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The campus is really nice and overall most professors are helpful and can always be reached during their office hours. Food is pretty good and there are always social events going on for students
I enjoy my degree at the university, but I find it difficult to connect with other students from other majors because the Human development building is off campus! Overall, I find that the university works with the community to better serve those in need.
When I committed to college, I felt a little underwhelmed. All my friends seemed to be going more interesting places than me. Now, at the end of my freshman year, I can't believe I thought that for a minute when I came. I love my school! Cliche, I know, but it's true. This is my home, and I'm having way more fun than I ever thought possible! Give Bing a chance! The more you put into it the more you'll get out.
Review Binghamton University, SUNY
Diverse community with a typical college atmosphere. Find your niche and you'll love it. As a freshman, I found it hard to make friends, but it will happen. There is always something to do or get involved in.
Binghamton University lives up to its title of the Ivy of the SUNYs. As a freshman in my 2nd semester, I can honestly say that I am receiving a fantastic education and a great social experience. Their systems for signing up for classes and keeping track of my degree are phenomenal. I would say attending this school is a goal to strive for and an honor.
Binghamton provides the right ratio of challenging academics and social activities. There are so many resources available to that push students toward a successful career following graduation.
This was my top school, I was originally admitted as a spring admit but then they found me a spot for the fall. This school has the perfect balance of academic rigor and enjoyable, great quality classes. There is always so much to do on campus, someone is always handing out free stuff & there are so many clubs to be involved with. The housing situation is great because you can pick from five housing communities, each with a slightly different vibe and different amenities. Many of the professors here also teach at Cornell and Ithaca so you can say that you're receiving a private school level education for a fraction of the cost! I could not be happier here, coming here was the best choice I've made in a long time.
Its a party school, but people here are really friendly. The environment is nice, but weather can get really cold in the winter.
I have really very much enjoyed my time at Binghamton University. I have grown and learned so much over the past four years and am so grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to me here.
Binghamton University is a unique experience in many ways. There is a lot of room to succeed and they provide you with many of the tools necessary for numerous opportunities. Still if I had to see something change it would be the staff. Some of the professors are very motivated and amazing at what they do, but on the other hand a huge majority of professors while brilliant do not help their students thrive. You'll find yourself learning most of the material on your own, which would be fine if we didn't have a greater hope for Binghamton's education system being that the school prides itself on being the "public ivy" I think that since we expect so much from the students we can start expecting more from the staff as well.
Overall, I enjoy the general atmosphere of the college. If you are a party person you'll definitely like it, and if you are a homebody like me, there's a lot of fun stuff to do without going out. You might even meet your next squad at nowl or LateNite.
I'm a freshman & I'm part of the Binghamton Advantage Program which allows me to live on Bing's campus & take advantage of the resources the campus has to offer while I take my classes at SUNY Broome Community College for 1 year. The campus is beautiful & has much to offer. Bing provides buses that take us everywhere. We have access to a lot of stores nearby such as Target, Best Buy, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Dick's, AMC, & so many more in the mall close by. We have a lot of options on campus for food: 4 dining halls, the marketplace Starbucks, and Subway. We also have late night which means two dining halls are open from 9PM-1AM on Mon-Thurs. & 9PM-4AM on Fri-Sun. To my surprise the frat parties are always crowded and bumping on weekends. If you don't like frats the bars are always an option as well. The people at Bing are so friendly & approachable. Once you find your group of friends at Bing, everything is great.
All of your classes are relatively close to each other (~5min walk to get from class to class). The dorms are nice and are relatively new or being renovated.
Binghamton University is a school with strong academics, and a nice campus. The university is a great place to find your academic and extracurricular interests. The intro classes can be very difficult, but these courses just test your ability to study. The professors can sometimes be difficult to understand, but there are tutors readily available at the tutor center. Overall, the students at Binghamton have a passion for what they study and in turn this creates an atmosphere that encourages creative thinking and collaborative learning. Go bearcats!
Binghamton University is a premier university. It's reputation as a "public ivy" is quite fair. I enjoy the classes, the people, and the diversity. Like any school, Binghamton has it's share of problems, but the students who attend care enough about the issues to address them.
I've spent a semester already at Binghamton and I'm really glad I chose to go here. The atmosphere is pretty great and when you're not in class, there's plenty to do on-campus even if the local area isn't really something spectacular. One of my favorite things is the amount of support services they offer, whether it be concerning academic advising or career counseling! That's in my opinion, one of the most important things that will help you in your college career!
In short:

- Academics (There's a reason it's called a "Public Ivy"
- Student Life (There's so much here to keep you busy)
- Career Services (The Fleishman Center is amazing)

- Food (Sodexo has got to go)
- Local Area (Better to stay on-campus)
- On-campus housing (Way too expensive)
- Winter (When Winter comes, it does so in full force)
The staff and professors truly care about the students there and strive to push them to do their best. They truly set you up for success through the many outlets that they offer the students for a better future.
Review Binghamton University, SUNY
I would like to see changes in the parking because the parking is horrible. It's nice if you live on campus, but if you are a commuter it is very hard to find parking spots. And the downtown campus is worse. Over all the university is not a bad school. You do have to keep up on your degree works and make sure courses transfer over like they should.
Binghamton Univeristy has a wide variety of majors with prestigious programs, so there is no need to apply to other schools should you decide to pursue another focus.
I am satisfied on how it is an inspiring environment. It allows you to focus on your studies. However, I am not satisfied with the amount of professor adjuncts there are. I don't feel like I am receiving the best quality education I could with the inexperienced soon-to-be professors. It has hindered me in some of my classes and reflected off my grade which isn't beneficial for my future. I am also a transfer, so I don't feel so matriculated within the student life at the University. I feel a bit at a disadvantage. However, this University has nothing but been good for me and my future. I only wish for more opportunities with my college, CCPA at Binghamton Universty.
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