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Without Bethel College I would not be the person I am today. Without Bethel College I would not be serving as United States Army Chaplain. Probably, most importantly without the guidance from staff and professors I would not be the Pastor I am today. Bethel College is truly a gem in ways that are beyond words. I received my Associates (2007) and Bachelor degree (2008) from Bethel degree. And without hesitation if they would have offered a MDIV degree, I would have continued my education at BC. I can't imagine a staff and professors that come close to Competence, Care, and Compassion the way that BC executes on a daily basis. For example: My precious mother died on March 8 2007. I did not hesitate to call two of BC professors (around 5am) due to the trust that was developed through our relationship journey.
Bethel College is very strict in what they do and do not allow. However, this is good in the fact that we are a Bible College and are raising up ministers. It is our job to lead the next generation with the best examples as possible.
Our roof is falling in and the roof leaks when it rains.
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The work is very simple.
I wish they offered more elective options.
The professors are willing to work with you through all your issues. However, it is very similar to high school.
Bethel college is unique in the small atmosphere setting it provides. However, I would not choose to come here for my first choice. I do not believe that my college experience has been exceptional.
Stay in contact with your advisor.
The dining and eating here on campus could definitely improve
The library is a bit small. Also, the classrooms are not currently up to date.
Obtaining the acceptance to Bethel College is super easy. They are willing to work with those who may not have done well in High School.
There are lots of hands on experience.
Everyone has been great there. Friendly, helpful and nice. There are all sorts of people, city to country. No one is looked down on, no matter what you look like, talk like, or how much money you do or don't have. I am proud to be a part of this group of students.
Always plenty of parking. Never an issue. Some shaded areas too for extra sunny days, and close to the doors too for cold or rainy days.
Great Place to Be – I am enjoying my major so far. My professors are very knowledgable and intelligent and definitely know what they're talking about. They all love their jobs, too, which makes it more enjoyable for the students. I believe I am getting a very good education for a super low price ($200/credit hour!). I am majoring in Worship and Arts, and I have some pretty important people as instructors over my classes. I'm very happy with where I am.
A Good Variety – There's a pretty good variety of restaurants in the Hampton Roads area, local and chain. It's not hard finding a place to eat that'll satisfy you with whatever you're craving. One of my favorite places to eat at is Buffalo Wild Wings in Newport News. The whole restaurant is pretty much sports themed, so if you love wings and sports, you'll love BWW. The prices are also pretty good for the food you get too.
Not Too Sure – I give this a C because I know VA apartments can be a little pricey, even for apartments that aren't that great. But there are plenty of apartments around for students to live in. It's just a matter of finding one nearby that's within one's price range.
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A Great Atmosphere – Every staff member and professor is very helpful. If you ask the right person something, you are sure to get a good response in a reasonable amount of time. Every staff member and professor loves his or her job, unlike professors and workers at a lot of other colleges, which makes it easier and more enjoyable for the students.
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