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I really enjoyed my time at the college (now called BridgeValley instead of Kanawha Valley). All classes are in one building, which made my first year very simple and so much less intimidating than a larger school. The staff are super friendly and always willing to help.
I enjoyed my time at Kanawha Valley community and Technical because the professors were great and actually cared about the students. The school is very hands on and taught differently for every student.
Kanawha Valley Community & Technical College is overall a very successful college, and have amazing college professors. They also offer plenty of help for students to take advantage of in different locations of the school. I honestly can say, I enjoy college a lot because of them.
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Everything has been straight forward and very easy. The people are very helpful if you have any questions. The education I'm getting is definitely worth the money I'm paying.
They are always offering career seminars and emails of people who are hiring according to your degree.
Registration hasn't been a problem so far. They have free tutors at the school which is great. They offer multiple programs.
I am still pre nursing at this time but so far my classes have been great. The teachers are helpful and want you to succeed. The classes aren't huge so you feel like a person and not just a number.
They are always having activities for students. The campus is the cleanest I have ever seen. Its pleasing to the eye and not stuffy or cold feeling like most classrooms. There isn't an athletic center, but I wish they had one.
50% are working adults with families and jobs; 50% are 18-25 living at home or recently married with parttime jobs. Most nursing students go to class 12 hrs a day 2-3 times a week with clinical hours 2 times a week and enough home work for 5 days. There is little time to socialize.
There are no atheltics, no exercise facilities, a few demonstrations by companies soliciting business, a poorly stocked library, minimal activities directed to teenagers and not the over abundant adult population that attends. If there is a student center it is too small to see.
The entire nursing department runs on bad attitude, assertive rudeness and great arrogance. The internet is horrible, no decent food on campus only vending machines, nearly the entire staff runs on the "whatever" policy and "its not my job" philosophy. To date we have not received the required nursing handbook, no one knows what is required of them and most of us with other degrees cannot get a clarification of what classes/course we need to graduate. Disorganized, inconsiderate, self absorbed people who have no desire to assistant a student nor provide an education. The school accepted too many students and is trying to cut them down by unfairly failing them by selectively marking correct answers wrong and preventing students from viewing the test.

The only good part of the school was my Anatomy class and Physiology class, a class that I was forced to retake - a class that I have taken 3 times and even taught, but still I was required to repeat them. ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.
Degree is as valued as any. The only prospect is the pass the NCLEX - at that point where the degree came from won't matter because I will be advancing to another degree from another school. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCHOOL! It would be easier and more profitable to take on-line courses and stay home. The rooms are frequently over crowded, cold in the winter and hot in the summer. The computers barely work if you can get one. The rooms are filthy. The healthcare labs and classrooms were NEVER CLEANED THE ENTIRE SEMESTER. The place is disgusting. I have yet to speak with anyone who has benefited from any thing; recruiters are not physically available however there were some emails offering less than minimum wage for some internpositions in obscure non-crediting positions such as summer reading programs.
FIRST NOTE THAT BRIDGMONT AND KANAVALLEY ARE NOW BRIDGEVALLEY CTC. I have other degrees from other colleges, I am an adult student over 40, THIS IS THE WORST EXPERIENCE IN EDUCATION THAT I HAVE EVER ENDURED. If I did not have so much money tied up and IF I hadn't given up my job to go back to school to attain a goal I would have left last semester and never came back. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL NOR THE NURSING PROGRAM AND I HAVE TOLD EVERYONE WHO HAS MENTIONED ATTENDING TO GO ELSEWHERE. This is a self study program where the testing process is based on faculty opinion. It has been proven that correct answers are marked wrong yet credit not given resulting in lower grades for students. Every test to date has had issues - never has the instructors test key been correct. Multiple students have proven their answers are correct - even when the instructor agrees the points are never given to the student. Statements such as - too much time has lapsed, its not the answer I wanted, or our very favorite - I will not discuss the test with you. Students NEVER know what the right answers are nor what the instructor wants. THERE IS NO INTEGRITY NOR IS THERE CHECKS AND BALANCES. NO ONE OVERSEES THE NURSE FACULTY STAFF. They do as they please. I personally have been publicly attacked twice by one instructor and had my clinical evaluation falsified by her. All students are treated like second rate citizens - nearly all of the students have other degrees and are adults over 25 but we are still treated as if we are stupid and have no idea how to act in public. STAY AWAY FROM BRIDGEVALLEY CTC.
