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Classes that I am taking online have been okay. Learning online is hard so things have gotten either easier or more difficult for some.
It's unfortunate that my freshman year got cut short because I absolutely love going here. The pandemic has definitely changed up school culture but Binghamton is not the only one facing this problem. Everyone has a place here and that's the beauty of the diverse people on campus.
I took an online class over the summer and it was interactive and interesting; however this was all done pre-covid-19. Well done overall.
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Really enjoyed it. Solid education for a lower cost. The surrounding area is not so interesting but has been improving over the past several years.
If you can find a smaller community of like-minded students within the larger campus, Binghamton can feel like home. I joined greek life and also had a part-time job as a bartender downtown which allowed me to form my social group. The coursework is challenging but will provide you with a top-notch education upon graduation.
I took a few courses online during summer and winter semesters and my experiences were all great! I was able to complete classes quicker that way and focus on one at a time.
Online learning is really interesting. I prefer to learn in class but with the current situation, we cannot be on campus a lot. The teachers are very adaptable and are able to accommodate all situations.
A really good university to learn and meet new people. Learned a lot of new skills and met some lifelong friends here. Enjoyed the party life here and went out many weekends.
It's pretty cool here so far. I love the community here and the reputation this school upholds. The students here are all very friendly.
The online classes haven't been so bad. They're good to work on with friends. It's not the same as in person but it's still decent.
I haven't taken any lessons yet so I don't really know how learning is but I assume it's really great.
I'm beginning Binghamton in the fall and I really love the school from what I've seen! I really like the school!
My online learning experience at Binghampton University was good, but could've been better. I didnt feel the same connection online as i did in the classroom.
It has a beautiful campus and amazing staff. There are many food options as well! Lastly, dorms look very good and are spacious.
Overall, I am paying a relatively low amount of money for an education that will get that money back. Most professors are kinds and care. The campus isn't very diverse, but it's diverse enough to meet good people of all backgrounds. Athletics are very good, but barely anyone goes to see the games for any team. Most dorms are very nice, and so is the campus. Yet the people make the experience. Parties are fun, although unsafe for women. Campus food isn't very good, although there are a few meals I definitely enjoy.
Most intro classes require purchasing textbooks unnecessarily for online key codes to required homework assignments. Classes in 2020 are mostly online, although some are a mix of in-person and online. The professor, not the subject, makes the class. Certainly, some material is very interesting, but with an uncaring professor, students begin to reflect the same attitude. (I have met more good ones than I have bad.)
When I first got to Binghamton, I was nervous and young. Being there for 2 years now, I feel the opposite. I feel comfortable on campus, whether that be with the students or with the professors and other workers. The university has made it easy to feel comfortable with myself - who I am as a person, a student, a girl, and more. While the classes are challenging, professors and TAs do all that they can to help us students be successful. The housing has been a wonderful experience for me, having lived my first two years on campus. I've met lifelong friends there, made memories, and cannot wait to make more off campus.
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Taking online classes used to be something that I only planned on experiencing on the winter and summer semesters. While those experiences were great, I felt as though I retained the knowledge, I've noticed that some professors rely more on textbook learning rather than actual lecture teaching on online classes. Although, this was different Spring semester of 2020, when COVID-19 forced us all to go online. The lectures were both live and uploaded for us to rewatch at any time, and SO many office hours and tutors were available!
I met so many wonderful people at Binghamton! People in my classes were always willing to help each other out and older students I met were always trying to help too. My professors were genuine and informative people. The people that lived on the same floor as me were respectful and sweet. I couldn't picture myself anywhere else.
It was a little hard to keep up with the difficult material of certain classes but all my professors made themselves available for zoom office hours.
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