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Bethel University - Tennessee Reviews

381 reviews
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I received a BS Degree in Management form Bethel in 2010. It is a great school and the instructors were wonderful also. I would definitely recommend the school to anyone wanting a good, reasonably priced education.
Its a great school if you like living in the middle of nowhere and have everyone know each other. the overall experience of the school is great the people are extremely friendly especially in the Renaissance program. They also offer really nice scholarship opportunities.
Bethel university is a great christian environment for students to go and obtain a career of their dreams. The campus has a lot of offers to aid student to excel to their potential. Staff are on standby ready to take action to assist students in whatever means possible. The people are really social and great towards each other in interactions. i persuade students to come here as a real good choice in order to obtain their future career.
Bethel University is a great college. It fits in for my lifestyle because everything is online and it helps out for students that work and is convenient. I really like Bethel because it is a faith based background and I enjoy all of the courses and the friendliness from all of the staff.
I am attending Bethel online. This school has been nothing but helpful with my questions and concerns. After making the initial contact with them, they made applying and getting accepted a breeze. The advisers and teachers are great and helpful. This is a wonderful school.
Bethel University is a christian based college and also allow many of employment opportunity to students. I admire the support and care from facilitator's and cohorts as well.
I am starting in the fall.
the school is ok needs to do better .....wayyyyyyyy bettter
rooms are too small !
We dont have good stuff
It gets boring at times there is nothing to really do in that town
the security team is very down to earth and always willing to help out students. They patrol regularly and keep decent tabs on things. I do think we need more cameras though. There have been a few thefts/vandalism on the edges of campus in recent years. Also, a year before I came here, there was a stabbing from one student to another, but those kinds of things aren't entirely controllable by the school.
Many people have pretty decent jobs within months of finishing school. Any that don't, are just getting to a solid place on their student debt until they find the right job, or get hired by the school.
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  • 9 months ago
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Housing has always been tricky here. Many people try to move off campus early, because some other residents tend to be annoying or have little to no decency.
We are doing many things to improve Greek life and its effects on campus life. We don't have a huge population of Greeks, but we certainly are loud at times. I am a member of two different organizations on campus. The last few years, there has been a somewhat negative connotation to Greeks, but we are turning that around. Loller house is the only "Fraternity house" there is. This is simply because it was gifted to the fraternity by an older brother/teacher. Other than that, there are not houses for any other organizations.
We have quite a few sports here at Bethel. Not as many as larger Universities, but still a decent amount. The only problem, is that many of the really good teams, go unnoticed. We have an inline hockey team that has won several National Championships, and they have hardly any support. Our bigger sports (football, baseball, and basketball) are really sub-par, yet they have the most focus placed on them. Some of the players act very cocky and they don't really have any stats to back it up.
We walk as a group from class to our cars in the garage.
The business management is great and flows from one class to the next.
Not sure, but I've only heard great things from others.
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  • 10 months ago
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Love the small cohorts and the facilitators.
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