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Sometimes confusing, but mostly getting better. Some of the teachers were still not trained enough using the new online platform, but it is understandable. Teachers are still trying hard to solve the problems that we have regarding to online learning.
It has been great so far! I have met some great peers and teachers that are very kind and willing to help us along the way!
At least at the time of my enrollment between 2011-2015, Biola was a predominantly white, conservative school. Its academics are rigorous and its student life is full of events, but administration and students (to a lesser extent) were not prepared for much in the way of "progressive" thinking that challenged their evangelical worldviews.
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I didn't take any online classes, but Biola switched from Blackboard to Canvas in my junior year. Most professors adapted well.
I have never attended a school where I have felt more at home than at Biola University. The education is wonderful, the community has become like a family to me, and the Jesus culture is astounding. The professors actually care about your well-being, check up on your real-life situations, and pray for you. The friends I have met here will last a lifetime. Biola has helped me grow to become excited to go to class and see what I can learn for the day. I am a better person because of Biola University.
It has been a little more difficult to find the community that Biola offers by doing school online, however the professors go above and beyond to make sure you feel welcomed and heard. The programs used, Canvas and Zoom, offer a clear way of teaching/learning for both professors and students. It is very easy to navigate though the University's websites and find what you are looking for.
Online learning experience with Biola University was pretty good. Professors tried hard to change their teaching styles due to the instant change to the remote class. There was still some disorganization with announcements and tests but the professor worked hard to make sure that there are no problems.
Biola University is a Christian-based community. If you are Christian, you will definitely enjoy time at Biola. There are many clubs and events that you can attend to make friends. The community in Biola is tight so once you find a group, you will have an amazing time. Food in the cafeteria is average. There are three cafes on campus. There are many restaurants outside of the campus. Professors are supportive and kind. They reach out to us and support us. Classes are small, about 15 students in one class, so it can be better learning environment for many people.
Biola is a perfect, small University within a small city in Los Angels. Professors and faculty truly care about their students. I feel as if there's such positive atmosphere around campus, you can't help but feel motivated and encouraged by others. The campus is also absolutely beautifu!
Biola's online classes are very manageable. They provide videos for online lectures with plenty of flexible time to complete assignments. Professors include video conference calls to engage students, which I felt was great. Online classes run very easy and smooth.
Biola University is my home. Ever since I first set foot on the campus I knew, that it was where I was supposed to be. From the students to the "staff", to the buildings, everything screams love. I've never been somewhere that no matter where you go, you can get a hug and a smile from simply asking. Biola is truly the most loving community, and I am honored to be apart of it.
My online experience with Biola has been amazing. At the start of Covid-19 when everything went online, my professors were amazing, and understanding. Every assignment was easy to get to and the lessons were perfectly laid out. My professors never felt out of reach, even if they were. They always made sure their students could reach them if needed.
Although the switch from in-person classes to online learning was a bit abrupt, I would say that our teachers and staff handled the transition very well. Shout out to the administration and everyone who played a role in making the online courses effective.
I like the fact that both secular and biblical viewpoints are discussed in a way that helps students form a more cumulative worldview all for the benefit of those around us and for the glory of God.
very relaxing and great professors that want to see you succeed. Great resources and easy to understand. Community is also very kind and open.
They made the transition into online learning very easy and helpful due to the Corona Virus making school close early.
Professors, students, and staffs are so kind. The professors really care for each and every one of their students. The campus and facilities are clean.
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Classes online were not hard to navigate through. Many resources were there to help students adjust to online classes and professors and ta's were quick to respond and there to help.
Biola has changed my life. I transferred from CSUF, and while CSUF is a great university, Biola is something truly special.
First, the presence of the Holy Spirit is so prominent. As soon as I stepped onto the campus I knew thag is where I was meant to be.
The colleges are so nice and beautifully made. The professors are kind, genuine, and challenge everyone to pursue the Lord with everything inside of them. They grant grace in times of difficulty, and extend prayers in the hard and not-so-hard times. This university has equipped me for my future passion so well. And it has given me some of the closest friends I could ask for.
If you’re thinking about going to Biola University, do it. Pray about it, and watch the Lord navigate that journey for you.
Since, covid-19, and all the classes were switched to online, Biola has done an excellent job in ensuring that the students were learning as best as possible. So many teaches were accepting, gracious, and understanding as we made this transition together. They did their best to have discussion group, office hours, and lectures. It wasn’t the worst experience thanks to Biola’s diligence.
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