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Great community atmosphere. I appreciate that Biola doesn't waver in their foundational beliefs and that the faculty genuinely care for their students, both academically and personally.
Really great campus with really friendly students and staff. They have a really nice astro-turf soccer field and track to work out on.
Biola is an absolutely amazing school. I have loved it so much. I will say that the nursing program has been great so far. The facilities are top of the line and I have not seen one with a better skills lab. The professors genuinely want what is best for you and they are very willing to help you learn. The life on campus is great and there are tons of fun things to get involved in. I have loved Biola thus far. I would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who is looking for a school.
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I had a great time visiting. It was a really cool campus. The whole school is focused on community which is really important to me.
Biola has changed my life for the better. I was able to double-major and still graduate within 4 years and Magna Cum Laude. The professors really care about who you are and what you want to do. They will help you in every way possible
This school is amazing! The faculty really cares about you and it feels safe to go to a school where you know you are cared for. Not only that but the amount of freedom you get to praise God with no judgment. You gain knowledge of education in the field you're interested in and are taught about God.
Biola is a home ground for me. Every person is very friendly and willing to help out new people. There is a multitude of ways to create community for people who are moving from all over the world. Each professor is so willing to help students who are struggling, whether it be in their own class or another. The relationships go beyond teacher-student, and cross over into a field of mentor-mentee, as each professor is also approachable with life problems. Overall, Biola has been an incredible experience that I feel lucky to have been a part of.
Biola University is the best school for me! The campus is always kept really nice and the faculty is always eager to help out dedicated students. Not too many students attend so that makes for a perfect learning environment.
I love Biola so much. I didn't want to go at first because I thought I would be in a Christian bubble, and yes it is a bubble but it was a bubble well-needed for me.
I absolutely love Biola University. Biola is truly Christ centered and has such a strong community of believers. You can tell that the professors and faculty really care about each student's academic success and their personal life. My experience at Biola so far has been amazing and I would highly recommend it.
I love that Biola University offered a safe space for students who are followers of Jesus. This campus has allowed me to explore my faith in a tight knit community. In this university I was able to find a community of people that allowed me to explore my faith in God.
Biola is a biblically sound university. The campus is great, and the academics are even better. I love going to a school where each professor knows me by name and cares about me
Biola University is a beautiful college! I visit the campus for 5 days and 4 nights and it was amazing! The school have a good environment for students to learn and study! Their chapels is stunning! I would love to go here for my college years!!!
Biola is a very friendly school, full of Christian learning and values. I would not recommend coming here unless you are someone who wants to be in a Christian environment i.e. no smoking/drinking/sex, chapels, separate male/female facilities, Bible minor. Biola is a great school, but it does not challenge you in your faith unless you look for it. Talbot, the Theological Department is narrow-minded and does not challenge you. I recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and allowing yourself to take full advantage of the school. Also, the Nursing program here is pretty phenomenal! Beautiful school and kind people.
Biola is a place where you can feel welcomed. Because the school is small compared to other places, the professors are really intentional with their students.
School is great; albeit, expensive. Campus is beautiful. Students are hard to fit in with. If you don't come from a rich uber-christian family or showed up here having experienced a lot of real world hardship without a really strong Christian background, then you won't fit in here.
Biola is an awesome college. There are very Godly professors and students there. If you're looking for a good Christian education, Biola is the place to be. The biggest issue is probably the cost of tuition, but I think it's worth the cost seeing as how this is the foundation for the rest of your life.
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Biola is a great place to grow in your faith and grow in your faith with others around you! Biola teaches us to be a light to others and to show us how to fit our faith in within the real world. When people talk about the "Biola Bubble", it is a real thing. The Biola bubble is within the campus and you will not understand until you are in it.
Professors here really care about their students. They genuinely want to see students learn and succeed. They are willing to help you outside of just their class as well. For example, my stats teacher said she'd be willing to get coffee with any of us if we wanted to talk, and I was able to go to my theology professor to seek relationship guidance during his office hours. While attending here, my faith has grown so much as I learn more and more about God through classes and chapels. One drawback, however, is that fellow students can be fake oftentimes. There is a sort of delusion that since we're all Christian, we can all be friends, but, for me, I'd rather have fewer but more meaningful relationships.
I have loved my experience at Biola! The professors are excellent and the study environment is great. The food is pretty good for college food, but could use some more variety. The living accommodations are very nice and offer choices that work for everyone. The entire campus is Christ focused and puts God in the center of everything. I would highly recommend this school!