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Big Bend Community College Reviews

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A very diverse school with access to all kinds of educational help. The staff really cares about the success of the students.
The instructors only want to see you succeed. It is small enough that you can have classes with the people you want to share classes with, but big enough that one can avoid others as well.
Big Bend Community College is amazing and full our resources. The professors are all willing to help and there are tutors all around to help.
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Great option to start post high school education if unsure. When I started college I was unsure of what path to take, thanks to awesome and dedicated to student needs counselors. My counselor helpe me to set goals and to decide my career path. Teachers are very nice and are available for students needs.
Very good institution. The faculty are highly knowledgeable in their respective fields and are more than willing to help students be successful.
Big Bend Community College is a small school with great academics. Many of the STEM classes are as difficult as those offered by universities but have a very small number of students in them. This allows for a unique classroom environment where the individual student is encouraged to engage and ask questions.
This college is amazing. The advisors and instructors make sure that you are comfortable and on track to where you want to end up academically. It is a very inviting environment with a variety of different subjects to study. I started going to school here through running start and was able to graduate from college and high school at the same time. College can be confusing, especially when you're first starting out, but the people here do their best to help you out.
I really liked the atmosphere of the campus. Big bend overall has great students and instructors. I enjoyed Big Bend Community College, not only did I feel like home but the environment was such a great part of it.
I am currently attending at Big Bend Community College and the atmosphere is amazing. Everyone is so friendly, the instructors are helpful and are good at teaching, and the campus is not too big. Also, the fries that they make at the Big Bend cafeteria are the best in the world. Would totally recommend anyone to go to Big Bend just to try the fries.
Big Bend is a great place to go to college even if you don't have a future plan. They offer so many programs and degrees that you can major. The professors give their all to see you succeed. Many different people of ages, sizes, and ethnicities attend. The process of applying is a breeze and they make you feel comfortable. Maybe Big Bend is the school for you in your future.
I was enrolled in the welding course it was an overall great course very easy to understand. Great instructors, clean shop, great tools.
Big Bend Community College is a great place if you are looking for a small town. The education is great and the people are swell food id amazing. things I would like to change are the diversity in sports.
I LOVE BIG BEND! Nice campus, amazing teachers and staff, amazing cafeteria food, lots of fun activities and events.
This college is great. Very small and easy to navigate. The teachers and staff are amazing and the students are very friendly. Only wish they would offer more degrees,
I like how the staff is friendly and willing to help you. As of right now everything is perfect at the school and no changes need to be made.
If you are looking for some where to get you undergrad this is the place to go! They are experts at helping you tailor our education for your 4 year degree. The people are kind and friendly and a;ways willing to help.
This school doesn't seem to suit me as an architect major. I can't find classes that are what I really want to study
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Most classes have 20 students per professor. Many students don't try hard to succeed do if you are a hard worker you will stand out. There are a lot of classes that seem meaningless and a waste of time.
This school does not have an architecture program. There are great aviation, welding, and nursing programs but since it is a community college it doesn't cover everything everyone would want. That is why I plan to transfer to a four year university.
It is difficult to provide a general review for a whole school when I have had both great and terrible experiences from it. Each class has been unique. My first impression of the school was great because I was taking two classes that weren't overwhelming but fun and engaging where I learned a lot. The worst quarter was when I took two hard classes at the same time. My teacher for English 101 gave way too much homework and instructions that didn't make any sense even to my mom who is an English expert. I spent all my time on the essays assigned three times per week that I didn't have time to do the optional Pre-Calculus homework. Consequently, I didn't get all the practice I needed for the math tests and finally recieved a B in the class.
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