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When it comes to the finacial aid they are very stubborn. I didn't have enough funds to pay and they told me to go to community college and when I have enough I can apply again. The school and staff are very friendly and loving too bad I didn't have enough money. I wasn't going to take out a large loan either.
Biola is an amazing place to study your desired field of work as well as grow a deeper understanding of God.
Biola University is a private, Evangelical Christian university and is located approximately 16 miles from downtown Los Angeles, in La Mirada, California. Founded in 1908, the university has over 40 major academic fields of study in six schools.
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Biola University is a great university to attend. There is a close-knit community, and a group of students, staff, and professors who genuinely care about the well-being of others. The professors are kind, caring, and passionate about their fields. The staff love to serve students. The facilities are extremely well kept. There are many ways to get involved and find friendships. Biola can improve its cultural sensitivity among staff, students, and faculty. Although it is improving in its diversity initiatives, there are still occurrences in which marginalized students feel unwelcome or discriminated against. There is a dominant culture that is not always hospitable to those who are not upper middle class or white. However, the university is taking steps to educate faculty and staff and change the campus culture.
Biola is an incredible institution, and offers an abundance of opportunities for students to get involved and learn.
Biola University is a small Christian private college and has a great community and campus for people who want to continue learning about God and want to continue to grow in a community with similar beliefs. Biola has done a great job in equipping young Christians to live life with God beyond this Christian campus.
Everyone at Biola is very friendly and the staff really want to help incoming students. The staff really wants theirs students to succeed.
I absolutely love the Biola campus. The professors genuinely care for your success and personally (due to small classroom sizes) see to find any internships that might match you and your goals. The dorms are beautiful and the RA's are so helpful and encouraging. The events are also super fun!
Even though Biola is expensive, it is worth every penny. The community is what makes this school great. There are a ton of opportunities to get just have to find your niche.
I have attended Biola for three years now. I am certainly not happy about the price of school but because I'm almost done with my college career, I'm trucking through. I'm graduating early, thankfully.

Academics are decent. Professors really care about what you do and how you do in their classes. They can also get you in contact with anyone and everyone (you just have to know the right people). The location is safe and campus safety does an amazing job of keeping everyone safe. Dorms and housing is good, plenty of room for you and your roommate(s). Meals leave something to be desired of especially after you eat chicken five days in a row.

Parties are different. While everyone is technically under contract to not do drugs/drink/smoke, residence halls have their bi-semesterly all-halls where you can eat a whole bunch of food, hang out and play games. If you're into something more, there's plenty of parties of-campus to go to. Just have to have the hook-ups.
Biola is a school truly centered around the integration of faith into one's major. The people are truly kind and you can feel the Holy Spirit on campus. There is many communities everywhere one looks and lots to do on and around campus. Biola is definitely the school to attend if you are looking to learn more about God and experience all that SoCal has to offer!
I am an incoming transfer student and they're extremely helpful with the steps I need to take in order to transfer. Calling into the University, they clearly answer all of my questions and if they don't know the answer then they will happily redirect me to someone who does know. Overall, I am extremely excited to start school in the Fall and learn new things from the amazing student and professors.
The faculty and communities of Biola are extraordinary. This is a great school to go for both academic excellence and supportive community.
Biola is a beautiful school and very safe to receive your education from. The staff and students are very kind. I love how God is involved in every thing you do at Biola. There is not much housing for students off campus and the tuition is extremely high.
Too conservative. Good Food. Lousy open hours. Mandatory chapels or ridiculous fine. This school is much more square that I thought it was going to be. Kind of a shame. I graduate next year as a transfer.
Biola is a thriving and vibrant university. There is always something to get involved in and professors are eager and willing to help, guide, and walk with you not only through your academic journey but also your personal one. It has a Christ-centered, positive, and reflective atmosphere.
BIOLA University is an excellent college. It stays true to its values while giving a great education. It has no party scene that involves alcohol or drugs which makes the students feel safe. The professors really get personally involved with the students and care about them as people not just acedemically.
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I got accepted into UCLA and Biola and chose Biola because of the amazing Elementary Education program and the close and friendly community I felt on campus. If you're given the chance walk around Biola and schedule a tour, it's an amazing top tier university with a family feel. I've read some comments about it being conservative but myself as a Liberal and Feminist feel like my view points are often met and expanded upon due to Biola's inclusive and accepting teaching style, while centering everything around Jesus. You'll love it here!
Biola University is the greatest university a Christian college student can attend. The education, programs, and alumni population are extremely reputable and Biola's community within the college itself is one of the greatest and most cohesive communities available for students assimilating into something as large as college life. The food is fantastic for a university cafeteria. I would not change a thing so far!
Biola is a very tight knit community....once you are able to find your niche. People are friendly in general and have the commonality of a shared faith. Professors are really great, knowledgeable, and available to students. some even go out of their way and invite the class to have dinner in their homes. Biola is working on diversity.