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The pick your schedule for you but it's not that bad.. It's ok because I still attend school
If you have the money to attend the art places then you can get doors open to a career
If you have financial problems or need help with anything they are always there to help no matter the circumstance. They are not all about the money they want to see you strive
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I haven't been able to go to no event because the cost of things but they do let you know where you can start out in order to gain the work experiences
I like that they give you a chance to be successful. They tell you thHe ins and out of being a fashion designer. They give you all the classes that's required to know in the industry that we wouldn't learn at other school. So classes I not interested in but I have to pass these class in order to get my degree and be able to be successful in my career.
I believe what you put in is what you get. This school is always positive vibes and with the little amount of people you get to learn faster and get direct help without having to worry about so many people in one classroom.
I have seriously wanted to enroll in the best fashion design school for as long as I can remember. I've talked and went to visit different schools here in California and I have to say, I found ACA the most student focused. I'm sure other fashion design schools have their attributes, but here I feel the most at home. No gimmicks, just hard work that pay off.
Computer Labs – Since this is still a growing school, ACA has one computer lab... however it has the most updated CAD software available. All the needed Adobe programs and pattern making software is available during school hours. There are no printers to use at school, so it really is best to have your own computer/ lap top and printer. There is also a FedEx Kinkos one block from the school that many students utilize to print, photo copy, etc. There are A LOT of design projects that will involve printing so please be cautious!
I am currently attending the Academy of Couture Art for a BS in Pattern Design. I have earned an AA in Fashion Design from a different fashion trade school I studied at prior to ACA. From the first day of class I INSTANTLY saw the difference from an American Fashion School (FIDM, Academy of Art, Art Institute, etc) to a high-end couture academy. The pattern design program is impeccable and the student learns every curve of the body, and how to create nearly perfect patterns on the first try... I know, I gasped too! I couldn't believe that it didn't take 5-8 fittings for the garment to fit right. The techniques you learn at this school are priceless. Prior to attending ACA, I had very limited confidence in my designs and pattern making skills. 3 quarters into the program, I managed to make 2 wedding gowns within 3 months!!! The instructors are very hands on and are ALWAYS available to help the student. Attending this school has been the best decision I've done to further my career to do what I love.
I have not personally had to use the career service, but other students have acquired short internships with local designers.
The overall goal of ACA is to prepare and train students to work in high-end and couture fashion, and help each student develop their unique vision and the discipline required to be a success in the fashion field. Students learn how to manipulate the materials of fashion (fabrics, trims, embellishments, findings), so that their design ideas are actually made as sample garments, using unique finishes and hand techniques. The academic classes required for the degree programs (AA & BA/BS in fashion design & pattern design) contribute to the students' sense of how the world-at-large influences everything that happens in fashion trends and movements.
Class Size – The class sizes are small for pattern design and fashion design (not more than 10 students) and the teaching is very hands-on with a great deal of guidance and encouragement to make each class assignment well-done and accomplished, with high goals in mind to develop each student's abilities and talents. I am very proud to be a graduate student at ACA. I looked at other fashion design schools in Los Angeles, and am most pleased with my choice. Preparing for the annual fashion show is an excellent experience and opportunity for all of the students. Everyone participates, from freshman to senior.
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