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Binghamton University has great professors and staff who want to see you succeed! There are so many resources for your academics, mental health, etc. It offers so many different majors, clubs and activities. It's an amazing school and I can't imagine myself anywhere else.
Binghamton's strong academic background, mixed with an excellent quality of social life, makes the university appear thriving to many prospective students like myself. When I went on a campus tour visit on April 22nd, 2018, the fresh atmosphere resonated with me.
In my opinion, Binghamton is one of the best SUNY schools that you should invest in. Not only do they have excellent academic opportunities but they also have an awesome student life on campus. I would highly recommend attending this institution! GO BEAR CATS!
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Certain professors are great, others not so much. You can get help if you actively seek it but nobody will serve you directions directly.
I really enjoyed my experience with Binghamton University. As a Reservist with the United States Army, my professors have worked with me in extraordinary ways when it comes to my training. The school itself has also been very understanding of my deployment and the general difficulties of being in the military and attending college. However, BU did not accept many of the ACE recommendation for college credits based on military experience and training, which would have aided me in obtaining my degree a lot faster.
The most important thing about BU for me was the atmosphere which is very conducive to learning and fosters creativity.
Binghamton University fosters a challenging academic environment where students are encouraged to think critically and go beyond the text. Classes are intense with hundreds of pages of reading per week and the professors expect a lot out of the students. The rigorous academics truly prepare students to enter the work field or higher education. The downfall of Binghamton University is the student culture. It is a big party school and students often get wrapped up in partying. If you are not a part of this scene it can be difficult to meet people and make friends. If you're looking for a strong academic program, I highly recommend Binghamton University, but if you are looking for a friendly environment, it's probably not your place.
This college has outstanding academics with an awesome reputation. It's affordable and is well worth the money spent.
I have been to Binghamton multiple times from going on tours to seeing Post Malone preform live. I am so excited to say that I am going to be attending Binghamton next year! I can easily say that if you want the best college experience and academics provided, Binghamton is for you! #Classof2022
Love the Nursing program! Hard school, but if you do the work you will be fine. Cheap than most schools
This is a nice school in all. Most students seem to work hard. The city is quite dangerous and some women have been murdered in recent years. Best to stay at the school.
The education quality at Binghamton is absolutely incredible but the ease of their online interface can be confusing. The Degree Works program can be misleading with the remaining requirements for students. Instead of integrating the college branch requirements and the major requirements, they're in two different places within the program and have set back many students on completing all of their requirements within four years.
The campus is very big and they offer a wide array of courses. However, the students are predominately white as well as the staff. They offer a lot of transportation for students on campus. They also offer a lot of resources that help with career planning, major advising, and counseling services.
The dorms are amazing compared to other SUNY schools. I am in SOM and the program goes above and beyond from the start of your freshman year. I don’t like to party, but there are other things to do even at a big party school.
I like my dorm which has recently been remodeled. The classes are interesting, and the teachers seem knowledgeable in their fields. The campus layout is quite convenient and easy to familiarize myself with.
I love the real campus experience in Binghamton. Everyone is really passionate about the school and is so nice. The academics are amazing and it is so challenging and rewarding.
Binghamton is a great school with an abundance of opportunities. The experience thus far has been good. The professors are approachable and teach with passion about their jobs. The food is a little expensive, to be honest. Although we are located outside of downtown Binghamton, the school does a great job with keeping campus accessible to all student both who live on campus and off. It is clear that the staff and faculty want you to succeed and support you in anyway that they can. The bus service can be a hit or miss situation depending on the time. You have access to everything that you may need and there is a ton of clubs and student involvement on campus.
I like the academic rigor they provide. I also like that they provide good services for their students, such as good food and a good mix of clubs. However, not being able to easily mix majors and minors between different areas of studies, proves restrictive for very curious students.
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It is a great school but challenging. The social scene is very cliquey and in most cases, students tend to be excluding. It is multicultural in the sense that are several different backgrounds and races, however. People of different race, ethnicity, nationality often don't interact with others that are different from them. Sometimes it can feel segregated. Overall, the professors are experts in their field of study however, the school needs a major improvement regarding to the student life.
I love Binghamton for how intellectually stimulating it is. Your professors are constantly challenging you to improve your critical thinking skills and produce the best work possible. I also love how available the professors are; they're always ready to discuss your work with you and help you understand difficult concepts. Bing is also a pretty diverse campus with students from all backgrounds, so it's easy to expand your worldview just by walking around each day.
It would be great if they added the Physical Therapy program to the list of degrees for the college. The housing was sufficient but the rooms seemed very small and the school could be more diverse.