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Biola is an amazing community full of caring students, faculty, and administration who want to the best for you and your future. Biola's All As One is what I have been living my college my experience through. No matter where we are. We all come together. We push each other the be the best version of ourselves. We are restless.
Friendly people. Good location in Southern California. Great campus life. Strongly religious. No greek life, so social group revolves around dorm life, sports and clubs.
I love how the professors truly care about their students. Each professor makes sure that the Bible is incorporated into every class. They make it a point to get to know their students, even in the big lecture classes. I enjoy the chapels that I attend. The chapels each are unique. The students that I am surrounded by bring their own ideas and feelings to the chapels. In addition to students in chapels, I enjoy how much the people at Biola welcome others. When I walk around campus there are always people who smile and say "hello," even if I do not know them.
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Loved the integration of personal faith and truth based curriculum with inidivual concentrations of study. The professors do want to see you succeed, but most want to challenge you to push yourself academically. I've never had a bad experience with classes or events on campus. Mock rock is a great way to be a part of a smaller community with the school. There are various clubs and honors programs to get into as well.
Biola University is a scho located in Southern california about 40 minutes away from LA. In terms of community, the student body is incredibly loving and caring for one another. The teachers also are caring and encourage biblical principles in much of their teachings
I loved how Biola University was dedicated to students, offering lots of seminars and information sessions.
Biola is great! There's no where else I'd rather go to school. The community and the professors are some of my favorite things about the school. The professors really care about the students and their success.
I love how beautiful the campus is! The dorm room looks cool as well! They have a tutor center which is important to me! The professors are friendly and I look forward to going to this school.
Biola University is a great school that I'm proud of and I promise to study for people and my country
I applied to Biola and I've been accepted. I've been able to visit the school and even spend the weekend in the dorms. I took a tour and even sat in on one of the classes. I fell in love as soon as I got there. The campus is amazing and the students are great. There is diversity and everyone there is so welcoming. I'm hoping I'll be able to attend! I would say the one downfall is the price. It's very expensive, but I believe it's worth it.
As a freshman, I am certain that I choosing to attend Biola University is one of the best decisions I have made. Not only was I able to find a great sense of community, people whom I can grow in Christ with - something no other Christian campus can do. With Biola being a rather small campus compared to colleges across the nation, it helps you get closer to peers around you.
I have good and poor experiences at Biola. I have had amazing and terrible professors. I have learned a lot in some classes and hardly anything in others. There isn't much uniformity when it comes to academics. But over all I was very in love with my major - fell out of love with Torrey big time. In terms of student life it's fine - I'm just not a very social person so it's hard to gauge this for me.
Biola has the best community of students. Everyone is so friendly and really wants to get to know you. Such down to earth people and professors who genuinely care about you.
I enjoy the how when you enter into the gates that there is a spiritual transformation of glow about the campus. My first time I felt a shot of power flow through my body. Environment is very calm and inviting also inspires to be productive with several quiet working/studying spaces. I love how passionate professors are about topics discussed during class time! Each individual teacher brings something new and innovative ways of learning. This encourages me to continue my academics while advancing my spiritual growth.
Biola is a Christian ministry equipping school: whatever your discipline, you will learn by attending what it looks like to be excellent in what you do, and to do it both for God and to serve the rest of the world.

The student body is very loving and driven, and a high-caliber lot for the most part. The professors are very intentional, and they make time to nurture real connections to students by making themselves very available. I love this school.
Biola University has unique programs and opportunities. They hold Bible conferences, interesting lectures and fun events. Increased diversity across faculty, staff and student would improve the university.
I really enjoy how students are able to go to chapel and how we are able to participate in conferences that help us grow in our faith. The food is different than I'm used to, but the food being different gives me the opportunity to try new foods. I also enjoy how the professors and other members of the faculty are Christians.
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I love this college. It is a very academically challenging institution that puts God at the front of it all. As a Christian, this is the type of learning that I aspire to have. One that it geared towards the improvement of the next generations through God’s Word. It also helps with growing my faith immensely. At my previous university before I transferred, I kept my faith very sheltered. I didn't live out my Christianity the way I should because I was scared. Here at Biola, I am surrounded by other believers who are on the same journey as I am, and it is really comforting. Although it is a smaller university, there are still may ways to get involved on campus. I am apart of a few groups on campus and I love the community that comes with it.
Biola university is an institution with high academic excellence,with alot of diversity,it has alot of experienced and qualified proffessors. Most international students find biola university situatable place for learning, I like every thing about Biola university.
I am a music student, so I am best acquainted with the music program. It’s great. I love the focus on God and the great, Christian environment. Lack of party scene is awesome. People are great.