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Binghamton is a great school with an abundance of opportunities. The experience thus far has been good. The professors are approachable and teach with passion about their jobs. The food is a little expensive, to be honest. Although we are located outside of downtown Binghamton, the school does a great job with keeping campus accessible to all student both who live on campus and off. It is clear that the staff and faculty want you to succeed and support you in anyway that they can. The bus service can be a hit or miss situation depending on the time. You have access to everything that you may need and there is a ton of clubs and student involvement on campus.
I like the academic rigor they provide. I also like that they provide good services for their students, such as good food and a good mix of clubs. However, not being able to easily mix majors and minors between different areas of studies, proves restrictive for very curious students.
It is a great school but challenging. The social scene is very cliquey and in most cases, students tend to be excluding. It is multicultural in the sense that are several different backgrounds and races, however. People of different race, ethnicity, nationality often don't interact with others that are different from them. Sometimes it can feel segregated. Overall, the professors are experts in their field of study however, the school needs a major improvement regarding to the student life.
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I love Binghamton for how intellectually stimulating it is. Your professors are constantly challenging you to improve your critical thinking skills and produce the best work possible. I also love how available the professors are; they're always ready to discuss your work with you and help you understand difficult concepts. Bing is also a pretty diverse campus with students from all backgrounds, so it's easy to expand your worldview just by walking around each day.
It would be great if they added the Physical Therapy program to the list of degrees for the college. The housing was sufficient but the rooms seemed very small and the school could be more diverse.
I love Binghamton University. The academic culture is top notch and the social aspect is wonderful as well. I really appreciated everyone involved with Binghamton as they collectively exhibit a diverse, friendly, and intellectual culture. The Binghamton area is full of opportunity as well and is a great place to consider staying in after graduation.
The majority of students are from Long Island who came from the same neighborhood and zoned schools on the Island. If you aren't from Long Island, it is going to be tough trying to get into that elite social group that often dominates the greek life system at Binghamton University. It can get very cliquey at the school as students often times like to bunch themselves together with people who come from very similar backgrounds. Binghamton University needs to do a better job with how they hire their faculty. It is surreal that I am paying thousands of dollars to attend college and get a professor who has such a thick accent, that I cannot even understand when I try my very best, especially in the STEM fields. There isn't much school spirit here and the majority of students here are simply here to get their degrees and flee. The University needs to do a better job of integrating their international students as they seem very distant.
Very good school. Have yet to have a bad professor and am very happy with the education I am receiving.
I spent part of my summer at Binghamton for summer program and i loved it. Spending time there made me realize that I wanted to go to college there. I stayed in a dorm room and dined at their dining halls. I even took a creative writing class and i loved my professer.
Love this school, fantastic professors who you can interact with. All of the students are very welcoming and friendly. I came as a transfer student and it is like I came into the school, and felt right at home. The lectures are larger, but the discussion sections are very small and welcoming. There are many resources to help you succeed but academically, and socially. This is the premier public school in New York State. The Dean always come out and interacts with his students to get to know him on a personal level. there are also so many clubs and organizations to join, not to mention the best performers for the spring fling, it can't get much better than Post Malone.
Absolutely amazing! The campus is beautiful and has outstanding facilities. Professors are more than willing to help. I love interacting with my peers and meeting new people, inside and outside my major every day at this amazing university.
The class sizes are personal and small, with great professors. Food is good, room, are good, and the education value is excellent. Very diverse
Everyone is extremely nice and I think there are more than enough opportunities and diverse programs to involve yourself in. The professors are always available to help and really friendly. The classes vary in difficulty based on the professors but there is always someone that can help if you need it. Campus is big and beautiful, and far enough from the city to not get distracted, but close enough to go if you need anything that is not on campus.
Binghamton University had proven to be a great choice of Universities for my son. He was very hesitant at first because he wanted to go to a private school which focused on film as he wants to be a film maker. He has been so pleasantly surprised! His cinematic studies courses have been amazing and his teachers have helped him to become a more well rounded and engaged student. He has met very talented students form the theater department who have acted in his films and amazing musicians who actually composed the score for his first project! There are so many opportunities at Binghamton University that my son never even knew existed for a film buff and film major. He cant wait to go back next semester to work on his first screen play!
Their courseloads are rigorous. They focus on teaching you more than other schools in hopes of giving you a chance to get through grad school faster than the average person. There are problems and it is not perfect but there is active efforts to fix them as they arise and they are generally successful. It is not usually sunny and happy outside but it makes you value days where it is that much more. If you put in the effort you can get a lot in return and as far as a state school goes it is the best you are going to get in New York period. If you want to spend more money, other places will be better however. (If you have scholarships to bring comparably academic private schools to the same price range go private)
yo school is really hard. Studying biology here is hard as f, they make the into classes hard as hell to get the weaklings out. Im on winter break now and its been almost 3 weeks and i cant even leave my bed because i'm so brain dead. cheers to 4 years tho.
I love how everything on campus is so close to each other. There are a lot of classes opened and there are always very interesting class choices. A lot of extra help is provided, if needed.
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This academic environment is designed to allow all types of students to flourish at their own pace while taking the classes they want to take and being involved with the organizations which they want to be a part of. The multiple success centers and student aids available to students on campus only further the student's ability to flourish in the academic and professional world alike.
I have loved the classes I have taken at Binghamton. The professors are very approachable. I would like to see more multicultural awareness and a safer campus for students of color
It’s overall a very good school with challenging courses that test your ability to be able to study well and manage your time with the many on campus activities.