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Bevill State Community College Reviews

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Bevill State is an amazing college with an astounding assortment of degree plans, including nursing and engineering. I myself am only taking general studies as a way to further my education elsewhere.
Wonderful faculty, worked hard with students during their office hours for tutoring and advice for various items. Attended the Hamilton campus, not Jasper campus. Do not know much about what they do there.
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Bevill is a wonderful place for academia. The campus is beautiful and easy to navigate. The teachers and all of the staff are so friendly and so helpful.
In my program every one is dedicated and the instructors are amazing! Everyone is so helpful and the availability of tutors is astounding.
Bevill State is very friendly and has a feeling of home on campus. The experience of registration and navigating the administrative process was nerve racking. Wish there was more guidance on where to get guidance.
My Experience At Bevill State Community College Is Nice Love The Atmosphere And The Teachers Its Welcoming And I love It So Much And Overall Experience As A College Student Is Good And Excellent.
The staff at Bevill State are very helpful and readily available to help in any way they can. They will direct students to their advisors for assistance with classes needed or to help formulate a good study plan as needed. The campus In Jasper is fairly small so that everyone gets involved with trying to help on anyway they can for the bettermentof our local community.
Bevill State Community College is a wonderful place to go to school. The majority of the faculty and staff are wonderful individuals who want their students to succeed. They are very encouraging and helpful.
It has been mostly convenient.
I haven't taken any online classes yet.
Once you graduate, they don't have much to do with you.
If you put forth the effort, so will they.
Not the most career opportunities to offer.
SKD has many opportunities for English majors!
It's nice despite all of college's standard stress.
I had attended a Community College straight out of high school when I was young, and not to worried about my future. So I had credits from that school that easily transferred to my new school.
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The teacher's are easily accessible to those students who have online classes. They offer a wide variety of office hours.
I am attending Bevill for their nursing program. If I move to another school it will to be get either my Bachelors degree or go ahead and get my master's degree. I am wanting to be a Pediatric nurse.
The class sizes are generally small for a community college. So the teachers have the opportunities to spend one on one time with the students.
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