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Binghamton University appears to be a great deal and an excellent university to study at.I have toured the university and am impressed with all the opportunities it offers to all aspects of society.
Binghamton is a great school and has a lot to offer. I have definitely gotten my money's worth from going there.
Really loved it when I went on a campus tour! Everyone was super nice and friendly really recommend that everyone takes a tour if they can!
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I went to SUNY Binghamton for one semester, and decided to experience upstate New york. I went here for the debate team only, and had a very, very miserable experience. The weather and environment were so awful that I was forced to leave. It made me have a deep depression, and then I had mania after I left so I ended up leaving for sure. I guess being used to having sunny days, and a great environment were better than what Binghamton could ever offer. Binghamton sucks, and I'm never going back to that hellhole.
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I had a great experience at Binghamton. The campus and dorms are beautiful. Students are friendly. You can't beat the tuition.
It's been a while but all that's changed is more students. It's a large state university in a lousy state system compared to other states. You can get a degree without much effort or hassle. Academics are easy. Good for the B student who wants a degree to get a job. Most students are more into parties and activities than academics which is true many places. You'll like it if you liked the social scene in high school and want college to be similar. In fact, half your high school may be attending. NY state has squeezed the system dry for decades so there are no resources but campus is fine. Binghamton is a very unsafe city with a high violent crime rate.Many students have gotten their heads bashed in by gang members. The violent crime rate in Binghamton is 673. For comparison, the state average is 380. So watch out if you attend.
All the students and staff are very friendly and welcoming. There is a lot to do on campus but not too much off campus. There are always clubs to join and events to go to. There are many resources to help students academically, like tutoring groups and office hours. The dorms, depending on what community you live in, are nice and have just enough room to fit all your stuff, doesn't feel stuffy at all. Some buildings aren't as nice to live in because they're older, but there are many residential buildings that have been just newly renovated.
Binghamton University is your home away from home. It is a place where one can feel free to express themselves in a plethora of ways through its numerous clubs and its outgoing students. If there isn't something that you love initially about the institution you'll almost always find it!
I love everything about Binghamton University. Professor's all are there to help their students. Classrooms are always clean. Advisors will meet with their students anytime they are available. We need better food choices at the food court.
Binghamton was not my first University. I transferred from Hunter College. The difference between a city school and a upstate school was huge. The campus of Binghamton isnt known to be very large but coming from hunter it was impressive. The school has a very strong career guidance center and great views of hills and lakes. The club culture was also thriving and the people are generally friendly. I always feel safe within campus, but i can't say the same for off campus.
I would like to see the professors change, there are too many poorly taught classes. I hope they work on finding more quality professors.
Suny Binghamton is an amazing campus with great opportunities for anyone who attends. I loved how welcoming everyone was and how open the staff was.
If you know SUNY Binghamton, you know there is a balance between academics and the party scene. It is like getting the best of both worlds. There isn't much diversity on campus.
I am only an upcoming freshman, but Binghamton already feels like home. With its welcoming atmosphere, kind staff and locals, and scenery that one can look at for days, I can't imagine a better school. Only problem I could think of is the excercise I get climbing the some of the steeper parts of the campus!
There are many reasons that Binghamton University school is known to be the "best public university in New York State". Students get an amazing education and pay significantly less than their private counterparts. Since graduating in 2009, the university has completed upgrades to numerous facilities, including dormitories and dining halls. While certain parts of the downtown area are considered to be dangerous, the campus itself is very safe.

The one thing I would change is the way in which academic advisors are assigned to students. At Binghamton, students come in for an appointment and are randomly assigned to an available advisor. There is no guarantee that a particular student will receive the same advisor in every visit. Some universities provide students with one academic advisor, who works with them over the course of their time at the university. I think Binghamton students would benefit more from a more personalized system, as mentioned in the previous sentence.
Had an amazing experience at Binghamton University. Easy to get involved, was always excited to go back.
I entered Binghamton through the EOP (Educational Opportunity Program) in 2007. A program which leads students to classify ourselves not based off of our graduation year but off of our entrance year. The Binghamton Enrichment Program (BEP) introduces pre-freshmen to the university through courses, forums, meeting alumni, living on campus, and study habits. The summer of 2007 inspired my college career. I pledged to my fraternity freshman year, became a RA my 2nd year, held a job every year in school, and met my first true love. All of this created opportunities for my life to be what it is today; both in terms of my social capital as well as my awareness of myself. This is highly relevant because in this day in age it's not about what you know, but about who you know. To paraphrase more; parties, community service, late nights & early mornings, heartbreak, business mindset, failure, danger, laundry, racism, acclimation, and FAMILY.
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I am a math major. If you are generally good at math, and I don't mean "I can do algebra fairly easily" good, then you should be fine getting a degree here. Teachers explain stuff nicely, although some have a thick accent.

I have lost structure in this review and I feel like I'm rambling, but also to remember to constantly ask teachers for real world applications. Some will struggle to give you answers, since Binghamton's mathematics program is generally pretty theoretical. BUT, they WILL put in the effort to show you real world applications. I had asked all my professors for all my math courses for applications of the subject material, and later that week they both sent me emails with careers that constantly use the material and how they use it.
Binghamton University is known to be the best public college in New York State. Students get a world class education for a fraction of the price and an amazing, friendly campus community. Binghamton has amazing housing, as even the "worst" dorms on campus are what I am proud to call my home away from home. The campus is very safe with its own University Police force and 24-hour student-run ambulance service. The University's motto is work hard, play hard, and boy do the kids live up to that. Students organize and run their own carnivals, block parties, concerts and charity events, making the school not only a great place to learn, but a great place to live.
My professors are absolutely committed to my success not only at Binghamton, but in my post-graduate endeavors. They are always available when I need academic and personal guidance. The English department staff is friendly, efficient, and always helpful; no unnecessary running around! I'm forever grateful that I choose Binghamton; Go Bearcats!