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The overall atmosphere of this school is amazing, everyone is so friendly as ready to help. although the financial aid office is a little slow with getting things done, they always made sure that I was situated and taken care of.
I love my HBCU, because the teachers here actually care. My founder turned a city. dump into a beautiful institution.
What I loke most about bethune cookman was the friendships I made meeting people from alm different places and being able to put myself out there and make friend
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I love how Bethune Cookman is a big happy family. They teach you a lot about yourself and how you can improve in anything you put your mind to.
I visited the campus for an avid field trip with my high school and i had a great experience. I got to see the history behind the school and what truly makes Bethune-Cookman such a great university. With its great staff and kind students that showed us around and made is feel very welcomed compared to other schools who view high-schoolers as children compared to those at the students at the university.
It's a pretty small campus but that gives you a chance to feel more connected with professors and peers. There is always academic resources available leading to success and advisors are always there to help. The experience is what you make of it and the school gives gateway for you to decide on what that will be like.
I love the school kind people very helpful staff dorms are clean and atmosphere is awesome. Easy to learn very great experience from the day i started..Teachers explain and break down the education of learning. I have learned a lot in being in college on my own being studying very hard to succeed in my major.
Cookman is an amazing school. Every one who goes there love it. There is a a lot of stuff to do and a lot of people are friendly.
Greatest school of all time!!!! Culture religion everything a student could ask for thank you to the great Bethune-Cookman
I really enjoyed my experience at The Great Bethune Cookman University! I was exposed to black culture and living! The history behind Cookman was amazing
One thing I can say I really did like about Bethune- Cookman University is the unity. No matter what was going on, every time the school gave us students a chance to come together, we'd have a great time. I also like how much my professors cared for me and my grades.
I love how much the professors and staff care for all of their students. We are all one big family and I am very proud to be a wildcat.
School is where you want to go and feel welcomed and be excited to be. Bethune cookman is the place for me. Since i stepped on campus theirs been nothing but loving and kind people. The student life is always their to help you any questions you have they immediately help you. For the past two years housing has been phenomenal, I had nothing but sweet roommates and no problems RA's.The professors are unexplained. They want to succeed and be great and they are willing to help you accomplish your goal as a long as you want it as bad as they want it for you. If your looking for an HBCU that welcomes you open arms and take care of you Bethune Cookman University is the school.
I love that I can be myself. At Bethune-Cookman I don't feel like a minority. Everyone is very positive and cool. There hasn't been once that I've had an issue or altercation with another student. I love the environment, and the weather.
Here are something i like about Bethune the first thing is that i like how you can interact with most of the people there an they don't think nothing bad of you and you can just be yourself without anybody speaking bad about you. Bethune is a very good school from what I've seen and heard i will be attending Fall of 2018. As far as changing something i wouldn't i like the school just the way it is.
My experience at the great Bethune-Cookman University has been amazing, from the food to the dormitory I feel like this school is the best HBCU in the Land.
I don't know much of Bethune Cookman but my cousin goes there he says its a great environment you meet new people everyday since its a big campus. And its new things to do up there you will enjoy yourself so much.
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Bethune cookman is very diorganized and is very ran down. The quality of the education is poor and should not cost as much as it does.
Im a first semester freshman here at bethune and so far iv’e witnessed fights, heard gun shots outside of my building amd the people are just not my type of crowd
Bethune-Cookman University has grown me tremendously in almost every way has presented many opportunities to me since my enrollment at the University. BCU has given me a job on campus since my Sophomore year and has taught me how to manage time with being a full time student and still have a job responsibility. My professors always challenged me to do my best and exelle continuously. I've also made various visits to other Universities courtesy of the school about the next step for graduate school after I graduate from Bethune-Cookman University. Its truly a university I've gotten so attached to.
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