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Bethune-Cookman University has grown me tremendously in almost every way has presented many opportunities to me since my enrollment at the University. BCU has given me a job on campus since my Sophomore year and has taught me how to manage time with being a full time student and still have a job responsibility. My professors always challenged me to do my best and exelle continuously. I've also made various visits to other Universities courtesy of the school about the next step for graduate school after I graduate from Bethune-Cookman University. Its truly a university I've gotten so attached to.
I'm currently going to be a freshman at Bethune Cookman University in the fall but I have been active and been visiting Bethune Cookman college since I was nine Years. Although I am not a student there yet, I know that my experience there will be great simply from past experience when I was visiting.
I love this school. It is small enough to know people, but big enough to have all the opportunities you need.
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I just don’t like my university but adore every nick and cranny of my HBCU. Other than being an HBCU my experience at Bethune Cookman University was personal knowing my dad attended the university. The greatest asset BCU provides is the connection between everyone. We are definitely a family! From our café having an expanded menu, our love for musicality, school spirit, great hospitality from our RA’s, exceptional professors, accessible clubs and organizations, and the importance of serving others has not only made my experience remarkable but confirmed my decision on being a part of wildcat nation.
It is a very small school that gives off that family oriented vibe. The school does need more funding to have as much as the students would like but overall a good school.
the school has a very good community. there were a lot of different ways to get plugged into the school. They had Mary Mcleod grave site and where she used to live which was very interesting to me.
I like the overall campus and the academics that Bethune -Cookman provide. when i went for a tour it was wonderful and everybody so nice. the rooms were nice and they have real good classes.
Bethune-Cookman is a great university located in the beautiful Daytona Beach, Florida. Their athletics is amazing and their southern hospitality gets an A+. It has always been a dream of mine to attend a historically black college and to surrounded by amazing wonderful people who are going to do wonders in the world. This institution embeds history and bring forth amazing information about the founder and her faith and it applies to everything they do and believe in. They provide you with life skills that are extremely helpful. This is an overall great school with an amazing atmosphere. They really teach you to make the best of what you are offered.
The school a very good school. The professor are caring n works with you it you have a issue that you not be able to resolve on your own. Your treated like family.
I love this University. It has been my dream school since I was a little girl. It needs a few improvements but I'm hopeful for change. As a student I'm determined to help improve my university because I adore and care about it so much. It is my responsibility to make sure it becomes the best university it can be.
My experience at BC-U is a pretty good experience. With biology being my major, it is pretty challenging at times but do take advantage of the professors office hours. I feel like some of the teachers should slow down and actually connect with the students because I feel like it makes the students more comfortable and want to actually learn and it makes the teachers job easier.
Excellence Deans and Teachers on campus. Very helpful. They want the best for their students. My son is enjoying his first year and adjusting very easily. I know he will succeed on his next chapter in life.
I have visited and spent several hours at Bethune Cookman University. I wouldn't change my experience for anything. I loved every second of it. It is a beautiful and historic campus with a friendly staff and outstanding students. You learn a lot about yourself there. My overall experience is a 10/10.
Being a student at this school teaches you something. It teaches you to always have faith no matter any circumstances. My experience here is good because there's always something new to learn and there is always new people to meet. It's exciting.
Of the start of my freshman year, I figured B-CU to be a well rounded intelligent school with a lot of school activities on and off campus. Until towards the middle of my fall semester where the school would cancel a lot of events. And there is a lot of unorganized situations among the school and miscommunication. But other than that it is a very good school concerning education.
I love the diversity of the collage and the ma h activities . The teachers work with you instead of against you
What I adored most about Bethune Cookman was all the history behind. I am a person that likes history so when I did my first and second tour to go to Bethune Cookman University I learned more and more about the school each time so I fell in love. With all that I knew about Bethune Cookman it made my experience a great one.
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My experience at Bethune-Cookman University was alright. Some of the professors were very supportive and there were many resources for students, but there was a lack of organization in financial aid and housing.
I am a beginning freshman and currently having trouble getting enough money to attend in January. We went to BCU to see campus and try and get fianical aid straightened out in December hopefully everything goes ok in January be cause I look forward to attending Bethune-Cookman in the spring and living on campus.
Bethune Cookman University Has Been The Biggest Change In My Life. I Met An Professor Who Genuinely Wants The Best For me As See the Potential I Show With In Myself And In My engagement in class. I Enjoy The Unity, Prayer Session, School Activity’s. This is the reason why I love my HBCU because we are a family and we’re stronger together.
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