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Bethune Cookman is an amazing campus with a great staff and student body. The professors here are some of the best people I have ever met they engage everyone in the classroom activities and classes are small enough for one on one time. Bethune Cookman has a lot of rich history on its campus which is very interesting to me , There is nothing I would change about this wonderful university, I truly enjoy being a Wildcat!
I am a second Semester Freshman, and the school is good academically, but other than that its pretty average.
Bethune-Cookman University is an institution filled with rich history and beloved traditions, and a strong commitment to academic excellence and community service. B-CU offers 35 undergraduate programs and a master’s degree in trans formative leadership.
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It is a great atmosphere here at Bethune Cookman University. The students and teachers are very welcoming and they make you feel comfortable as if we are a family. The teachers can relate to us and make it very easy to understand the material to prepare you for the test. The parties are fun and drama free. I would like to see the campus get a better student center with more games and television screens and also provide food chain restaurants.
Bethune Cookman University is a good fit for me. The campus is small and family oriented. My Professors are very helpful. It's a great learning environment.

Attiya Butler
Bethune-cookman is an amazing university. The people are so friendly and the professors work with you to ensure you are getting the best education possible. They offer all different types of organizations that you could join. There is always something going on to keep the students engaged. The only thing I would like to change is to expand the school. Right now this is a very small institution and it would be a lot better if we could build a student center and a bigger cafe and add more things to the campus. But over all I am having the time of my life at Bethune.
The campus is nice and small, which is good if you need more individual learning. Professors are willing to work with you as long as you put forth the effort. I'm currently a freshman and I see the challenges I will experience here with the departments. The camp has a family oriented feel which is good if your a out of state student. Students and different organizations always have events going on so it's never a dull moment on campus.
My experience of Bethune Cookman University has been great thus far. The teachers are excellent which they make sure you understand the given work, and actually cares about the students. The teachers make sure you actually learn something. Plus aside from academics, they have plenty of activities around the campus and many things for you to get involved in to have fun. Bethune Cookman University is a great school to attend.
Great school overall. All of the campus is pretty easy to get to and the dorms are beautiful. Tuition could definitely change.
I felt uncomfortable at first it was hard transitioning and adjusting to a four-student dorm room, very little access to transportation, and not many food options nearby. On the other hand, professors were very knowledgeable and helpful.
l experience at Bethune Cookman University has been marvelous. I've grown as a young man and have been on the verge of discovering who I was made to be. I'm still getting fully accustomed to the college atmosphere so I haven't been at my best but Cookman has definitely done it's best to help me.
Iv'e attended Bethune-Cookman University since the summer of June 2016. Here I met new people and gained a thirst for knowledge. As a person who has a fascination with history i am inspired by the our university's founder Dr. Mary Mcleod Bethune. She was a strong women who fought for what she believed in . Doing a lot for black's and women in her society. In all honesty it was difficult adjusting from high school to college. Wanting to give up at times and ready to give in but iv'e always had the guidance from my freshmen advisor Mr. Moss . He's one the reasons why i grew to love Bethune-Cookman university. loving and motivational sermons and seeing creative performances from other students always brought a smile to my face. Bethune-Cookman is a great choice for those planning to grow closer to god while quenching their thirst for knowledge.
My experience at Bethune Cook-man University as a freshman has been a great experience. The atmosphere on campus is lovely, i have learned more about my black history and there is still more to learn. The staff members and professors are very helpful by encouraging and pointing you to the right direction. The new dorms are comfortable and refreshing, also if there is maintenance problem that needs to be fixed, the Residential Assistants will get the problem fixed as soon as possible. Furthermore, i think the food in the cafeteria needs to have more variety and better flavors. Other then those things, Bethune Cook-man is a great school to attend.
My name is Kaytonya Jennings and I am a junior transfer student from the British Virgin Islands. I am currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in hospitality management at the university.
There are great opportunities on campus as it relates to getting experience in your career field, developing yourself as an individual, being apart of the different organizations. There is an organization for everyone to participate in that ensures you get the full experience of the "college life". I do not live on campus so I can't really give my opinion on that aspect. However, I would say that I think that activities on campus should be better advertised to ensure a successful turn out because i honestly do not be aware of some of the activities. I am excited to see what the upcoming semesters has to offer as i continue to learn and prepare myself to depart and serve.
I am a parent and my daughter is a second semester freshman. I am pulling her out to go to another college next year. My daughter lives in a dilapidated dorm. Her showers are full of mold. The cleaning crew never cleans the bathroom I call and complain the school cleans it up and it goes back to the way it was. The food in the cafe is awful so my kid doesn't go to the cafe half the time. I find the information that my daughter is being given from the administration is full of half truths. Now the biggest complaint is the billing it is always wrong I have to email or call. It took them a month to remove double charges on my bill. The school is very disorganized.
My experience at Bethune Cookman University is magnificent . I feel right at home with my fellow colleagues and I learn something different everyday i am here. I like how the professors actually take the time out to talk to you and are willing to get to know you. Also I like how i am surrounded by historic places and how the university offers you courses that let you learn more about your culture. What I would like to see change is the approach the university has on academics. I feel like the university could be more organized in various ways such as offering more programs for kids with special needs . So there are my thoughts on Bethune Cookman University.
What I like about this college is that it's very diverse. The professors here care about the students, they all want to see the students succeed in the future.
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I like how it is small and you can talk to your professors one on one. I don't like how boring the area is. It is something you would have to get used to.
My experience at Bethune Cook man university is good so far the professors are amazing with helping others and i understand what they are teaching at the moment. What i don't like is the food and the housing simply because the food makes you run to the restroom all the time , the housing is OK its just the people that are in the same housing hall as me are annoying they stay up all day and night beating and banging on doors and arguing about the dumbest things ever.
I love the friendly environment and the things they do for their students. I just want to see visitation change for freshmen.
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