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I love the way that this college approaches Christianity. The environment is one where Jesus' love is being spread all across campus, and it helps to make people feel more welcome on campus. I have met so many amazing people who really seem to care for one another. The class variety that is available is also very great for being a smaller school. In addition, I have met many great teachers who care about their students, and they truly want to get to know you. However, the price point of this school is a little high.
I have greatly enjoyed my time at Bethel. It is a really good school. The professors really care about the students and are passionate about what they do, which makes the learning environment so much more appealing. It is also such a nice sized campus. There are a good amount of students where you don't know everyone, but there is familiarity. It is also very convenient to get around campus. The academic building all being connected really helps in the cold Minnesota winter. Overall, Bethel is a good University. There is a good sense of community, when community is sought out by the individual. There are also a lot of ways to get involved if you seek out those opportunities. Bethel is very expensive, which is a downside, however, I do believe there is a good return on the investment. You will get a good education at Bethel.
When deciding between universities, one of the deciding factors was the theological teachings. I appreciate how Bethel gives you the tools for you to challenge your faith in a non-condescending way. It could improve in how certain teachers treat minority students. I've heard some pretty bad experiences from friends.
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I love Bethel!! It feels like home and has such a great atmosphere. It's a bit smaller and it would be great to have more resources, but I wouldn't want to go anywhere else!
Bethel University is like a home when you get out of high school. After you graduate you feel like you are alone but when you go to Bethel you feel like that is your home away from home. Everything from the fantastic home food to the people you meet walking around campus you feel like it's a part of you from the very beginning.
I like bethel university because it is a beautiful campus. The professors are super nice and they help you out to their fullest potential.
I went here for my freshman year of college and transferred to Anoka Tech college because I switched to a 2-year degree. I think there were several good and bad things about Bethel. I found that it simply was not the environment best suited for my personality and preferences. Sometimes I felt that the religion was a little forced, coming across as "if you didn't come from a super religious family you are a sinner". It was also a very "cliquey" campus and for an introvert like myself it was VERY difficult to make friends. I did enjoy all the activities, food, professors, campus aesthetic, etc. but nothing that really stood out to me too much. It all felt very "showy" to me and once I really saw it for what it was, I wasn't super impressed and it wasn't worth the money to me at all. I don't think it is a horrible school, it definitely has pros and many students really love Bethel, but I think personally I did not really have an enjoyable experience overall.
Bethel University is a great place to further your education. The professors genuinely care for you, and encourage each student to challenge their biases and expand their worldviews. Bethel advocates for spiritual, social, academic, and holistic growth and provides the resources necessary for students to mature and become their most authentic selves.
I love Bethel for the Christian liberal arts education that it provides and the caring and compassionate professors!
It's simple. If you don't believe in their religion, you shouldn't go here. I know that there are lots of religious schools like Augsburg or Concordia that are affiliated with a religion but Bethel university pressures it on you even if they SAY they won't. Also there is ZERO diversity here(in race, culture, experiences,etc.). It's made up of majority rich Caucasian students that have their parents paying for their tuition. Students here can also appear to be dumb sometimes because their sooooo frikin sheltered that they literally don't have a clue what the real world is actually like. This makes it hard to connect to them because they just sound ignorant when it comes to some discussions. As for their facilities, their food is better than a majority of colleges but their dorms suck....and there is absolutely no student life, to the point where everyone goes home every week, even if they live 3-4 hours away. That's all.
I enjoy the christian perspective on typical college subjects it allowed us to think about this differently. I love the schedule of the online class, very fast paced but you are able to learn all the key takeaways with time management skills. The one thing I really disliked was the amount of group projects we were required to do, one thing about online class is, especially in the adult studies criteria is that we are all working adults, and group projects just don't work due to how we are in courses manly to fit our schedules 1 or 2 individuals always do a majority of the work.
The professors are always willing to help you, they want you to succeed and do your best. The professors are all very knowledgeable about the topics they are teaching which keeps you engaged. The campus is beautiful, lots of good picture spots, and places to relax or do homework.
I loved the atmosphere, education, and especially the people. It provides a high quality education with access to many amenities. It also has great people to connect with and has an excellent atmosphere for religion, education and self-discovery.
Bethel has high credibility for such a small school. While their size could be viewed as a negative, it allows faculty to not only connect with students while they are attending, but also work with each individual to help with the students next step in life.
The school brings God into the classroom and still maintains a high level of academic rigor. Everyone is inclusive and will talk with you about any topic under the sun.
I visited Bethel and I fell in love with it right away. The campus is beautiful, the buildings are welcoming and make you feel like you're at home, and their faith is easy to notice just by walking around. There are bible verses everywhere, everyone looks like they're living for Christ and applying the Bible to their classes. It didn't look like a normal college. It looked like another home. Everyone was welcoming when I visited and they had the biggest smiles on their faces. As Bethel is around the cities, there are multiple opportunities for my future occupation and I am so excited to say that I will be attending Bethel. Just after one visit, I knew this is where I was going to go.
I am enrolled to go to Bethel University in the fall of 2019. Everything that I have seen and encountered has been nothing but top notch...i look forward to my college career at Bethel. From the coaching staff, to worship, to admissions and financial aid advisors, I've been well taken care of and informed. I highly recommend Bethel University.
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Attending Bethel University as a Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) student has been one of the experiences, and has made me fall completely and utterly in love with the school. All of my professors thus far have been very good at teaching and helping students, and my classes have been very enjoyable yet challenging. All of the students I have met have been nothing but kind and welcoming. As a Christian, the incorporation of faith into all of my courses has been a major plus for my college experience. One of the main things I wish to see a change in is more diversity on campus, for I am from a very diverse high school and that has always been a major part of my education. Overall, my education at Bethel has been nothing short of amazing, and I would recommend this school to any high school student looking for a good education with the friendliest classmates in a Christian environment.
I like the community and that everyone is willing to help one another no matter the situation. I love that their foundation is a faith-based college because God is always number one to me and so picking a college that has somewhat of a similar moto to me is why it fits.
I liked how involved the college was and the majors offered. They were really understanding when I was sending in my application and offered guidance through the process.
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