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Good fun experience learned a lot about life. This school showed me that if you want something chase it because you never know when that ride is going to be over. In life, we often complain although that doesn’t matter us right or wrong just an expression on where we are in life. They say when life gives you lemons you make lemonade so make the best of the good times but keep that same energy when the bad times hit your life is not over yet.
My overall experience at Bethune is going good so far . I am a first generation college student in my family . I liked that they gave us freshman's a welcome week , because they wanted us to feel welcomed now that we'll be away from our families . My classes are great I thought they'll be to big and I would struggle learning but they aren't . They are just the right size and my professors are hands on with every student and gives every one a chance and wants us all to achieve . Its either we pass or fail and failing is not something I would want to be apart of or my peers .
The atmosphere of the school and the community is what pushes you to continue your education and graduate.
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Everything about the university is unique in its own and the background history of the HBCU is exceptional so its worth looking into.
My experience with Bethune-Cookman has been great. The HBCU experience is a great experience and something I would love for all young African Americans to experience. I like the hospitality and the people are like family they make it like home. What I feel needs to be changed is the money problems. Many schools such as Bethune Cookman University are in debt and expect students to come up with thousands of dollars up front JUST so that they can attend the first day. They create balances with students accounts and constantly steal money and wonder why many students are not being successful.
I got involved in clubs and activists on campus. Meeting new people was easy on this family oriented campus!
Bethune-Cookman University is a very astounding school. I am currently a sophomore at the school and I've learned so much being there during my freshman year alone. I've had a lot of great experiences and the academic system is stellar!
I love the fact that even though Bethune Cookman is a HBCU(Historically Black College/University) it has a lot of different races. Bethune also isnt a boring Monday - Friday university. The staff takes time to connect with the students and what they do after school. Ms Bethune was a family friend long ago and ever since my aunts told me about her 7 years ago and I did my research at the age of 10 I already had my mind set on B-CU. Ive been a few times and theres nothing I would change.
My First experience at Bethune Cookman was AMAZING! When I first got there I was kind of shy but the Orientation Leaders , Professors , Resident Assistants (RA's) helped me to stand out. There is a lot of school spirit at Cookman , which I love to see and be apart of. There is a lot of history in that school. #HailWildCats
II rreally enjoyed visiting the university. I was very impressed. The Nursing Department's presentation was very informative. As we toured the campus, the Director of Admissions provided information obtaining Scholarships. My parents were very grateful to know that there were options available to acquire additiddfdfdffonal monies. We were there throughout the day. We also were grateful for a delicious meal provided by Bethune-Cookman. I am looking forward to the
Bethune cook-man is an extremely incredible school. They ensure your scholastics is dependably put first regardless of what . Likewise the athletic division is wonderful we have some incredible games that will drive you to a success! In general everything is extraordinary other than educational cost which is absurdly high, which is for what reason I'm applying for this grant.
It's a great school. However, a lot of improvements can be made, especially the nursing program. As a alumni I hope it gets better
Bethune -Cookman University is a wonderful HBCU simply because it hold the legacy of Dr.Mary McLeod Bethune. BCU stands as a family no matter who you are or where you come from. Bethune -Cookman University has very strong Professor and Advisors along with staff members.
At first, I was afraid of attending a college out of state because I was going to be away from my family and I didn't know if I was going to fit in. When I got to Bethune Cookman University, automatically, I felt like I was at home. The campus is very inviting and the faculty makes you feel right at home from the teachers to the café workers.
I love the diversity as well as the student life. Professors are very amazing and I wouldn’t have chose any other school.
My experience at Bethune Cookman was great, it’s very religious. However, the financial issues that affects the students should change.
There’s always someone there to help you. We all want to see each other succeed and grow. I like how there’s always someone to talk to such as a counselor, teacher, or advisor. You will never feel out of place.
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I just graduated high school this past May but as I visited Bethune-Cookman University I would say it is a very cozy and friendly atmosphere. The classes are great and I believe is one of the best schools.
My experience at Bethune Cookman University was a bit kind of challenging due to being on my own for the first time. Having to depend on myself to do everything.
My experience so far at Bethune Cookman University has been a great one I have met many new people and made a lot of life long connections with some of those people. In an overview Bethune Cookman University is what u make it. if you go in with the right mind set you will leave with the tools necessary to be successful in life. Being a student at Bethune Cookman there is a variety of different clubs and orgs that you can join. aside from academics the school has a lot of different things that you can do for fun and entertainment purposes
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