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I loved campus when I visited a couple of times can't wait to be there in the fall of 2020!! Woo Hoo!
Ever since I came to Bethel its been nothing but good times, its really easy to make friends and come out of one's shell. The professors care about the students and will make sure to help in any way.
When I attended Bethel College for a college visit, I felt very welcomed. everyone on campus opened my mother and me with open arms and a warm smile on their face.
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Very nice place, friendly staff and students. Seem as if they are there to help, not to see you fail.
I loved the tour that was given to me on my visit. The campus is beautiful with so many trees. The cafeteria was very clean. The food choices were superior. Since I am a science major, I was excited to see a new science building. I was also impressed with the amount of research opportunities in the science department. The freshman dorms were clean. The staff members I met were very knowledgeable about Bethel and the opportunities provided there.
Bethel College is an excellent place to receive an education. Professors are extremely helpful and want to do all they can, but you also have to be in touch with yourself so that can you see what needs to be done or ask for help. Bethel can sometimes be demanding, but if you reach out and work hard, most of the resources are there. However, not everything you will need is within the college. For example, I knew that I wanted to pursue studying a foreign language, and chose German - then I studied abroad for 9 months. One of my best decisions was taking that opportunity. Doing something like that can help you appreciate your school even more! Bethel offers so much to its students, but you have to take your own initiative as well, even if it can often feel uncomfortable. We all get scared and nervous. Bethel has helped me realize that I can turn those hardships into something valuable. I know that I am never alone, no matter how I feel. I am more at ease in this supportive community.
Bethel is a small private school in a charming town where there are lots of opportunities to grow as a person and academically. The professors here are fantastic and the courses are rigorous, yet not impossible. One thing to know is that if you want to part, there are people for that, if you don't, there are people for you too! The dorms aren't anything special and neither is the food, but Mojo's, the coffee house on campus is amazing!
Awful school. They are not flexible at all with classes, very limited academic options. They are not helpful with financial aid, they changed my FAFSA number AFTER I was enrolled. Small campus with nothing to do. It feels like an average size high school with how teachers treat the students, not a college.

The athletic facilities & teams are all awful as well. This school will put you in 30-40 thousand in loan debt with nothing to show for it.

Save your money & go to a public university and get a better & more recognizable degree.
Bethel College is a pretty good college. These last two years that i have been there the professors have helped me out so much because they want to see me succeed and make it. I feel comfortable on the campus and everyone there is really nice and they will welcome you with warm arms. With it being a small campus it is a bit easy to get to know the students and staff all over campus. Bethel is just an overall pretty good school and i would reccomend it to any high school seniors or college transfers.
I loved how personable the campus was. As a transfer student from a private school then to D1 school and then to Bethel, I felt at home. The only thing that stopped me from giving a 5/5 rating would be the school graduation requirements. It's a mennonite affiliated college but I'm not religious so I struggle with finding any enjoyment in completing the requirements.
My experience here at Bethel is great! what i like about Bethel is the peace i have and the weather. I would like too see more students on campus.
Bethel College is a smaller community that invests time in each and every student. Without the large campus feel, the school focuses on making sure each student is successful by providing qualified educators, an abundance of resources, and community involvement activities. Instead of only making sure students are taking classes, they provided community service opportunities and extracurricular activities to further the social ability of students.
The faculty is extremely kind and concerned with each and every student. Each student is noticed by the faculty to ensure a positive and promising experience and education through the school.
Bethel is known as the Harvard of the Plains, and it is for good reason. Academics here are challenging, and that is recognized by employers, who look highly on potential employees with degrees from this school! To have a degree from Bethel holds more weight then the same degree from a state school would.
I love the classes that are offered. I have yet to be disappointed by a lack of class choices. My professors are very engaging, know students by their names, and do an incredibly good job at being available to help students outside of class times! The largest class I have been in here had 30 students.
I feel incredibly safe on campus. Often, I am up late studying, but I never worry about walking around campus alone at night. Both the campus and community feel very safe!
I live in what we call a mod, which is a communal living set up where nine people live together with a communal living space and bathroom. You choose who you live with, so, essentially, I am living with eight of my best friends! We have a blast! Admittedly, sometimes it is hard to do homework with so much going on, but I never feel that my social life is lacking.
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A good number of our teams are in building seasons (yes, that is a polite way of saying we could be better), but we have a stellar golf program with one of the best courses in the state (Sand Creek), and also a historically superb tennis team. Student involvement in sports is very high, with a majority of students also involved in athletics. The fan base from the community is amazing for the size of the school and the town!
Bethel has become my home. I love the community, and the people who I live with. Bethel is big enough to offer a diverse set of classes, yet small enough to have classes that are engaging and feel personal (I am in several classes this semester with under 10 people). I love that I know the names of most of the people that I pass on the sidewalks. As cliche as it may sound, Bethel is a place I feel like I belong!
I love all my teachers. The small class sizes are great.
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