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Big Sandy Community & Technical College Reviews

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Classes are small. Lots of online classes available. Professors are very helpful and quick to respond to emails. Beautiful campus. You're not just an ID number.
The school is flexible with your schedule. For a mother it was amazing how I easily got online classes so I wouldn't have to miss any classes due to doctors appointments for my newborn.
I love the diverse corse selection. The only drawback is having to commute to different campuses to obtain needed credits.
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This is my first year of college and so far it has been great. The professors has different techniques in teaching you something you probably did not know.
Big Sandy Community and Technical College has really prepared me for going to a University. I am about to get my Associate in Science Degree and I'm super grateful to attend here. Class sizes are small meaning that everyone in class gets to know one another and professors truly care about the students' education. I have learned so much by attending here and I'll be sad when I graduate. The people and education opportunities truly make going here worth while.
Big sandy is a small school. The professors are very kind and reachable. There aren't many extra curricular activities however. And there is no on-campus housing or food.
Despite being a college, the professors are quite close to their students. Many professors care for their students and will do their best to help them. Although, the campus is small and the clubs are very limited. Depending on the campus you attend, you are limited on your classes if you don't want to travel and hour everyday for classes.
They accept most classes and their classes transfer. They have very helpful staff that will go the extra mile to do what they can to make sure you have everything you need and that you have no questions.
Small town college close to home and overall had a nice experience. Classes are small and you get to be close to professors and fellow students.
My time at big sandy community and technical college has been a very enjoyable one. Everyone on the campus is very friendly and all the professors are very nice and help you understand things a lot like a high school teacher would so i feel this is a good transition school from high school to college life.
Very unorganized admissions office staff. Academics are as easy as high school. Classes do not always transfer and must be repeated after students complete two years and move on to a four year college. I would not suggest anyone attending this school.
I absolutely love the atmosphere of this campus. The students are very friendly and helpful, also the teachers provide a very good one-on-one experience in the classroom. They make time for students, if the student puts forth the effort. Any questions you have, they will provide an answer. If they don't have an answer, they will work very hard at trying to find you one. Overall, my experience here has been wonderful.
The school was able to offer me all online classes two semesters so far so I'm very thankful.
My online courses are amazing. Our professor uploads video lectures and we respond on discussion boards. We also try and meet as a class when our professor gives seminars at the college. It gives us a chance to be more

Familiar with everyone. The workload is what I expected. Very reasonable on both ends. I have a very good relationship with my professors.
My advisor laid out different course options to either finish my associates here, transfer during my degree to one college or transfer to Lindsey wilsons after. She was very clear and helpful.
All my professors have been very patient with me learning the online course work. My courses challenge me to learn and the content of the classes are very helpful. I'm an online student but my human service classes still get together at seminars offered by our teacher and communicate. We may be a online class but our professor gives us discussion boards to talk and express our opinions to each other.
A degree from this school can open up a lot of opportunitys for me. I'm a single mother living here and there with my one year old son and this degree can get me back up on my feet and be able to provide for myself and my son. The quality of the services and alumni is absolutly fantastic. They're very compassionate and pateint with me considering I email at least three workers a week to make sure everything is still in check with my grades, financials, etc.
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My human service classes and even some of my basic classes such as my communications class have taught me so much. My communications class has helped me overcome my anxiety with big crowds with will definitely help me advanced in my future career as a counselor.
All personal I've delt with has helped me so much! As a single mother I needed all online classes and limited trips to the college to set up everything and they made sure everything was took care of so I didn't need to come back in!
The value of my degree is going to be helpful and well worked for. Its what I'm bedding to advance my career.
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