different science professors. Definitely check on rate my professor before picking your professors. It really is helpful!
I love Biola university. It has such a great Christian community among students, staff, and faculty. The Bible minor is amazing, and the location in La Mirada is incredible.
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Biola upholds it’s mission statement and is really striving for racial reconciliation and to share how Christianity and social justice complement and support each other.
The Teachers are very passionate in being able to help the students achieve their higher education while also providing for their students spiritual needs. I would recommend that students spend time with their professors here as they give great insight into many matters of school and life.
Throughout the college application season, Biola has been a source of unwavering support and kindness. The admissions office goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome and consistently reaches out to you to help make your life easier. From admission to committing, Biola has made me feel at home on campus and within the classes.
Biola is a great place to learn and become a better leader for Christ. Every class integrates faith and the opportunities to become involved are plenty. Professors, staff, and students are very friendly! Also, chapels and events encourage spiritual biblical growth. Highly recommend this fantastic university. I am learning and growing a lot in my studies but most importantly growing in my walk with Jesus!
Biola is an amazing university with amazing professors who care about each student on a personal level. I have never had the opportunity to have intentional conversations with any teachers before coming to Biola and it has been exciting being able to learn so much about the Bible through all the Bible classes we have the opportunity to take.
Biola really invests in its students in all aspects. Cannot feel more blessed to attend this university.
Good school, I really enjoy it and I have grown academically. I am being pushed in a way that is helping me for the future .
This school is very welcoming to admitted students. They really try to make clear what they offer and what a student can expect when they attend there. The spiritual climate is solid and the dining center is fantastic.
I really enjoy the community, as I was easily able to make new friends and be welcomed as being part of a new family.
Biola is an amazing community full of caring students, faculty, and administration who want to the best for you and your future. Biola's All As One is what I have been living my college my experience through. No matter where we are. We all come together. We push each other the be the best version of ourselves. We are restless.
Friendly people. Good location in Southern California. Great campus life. Strongly religious. No greek life, so social group revolves around dorm life, sports and clubs.
I love how the professors truly care about their students. Each professor makes sure that the Bible is incorporated into every class. They make it a point to get to know their students, even in the big lecture classes. I enjoy the chapels that I attend. The chapels each are unique. The students that I am surrounded by bring their own ideas and feelings to the chapels. In addition to students in chapels, I enjoy how much the people at Biola welcome others. When I walk around campus there are always people who smile and say "hello," even if I do not know them.
Loved the integration of personal faith and truth based curriculum with inidivual concentrations of study. The professors do want to see you succeed, but most want to challenge you to push yourself academically. I've never had a bad experience with classes or events on campus. Mock rock is a great way to be a part of a smaller community with the school. There are various clubs and honors programs to get into as well.
Biola University is a scho located in Southern california about 40 minutes away from LA. In terms of community, the student body is incredibly loving and caring for one another. The teachers also are caring and encourage biblical principles in much of their teachings
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I loved how Biola University was dedicated to students, offering lots of seminars and information sessions.
Biola is great! There's no where else I'd rather go to school. The community and the professors are some of my favorite things about the school. The professors really care about the students and their success.
I love how beautiful the campus is! The dorm room looks cool as well! They have a tutor center which is important to me! The professors are friendly and I look forward to going to this school.