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Binghamton University, SUNY Reviews

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I liked that many professors were very helpful and attentive to questions and concerns when you reached out to them. The academics are solid, and the campus is often very peaceful and there is always something to do via student association sponsored clubs, or RA events.
I couldn't imagine myself graduating from any other place. I made amazing friends here and found out what I really wanted to do in life. Binghamton is a really good school and you most likely won't regret it.
Binghamton University is true to its title: "premier public ivy." Academics are very strong and there are so many job and career opportunities through the different departments. Professors are average all across, but some departments have better professors (e.g. liberal arts). Despite recent events, the campus is very safe. The University Police are friendly, helpful and willing to escort you around campus if you feel unsafe or if the weather is bad. Love it here!
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Binghamton University is an amazing school that is diverse and definitely worth the tuition. I enjoy the classes and the student life here. I love the counselors and professors. They are understanding and encouraging. Binghamton University's cafeterias serve awesome food and there are plenty of jobs offered for students like me who do work study to pay for school. The school also offers wonderful financial aid to students like me who find it hard to pay for school but want to get an education. I definitely enjoy my stay in Binghamton because the dorms are comfortable and stylish. The school also has an amazing sports program.
What attracted me to Binghamton in the first place was it’s liberal arts education in comparison to other SUNYs. In addition, the campus has such a strong community that is very hard not to love! There activities happening every day on campus, so you’ll never be bored or miss home too much. Your teachers push you to think critically and understand the material. I love this school, I just wished it were more racially diverse!
I like the school overall. The academics are great if you are dedicated to your work. There are a lot of clubs to get involved in and meet friends. In addition, Binghamton University hosts a couple of events that are fun to go to with your friends.
I like the community you can build and the strong focus on academics. I like that at the orientation, we had so many team0building, student0bonding excercises.
The education you get for a state school price can't be beat! The resources for research are amazing and the alumni network is vast and useful! Party scene is super fun! The weather isn't always great, but there's nothing to do about that. I wish sports were a bigger part of the college experience, though... our school does not have a football team. Food could also use a lot of work!
SUNY Binghamton pushes students to be their best academically while pushing you to build your resume using their many clubs and internship opportunities. It is a great school for science students as they have a wide variety of programs suited for them. There is free transportation in the form of buses for students and there is an ambulance called Harpur’s frrry which is completely student run and doesn’t cost anything. One thing that I could change would to have them upgrade the dorms quicker. I will be in old dorms which don’t have air conditioning and are really quite small. The newer dorms are big and air conditioned, and you can use you ID as a key to unlock the door.
Binghamton is very helpful with all new students and are very welcoming. Class registration and scheduling is annoying just like any other university but they have tools to help students register which other places don’t have
I thought I would never be able to go to school away from my family and friends, but i must say that it has been one of the best experiences for me. Binghamton is now my home away from home and I couldn't be more grateful.
My experience at Binghamton University so far has been pretty average. The few things I would change would be the diversity in the faculty opting for more POC representation. I also wish the administration would take the time to listen to the concerns of the minority population at Binghamton and putting their money to better use for things that could help the less represented on this campus.
After freshman year of partying every day, things tend to die down for the next following years. The location in Binghamton allows a student to focus on course work and extracurricular activities. Furthermore, from my experience in Binghamton, the connections made at job fairs and interactions with future employer's eases students into the job field. Binghamton also hosts events and concerts daily for students to get to know each other. There are also family events where families can come up to Binghamton to check up on their child's progress and life at the university. Overall, Binghamton University is the school to go for a higher education.
I think Binghamton is a great school overall, even if there are some things that can be changed. It's a big campus with lots of extracurricular activities, a lot of majors and minors to choose from, all sizes of classes, and several types of dorms to choose from.
I love Binghamton University. It has a very welcoming community of a variety of people that everyone can find their perfect fit.
Overall it is a decent college has, it has a lot of different types of classes and opportunities to discover. The dorms are all decent some better than others and the campus is medium sized with different places to hang around. Usually there are activities for ever one to partake in and have fun. The only cons will be the weather and the food.
I began as a Freshman at Binghamton in 2014 and was a bit overwhelmed. I left and went to another college for 1 semester ad realized how fortunate I had been to go to Binghamton with the vast opportunities that were provided. I returned to Binghamton and recently graduated with my undergraduate degree and was accepted into the accelerated 5 year Master Program. It is an excellent school with a reasonable tuition.
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Binghamton is a good college for it's price, very worthy if you are trying to live on your own and find yourself.
I love Binghamton's social environment. I also met my boyfriend at Bing which I believe was incredibly lucky. The only thing I would change would be the parking situation and the amount that tickets costs. $40 seems a little excessive for parking in the wrong lot. Another thing to fix would be the app for telling when the campus shuttles should be arriving. Other than that, I'm completely in love with Bing.
Binghamton University fundamentally lacks support for the majority of students who are in regular "Harpur School." Specialized schools, such as Decker, Watson, and SOM are the ones to receive special treatments, while the academic advisors at Harpur usually provide very basic form of assist, such as ones you can simply find online;
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