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My experience at BC-U is a pretty good experience. With biology being my major, it is pretty challenging at times but do take advantage of the professors office hours. I feel like some of the teachers should slow down and actually connect with the students because I feel like it makes the students more comfortable and want to actually learn and it makes the teachers job easier.
Excellence Deans and Teachers on campus. Very helpful. They want the best for their students. My son is enjoying his first year and adjusting very easily. I know he will succeed on his next chapter in life.
I have visited and spent several hours at Bethune Cookman University. I wouldn't change my experience for anything. I loved every second of it. It is a beautiful and historic campus with a friendly staff and outstanding students. You learn a lot about yourself there. My overall experience is a 10/10.
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Being a student at this school teaches you something. It teaches you to always have faith no matter any circumstances. My experience here is good because there's always something new to learn and there is always new people to meet. It's exciting.
Of the start of my freshman year, I figured B-CU to be a well rounded intelligent school with a lot of school activities on and off campus. Until towards the middle of my fall semester where the school would cancel a lot of events. And there is a lot of unorganized situations among the school and miscommunication. But other than that it is a very good school concerning education.
I love the diversity of the collage and the ma h activities . The teachers work with you instead of against you
What I adored most about Bethune Cookman was all the history behind. I am a person that likes history so when I did my first and second tour to go to Bethune Cookman University I learned more and more about the school each time so I fell in love. With all that I knew about Bethune Cookman it made my experience a great one.
My experience at Bethune-Cookman University was alright. Some of the professors were very supportive and there were many resources for students, but there was a lack of organization in financial aid and housing.
I am a beginning freshman and currently having trouble getting enough money to attend in January. We went to BCU to see campus and try and get fianical aid straightened out in December hopefully everything goes ok in January be cause I look forward to attending Bethune-Cookman in the spring and living on campus.
Bethune Cookman University Has Been The Biggest Change In My Life. I Met An Professor Who Genuinely Wants The Best For me As See the Potential I Show With In Myself And In My engagement in class. I Enjoy The Unity, Prayer Session, School Activity’s. This is the reason why I love my HBCU because we are a family and we’re stronger together.
My experience at Bethune Cookman University is okay , it's not the best experience .I've visited a lot of other universities and I would put that as my last choice . Bethune Cookman needs to work on the dorms , safety , food and a lot of other things .Since I've had a feel of college life for a few months it wasn't the best .
It is Just amazing. From the student life to the Academics, I couldn't ask for more! The best part about Bethune-Cookman University is their Marching Band. I would go to the football games just to see them in action. I just Love it!
Bethune-Cookman University is a more than just a school. We are a family. I know that when I picked this school it was going to be the best place for me to succeed and prosper and that’s exactly what I’m doing. College is about what you make it. All colleges are like that. This school has made me grow and I’m only starting my second semester. I’ve grown mentally and spiritually as a i matriculate through the next 3 years. I can’t wait to see the person I will Be by the time I graduate .
Bethune-Cookman University is one of the most historical schools ever. In fact, it is the first HBCU established.
Bethune-Cookman University is an awesome campus! You learn a lot about yourself here. The classes are small so the learning environment is relaxed and I feel like I actually get the attention I need. I would like to see more diversity here, even though this is an HBCU. Therefore, I honestly don't have any other complaints. I love my HBCU!
Bethune-Cookman University is a very easy place to get good grades. Though, there are plenty of improvements to be made. The bathrooms in the dormitories are filled with different species of bugs, the students smoke weed on campus everyday, the school is a bit disorganized, the waiting time to get your dorm key is long (they will change the time at the least minute of when you need to get to the school to get your dorm key and only one person checks in with you for financial aid😬) and academics are not really that big here. On the upside, the school is beautiful, there is so much diversity, the kids here are nice, there are many clubs to join, and you get a lot of time outside of your classes. One thing to know is that as a Freshman, you will not create your own schedule, the school creates it for you. Also, never ever lose your key. The minute you get your key get a lanyard, because the dorm keys are $45.00 if you lose them, and $5.00 if you leave them in your dorm.
Being at Bethune Cookman has been absolutely fun for me so far. I have met a lot of amazing people and also the professors here are very helpful when it comes to helping students. As long as you get involved there will always be something for you to do. The sports here are very competitive as well.
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I am currently a freshman at the great Bethune-Cookman University. It is been an amazing experience so far, I love my teachers, the staff,and faculty it is a heartwarming welcoming University.
This university is really centered on family and giving back to the community. The only thing that could be improved is they need to become more organized.
Bethune-Cookman University will give an experience like no other. You get to get in depth with your history as a black male or female and see why an HBCU is the perfect choice to consider going to for college.
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