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The care more about grades then the religious aspect. The teachers don’t know how to teach and the advisors are rude and make you feel bad about yourself. They ask for a lot of money but yet the campus looks like trash
The facility is nice and friendly and mist professors work with you and and also if you ever get lost just ask any facility or student there and they will direct you in the right direction also my biggest problem was size it was a bit too big for me but that's fine
I loved Bethel College. The surrounding area/town life always gives you something to do. Professors are helpful and willing to work with you.
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Great school, great people, awesome area, good life ethics building school all around!!The experience of going to this Christain college is life changing now.
I really love the size of the school. It's small so there's a community aspect that isn't usually there with most larger colleges. And it's Christian based so that was a plus for me when I applied.
Bethel has wonderful professors everyone is very pleasant it’s like being in another place. The administration team is very welcoming. I’ve heard great things from many former students as well as the staff, this college is worth the expensive tuition. I am looking forward to every moment.
Bethel College is a very small institution. For some people this may be a good thing, but for me it was almost like going to high school all over again. I did meet a great group of people here through athletics and the professors do genuinely care about each of there students and are very approachable.
Bethel College is a nice size college it lets you interact with other easily. The professors are ready to help you to grow in your studies and relationship with God. Having a smaller campus lets you meet more people and when you are on your way to classes people will greet you. I would like Bethel College to try to expand on their sports side and make a track field. Also, the squirrels on campus are nice because they are so friendly.
When i first came to Bethel what really intrigued me was the community on campus. It is a smaller school which allows for a closer community between the students. Something i would like to see changed would probably some of the rules such as open dorms and curfews simply because they already contradict eachother. Also, the food service could be a lot better, not that its awful. But the conpany they work with for food should be chnaged in my opinion. Other than that it is a very nice, small, community filled campus that is never overwhelming due to size.
Very restrictive, feels like only a half-step above high school. They push community, but you can't have students of the opposite gender in your dorm during the week at all, and only for a few hours over the weekend. The surrounding area is alright, but many parts of it are run-down. Christian stereotypes are abundant, but familiarity and awareness of other denominations and faiths is relatively limited. The "Bethel Bubble" separating Bethel from the rest of the world is very real.
I liked how small Bethel College is, everything is all right there nice and close together! Bethel College made me feel like I was right at home! Most colleges have an atmosphere and community that tends be overwhelming; however, at Bethel I had no problem with communicating with the students and faculty. It's just such a beautiful school, and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else.
Bethel College made me feel like I was right at home! Most colleges have an atmosphere and community that tends be overwhelming; however, at Bethel I had no problem with communicating with the students and faculty. It's just such a beautiful school, and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else.
The campus is very nice, as well as the classes. The class sizes are medium to small sizes, and the teachers are very accommodating.
Bethel College is a great place to make connections and grow. It has a great faculty that genuinely care about students. Some of the rules, though understandable, are a but much though.
I like the college very much. Though I wish for more activities for commuter students. There really isnt alot of a commuter student.
Great school overall. However not very commuter-friendly. Parking is far from your classes. No lounging space for commuters to wait for their next class. The teachers are the best part of the campus. They really do care for you. And the Christian atmosphere is definitely a plus. However, this school basically just caters to students who live there.
Bethel College provided the best college experience I have had thus far, out of four schools that I've attended. I loved every minute of my time there. The campus is lovely, the people are kind and wonderful, the professors are extremely helpful, and weekly chapel is incredible. There is not a thing I would change about this school, aside from the cost, but overall, the cost is worth it.
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Bethel is a small Christian college that offers great support and academic possibilities. The advisors and professors are helpful and understanding. I am happy to be enrolled in the adult and continuing education program. This program allows me to take accelerated classes that work well with my busy schedule and my family life.
Academics and professors are amazing, the class size is not very big so they have time to help you and make sure that your questions are answered. Campus is absolutely beautiful, we have multiple ponds and a lot of trees that make it beautiful in all seasons. The Dining Commons has fairly good food although it gets very repetitive it is nice though because there is a sub shop on campus that you can use meal swipes for. Also, you get "Bethel bucks" that can be used at three different restaurants just across the street. Bethel is located in the perfect part of Mishawaka with stores and restaurants within walking distance. Perfect college for those who like the college feel without the big university stress.
I am a current Bethel College student. My experience there so far has been wonderful. I would recemmend it to anyone who comes from a small school and does not do well with many people. They are wonderful with the transition of high school to college.
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