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I like the college very much. Though I wish for more activities for commuter students. There really isnt alot of a commuter student.
Great school overall. However not very commuter-friendly. Parking is far from your classes. No lounging space for commuters to wait for their next class. The teachers are the best part of the campus. They really do care for you. And the Christian atmosphere is definitely a plus. However, this school basically just caters to students who live there.
Bethel College provided the best college experience I have had thus far, out of four schools that I've attended. I loved every minute of my time there. The campus is lovely, the people are kind and wonderful, the professors are extremely helpful, and weekly chapel is incredible. There is not a thing I would change about this school, aside from the cost, but overall, the cost is worth it.
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Bethel is a small Christian college that offers great support and academic possibilities. The advisors and professors are helpful and understanding. I am happy to be enrolled in the adult and continuing education program. This program allows me to take accelerated classes that work well with my busy schedule and my family life.
Academics and professors are amazing, the class size is not very big so they have time to help you and make sure that your questions are answered. Campus is absolutely beautiful, we have multiple ponds and a lot of trees that make it beautiful in all seasons. The Dining Commons has fairly good food although it gets very repetitive it is nice though because there is a sub shop on campus that you can use meal swipes for. Also, you get "Bethel bucks" that can be used at three different restaurants just across the street. Bethel is located in the perfect part of Mishawaka with stores and restaurants within walking distance. Perfect college for those who like the college feel without the big university stress.
I am a current Bethel College student. My experience there so far has been wonderful. I would recemmend it to anyone who comes from a small school and does not do well with many people. They are wonderful with the transition of high school to college.
I have had my life changed by thus school. Not only has it been a fulfilling experience thus far, but it has also been life altering as well. Bethel College helped me grown academically, socially, and spiritually.
I really enjoy it here. The community is very friendly and the campus has a strong Christian foundation. I definitely recommend it.
The career center on campus is very well managed. They are very good at helping students find jobs in most of their perspective fields.
The education offered at Bethel is excellent. The classes are of reasonable size, the professors are very kind and approachable. The people there are very accepting and friendly. I have made many great friends and memories at Bethel over these past few years.
I'm not much of a sports person.
It has been a very interesting few year here at Bethel College. I have met so many wonderful and passionate people and have had many life changing experiences.
Life in the dorms is great and the community is strong and lot of fun to be around.
Our athletics are run well. Some of the sports don't get as much as attention as other sports, but even then the sports are still good.
Mostly the school and professors are great. Sometimes the professors were hard to understand when you went in for extra help, or it was hard to go in for extra help because of their schedules.
I very safevon campuscand securuty is very tight
It was a very easy process
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I love goung to Bethel College. Theirvadult program is wonderful for the working adult
My major is small and the classes are fantastic. I loved my year based on the classes and the social environment. The rules were killer and I don't think they need to stay that strict especially in this ever changing modern world.
There are so many opportunities to get involved in the community with your major. I know I have contact to the deaf community several times a month. I am an ASL-Interpreting major so that is extremely helpful.
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