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I know this is a community collage so we can't expect so much but there is no counselor for new students after acceptance. We called admin and resident hall but always answer machine. They recruit athlete from out of state but coaches don't help them. For freshman, they need a help for everything like financial aid, pay tuition and dorms etc. no recommended this school at all.Waste of money.
Big Bend has many programs to choose from. The instructors or top notch and go above and beyond to help their students. The financial Aid people are easy to work with and always helpful.
Big Bend is an excellent community college with a wide variety of programs and degrees offered as well as an all-inclusive environment with emphasis in diversity and culture.
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My experience here was phenomenal. I loved my professors, the curriculum, and the friends I made. I grew as an individual from this school and am a proud alumni. Go Vikings!
It's Running Start program is a great way to save on two years of money. And a great way on getting college credits.
My experience with communicating with the counselors and admissions office has been amazing. I have had no confusion and had a smooth process.
Excellent teachers. They are supportive with issues that are challenging for students to handle. The classes are high grade with a high level of information. The campus is easy to navigate making the walks between classes easy. Any issues that the administration can help with is handled efficiently. This is a great place to learn.
My time at Big Bend has been great, more pleasant. Previously I went to Everett Community College which was terrible compared to Big Bend. Everett's campus was very large and easy to be lost. At Big Bend the campus is very spacious and clean. Help is offered everywhere. I have a lot of support from the staff which is very comforting being three hours away from home.Although at times the college lacks unity and cheerfulness. My classes have been very awkward. The students are very quiet and to themselves. If the college was more focused on a growth mindset, I do think others would catch on and keep it going.
It is one of the best schools that nothing especially for Hispanics because they help us a lot with our goals. We have a good team of people to help the students.
I am finishing up my second year at Big Bend. I love it! It is definitely a small town college. Moses Lake is not very big and there are not a ton of things to do unless you go out of town or get creative. The classes and professors are excellent. I always feel very safe. Everyone is very kind and eager to learn. Overall positive environment, I highly recommend Big Bend!
It's a small town college that's very affordable and offers dorms. The staff are very helpful. Just like any university, they offer dorms and meal plans, have many activities to participate in and classes are challenging. There are restaurants on campus and public transit nearby too. They offer a great deal of help when it comes to studying and scholarship applications! Big Bend is really a great community college, and I was especially pleased that they offer a ADN in nursing, medical assisting, and pre-med, among a ton of other fields to choose from.
Big bend community college is a great place to go if your looking for your AA degree. The professors and staff are well informed and will make sure to keep you on the right track and take care of any of your problems.
I think that the counselors need better training. the one I got hasn't been very helpful and I feel lost most of the time. Ive gotten better help form either former student or current students then I have form the lady that was assigned to me. They are all nice people ive never been treated badly.
The staff members are always so help ful and have menu resources no matter what major you are thinking about going into.
Going on my second quarter, and I love it. All of my instructors have been terrific. I’m so glad I’m going here. You should apply, its great! I don’t know what else to tell you about it but I am glad I’m going here, and they have satellite universities so you can stay here and still get higher education, if you choose a major they don’t offer.
What I liked about Big Bend Community College would be the environment, everybody is so helpful and kind and every teacher wants your to succeed and do big things with your future. What I also loved about BBCC is the teachers and advising counselors, they are so help full with classes, getting jobs, internships, and most importantly they help you figure out what you want to do with your life.
It's just your average school, nothing special. The services are okay and he professors are good but the scheduling aspect is a little off becasue this is a small community and the majoirty of the students seem to be running start kids or elderly people. There is no party life here at big bend. There has been some history of the sexual assult and murder at the colllege but im sure that that issue is common with other colleges as well.
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You have multiple options for classes, whether it is morning, afternoon, or online classes. 99.9% percent of their faculty are a pleasure to work with and are passionate about teaching. Allowed me to be very independent.
big bend teachers are very open about ideas of chance and change, these guys do a lot to see their students succeed in there majors. most notable are their online math classes, these classes are the best to take online. Another great mention would be there CSS classes, these classes give you the chance to find ways to pay for your college intuition and apply for jobs.
My experience at the college has changed my mindset allot. It was honestly a great decision to go to a Community college instead of going to a University straight out of high school. It has helped me save lots of money, and it is really easy to attend and find your way on campus. One thing I would change would be parking space. They do not have enough parking spots so that was a struggle.
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