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The online program for working adults is perfectly tailored to suit my needs. I can complete coursework on my own schedule and interact with other students. The advisors and staff have also been extremely helpful.
I really enjoy Bethel. It does have its downsides though, as it feels like they are only giving their money to the sciences - it feels like the liberal arts courses get forgotten about, which is hard because Bethel is a liberal arts school.

The classes are great and interesting, and the connections with professors and people here have been wonderful. I've experienced a lot that I never would have imagined doing so soon into my life, and its because of the connections I've made at Bethel.
I am currently in my senior year at Bethel, and I highly suggest that if anyone is looking at this school to look elsewhere.

In the education program, many hours are spent in schools to gain experience;however, Bethel is very unreasonable and has made me pay over $400 in travel costs to these schools alone. They are unwilling to work with their students to find a placement that fits their schedule or even is remotely close to where they live.

If you’re looking to go to Bethel to be a teacher, look somewhere else.
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Bethel is a gated community-type university in the middle of a suburban neighborhood, which doesn't allow for much diversity. The majority of the student population is Caucasian and many of the ideals portrayed by the university are whitewashed. Bethel offers great programs for nursing, English, and economics, and the faculty in those departments are amazing people who really know their stuff. I just really wish Bethel wasn't so conservative and guarded.
My time at Bethel so far has been amazing! The professors really care about you and want you to succeed. The campus is so beautiful and there are a lot of things to do around campus. The dorms are pretty nice and the food is pretty good too. I have grown so much in my faith here from chapel, bible studies, and conversations with other students here. Although this school is small, there is a lot to get involved in here. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.
Bethel's community aspect makes it feel like home. The school grounds are beautiful and I always feel safe here. I have had the experience where my professors really seem to care about their students and their success. They are always ready to help you in areas where you may need it. Bethel has an atmosphere of trust and companionship that I never expected.
Bethel is a great place for people looking to build their faith with other people their age that find faith and academics important. The campus has so many competent professors that are willing to help you when you're struggling. The one problem that I sometimes have with Bethel is that while everyone is super friendly and there's tons of activities to go to, the authenticity of friendships can be lost. It can be hard to get close to people beyond the activities. But overall love it!
Living in the Bethel community has challenged me academically as well as spiritually. Small class sizes have given me the opportunity to know my professors, and to work closely with others.
Bethel is a wonderful place to be, it may be tough if you aren't a Christian or have a relationship with God. But the profs, especially in the humanities are very open to talking to people form all walks of life.
Bethel University really has a great community, a supportive academic connection center that helps immensely with every step of any subject you can think of, and I love living on campus it has made my experience so far so much greater and better than I expected.
Bethel University is an incredible educational institution that values honest and high quality education and discussion in the classroom and the overall community. I have had the best experience at Bethel and have not only learned information that helps me toward my degree and future career, but has also taught me intrinsically valuable lessons about myself and society. The only criticism I have for Bethel is the lack of diversity in the student population, although Bethel does its best to encourage conversations from all different viewpoints and opinions within the context of Christian values.
The student body is incredibly friendly, professors truly care about their students (they have given out personal phone numbers, welcomed students into offices, allowed students to babysit children), administration is clearly caring for students. Academics are good, professors challenge students but it is well worth it. Campus is beautiful, dorms are always maintained and generally larger than at other schools.
When I walked on campus for the first time, I knew that this was where I wanted to spend my college career. I love the atmosphere and the caring faculty.
I love the Bethel community! Visiting family at Bethel has always been a highlight and love how welcoming the people are.
I love Bethel University. The community is fantastic and the area it is in is perfect for job opportunities and internships.
After spending a couple days at Bethel University, I see that all the professors are friendly, with great wisdom to share. The community is great too, especially among dorm mates and dorm neighbors. Though sometimes I get confused about where I am, overall a nice campus too.
Beware of this college! They have acquired a large amount of friendly staff and they are very nice to you once you apply. When you see the bill it seems like a large amount but it seems worth it. But if you find yourself wanting to transfer they will do all they can to take all the money that is possible.
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Being at Bethel has honestly been on of the greatest experiences of my life thus far! The friends I have made, the rigorous academic pace set to prepare you adequately for what lies ahead, the amazing staff and faculty who are more than willing to help you achieve you goals, the amazing food. To put it simply, Bethel University in an incredible school, with a great community that puts Christ at the center of everything.
As a Christian, being at Bethel University has been great. I love that professors begin their classes with a word of prayer and incorporate Christian values throughout their teaching. The people and community of Bethel University are awesome. Most everyone is kind and genuine and can hold a good conversation even if you do not know them well. Bethel does a thing called welcome week for the incoming freshmen which is very eye opening. The upperclassmen put in hours of work to make the incoming freshmen feel comfortable and ready to grow in their academics and their faith as well.
Academics at Bethel University are rigorous. Professors are usually people who care about their students and their success. Be careful however, because some instructors are not always the most congenial and the grades they give can be given subjectively versus objectively. High return on investment for jobs in the area, mainly because of the reputation Bethel students hold for employers. Campus is beautiful; it recently went through a landscaping project. Being a christian private school, Bethel is not known for on campus parties. Athletics are always pushing forward and breaking records in and away from home, both housing and food have good reputation for the students (although both run on the spendy side), and student life is vibrant and always running an activity. Could do with more diversity, and more aid for student from lower socioeconomic status should be implemented.
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