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Something I like about Bethune Cookman is that students on campus treat each other as family and not friends. I believe they can change the way we spend money. We could use money towards better food in the cafeteria or put it towards our housing since it isnt the best.
I am an online student. I have encountered various issues since I started the program (technical, financial, and support with enrolling, etc.). I wish there was a better streamlined process for online/graduate students in order to assist with making the learning experience more enjoyable and stress free.
My experience with Bethune-Cookman University as a Freshman was
awesome. The staff is very knowledgeable, helpful and professional. The campus is clean and safe.

I plan to join the band and pledge to a sorority, finish in 2022 with a degree
in Computer Engineering.
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My experience here at Bethune-Cookman is more like a love/hate relationship. I feel as Cookman isn't a bad school, in all honesty, it's just a lot of things could be way better such as the staffs, tuition, and the faculty. Overall, If certain things would change I feel like the institution would be a better.
Overall Bethune-Cookman is a very good school. You have to actually get yourself involved in something and get out and experience new things.
Bethune-Cookman University has its perks. Though, as long as you stay focused and avoid negativity, you can persevere through anything.
I love the Great Bethune-Cookman University. This school has truly been a blessing because I didn't know how to navigate anything or make the right schedule for graduation. Cookman has small class sizes, Professor and faculty that care, the best growth and internship opportunities, and much more. I could go on and on about my University but I would like to point out that we need a knew board of trustees. The ones we have now are not so trustworthy and stole a lot of money with the previous president. That will all over soon and this will be the best University !
There different clubs and activities to participate in. When attending, please be aware of what you want to do once you’re done with college.
The College Experience There is a certain lack of approval or confidence in a person who doesn’t have a college education or hold a particular degree to their names in the day and age. It is this lack of enthusiasm that people especially young adults in our society are urged to get a college education. If you look around you, you will see the evidence of this trend. The highest paying jobs goes to the ones with the highest level of education. People who have doctorate degrees.
I cannot express enough how much I regret attending this university! Faculty and staff are almost ALWAYS unorganized. This university is private so transferring will turn into a complete start over with barely any credits to follow you, so in reality it’s a trap on top of being super expensive. 85% of the buildings including dorm halls are in poor condition if not also containing mold growth on walls. The goal of this university is to enroll as many students in hopes of taking care of massive it’s debt in addition to probably having it’s credentials revoke.... let’s just say I will highly suggest someone NOT to attend this university
I love everything about Bethune-Cookman University, the one thing I would love to see changed about Bethune is the food selection the food now is not the best but can be much better. Overall the school is very much one of the top HBCU schools around.
I like a lot of things about cookman. It has a rich history that is very strong even now to this day. It’s a really small but lively campus, I wish we could have on campus party’s because it’s not always safe to have off campus parties. The cafe food could be better also. But overall I think cookman is a very good school I just wish that we had a better party scence and events on campus.
My experience here at an HBCU has been beyond amazing. The academics are excellent , and there is a lot of diversity.
I enjoy the people that I have met they come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. They are willing to learn from others and not take life so seriously and just enjoy their surroundings. I feel that we will get a exceptional learning experience while attending BCU.
I would like to see better food in the cafeteria, also a better staff to communicate about fasfa and other school opportunities.
I would like to say that Bethune Cookman University provides its inhabitants with an experience unlike any other. Being started by an African American woman it holds a legacy that remains unmatched. Strong, resilient and proud Wildcats continue to roar! I will say that; although the surrounding areas are deemed undesirable the community finds B-CU to be the glue that brings everyone together. I came in as a freshman during the Summer 2017 session and I've made friends that not only can relate on a cultural level but also share the same pride and passion for achieving their goals. Thank you!
Going to bethune is an great experience,especially if your african american. Bethune makes you feel apart of a family they welcome tou with open arms and make sure your on a road to success
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As a current undergraduate student at The Great Bethune-Cookman University my experience has been wonderful. I have made relationships that will last a lifetime already. I have connected with people at college that I never would have thought I would have anything in common with. At Bethune-Cookman University it is truly a family environment. The professors are willing to help students understand the material that is being taught to them. Professors don't just want their students to come to class, receive a lecture and leave confused. Since class sizes are relatively small our professors are able to answer questions in class and clear up any confusion their may be during a lecture.
It was nice but, there were issues involving the dorms, people not getting the money they need and occasional but, rare safety issues.
Bethune gave me endless opportunities within only my freshman year. and I.T is a very family oriented school.
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