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Biola provided a very welcoming and supportive environment in which to get a college education. All classes are taught in a manner that allows you to integrate faith and learning. It provides a great foundation for students on which to build their careers.
It's been pretty good so far. The community is good and the Torrey program is kinda neat I guess. Besides this person named Morgan who seems like a very bad influence.
I love the atmosphere and the community. Everyone is super friendly and inviting. You are able to be yourself in a judgement free environment. You are able to practice your religion.
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Biola University has already become a home to me, even after just a few weeks here on campus. The professors and fellow students are all wonderful. The focus on our shared faith in Christ is amazing to experience, and something I can only recommend.
My dad was a Biola transfer student for half a year. They have excellent food, excellent professors, is located in a suitable place. They are very friendly and welcoming to new people.
What I love about Biola is the integration of faith and learning. You really do get a biblical perspective on everything while still being encouraged to pursue honest conversations. What I would like to see change is for student life to be a lot more inclusive. I think we've made great strides towards that, but more effort from the students who are given power would be all the more helpful.
Biola is a Christian University that really walks the walk when it comes to true commitment to their values and solid Christian doctrine. I have grown in my faith exponentially since beginning here at Biola and its amazing to see how my life has changed because of this school. I chose this university over UCLA and Cal Poly Slo and I am incredibly glad I did. There isn't one doubt in my mind that I made the right decision.
Biola is an amazing university that provides a unique faith-based college experience. This university provides so many opportunities to its students and does a great job of creating strong community among the students and faculty.
it feels so welcoming. There is a friendly environment and it really helps you feel connected to God.
Biola University is a really great private school even though it is pretty expensive. The professors are easy to talk to and there are tons of beautiful study/hangout spots all over campus. The surrounding neighborhood gives a suburban despite being so close to Los Angeles. Additionally, the security makes students feel safe to wander campus any time of day. It is easy for students to get a part-time job on campus, and there are plenty of clubs and activities in which to get involved. Some dorms are better than others but usually it is not difficult to switch. The cafeteria does offer some vegan options but there is not always a lot of variety and these dishes tend to run out fairly quickly if you come to eat during a busy time.
Biola University is a really excellent college. Its academic excellence combined with its Christian focus are all that they say they are. The Torrey Honors Institute is incredible - I couldn't recommend it enough.
Overall Biola is an amazing University. The community is wonderful and everyone is so kind and welcoming. It does, of course, have some of your common college problems, the food could be better. However, nowhere is perfect! And in my opinion, Biola gets pretty close.
The professors are really caring and helpful, they care about their students and how to help them be their best student. The campus is small enough that there is a great community and the dorms also have a great sense of community.
A wonderful private, Christian school. The faculty is gracious, loving, and facilitates student learning well. The nursing program is longer than most, so apply as soon as possible. It is possible to graduate in 4 years!
The community is like no other, I just finished my first year at Biola University and I can tell you that life will never be the same after being there. I've loved every minute of my attendance and promise that to any newcomer that is considering Biola as a place that they want to further their education. The campus is on the smaller side but that just encourages the intimacy between friendships. The professors are very student oriented, they love what they are doing and are passionate about their students' education. The diversity is impeccable. There are students from so many different countries, there are clubs and events dedicated towards making them feel at home. Biola has an excellent Campus Safety program designed to keep its students safe even while walking around at night. There has not been one moment that I have felt violated or unsafe on this campus. Overall I love this place and wish with every bone in my body that I will be able to return for my second year!
This is my second trimester as an online student and the encouragement and engagement of the faculty has made this journey easy to manage.
My experience at Biola University so far has been just amazing. I would highly recommend this school to anyone. Biola takes academics very seriously and encourages all students to excel in their field of study. In addition, the faculty genuinely care for each student. Whether it is inviting the class to their home to celebrate Easter with their family, or taking time to listen to or pray individually with students, the faculty truly go above and beyond and make the students feel so loved. Everyone is loving and caring and shares the love of Christ with everyone they meet. Attending Biola has impacted my life in ways I could have never imagined.
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A great Christian school locates in LA. A beautiful campus. Faculty, staff, and students are friendly and welcoming. They make you feel welcomed. Academically superb. Professors care about students and their students and how they are doing academically.
Biola is excellent! It's paving the way for Christianity and the spreading of the gospel. The integrity of the school is found in every aspect from the the teachers, to the students, and to the classes that are offered.
I’m really happy with my choice of going to Biola! The level of excellence everything is done with still blows me away. And there is really no better place to find community with like-minded peers and faculty that help you grow and push you toward your dreams!