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Beulah Heights University Reviews

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The online experience at Beulah Heights is user friendly. They recently upgraded their portal to a more tech savvy program.
I love Beulah Heights! However, I wish the tuition was less expensive. That is my only reservation about attending here.
My history professor did a great job combining the internet with history. My professor was real knowledgeable about the subject matter.
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I enjoy the versatility of having in person and online classes. This school is great for a working student.
I am an online student, however, I, have often go on campus to the writing lab and to the business office, or to see my academic advisor. My experience on campus has been great. The environment at Beulah Heights is great the library is open and well stocked.
I will begin in the spring. My experience thus far has been pleasant. The staff are personable and I felt at home.
Every since I began a few years ago I've had nothing but pleasant memories from chapel, student government professors and staff. I'm several classes away but I must say I have enjoyed my BHU experience
It has been a great experience at BHU.
No Greek life on campus.
It has been a wonderful experience at BHU.
I have been well received, the classes I have chosen are excellent. The instructors are knowledgable and some I like taking all the courses they teach because of their skills and heart for what they are teaching.
Weather is beautiful in the southern states this time of year
Pleased with on campus housing
Dining establishments are in abundance
Housing in the area is limited. Neighborhood around campus is nice.
Embracing a global mind set and diversity is a part of the campus lifestyle.
Students range from young freshman to mature adults with families attending part time.
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i have never felt unsafe on campus. Although the campus isn't far from Moreland ave., the campus security is very prsent and is in a nicer neighborhood.
The School connects to the Altanta public transit and connect to the transit in my area, which is good.
I lived in the same apartment that I am in now. I love the apartment and the area.Lovely grounds near a lake and very quiet.
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