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I was in the nursing program at Bethel. A lot of the teachers in that program and the director changed after I left, but I can inform you that the rest of the campus was great. I loved the staff most teachers wanted you to learn and were willing to help. The ones who didn’t actually left a year or two after I had them. The town is very small, and unless you have already saved up for college, it’s difficult to pay for.
I like how Bethel University is online and I can do my home at night after work as well as on weekends. The professors are very helpful also.
I have not yet started my journey at Bethel University, but so far everyone is very endearing and always willing to lend a helping hand for any question that you have.
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College here has been the best two years of my life so far. I got to meet my best friends and discover myself.
I had a wonderful time at Bethel University, but the campus felt slightly unsafe at times. Walking alone was rare, even for me, and the baseball, hockey, as well as the football team all held reputations of sexual assault among the university. Not having experienced these things, I can only tell you what I have felt. I made lifelong friends here, though, in McDonald Hall. McDonald Hall was the best part of my experience as the all girls dorm held activities almost monthly!
I took online courses. I would just suggest the advising team be more active in telling students exactly what to expect each semester, so there will be no suprises at the end. For the most part, i've learned some valuable information.
I would like to see more events and places around the area where can interact and engage with one another.
The campus of Bethel University is located in the small town of McKenzie Tennessee which is in the northwest corner of the state of Tennessee.

The campus encompasses many modern buildings and is situated in the middle of soybean and cotton fields.

I would recommend anyone attending Bethel University because of the small class sizes that allows for students to have a personal relationship with professors.
From the time you first contact the staff and personel of Bethel University you instantly feel the eagerness to help you succeed no matter your goal for going to this University in particular.
I love the friendly atmosphere. The staff are all eager to help and truly have your best interest at heart.
I love bethel university it is down to earth, and all the teachers are very easy to understand and willing to help
My financial aid has gotten messed up a few times, and with Bethel being a private university, the tuition is higher than normal. I do not receive enough financial aid or scholarships for my tuition, so I am left taking out the maximum amount I can on loans and I still end up paying around $1,000 out of pocket. After paying for my school, I do not have enough money left over to purchase my books, which are necessary for the nursing program I am in.
Bethel is way Over-priced considering the quality of the programs and their ranking in the national picture.
The main thing that I like about Bethel University is that since it is in a small town you get the small town feel which is one that I am used to. I really like all of the people here at Bethel. I have met some friends here that I know I will be friends with for a life-time. The overall schooling here at Bethel is manageable. I am very thankful that it is because I play football here and during the fall we are away traveling and so I miss class a lot on Fridays. The teachers here are only wanting the best for you, all of the classes that I have taken here have been made a lot better because of that teachers that taught them. Bethel is a place that if you were coming from a small town or school then you would do just fine with that adjustment factor.
Overall Bethel is a great school. If you don’t participate in anything it could be really boring. Also there isn’t much to do in McKenzie either
Bethel University offers a wide array of programs, and their advisors are very helpful. I have been enrolled since December 2017 as a full time online learner.
Bethel University is located in a small town. The people there are friendly, but it's not in the middle of nowhere. The professors there are helpful if asked, and there are plenty of student resources to help you succeed. Bethel offers many scholarships, and its pretty cheap for a Christian University.
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The school is okay. I'm not too fond of the food and I feel that it's just a below average school in some areas. They have good programs but other than that I'm not too impressed.
Bethel University is a great school to attend for working individuals. I am able to work and complete my work and still go to school. I have had great teachers. My only issues are the advisors can be more supportive than what they are to the students.
Bethel University is a nice school all the staff is kind and there is never any trouble caused by students there. The students who live on campus are usually enjoying the campus events like money hunts, concerts, and pancakes with the president of Bethel.
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