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Bethel has such a welcoming community and it will always feel like home. I know I am being taught by amazing Christian professors and will be successful in my future.
Great adjustment to switching to online. They did a great job making sure everyone is still able to learn remotely.
I had to take a few classes online due to COVID 19 and I thought for the given situation that they were handled in a way that was beneficial to both the students and faculty. Most courses didn't lighten the load during these times, but since I was learning from home I had much more time to learn the information being taught. Overall, online learning is an option and can work out better because of time restraints but I recommend a physical class to experience the great attitudes and teaching arithmetic of the professors.
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Bethel has been a great place to be. I am currently a junior mechanical engineering major and their growing engineering department has been extremely beneficial for my education.
I have also been able to explore my faith and grow closer to others around me.
Bethel University is a fantastic school. Bethel is highly accredited, has a great music program, and has an unparalleled sense of community and belonging. However, Bethel does not have much diversity and is filled with homophobia masked as Christianity.
Given the circumstances, Bethel has done its best to provide online learning opportunities, foster community, and keep students informed.
I love Bethel! The community is great, the people you meet will be some of your closest friends, and the faculty is so welcoming and helpful. The professors are very personable. I have had a couple that invite our class over to their house for Christmas parties or an end of the year BBQ.
All of the professors were very undertanding of the circumstances were in and encouraged us to reach out if we ever needed anything. They care so much for their students and really want to see them thrive.
Bethel University is a great place for those who want to build a community of people that are going to be life-long friends. The staff/faculty are supportive and are willing to work with students to help them be successful.
Bethel University professors did a good job of switching to online learning. They did well when communicating with students on assignments and tests.
I love Bethel! It has been such a life changing place for me! Who I am as a person has been positively impacted much more than just the academic side. I am a student athlete here and it is amazing to see the community of this school! Among all the female athletes there’s a Sunday night bible study where we are able to connect with all different kinds of sports and cheer one another on! The professors are incredible and have invested so much into me and my future as an educator! I’m so thankful that I chose to come to this school!
I am currently a PSEO student here at Bethel. Overall a very good school, if a little strict. The place and service was incredible, academics are fair, and the people are fantastic. Bit lacking in the placement and buisness sections, though.
I went to Bethel for their RN-ADN to BSN program. I had 2 previous associates degrees from MNSCU colleges. Bethel was by far the best experience. The teachers care about their students and are flexible. I was very sick at the time an assignment was due and they extended the date without a problem. That never would have happened at my other colleges. Also, their main concern is student comprehension instead of temporarily remembering information for a test. The program wasn’t easy by any means but the instructors made it enjoyable by engaging students and really making us interested in the coursework.
Deciding between schools was very difficult because I knew that I wanted to go out of state but I was nervous to go to a big school. I also wanted to make be independent. Bethel was the perfect school because there is a spiritual aspect to the campus, but none of it is required. The people who attend the chapels and worship nights genuinely want to be there, and are not forced to be there. It is also located right near the twin cities so it is easy to get out and about.
Overall, my experience has been great. Smaller school, allows for people to see each other a lot. Faculty know just about everyone in their classes. Dining center can be a bit stingy on portion sizes but just go through the line again. Would not change my decision to come here.
The social life at Bethel has been, unfortunately, pretty poor for myself. I did PSEO full time for my junior and senior year so I was out of the high school environment for a while. However, since coming to Bethel I feel like I'm right back in it. I believe the faculty is composed of genuinely nice people, however, the student body seems to be filled with more fakey-nice people than genuinely kind people. Additionally, I oftentimes feel that Bethel students are quite judgmental as well. As a straight, white female I feel that I have trouble feeling free to express myself. With that being said I can't imagine what it must feel like for someone who's apart of the LGBTQ+ community or of a different ethnicity/ race.
The atmosphere is undeniably different and has something special about it. There is a sense of community between everyone on campus. The location is prime being right outside the city and only a short drive from the hub bub of the cities and anything you could need. The tuition of course is spendy and I would recommend having a plan for how you will afford it and making sure you are aware how much you are paying and what you are paying for. The facilities are stellar for the size of this school. The staff are top notch and most certainly some of the most helpful educators there are. Not to forget that the standards of this campus in every single aspect are very high and so much is expected of you every day.
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This school is made for the student who really wants to be known as a person rather than a number. The faculty and staff are top-notch and give an education that is second to none. If you want to become the best version of yourself, attend Bethel!
The professors are great and everyone is very inviting. The food is amazing and the dorm facilities are well kept. The campus is beautiful and up to date. The campus is very safe. The cost is a little high, but mostly everyone receives financial aid and it is very helpful it making college a joy filled experience. The buildings are connected, so during the winter it is easier to get around. I would recommend Bethel as it is a great place to attend college and get my degree. Recently, there have been improvements to the entire campus and new labs for the sciences.
I love the way that this college approaches Christianity. The environment is one where Jesus' love is being spread all across campus, and it helps to make people feel more welcome on campus. I have met so many amazing people who really seem to care for one another. The class variety that is available is also very great for being a smaller school. In addition, I have met many great teachers who care about their students, and they truly want to get to know you. However, the price point of this school is a little high.
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