A self study, overpaced, low quality pilot program. After paying my tuition and completing all of the ridiculous tests I was informed on the day of orientation that all books were to be ebooks, program was changing to "Concept" based, lowest possible grade was 80% anything else is fail, etc. What we later learned is we were the guinea pigs for a pilot program that is being tested by the nursing coalition. What they didn't tell us was that the teachers didn't know how to teach it, did know what they were doing, were never trained for the concept based training and that the teachers were still using old books and not the new ebooks which have as we have learned significant changes. Everyone was told to get an Ipad only to learn that there were problems with the Ipad when completing other assignments and that the Ipad wasn't the only platform useable. The book company has their own downloadable app designed for the books however we were forced to pay extra for the Kno app which sucks. No one had working books for 3 week or more into the semester however we were being tested on the information weekly. The books have continuous issues -misspellings, conflicting info from chapter to chapter and book to book, incorrect sentence structure, grammatical errors such as to instead of too. Total chaos is the only way to describe this school and this program. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE SCHOOL AND THE PROGRAM! STAY AWAY!
The nursing faculty are the problem - 60 people started - 40 made it to the 2nd semester; several left due to integrity issues. It is impossible to obtain even the basic information. There are constant surprise assignments, dates changes and frequent hold overs. When we are told that a clinic will end at 1245 but are not released until 1430 that is a serious issue for those who work or have families. Our clinic hours equivelate credit hours as required by the nursing board however the extra hours we have forced onto us are not credited. We have had additional requirements added that were not told to us upfront nor are they listed on our academic calendar. We have assigned clinical time with no credits - strictly on our free time/personal time - all 2nd semester nursing students are required to go to the hospital on their own time to complete a required/mandated planning tool in order to participate in the clinical the next day. No credits are given for the extra hours put in - there are parking and fuel expenses added unnecessarily for something that should be done during clinic hours. Classes run over in the nursing department with the attitude that "they own you". When attempting to address situation such as ebooks not working or electronic assignments not working students are treated rudely. The entire staff works off the premise that they are "facilitators" not instructors and the entire program is a self-study. Anytime there are issues addressed with an instructor or the director the students are treated poorly with very aggressive responses. Many students have been verbally abused, had their grades reflect the instructors dislike and public humiliation. The tests exhibit the lowest form of integrity I have ever experienced - the correct answer is not the one in the book/text but the one the instructor wants - since I have not learned to read minds I have been at a loss as have the rest of the class.
I am required to complete financial aid document every semester yet I receive nothing and I am currently paying out of pocket. The financial aid staff are inconsiderate, inaccessible, rude and not helpful at all. Initial meetings are started with information about loans. There are tons of discrepancies, overcharges, calculation errors, delays and mistakes that have cause a great deal of stress with many having to pay out of their pockets.
We have excellent student success services & electronic library resources. There is always a SGA activity going on at the school keeping it fun & interesting.
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I love the flexibility of classes. Big selection of day & evening classes. Professors have plenty of office hours to answer questions or help with assignments. I transferred some credits over years ago & it was simply hassle free.
The programs taught at the school are well taught by educated professors. Most professor teaches & works daily in their interest of study making it more of a real life education experience. The Nursing program & the Chemical Plant studies are very successful & thriving.
I am in the Nursing program. It is a very popular major at the school. It works closely with the local hospitals for quick employment opportunities. Clinicals are performed in the hospitals hiring the nursing majors. Curriculum is all e-books now & is taking some getting use to. It allows a more open way of learning. Most graduating nurses have job offers prior to graduating from the program.
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