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I love BSCC! They help me with so much while attending school and working a full-time job! There’s one thing I would change and that is the transfer and registration process.
It was quite trying at times but I fairly enjoyed it bc I had my moment to myself and that was my schooling.
It was a great start for me because I wasn’t ready for moving and going off on my own yet. It gave me a taste of campus life with out leaving home and it’s saved me some money. The teachers there care a lot about their students and will help you if you’re struggling. It helped get my music ability up and gain more confidence.
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Bevill State is a great opportunity for local students to begin their academic career. The professors are very professional and very attentive to your needs. Great campus atmosphere.
No words other than love. Love for the teachers, administration, and the atmosphere. It is a great place to first spread your wings and find yourself.
Bevill State is a great college for those that want to either transfer to a four college/university or get a two year degree.
Bevill State is a very comfortable college that focuses on the academic ability and economic situation of students. The professors are helpful and care about my education as well as everyone else's. Everyday I feel welcome as well as priveledged to be there. The students are positive and hard working. Everything about this college makes me feel like i'm at home. The only thing I would change would be the size of the campus. Being such a great school it could really flourish if it grew to be larger to accompany more students. Bevill has been good to me and I will encourage anyone who wants to go to a small, comfortable, and caring college to take into consideration this place that feels like home.
They offer very up to date classes and schedules that will fit your lifestyle. Very helpfully and courteous staff when it comes to assisting students like myself who haven’t been in a school setting for over 20 years. Definitely recommend BSCC!
I find it very amazing for a community college. The staff is great and learning materials are beyond great !
I like how diverse and supportive the college is. Only thing I would change on campus is the communication skills of some of the professors with there students.
I have had the most amazing experience at Bevill State for the past 2 years. From faculty to environment, Bevill has made me feel right at home. Every single professor here has the student's best interests in mind, and won't give up on anyone. Being in a small town, they personalize each conversation, each confrontation, and that has been very crucial to my success and many others' successes.
I enjoyed Bevill State Community College. Instructors are amazing! They care about you and your success. Its cheaper and classes are easier then big college names. It's close to home. I save money on gas, I slept in more because the college is closer. I recommended it to anyone that is wanting to go to college.
I enjoy every moment at this particular community college it’s a great learning experience and I would recommend to anyone looking for a college to start off on. The campus is very clean neat and well organized and a great place to get your basic classics done being transferring to a 4 year program
Excellent nursing instructors who are committed to sending knowledgeable new nurses into the workforce.
I have been taking summer classes at Bevill State Community College for the past three summers and each class has been a great experience for me. The teachers have been helpful and attentive. They all have a desire to see me successfully achieve my academic goals. The campus is easy to get around and the locals are friendly. Bevill has really helped prepare me for future experiences in the real world.
When I first started to bevil I had some amazing fellow students to show me around the campus. There staff is extra friendly and very helpful. The most amazing experience I have had was attending to bevil and that’s where I will obtain my associates degree. I highly recommend Bevil. You won’t regret it!
I very much enjoy attending Bevill State Community College! I have attended both the Jasper campus and the Sumiton campus and have had nothing less than a great experience at both!
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So far my experience has been okay. Faculty is friendly so far and the students I have encountered have a goal. I do have a 40 minute drive daily, however it is worth it. I too have a goal to become a Nurse and if driving the distant is what is required, I am a determined. Being a mother and trying to provide a better life for my kids is important. I am currently paying out of pocker for my education, so failure is not an option. However, assistance is a need of mine to help get me through to the finish line.
The attitudes and enthusiastic students who showed spirit and welcomed new students made my day. I cant wait to begin college!
I have not been to bevill at Jasper yet the experience I've had so far has been great. I'm started the evening nursing program in august. The student services and advisor was wonderful. Everyone was ver helpful and nice. I can't wait to start and continue my education at bevill.
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