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Had an amazing experience at Binghamton University. Easy to get involved, was always excited to go back.
I entered Binghamton through the EOP (Educational Opportunity Program) in 2007. A program which leads students to classify ourselves not based off of our graduation year but off of our entrance year. The Binghamton Enrichment Program (BEP) introduces pre-freshmen to the university through courses, forums, meeting alumni, living on campus, and study habits. The summer of 2007 inspired my college career. I pledged to my fraternity freshman year, became a RA my 2nd year, held a job every year in school, and met my first true love. All of this created opportunities for my life to be what it is today; both in terms of my social capital as well as my awareness of myself. This is highly relevant because in this day in age it's not about what you know, but about who you know. To paraphrase more; parties, community service, late nights & early mornings, heartbreak, business mindset, failure, danger, laundry, racism, acclimation, and FAMILY.
I am a math major. If you are generally good at math, and I don't mean "I can do algebra fairly easily" good, then you should be fine getting a degree here. Teachers explain stuff nicely, although some have a thick accent.

I have lost structure in this review and I feel like I'm rambling, but also to remember to constantly ask teachers for real world applications. Some will struggle to give you answers, since Binghamton's mathematics program is generally pretty theoretical. BUT, they WILL put in the effort to show you real world applications. I had asked all my professors for all my math courses for applications of the subject material, and later that week they both sent me emails with careers that constantly use the material and how they use it.
Review Binghamton University, SUNY
Binghamton University is known to be the best public college in New York State. Students get a world class education for a fraction of the price and an amazing, friendly campus community. Binghamton has amazing housing, as even the "worst" dorms on campus are what I am proud to call my home away from home. The campus is very safe with its own University Police force and 24-hour student-run ambulance service. The University's motto is work hard, play hard, and boy do the kids live up to that. Students organize and run their own carnivals, block parties, concerts and charity events, making the school not only a great place to learn, but a great place to live.
My professors are absolutely committed to my success not only at Binghamton, but in my post-graduate endeavors. They are always available when I need academic and personal guidance. The English department staff is friendly, efficient, and always helpful; no unnecessary running around! I'm forever grateful that I choose Binghamton; Go Bearcats!
Binghamton was an interesting experience- the food was not great, but the professors were willing to help you with all material if you went to office hours.
Very much a state school, most students are from the greater New York area and must adapt to going to school upstate. Weather is typically on the colder and cloudier side but campus is beautiful in the fall with the Nature Preserve.
I love this college. It is beautiful and offers so many opportunities. There are so many different clubs to do. Also, there is always some activity to do on campus. The housing is amazing. My dorm building felt like a hotel and the food is pretty good.
Bing is definitely a little underrated on the party scene, granted it isn't as wild as UCLA or Boulder but it still has plenty to offer. Challenging curriculum, diverse and accepting student body, plenty of fun stuff to do.
Great school! Very welcoming and friendly. I am a Transfer student and I was welcomed with open arms.
Unless you are Jewish, from Long Island/NYC/Westchester, rushing for a frat or sorority, very liberal, smoke week, love getting drunk and going to bars, this place is not for you. Seriously, cannot stress enough.
Most people come here only because it is cheap. The food is not great. Worst school spirit I have ever seen out of all the colleges I went to. Most Professors are very arrogant and care only about their own research. Hundreds of students get weeded out for pre-med every year. Have heard positive things about the business school.
Overall, I have visited many colleges and attended this one, amenities were easily the worst. Would not recommend to anyone. I have even heard things from people who do not go here and know others who do and they said, not me, that people come in good people and walk out trash and that the college is more like a cliquey high school than a university. And unfortunately, I can verify this because I have seen it happen to many people first-hand.
I love Binghamton! I enjoy my time here both academically and socially. I would like to have smaller class sizes and some more school spirit with athletics, however.
I went to tour the campus and I absolutely loved it! I am super excited to attend Binghamton in Fall 2017.
The campus is really nice and overall most professors are helpful and can always be reached during their office hours. Food is pretty good and there are always social events going on for students
I enjoy my degree at the university, but I find it difficult to connect with other students from other majors because the Human development building is off campus! Overall, I find that the university works with the community to better serve those in need.
When I committed to college, I felt a little underwhelmed. All my friends seemed to be going more interesting places than me. Now, at the end of my freshman year, I can't believe I thought that for a minute when I came. I love my school! Cliche, I know, but it's true. This is my home, and I'm having way more fun than I ever thought possible! Give Bing a chance! The more you put into it the more you'll get out.
Diverse community with a typical college atmosphere. Find your niche and you'll love it. As a freshman, I found it hard to make friends, but it will happen. There is always something to do or get involved in.
Review Binghamton University, SUNY
Binghamton University lives up to its title of the Ivy of the SUNYs. As a freshman in my 2nd semester, I can honestly say that I am receiving a fantastic education and a great social experience. Their systems for signing up for classes and keeping track of my degree are phenomenal. I would say attending this school is a goal to strive for and an honor.
Binghamton provides the right ratio of challenging academics and social activities. There are so many resources available to that push students toward a successful career following graduation.
This was my top school, I was originally admitted as a spring admit but then they found me a spot for the fall. This school has the perfect balance of academic rigor and enjoyable, great quality classes. There is always so much to do on campus, someone is always handing out free stuff & there are so many clubs to be involved with. The housing situation is great because you can pick from five housing communities, each with a slightly different vibe and different amenities. Many of the professors here also teach at Cornell and Ithaca so you can say that you're receiving a private school level education for a fraction of the cost! I could not be happier here, coming here was the best choice I've made in a long time.
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