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Good academics but lowkey feels like prison i will not lie. Food rlly not it tbh but it's usually edible... lacks school spirit
I'm a current Junior at Binghamton University so I have experienced most of what the school offers. The college experience really depends on what you come in with and what you take out. The campus is decent. The environment is pretty helpful and beneficial to finding out your passions and goals. The faculty range from really great to being average. The clubs and opportunists here are amazing.
Binghamton University is a great place to be. There's so many activities on campus every week. There are clubs, movie screenings, social and sporting events, theater productions, there's something for everyone.
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I enjoyed the beautiful campus and numerous student activities. The sports teams are very competitive and fun to watch. There are plenty of restaurants and local entertainment spots around the Binghamton area that are nice to visit on weekends.
Binghamton is a great institution and offers many opportunities for students to thrive. However, the diversity and housing is not as great.
I did not enjoy my time here. Although I am unsure if it is the school specifically or just being away from home, it was not a pleasant experience. I found the campus cold and unwelcoming and the weather did not help. I did, however, like the food.
Binghamton has an overall beautiful campus feel. My aunt is alumni and she also said it has changed for the better. i went to view Albany and in comparison it was so depressing. I have many friends who are currently freshman there and absolutely love everything about the school.
SUNY Binghamton University is a very respectable college that has clearly put lots of effort into improving student life on campus. There is a great atmosphere and much to do in your free time, from going to the bowling alley to attending a concert.
Great campus. Perfect balance of academics and fun. Always something to do. Many dining options. Professors are engaged. Great sense of community. Love Love Love.
Binghamton has a beautiful campus, great diversity of students, and a variety of resources/institutions for all students. I’m a freshman here and honestly I couldn’t be happier. Free tutoring, laundry, food (at some clubs and events), and much more. I got all the classes I want and CIW is a great living community (although no a/c at CIW, other dorms they do have it).
Binghamton University is ideally located near towns that serve the needs of students. The campus is large and well-equipped with multiple activities for students on campus. Additionally, hiking spots near Binghamton University are a must-see! Dorm rooms are small but most students are friendly and advisors are helpful.
Great experience, many clubs to join and people to meet. I was very nervous coming in but it all goes away once you find your place. There is room for everyone and always someone to talk to.
SUNY Binghamton defies the notion of "Looks can be deceiving". The campus and dorms are always well kept and I feel safe walking alone during any time throughout the day. Not only is the overall aesthetic of the school pleasing and comforting, but I also only have positive remarks in regards to my personal experience with the academics. My professors have and are all credible, passionate, and sincere.
I think Binghamton University lives up to its nickname, "the Premier Public Ivy" school. It has many unique aspects that differ from other schools. It has a great traditional college campus and college life is awesome.
I love everything about Binghamton University. The campus is beautiful, the working environment is great, and it's just an absolute honor to be attending Binghamton University.
Good education, but as an engineer, could've used more practical classes/labs. The university culture was good, but not a lot to do in the area, but I haven't been back to the school in years so things probably have changed a lot.
Everyone is really nice and helpful. Professors are great and the campus is gorgeous. You feel encouraged to work hard because of the community around you.
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Great campus, well respected! Strong science programs and new pharmacy and nursing schools. Lots of undergraduate clubs and activities.
I love Binghamton University and have enjoyed my time here greatly! So much so that I'm coming back again for grad school in the fall. Binghamton university has a large campus site that hosts a grand variety of classes & degrees, students & faculty, and extracurricular and leisure activities. There are also plenty of amazing places to grab a bite an hang out with some friends. And the amount of private study rooms they have and places for you to be able to spread your notes out in peace is phenomenal. Even the ability to get around campus is made easy by their campus shuttle service that not only takes them within walking distance to every area on campus, but also out to the vestal parkway and to downtown Binghamton which hosts a wide variety of shops, restaurants & bars, and entertainment places. I truly cannot wait to return this fall and relax in the University Union with some Dunkin and my notes.
SUNY Binghamton presents a welcoming community on a more typical style closed college campus. While not in the center of Urban life there is still a lot to do in down town Binghamton.
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