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I've seen there's some diversity. I heard a student speaking a language which sounded to me Turkish. However, the area of most diversity I see is in age groups. There are some just graduated from High School, while others are in their 40s. Everyone is very friendly though, regardless of our differences.
There's a classroom filled with computers. However, at least in my classroom, the internet doesn't always get very good connection. On the bright side, we are allowed to print what ever we want. For example, if we find something interesting we are allowed to print it. It doesn't necessarily have to be school related.
  • Aug 12 2013
  • Campus
Either day or night classes could be chosen. Also, the teachers stay after class is over in case you need extra help.
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I'm just going to start. However, my councilor is very friendly and made sure I didn't have any unanswered questions. He showed me around and the class sizes will be small, ideal for me.
  • July 1 2013
  • Campus
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