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Hello, I graduated and never received my diploma.  When I contacted someone at the school they told me they mailed it to the wrong address and I need to call that place and track it down.  I have not since heard from this school.  This is horrible behavior for a school of higher learning. No one called with any concern about this situation.    They sent the tickets for the graduation to the correct address so the school had it however, either way, I deserve my diploma I earned it. I should not have to HUNT it down.  An unprofessional school terrible advisors so sorry I attended this place!
They do not care about their students. They do not care if you receive your diploma or not. This place is all about the money and only about the money it is simple and they will hold your refund and to cheap to fix their own mistakes
The professors made it for easy to transform from in class classes to online. They knew it was a big transition, so they took their time with us and gave us more time to get work done. Because of them, I made the honor roll!
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I love how diverse Bethel is. I meet so many different, friendly people from all over the world. I met some really great teachers as well. I feel Bethel is too small for me, and it does not have many opportunities. I would love to see Bethel get more Greek life.
I've attended Bethel University for about 1 1/2 years. Great experience! Great Teachers! Great staff and School!
The overall experience I have had with Bethel has been an outstanding one. The professors are always a call, text, or email away ...ready to help in any way possible. I love going to this college.
Bethel university is one of the greats colleges a full time parent can attend . The administration work with you while you take on three lives being a parent, full time worker and full time parent.ine online class are awesome.
Bethel University in McKenzie Tennessee has a lot to offer every student. I have been very pleased to be a part of the Wildcat team. The resources and staff are very helpful and make every class worth taking.
I was in the nursing program at Bethel. A lot of the teachers in that program and the director changed after I left, but I can inform you that the rest of the campus was great. I loved the staff most teachers wanted you to learn and were willing to help. The ones who didn’t actually left a year or two after I had them. The town is very small, and unless you have already saved up for college, it’s difficult to pay for.
I like how Bethel University is online and I can do my home at night after work as well as on weekends. The professors are very helpful also.
I have not yet started my journey at Bethel University, but so far everyone is very endearing and always willing to lend a helping hand for any question that you have.
College here has been the best two years of my life so far. I got to meet my best friends and discover myself.
I had a wonderful time at Bethel University, but the campus felt slightly unsafe at times. Walking alone was rare, even for me, and the baseball, hockey, as well as the football team all held reputations of sexual assault among the university. Not having experienced these things, I can only tell you what I have felt. I made lifelong friends here, though, in McDonald Hall. McDonald Hall was the best part of my experience as the all girls dorm held activities almost monthly!
I took online courses. I would just suggest the advising team be more active in telling students exactly what to expect each semester, so there will be no suprises at the end. For the most part, i've learned some valuable information.
I would like to see more events and places around the area where can interact and engage with one another.
The campus of Bethel University is located in the small town of McKenzie Tennessee which is in the northwest corner of the state of Tennessee.

The campus encompasses many modern buildings and is situated in the middle of soybean and cotton fields.

I would recommend anyone attending Bethel University because of the small class sizes that allows for students to have a personal relationship with professors.
From the time you first contact the staff and personel of Bethel University you instantly feel the eagerness to help you succeed no matter your goal for going to this University in particular.
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I love the friendly atmosphere. The staff are all eager to help and truly have your best interest at heart.
I love bethel university it is down to earth, and all the teachers are very easy to understand and willing to help
My financial aid has gotten messed up a few times, and with Bethel being a private university, the tuition is higher than normal. I do not receive enough financial aid or scholarships for my tuition, so I am left taking out the maximum amount I can on loans and I still end up paying around $1,000 out of pocket. After paying for my school, I do not have enough money left over to purchase my books, which are necessary for the nursing program I am in.
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